Twitter hate gets Gillard all wrong

It’s apparent there is a lot more hate in the Twittersphere than in the real world. The daily expression of anger and vitriol would make Hitler proud. But just like the Fuhrer was all wrong, so is Twitter hate.

It’s unhealthy, mostly directed towards the wrong objects (like me) and it just doesn’t match the real dislikes expressed in the real world.

You can see it more clearly by looking at the crazy things that people admit to liking on Twitter. For instance, on Twitter, virtually-opinionated profiles will regularly admit that they support Julia Gillard.

In the real world it just doesn’t happen.

There is a disconnect here.

I can barely remember the last time I met someone who actually liked Julia Gillard, it happened that long ago.

I know it did happen because I almost fell over in surprise. The shock came from the fact it was also the first time I had ever heard a real living being mention their personal support for Julia, as opposed to vampires on social media.

The comment came from a middle-aged lady, so I guess that means the Hairdresser’s Mistress must be doing ok in that demographic.

To be sure, there are a lot of voters in this bronzed continent of ours who don’t hate Julia. But they certainly don’t like her. And there must be some voters who think she’s the bees knees. I think most of them probably live in Tasmania (no disrespect intended for sane Tasmanians) because they are not in any of the places I have been recently.

There certainly aren’t that many in her own party who like her. By all accounts she remained top dog, despite the electoral oblivion she offered her colleagues, because of a stronger, special, vitriolic hate for Kevin Rudd. It seems Big Kev can add the title of ‘Only Man to be Hated by His Colleagues more than Julia Gillard’ to his award for being the ‘Most Gutless Challenger Ever’.

It seems that Labor MPs hate like they do on Twitter – all wrong. And it’s going to get them in electoral trouble.

Within the real world, real people are prepared to admit that they support Labor. You meet them on trains, in parks, waiting to pay for the cheese at the checkout counter and at the footy. I was subjected to a pro-Labor (and pro-Rudd) rant by one such man while lined up at the entrance of Dreamworld a little while back.

These people also seem to share a common interest in disliking Tony Abbott but – and this where the good news for ALP types fades away to oblivion – they almost universally state that they will vote for the Coalition anyway. Despite loathing the Budgie-Smuggler with Big Ears.

The reason is simple. They detest Julia Gillard more.

So it doesn’t really matter that #40thingsbetterthanAbbott or #misogyny is trending on Twitter. Real people don’t care, don’t have the time and have already made up their minds.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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