Tasmania kicks marriage equality in the balls

Tasmanians should take some time out this week and celebrate their ability to think clearly.

This is a big statement, especially when one remembers that Tasmania is the homeland of Bob Brown. However, considering the strong, loud and clear rejection of gay marriage made by Tasmanian voters over the weekend, I guess some latitude can be made. Every society has its fair share of loonies.

Supposedly, the weekend election in Tasmania was to usher in a new age of marriage equality.

The old, bigoted, hateful upper house representatives who so meanly voted against a recent proposal to radically alter the definition of marriage were to be replaced with new, friendly, accepting politicians who gushingly supported ‘marriage equality’.

But it didn’t happen.

Members who opposed gay marriage were elected on all three Legislative Council districts.

Those who supported gay marriage failed. Convincingly.

There is now virtually no chance that Tasmania’s Parliament will pass laws allowing two blokes to walk down the aisle and then kiss outside the church. That is a good thing.

The voice of the enemy, GetUp!, must be fairly smarting because it seems that their lavishly funded how-to-vote card was turned upside down. It’s almost as if Tasmanians listened to GetUp! and then did the exact opposite of what they suggested.

No doubt, Australian Marriage Equality will also whinge and whine because pro-marriage candidates were elected.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media still does not get the fact that Australians are more interested in watching the grass grow than supporting gay marriage.

So the supportive headlines for homosexual groups continue:

It’s almost as if the media are on the side of gay marriage activists…

At least The Australian has published an article in which GetUp! and their allies are rightfully called for the bullies they are:

RE-ELECTED Tasmanian independent Jim Wilkinson has accused gay and social change activists, including GetUp!, of waging a “bully-boy” campaign to unseat him in elections that dealt a crushing blow to Tasmania becoming the first state to introduce same-sex marriage.

All I can say is, well done Tasmania!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. There’s no science behind the claim that gays are born that way.

    Homosexuals have shorter lifespans, are more likely to commit murder and to be murdered (usually by other homosexuals), kill themselves in higher numbers, make up over 50% of all persons with HIV, are more likely to have a domestic dispute, more likely to have hepatitis A [edited by moderator] Encouraging these people to marry is like telling a bunch of druggies to use the same needle.

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  2. Queenslanders should reward Tasmania’s gutsy voters by booking a holiday there this winter.

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  3. You, sir, are an a**hole. Two men (or two women) getting married has no impact on you whatsoever. I find it hilarious and ironic that you’d accuse others of being “bigoted” when you have no reason to oppose gay marriage other than the fact that it offends your Dark Age religious sensibilities.

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