More evidence the religion of peace is a sham

Today’s Australian features a story about three Muslims from the UK who were found guilty of attempting to massacre innocent, ordinary people going about their business.

“On Thursday, a London jury convicted the three young British men of being ringleaders of an al-Qa’ida-inspired plot to explode knapsack bombs in crowded parts of Birmingham, England’s second-largest city.”

Go and have a look at the photos of these three ‘British’ men.

Ask yourself whether we want more of these types of people in Australia.

Also reported is a terrorist attack in India which killed 20 people. It comes after the execution of a Muslim found guilty of planning a terror attack on India’s parliament in 2001, in which 10 were left dead.

As I wrote yesterday, it is time we debate Islamic immigration, precisely because it is about the future composition of our nation.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Open Letter to Australian Politicians (This I sent last week)

    In these days where the social media is the prime means of communication between many people , I do hope that you will be able to read more than one or two crispy sentences, and thus read this, the views of one of your Australian citizens. Many, who continue to be somewhat disillusioned with politics today, share these views.

    Once more Islamic ‘extremists’ have killed innocent people, this time in Brussels. It is I believe, at least the fourteenth occasion where international murder has taken place by such Islamic followers, including attacking the people of their host nations that have given them protection. Some commentators have described the event as a phenomenon, but that is not so, if the facts are considered.

    What is the common fact that applies to all of these violent and murderous incidents? It is Islam. It is not just radicals of that religion, who commit these heinous acts, if one understands the religion, it’s teachings and practices. It is endemic and deep grained within Islam. This letter is not just an attack on the Islamic faith, but an assessment of what and why terror happens. It is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but in recent assessments, there is some 62 plus percent of Muslims who believe and support the reasons and actions of the Islamic terrorists.

    Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull speaking after the Brussels murder tragedy, stated that it was his responsibility to protect the Australian people. This is indeed correct, but it also falls upon all politicians. Many of you have failed in your duty of care to the Australian people, unlike the military veterans who have put their lives on the line in doing that task. You have failed to pass adequate legislation to ensure that the Australian community is safe from this form of terrorism, perpetrated by those that we have tried to help through our immigration policy.

    I am saddened and angry, that the left wing academic bleeding hearts seem now to dominate political issues in our Australia, and that political correctness rules supreme. In order to malign those who disagree with them or have open minds, we are called “red-necks”, bigots, racists, deniers, or numerous other derogatory names. These same bleeding hearts use terms like ‘lone wolf terrorists’, ‘radicals’, ‘extremists’, ‘disgruntled’, and just ‘anti social’, to describe the actions of an ingrained religious society. What a lot of bull they continue to preach.

    “Islam is a word in Arabic, which means surrender. If you are a Muslim, you have surrendered, handed over your way of life to Allah. You have complied with the do’s and don’ts in Allah’s teachings as detailed by Mohammed his Prophet. (Taken from a translation of the Qur’an).

    It is vital that one must understand the religion of Islam, to enable you to better know the truth. A most serious and tragic belief of that faith is that all non-followers of that religion are treated with utter contempt and are valueless. The Qur’an describes anyone who does not follow Mohammed, to be infidels (unbelievers) and that they are less than human, thus deserve no respect. All followers of Islam are taught this throughout their lives. This is the source of where the hatred emanates, and it is also shown historically, where and when Islam dominated and invaded other nations and peoples in the past, and even currently.

    Furthermore, within Islam, there is a violent split amonst it’s followers, where there are two sects, Sunni and Shia, both violently opposed to each other, although neither sect will deny the tenets of Islam, especially when it relates to infidels. (Note the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries of the Middle East.)

    If Islam is such a warm, humane and caring religion, as postulated by their followers and our bleeding hearts, then why does it have some 109 quotations within the Qur’an, indicating that it is OK to kill infidels (non-believers), and even encouraged to do so? Please research this religion for yourselves, and stop making excuses, like we must make them more welcome and not marginalised; they are not all the same; it is a peaceful religion; etc. Little do you know.

    Migrants, who come to this country to escape violence or for any other reason, must recognise our rights, traditions, customs, etc., as we would have to do, when we visit their countries. This practice, you politicians need to put into law.

    The cruelty of the Islamic religion toward females is well documented and cannot be disputed. There are many books written by Islamic women and others, on their tragic experiences of the cruel and callousness of the Islamic religion. I need not list them for they are readily available in any bookshop.

    The Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. He had some 13 wives over time, including being betrothed when he was 50, to a six-year-old child (A’isha the daughter of Abu Bakr), consummating that marriage when that child was 9 years old. This is a fact and should not be ignored, for his followers believe, that whatever Mohammed did was good and must be followed, and that is why some Muslim families have sent their daughters overseas from Australia, when they were aged ten, to be married. This paedophilic aspect of the relationship has institutionalised such marriages within Islam. Where do you stand on this, and what have you done about it? Would you like your daughter at 9 to be raped?

    It is fine for Islamic leaders to appear in public with other religious leaders and politicians and appear to condemn the acts of their followers. Nowhere does one hear them, independent of a public stage, condemn widely any Muslim, especially their radical clerics, who preach the violent part of the Islamic doctrine. Again, we fail to punish or gaol these preachers of hate and their supporters; let alone remove them from our society and send them back to their country of origin. You know this to be so.

    Our politicians have the blood of fellow Australians on their hands, for at no time did you ask the electorate whether we wanted our Australian customs, traditions, freedoms, especially religious freedoms, changed by your multicultural policies. The Australian Constitution requires our governments to give good government and protection for the Australian people. Collectively, our politicians have surrendered our rights by signing some UN conventions like the Human rights convention, and thus giving away our citizens rights to make laws and govern, thus allowing the “unelected bureaucratic swill” of the UN to criticise us. If all of you were like Senator Hanson-Young, you would be happy to have our government in the hands of the bleeding hearts only, but the Australian people do not.

    In defence of the Muslim community, many of you politicians point to the few occasions that the Islamic community leaders, join with other religious leaders and gently condemn the terrorists. Why does the Islamic leadership seem to be so reluctant to condemn outright, those of their faith who claim to do things like killing unbelievers in the name of their Mohammed? Well there is a simple answer – anyone who claims to be a Muslim, and who condemns any other Muslim that commits an act in the name of Mohammed, automatically becomes an unbeliever, an infidel, and must therefore be killed.

    Immigration is an area where our recent governments have failed. We have been generous in the welcoming of oppressed people from many other countries – at the end of the end of WW II we took thousands from Europe and they all became good Australians, without ever demanding that we change our customs and way of life to accommodate them. They were willing to do any work given to them and there was no dole.

    If people of certain ethnic/religious groups cannot accept our customs/traditions etc., then they should not be permitted to immigrate to Australia, let alone become Australian citizens. Japan, Russia, China and other nations do not permit the immigration of Muslims into their countries because of their inability to integrate. Those who fight for the likes of Daesh or other terrorist/religious organizations, should automatically lose their Australian citizenship and never be allowed to return, for they have become enemies. By joining such organizations, they immediately become opposed to Australia, and should by law surrender their citizenship. Sadly, if they break our laws now, and are gaoled, we have to pay for them forever, and they lose no rights. That is morally wrong and an unjust imposition on the Australian taxpayer.

    The first mass Muslim migration into Australia came from Lebanon, and in the main they settled in Sydney. Remember the Cronulla riots? There are two reasons why it came about 1. Lebanese Muslim youths regularly spat on Australian girls sun baking and abused them because of their dress. 2. The same Lebanese then attempted to cordon off a portion of the beach for Muslims only. They were immediately in conflict with our lifesavers, who they then assaulted. Finally the laid back young Australian youths reacted. Must we again have conflict and bloodshed, before you our politician’s act?

    It seems to have been a waste of time having our servicemen fight for and to defend Australia since Federation? Over one hundred thousand gave their lives to that cause, only now to be let down by our latter day politicians. Why did they do that? It was to defend our people against attack, to preserve our freedom, our way of life, our customs and our traditions.

    Many of our Politicians seem to be so gutless, or lack the knowledge of what is important to their constituents; and have failed to protect our citizens, as our veterans did. You have by your inaction, collectively encouraged and allowed our schools and shopping centres to stop the singing of carols or exercising our traditional customs and traditions, lest we offend the Muslims. Yet when we visit their countries we respect their traditions, etc.

    In a race to show us just how much you care for these ‘downtrodden refugees’, many politicians rush to the press to show us all just how much you feel and support them, but in the minds of most Australians, that is not how we see you.

    The ALP through the idiot Rudd, aided by Bowen, et al, opened the door to many of these alleged refugees, by allowing some fifty thousand in an unrestrained, illegal entry into Australia, yet when we closely examined their situation, they were truly just economic refugees. What is happening in Europe at the moment is of little difference, with some exceptions. The civil battles in Syria and Iraq (from whence many ‘refugees’ come), are fundamentally battles between Sunni and Shiite elements of Islam, together with the added destruction of anything not Islamic, and anyone who is an infidel.

    Just over a week ago, there was a violent demonstration by unemployed Sudanese young men in Melbourne. Why did they group together as an ethnic group? Because they have not and will not integrate, or work, yet we keep them on the dole. Pick fruit, or do other work in lieu of the dole, I say.

    Must it take violence within our community, as a rebellion against your indecision and inaction, in order to make you take action to protect your society? Will there be more Lindt café type murders, or another Bali in Canberra, to bring you to your senses? Clearly the Australian people will continue to wear your indecisiveness, and abundant excuses?

    Remember the Colombo Plan? Most of you will recall nothing but the name, if that. It was where British nations helped other countries develop in a whole range of activities, training their people in their own countries, how to do things like agriculture, etc. Well that programme should be restored, for it did not need bringing their people to be trained in Australia. Financial donations alone, to the needy developing countries are inefficient, and encourages wast and corruption.

    When one notes the number of Indian doctors coming over to Australia to practice, one wonders just how selfish we should feel, for we have taken these doctors from the more needy peoples of their own country. Once more our politicians, in their perception of and understanding of immigration and the problems that it creates have failed, their Australian constituency. The ‘bleeding heart’ response to helping others ignores the rights and views of their own countrymen. We all have rights, and they differ from one another, but no particular view should have a dominant right over another.

    This is not a document just to attack Islam and its cruel nature, in a historic sense, for the same can be said of the behaviour of the Church of Rome during the 12th and 13th centuries’ inquisitions. However, it can be said that the Christian religion has moved on, and there is no enshrining of brutality as a pre-requisite to that faith, within the New Testament, or indeed any other document of faith. This letter is aimed at making you accept your responsibility as an elected member of our national parliament, and have the balls to pass legislation to protect our traditions, our society and our way of life,

    Criticism is very well, provided that one offers an alternative. My critique has been on the failure of our Federal Parliament to pass more stringent laws on immigration, to ensure that the citizens of this nation are protected against an influx of migrants, who for various reasons render loss (material and other), disharmony and injury to the citizens of this country. I should not have to outline chapter and verse, just how this should be effected, other than to say, “If any of your actions cause the problems mentioned, like forcing Australians to change their long held, customs, age old traditions, and way of life, so as not to offend any other migrant, then you need to pass laws NOW to prevent that from happening. ” All migrants have come to Australia because of what we offer and what we have. They should be content, without demanding more. Citizenship must be treated as sacred and earned.

    I am not a racist, for I have lived and worked amongst more native people than most of you have ever seen. I speak four native tongues and have been respected by those people, that three of my children and I have lived and worked amongst. What have you done?

    Finally, I sincerely hope that your staff will not protect your delicate eyes by not passing on this letter of dissatisfaction on to you for your viewing. I hope that I am wrong.

    An Australian, tired of incompetence, bleeding hearts and political correctness.

    Please pass this on to as many people as you can for it is better than having riots on our streets, and further dividing Australians.

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  2. If Andrew’s stance is representative of the majority then this country has no chance.

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  3. Fortunately, you obsessive weirdos are in the overwhelming minority. You won’t be throwing out anything.

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  4. Yes but … our globalist controllers want them in. So the question is how to throw out our traitorous controllers.

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  5. Agree with Bruce. Throw them out and keep the others out.

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  6. Throw the thugs out of the country.

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