Media Release: ASIO terror concern highlights need for immigration debate

As I’ve written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration.

News that ASIO is concerned that hundreds of Muslim Australians have gone to Syria to fight with radical Islamist groups highlights that this debate must be had.

In my opinion, it is easier to keep the chilli powder in the can than trying to pick it out of the flour once it is dropped in.

My latest press release regarding this issue is below:

A former Regular Australian Army Intelligence Officer says ASIO’s admission that hundreds of Muslim Australians may be fighting with al Qaeda in Syria highlights the urgent need to reassess Australia’s immigration settings.

Bernard Gaynor, who deployed to Iraq on three occasions and also served in Afghanistan, says that government policies allowing Islamic immigration betrayed the efforts of serving personnel and only increased the long-term terror threat in Australia.

“In the last decade 39 young Australians have given their lives fighting against Islamic violence,” Mr Gaynor said.

“In the same period, Australia’s Islamic population has almost doubled.”

“This does not make sense and is a betrayal of the hard work and sacrifices our soldiers make on operations to defend Australia.”

“Now ASIO has confirmed that hundreds of Muslim Australians have travelled to Syria and may be supporting al Qaeda and other affiliated Islamic groups. This is a ticking time bomb.”

“There are some simple solutions.”

“Firstly, any person who leaves Australia to support violent Islamic groups should be denied the right to return.”

“Secondly, there should be a debate about whether it is in Australia’s interests to continue taking in Islamic immigrants.”

“I say it is not in Australia’s interests.”

“Unfortunately, the politically-correct major parties will probably be too cowardly to address this issue and will continue to bury their heads in the sand.”

“Their approach of sticking their fingers in their ears and rocking back and forth while chanting ‘religion of peace’ will not address this problem,” Mr Gaynor said.

Mr Gaynor also said that political-correctness was hampering the Army.

“I am still in the Reserves and am under investigation for racism for suggesting the ADF gain a better understanding of Islam.”

“I would like to point out that Islam is a religion and not a race. It is also the ideological basis for the actions of our enemies overseas and every terror attempt in Australia over the last ten years.”

“But in this politically-correct environment the facts are not allowed to get in the way of the thought police.”

“How can you possibly fight an enemy when you are not allowed to discuss its religious beliefs? The situation is ludicrous.”

“It’s the kind of thing you would expect in a Dilbert cartoon but unfortunately this sick joke concerns national security,” Mr Gaynor said.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I completely agree. Unfortunately I am an age pensioner so I cannot contribute financially, but I do and will support this cause politically.

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  2. There is one recognisable feature in the DNA of every politician…yes, every politician no matter what party…and that is to never declare a position that may result in the potential loss of a vote.
    Yes, if it ever comes down to denouncing a person or group or religion or institution the fallback is to dissemble, prevaricate and when that fails to totally depart from the subject matter and pull out a prepared mantra that outlines why their party is the only party that will repel the barbarians already at the city gates.
    The barbarian is never defined thus preserving the status quo.
    If you are of an older vintage and did precis exercises at school you can condense that down rapidly.
    Alas the same headline result auto-appears every time….bullshitters and liars.
    I hope Gaynor does not go down the political office path.
    There are other ways to have a voice and considerable influence on public opinion as Michael Smith and Andrew Bolt have demonstrated.

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  3. Totally agree. Fred Nile and the CDP have a very similar immigration policy.

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