Halal gay teachers don’t exist

I have some bad news for the intellectual giants who have so artfully cried bigot at me for daring to utter a different opinion than theirs.

When it comes to gay teachers or halal food, in the fullness of time society only has enough room for one of these systems.

And if you believe in the former, history says you are wrong. History also says that things will get nasty while society sorts out which path it will follow.

Truth be told, I don’t want either. But then again, apparently, I am a bigot so who cares what I want.

There has only been one nation that has managed to remove dominant Islamic influences from its borders. It was Catholic Spain and that battle lasted 700 years.

More recent history shows that secularist societies have little stomach for the fight and fail miserably at it when they do.

The blunt Russian atheism didn’t work so well in Afghanistan and nicer, tolerant Western efforts are likely to prove a larger catastrophe. It is the Islamists, who logically conclude their religion gives free reign to their violent predilections, who will emerge victorious there.

They are doing the same inside our own borders as well; however, they have learnt that it is not bombs, but the West’s illogical modern concept of tolerance that will provide the victory. Don’t get me wrong about the bombs. As ASIO continues to report, that threat is ongoing, pervasive and persistent, but it is not the major weapon of choice. It is simply numbers and political correctness.

In the last decade, the Islamic population in the Western world has increased markedly. In Australia it has almost doubled. If you believe the words of the Aussie imams who claim their flocks are much larger than the census reports, it did more than that.

Now we have Islamic estates planned for western Sydney and food companies are clamouring for halal certification. It makes economic sense for businesses to tap into growth sectors and that is exactly what they are doing.

Islamic families are increasing in number and they are larger than average. There are lots of Muslim children running around and soon they will start families of their own. It’s an unfair advantage that homosexuals can’t compete with. I’m sure that, what with all the modern advances in sex education, you get my drift about what works for the future and what doesn’t.

Sharia law might not be established in principle, but much of it is already here in practice. Every hack artist pokes fun at Christianity but they show reverential deference to Mohammad. Local governments provide separate bathing times at public pools to cater for Islamic beliefs. The welfare system supports Islamic polygamy although it is legally outlawed.

In a world in which every Islamic government is moving towards ever more hardline Islamic practices, our own politicians are too cowardly to say boo. I know – I have seen it.

Last year the supposedly most politically incorrect politician in our land, Bob Katter, refused to say a single word against the violent Islamic riot through the streets of Australia’s largest city. His fear was that he would lose support from Islamic voters in his Kennedy electorate. Mostly I think it was just cowardice and that he put his personal interest before that of the nation.

But assume he is right. The seat of Kennedy is not exactly the centre of Islam in Australia and Bob Katter has one of the safest margins in the country. Yet he would not say anything. In these circumstances, can you think of any other politician prepared to say the obvious: that the Islamic religion is violent, aggressively expansionist and that it is not a good idea to have more of it in Australia.

I can’t because there are none who will.

Imagine how much more difficult it will be for any politician to do so in five years’ time, when there will be around three quarters of a million Muslims calling Australia home. And whose votes will decide the outcome in ever larger numbers of marginal seats.

That is why leaders uttered bland statements condemning violence, while at the same time apologising in advance for those who may question the usefulness of a growing Islamic population here. They want the Islamic vote today and know there will be more of it tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Australia, things have changed for the worse. Ten years ago no-one was willing to run through the streets, frothing at the mouth while chanting their support for Osama bin Laden. They do now. It is not exactly a sign of victory over al Qaeda et al.

The secular vision of meadows and plenty, in which animals are given the same dignity as man and gay teachers frolic altruistically among tolerant Muslim children, instructing their ways of wisdom, reduced carbon-footprints and improved interior design is a delusional fantasy.

In the next decade there will be more Muslims in Australia than homosexuals. They do not believe gay teachers are halal. And they are likely to put much more pressure on the government to do something about it than I ever will. They are also likely to take the law into their own hands, just like they are doing in Britain and France, spraying tear gas in gay night clubs and calling for homosexuals to be tortured.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I don’t hate Muslims and I certainly don’t advocate that all, or even many, are violent. But their religion demonstrably is and I detest the idea that their religion is off limits from debate. Additionally, at least Muslims know God exists, which puts them a considerable rung or two higher on the intellectual ladder than the atheist who won’t open his eyes to see, or ears to hear. I also quite like their focus on modesty, in a world overflowing with the sexualisation of the young. And they will defend their beliefs, which is an admirable trait, so long as those beliefs are worth defending.

While I don’t approve of the violence of Islam, it might solve some of my problems. However, I do like to have a flutter on the Melbourne Cup and the odd glass of wine. Considering those practices are not halal either, I suggest it might be wise to do something to stop further Islamic immigration to Australia now.

Other topics

I have received numerous requests for my views regarding the shameful acts of child sexual assault in the Catholic Church, as well as my thoughts on the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will detail them in the coming days.

Through Christ, our King,

Bernard Gaynor

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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