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ABC’s Sarah L’Estrange defends paedophile fantasy comic

ABC journalist Sarah L’Estrange came out in defence of Maia Kobabe’s “Gender Queer”, even though she admitted that it may contain images of paedophilia.

But she turned into a yammering mess when she was asked to describe the pictures inside this book….

Good People Break Bad Laws

Topher Field directed ‘Battleground Melbourne’ and has now released ‘Good People Break Bad Laws’ addressing Dan Andrews’ insane COVID lockdowns.

I interviewed Topher about his book earlier this week – and use the code ‘BERNARD’ to get a discount on Topher’s book today!

Sofie Formica’s family-friendly freak show

Sofie Formica think gay pride events can be innocent and family-friendly. That means Sofie is either blind or deluded and did not attend Brisbane’s recent Pride March.

Sadly, she’s now promoting a similar freak show in Wynnum…

Wynnum Fringe: tension certain, violence possible after Pride sponsor & Green candidate unleashes mob intimidation campaign

Wynnum Fringe organiser, Tom Oliver, remains silent over his sponsor’s intimidation campaign against a Catholic family home in Brisbane’s bayside this Sunday.

His failure to do the right thing is increasing tensions.

If violence flares this weekend, much of the blame will lie at Oliver’s feet…

Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride Sponsor Calls for Gay Mob to Descend on Family Home in Brisbane

A key sponsor of Brisbane’s Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride is organising a gay mob to descend on a Brisbane family home because they oppose a gay pride march in a children’s park…

Sign the petition calling on Tom Oliver to condemn his sponsor’s intimidation.

If only Albo practised what he preaches

You’ll never guess what Anthony Albanese claimed he believes in during his teaful ‘Voice’ concession speech.

And let’s all pray that Marcia Langton keeps her word…

Australian councils lend child porn comics to children

Ken Akamatsu defends child porn cartoons because he draws child porn cartoons.

And Australian councils have made him very rich indeed buying 1000s of his child porn comics.

Sutherland Shire Councillor Jen Armstrong defends paedophile imagery as a ‘courting scene’

Sutherland Shire Councillor Jen Armstrong has defended an LGBT book with special appeal to children which depicts its author fantasising about paedophilia.

Councillor Armstrong said the imagery merely showed a ‘courting scene’…

Gender Queer – Interviews

Stay up to date with all the interviews I’ve done about pornographic children’s books in public libraries here.

Gender Queer – News Reports

The mainstream media is starting to pay attention to the porn in public libraries.

Keep up to date with all the latest news here…

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