This Australia Day, please respect the flag

There is one thing that really gets the blood boiling and that is images of the Australian flag being dragged through the mud.

Despicable as they are, I’m not talking about the protest in which the flag is desecrated and then burnt, usually by a bunch of over-excitable Osama bin Laden supporters or a group of tree-hugging, leftie hippies who struggle to recognise any emblem outside the Stars and Stripes. You expect this activity from these sorts and, despite the insult, we all know it does their cause no good.

I’m referring to the growing bogan patriotism that is now associated with Australia Day.

It first seemed to surface around the time of the Cronulla riots and the overly-macho display of Australiana left most with a sour taste. But that has not stopped this phenomenon from going commercial. Now we have a kind of post-Christmas hangover sales trend, which has given steroids to the old concept of the Aussie beach towel or patriotic thongs. Now catalogues are filled with every kitsch item decorated in a nylon or rubber covering of the Australian flag.

It is cringe-worthy and it gets worse as Australia Day nears. Already I am preparing for the images. You know what they are. Young men, clad in their Aussie flag cape and boardies emerging from the nearest bottle-shop with a carton on their shoulder, ready to drink themselves into what is unfortunately regarded as a truly Australian state.

It is just not cool.

It is a poor-man’s version of American patriotism and I say that with the most respect to our friends across the Pacific. Their patriotism is different to ours – it reflects a nation that knows itself and its prominent place in the world. Waking up on a spew-covered fake flag is not part of their national exuberance and it was never part of ours. Until recently.

This Australia Day, please, do not dumb it down. Our national day has always been a little laid back as if we needed a late summer holiday to help get over the long, hot January days. Low-key is Australian. That does not mean we don’t love our country.

Let’s keep it that way and respect the flag.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Comments 2 and 3. Absolutely charming people. I think you have illustrated Mr Gaynor’s point about homosexuals better than any with your disgustingly foul comments. How anyone could possibly want such depraved people teaching their kids is beyond the bounds of reason.

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