Reader “Webby” declares homosexuals angry over reproductive failure

Reader ‘Webby’ made a strong point yesterday, declaring homosexuals are angry because they cannot produce children. Let me know your thoughts. His comment is posted below:

There’s another reason the homosexual lobby are so full of violent anger: they know that, because of the lifestyle choices they have made – they have no future. None at all.

By embracing their chosen sexuality – they have embraced personal extinction.

Yes folks – every single homosexual or lesbian couple – or grouping (what’s so special about the number “two” if children are irrelevant?) – knows that the have effectively removed themselves from the human gene pool. Their own particular strands or lines of DNA will become just as extinct and as dead as the dodo – because between themselves, children are impossible.

From Elton John and his “husband” comes – nothing. Oh sure – by smoke, mirrors, IVF, surrogates and other similar obfuscations can be manufactured a child that has the DNA of one of them – but not the other. From themselves, no children will be created, no matter what they think or do.

Same goes for every lesbian couple – between themselves, they can produce nothing.

And so because homosexuals (in particular) know that their choice has absolutely removed them from the human gene pool – they become bitter and angry.

So it’s alright, Tom and all the other bitter, vicious and intolerant visitors to Bernie’s site who positively quiver and howl with rage and fury – we understand that soon you will all be gone from the human race because of the choices you have made.

The rest of us – people like Bernie who support what he says and the values he upholds and defends – we will get on with our lives and our marriages and our families with numerous children.

Enjoy extinction, dodos.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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    • Key word being “some”. This… /Thing/ describes the problem as them being angry. THEM. As if all of them were. They’re not. And the fact that they’re “angry” over something physically impossible is ridiculous. Of course they’re not angry. The idea is so stupid I can barely refute it.

      There’s also adoption.

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  1. Guess what? “Unfortunately”, lots of other people are not obsessed with children.

    That single argument, which is undoubtedly true, negates every single thing just said, and brings this “article” crashing to the ground and burning in a horrible hellfire.

    Marriage has nothing to do with children.

    Deal with it, and stop trying to find excuses to attack gays due to your own personal prejudice and bias.

    Deal. With it.

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