The Australian Defence Force’s problem with Islam

The organisation charged with defending Australia’s national interests has a problem with Islam.

That is because the Australian Defence Force (ADF) wilfully does not understand anything about it.

Perhaps the most glaring example of this wilful ignorance can be found in the Guide to Religion and Belief in the Australian Defence Force.

It states that:

“Muslims believe that Mohammed was as perfect as any human could be, and they live their lives in a way that follows his example by worshiping one God and constructing ethical social order.”

That all sounds well and good if you don’t know anything about Mohammad. And given that this document doesn’t delve into his supposedly perfect life, it is clear the ADF hasn’t got the foggiest idea what his life was like.

That means that the ADF can assume Mo was an awesome dude who wandered the land doing good, like some new-age communal hippie, chanting slogans about free love and world peace.

But if you do know anything about the Prophet of Allah, then you understand why Islam leads to violence and oppression of women.

For Mohammad, the perfect example that Muslims the world over aspire to imitate, founded a social order on the following ethics:

  • Mohammad built an army and sent it out to kill, capture and plunder many times in the last ten years of his life. In setting the Islamic world on the path of jihad and conquest, he managed to capture the Arab Peninsula. In the lifetime that followed his death, Islamic armies advanced until they were stopped at Tours, in the heart of France. They have been at war with the West ever since.
  • Mohammad ordered the entire male population of a captured Jewish tribe to have their heads lopped off. After that, the Prophet of Allah took the woman he fancied and made her his concubine – a sexual slave. This was just hours after her husband had been beheaded in front of her.
  • Mohammad ordered the execution of those who spoke against him. Arabic poets who dared to criticise the wonderful ethics of the perfect Mohammad wound up dead. One of these ‘verbal bullies’ was over a hundred years old. Another was a woman. In order to murder her while she slept, a child was removed from her bosom.
  • Mohammad married a six year old girl, but ethically did not ‘consummate’ that marriage until she was at the ripe old age of nine. You can watch modern Islamic scholars defend that little decision here and here. Islamic verses about his young wife, Aisha, cleaning semen off his clothes can be found here.

Many other examples of Mohammad’s violence and sexual perversion abound within Islamic scripture. There are enough of them to paint a pretty solid picture for any student of Islam to conclude that raping, pillaging, murdering and waging war against non-Muslims is Allah’s will and perfectly legitimate behaviour.

Given that the ADF is currently at war against groups that fight based on Islamic beliefs and who have been linked to attacks that have killed Australian citizens, you might think that some effort had been made to understand Islam. But that is not the case.

Instead, the ADF is happy to perpetuate the belief that Mohammad was perfect and that his actions were ethical.

Instead, the ADF is happy to send soldiers to fight, and possibly die, in Afghanistan in support of a government that incorporates Sharia Law into its constitution.

Instead, the ADF is happy to wage war against one Islamic group that will execute converts from Islam while supporting another group that has exactly the same law.

Instead, the ADF is happy to build mosques and schools in Afghanistan, where Islamic beliefs will be further taught and defended.

Instead, the ADF is happy to charge officers because they dare to suggest that there is a link between Islam and violence.

You will not find any Korans on the desk of intelligence officers and they are not encouraged to understand the basic beliefs of the enemy they fight.

I know because I have sat on those desks. I know because I have been ridiculed for making that assessment. I know because I have been charged for bringing the ADF into disrepute for questioning Islam.

The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is an inherently violent religious ideology.

The ADF’s problem is that, under the guise of political-correctness, it believes otherwise.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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