At what point does the Australian Defence Force become complicit in child abuse?

If I told you that I was going to take my kids and hang out with a group of dolled-up cross-dressers, transvestites, and a bunch of lesbians garbed as hookers, you would probably be concerned.

And if I told you that while there, they would see a big, red bus filled with gay men and adorned with the picture of a baby in a nappy on a backdrop of homosexual images, you would probably be very uncomfortable. No doubt you may also think it more than a little bizarre if I tried explaining that this formed part of a campaign against HIV in the homosexual community – which I deemed worthwhile sharing with my offspring.

If you then knew that on this excursion my children would be exposed to nudity, sexually explicit activity and groups promoting sado-masochistic homosexual practices and clad in leather like they were about to begin, you would probably think about calling in the child protection agency.

Yet this is exactly what some people did on March 2, 2013. However, instead of explaining it that way, they probably just said they were off the Mardi Gras with the kids for some fun. And to expose the next generation to a life without boundaries.

It seems like child abuse to me.

And if it’s not, then it must be right about on the boundary.

If you don’t believe this occurred, check out this image and this one. They are by no means isolated.

I can just imagine some smart defence lawyer using images of the ‘politically correct’ Mardi Gras to defend their client in sexual abuse cases.

“See your honour,” he might say while holding up images of children sitting at the front row while lines of homosexual men in intimate embrace pranced past with their pants cut out (like they did this year), “My client didn’t expose himself any more than your average participant in the Mardi Gras does in front of the kiddies, year in, year out.”

While the homosexual community may be defensive of its so-called parenting skills, can they please explain why they think it appropriate for children to be present when this parades past.

And if you think this image is a little light on, it can’t be that all that bad, then go and have a look at the Mardi Gras images on flickr or on the official website. I will have the decency to warn you that it is not pleasant, so I wouldn’t bother.

Certainly no other community thinks its acceptable to behave that way in front of children.

This is where it gets difficult for the Australian Defence Force. It has decided that it is acceptable to join the conga line of an overtly political, religiously insulting and sexually explicit parade. It now marches with the poor kids who’ve been brought along for the ride.

At what point does the ADF become complicit in child abuse?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. How very true Bruce. How many times have we all heard and read that tired old statement: “evil triumphs when good people do nothing”. I’m a grandparent who gets hot under the collar when these things occur, and sometimes the worst cowards of all are the very family members who should protect them!
    It is fear that allows evil in our society. Nothing more.
    Lets eradicate fear first, then act boldly. It is amazing what can happen to the offenders, especially when they are alone. The cowards need the boost of supporters, but in reality, they are frightened rabbits with a twisted soul.

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  2. Re Bruce: so over 30% of paedophiles are homosexuals..that leaves almost 70% who are straight….so I would be more worries about leaving your child with someone straight than homesexual.

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    • It’s horrible when straights rape children, but it’s just as bad when gays do it.

      How come homosexuals are responsible for over 30% of all child sexual abuse when they make up just 2-5% of the population?

      The rate would be far worse if homosexuals were allowed to marry each other and adopt children at will.

      I don’t think the majority of gays are child molesters, but I’m worried about the high incidence of abuse among them. It’s even scarier that so many of them promote paedophilia..

      Why should a straight person trust any homosexual with their children when few homosexuals dare to oppose homosexual paedophiles?

      There are gay rights group promoting man/boy sex all over the world. Don’t you think that’s a little concerning?

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  3. Why do people bury their head in the sand whenever some one mentions child abuse within the homosexual community?

    There are a sub-group of homosexuals who are paedophiles. They’re more likely than straights to rape children. The majority of homosexuals are not paedophiles and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but that doesn’t mean we should pretend that there isn’t a sizeable sub-group within their community who get off on abusing kids. Pointing that out isn’t homophobic or ignorant. God knows how many kids will be molested by the these people because no one has the guts to stand up to them.

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  4. “If you then knew that on this excursion my children would be exposed to nudity, sexually explicit activity and groups promoting sado-masochistic homosexual practices and clad in leather like they were about to begin, you would probably think about calling in the child protection agency.”

    Homosexuals are known for doing things like this. Over 30% of all paedophiles are homosexuals. Child pornography is a common theme in homosexual literature.

    A homosexual psychiatrist in America, John Kruse, took a couple of 2-year-old girls to the Folsom Street Fair to watch naked homosexuals urinate and copulate in in the street. He said it was an educational experience for the girls, who were forced to wear a leather dog collars while they watched the deviants.

    Dr John Kruse is a member of the Association for Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists.

    The University of NSW has books that advocate men having sex with boys. They were written by Geoffrey Leonard, who was convicted of having sex wth a two boys, one 16, the other 12.

    So I’m not surprised that this sort of crap is going on at the Sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras. Anyone who opposes it will be called a ‘homophobe’.

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  5. You see worse at the beach. Pull your head out.

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