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Gay activist who claims sex with children is not always harmful fronts campaign for gender indoctrination in NSW pre-schools

The Australian gay lobby was quick to spruik that global ‘gay icon’ Peter Tatchell opposed Mark Latham’s efforts to remove gender indoctrination from NSW schools.

Maybe the Australian gay lobby doesn’t know that Tatchell has defended books promoting paedophilia, wrote an obituary for an infamous UK paedophile or has spent his life campaigning to lower the age of consent.

But, then again, maybe it does…

What really saved Israel Folau

Without the readers of this website, Israel Folau would have gone down in flames.

The Bernie Gaynor Show: US election special

Big Tech does not want you to know about US election issues.

So watch my US election special now while you can…

The Bernie Gaynor Show on The Good Sauce

I now have my own show each Sunday on

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It’s been a catastrophe for the bad guys

The battle started by Garry Burns has been a catastrophe for the New South Wales anti-discrimination industry…

Garry Burns is bankrupt

Garry Burns is bankrupt. Now I’m chasing the money trail.

But justice will not be served until the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board pays for its part in this farce…

The Good Sauce

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A lounge room chat with Tom Massey

Tom Massey interviewed me for ‘Lounge Room Chats’ on Monday and got me to tell a few war stories…

Diversity makes us dumber

Apparently, Defence needs lessons explaining that a woman is not a man…

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board fights for the ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints

The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is fighting for your ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints…

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