Marriage, Henry VIII & the First Home Owner Grant

Henry VIII and the First Home Owner Grant might seem an unlikely pair, but they actually have much in common.

That is because both the former English king and the current government grant for new home buyers in Australia share a disdain for marriage.

Old Henry’s struggle to remain faithful to his wife was nothing novel or extraordinary. Throughout the centuries, lesser men have succumbed to their fleeting fancies. However, Henry VIII was able to use his position do something they could not – start a new religion. Hence, he was able to absolve himself of all wrong-doing.

For Henry, it was no longer a case of until death do us part. Interestingly, even with his newly decreed religious freedom, he still found a useful ally in the Grim Reaper anyway.

It is debatable whether that is to his advantage now, but it did mean a whole shiny new apparatus of church and state was established as a monument to a progressive definition of marriage.

This definition, based as it was on whim and fancy, rather than the true meaning of marriage, was bound to change. Hey, if you can get rid of the married for life part, then everything else is up for grabs too.

First went the concept of kids. Then went the concept of kids inside of wedlock.

After that, marriage as defined by the state pretty much became pointless. Governments and couples now struggle to remember why they issue certificates or turn up at the altar.

Even the central idea of man and wife is under assault. And because children have been divorced from marriage, they are no longer afforded the protection of a biological mother and father.

In a way, Henry VIII is responsible for all of this (in the English-speaking world anyway) and the prancing parade of pansies processing down Oxford Street demanding ‘marriage equality’ can thank the founder of the Church of England for setting them on their path.

This is where the First Home Owner Grant comes in.

You might naively think that this cash payment would come in handy for newly married couples looking for their first household together – one that their first child might also call home.

However, it doesn’t. That is because if you are married you get exactly the same as a single person. Even though there are two of you. Even though you might soon be raising part of the next generation. Even though one of you may give up employment to spend precious time raising that generation properly.

Yet if you are shacked up together, without any public commitment or intent to marry, you will be entitled to two payments. Double income, no kids, no commitment? Good choice; the government will support your lifestyle decision at double the rate it does for married couples.

The First Home Owners Grant is a glaring beacon to the disdain marriage is held in today.

This contempt arises from a lack of understanding about what marriage really is.

It has become an idea without meaning. Literally. Marriage now has no definition. And because all the other words that go with it, like male, female, mother, father, husband and wife are still so full of meaning, they are being redefined or removed from government forms, lest they offend.

Given that marriage has become so confused, it is no surprise that homosexuals have moved in to feast on the rotting carcass of the failed secular version of marriage. They seek the same approval and absolution for their lustful tendencies that Henry VIII was after.

The truth is that demands for gay marriage do not show that marriage has meaning. It shows that, for our society, marriage has become meaningless.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Once again Bernard you like to use hurtful words against homosexuals “and the prancing parade of pansies” So you have called homosexuals “Freaks, Queers, Pansies and limp wristed….and you don’t think you are a bigot? Wake up to yourself mate because when judgment time comes for you how are you going to explain all the hurtful words you have used against another human.

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  2. I only found out about your blog today, and this is my first comment. Keep up the good work. I’ve just bookmarked you.

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  3. And what about the immorality of paying a baby bonus to unmarried and single mothers? By this action the government is encouraging societal disintegration.

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