Media Release: Defence shows hypocrisy with gay officer

Bernard Gaynor says he would like to be treated with the same respect by Defence hierarchy as Lieutenant Colonel Paul Morgan.

The Chief of Defence Force has guaranteed that Lieutenant Colonel Paul Morgan, a gay officer, won’t face disciplinary action for speaking out about Defence policy. Mr Gaynor says that offer of protection is completely at odds with his treatment as a Reserve officer.

“Defence is bending over at every opportunity to help gay members but has hauled me over the coals for expressing my religious and political beliefs,” Mr Gaynor said.

“I never ever spoke in my capacity as a Reservist but the Army still called me into my unit and ordered me to stop my political activities if I wanted to remain in the Reserves, contrary to Defence policy.”

“Defence even publicly stated that it was taking legal advice over potential administrative action against me, simply because I said that I would not allow my children to be taught by a homosexual.”

“It is clear from this that Defence is happy to accommodate the views of gay members but is actively discriminatory against Christian members who make public comments about their faith, even if it is not in uniform and has nothing to do with Defence policy.”

“Well, now I’ve had enough. If other officers are allowed to speak about Defence policy while they are in uniform, with the protection of the Chief of Defence Force, I deserve the same protection, especially when I am now just a Reservist.”

“I am happy to say what others believe privately but won’t mention because they are smarter than me and won’t jeopardise their careers. Defence’s policy directions on sex-change operations, the Mardi Gras and women serving in front-line combat roles are wrong.”

“The decision to pay for sex change operations should be overturned. It does not enhance Defence’s ability to protect Australia and most people would describe it as a completely unnecessary ‘capability cut’.”

“No soldier wants to be led by a commander that has voluntarily decided to have his balls cut off. No amount of politically-correct propaganda will change this fact. Unfortunately, Defence is deliberately putting soldiers in an uncomfortable position.”

“Australians would be appalled if they knew their taxes were being wasted by Defence in this way. They would be even more shocked if they knew Defence’s policy allowed gender-benders access to females showers and change rooms.”

“I imagine most women would be uncomfortable changing in front of a confused man who had protected, free access to their bathroom. It is a recipe for disaster.”

“Furthermore, the decision to allow soldiers to march in the Mardi Gras was offensive to many, many Australians. If Defence is truly equitable, it will now allow members to wear their uniform to any activity that promotes natural marriage.”

“Finally, the decision to allow women to serve in front line combat positions is a joke. It is nothing more than the use of Defence to engineer radical social change in society.”

“Unfortunately, former general, Jim Molan, confirmed today that this is exactly what Defence is doing. He said on Adelaide radio that the Defence hierarchy are trying to change human nature. I can only thank Jim Molan for letting the cat out of the bag,” he said.

Mr Gaynor added that it was not surprising that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had largely failed when Western armies across the world were preoccupied with such radical social engineering and were so politically correct.

“I am an intelligence officer. Not once, in my 15 year career, have I ever seen a Koran in a intelligence detachment. Anytime I have suggested it might be worthwhile understanding why Islamic beliefs lead to violence I have been ridiculed and rebuked.”

“Defence believes Islam is a religion of peace. That is why it has been more concerned about building schools in Afghanistan than trying to change what is taught inside them.”

“It is also why Defence has been silent about the growing Islamic population in Australia while its own soldiers are dying fighting adherents of Islam in Afghanistan.”


Please note: I do not in any way condone the death threats against LTCOL Paul Morgan. I have also received many threatening emails and messages from members of the gay community for my beliefs. Some of these offensive messages have come from serving Defence personnel.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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