The termination of motherhood

Anyone who has paid attention to the Kermit Grosnell murder case in America would be horrified at the brutality of it.

There are feet in jars. Women have been butchered. Even the defending lawyers have described it as a bloody business.

And that is exactly what it is. A business that profits in blood. It did so legally for many years, turning expectant mothers into empty shells of misery.

It is not surprising that the pro-abortion lobby have jumped in to downplay the atrocious reality of what Kermit Grosnell did.

So the fact that this ‘doctor’ snipped the necks of babies in order to stop their wriggling legs and tiny cries is defended. Even so called ethical specialists argue the case for infanticide. And they are Australian.

It makes sense in a way. If you are comfortable with taking a baby’s life in the womb, there is no rational or logical reason why just moments later and a short distance away you would believe it is somehow transformed into a human being worthy of love and protection.

The pro-abortion crowd claim that the only way to prevent more Dr Kermits is to ensure abortion remains legalised.

Hellooo? Is there anybody in there?

Abortion is legal and guess what? It hasn’t prevented backyard butchers from plying their grisly trade. Except now, under state sanction, these malicious merchants are funded by the taxpayer and protected at all costs.

And if you think that Australia is free from Dr Kermits, think again. Houses of horror are not just confined to America.

Our nation has its own sorry litany of legalised misery, under the guise of ‘choice’. And it is legal because, so far as I can tell, there have been no consequences for any of the following tragedies.

  • A distraught trainee nurse in Victoria was instructed to dump a baby who survived a failed abortion into a bucket of formaldehyde.
  • A baby girl in Darwin called Jessica Jane, who was delivered alive instead of being aborted,  survived for 80 minutes. If it wasn’t for the confused midwife who took some pity and covered her in a rug, no one in the medical system would have done anything to help. Certainly no attempts were made to look after her, like other premature babies. The coroner also found that this was not the only time abortion had resulted in live births.
  • A baby was found alive in a bin after a botched abortion in Sydney’s Westmead hospital. The coroner there also found it was not an isolated incident.
  • There have been at least two reported cases where children have been aborted because they did not fit a desired criteria for life. They were the wrong sex.
  • A viable eight-month baby girl was aborted in Melbourne because it was not deemed worthy of life either. She had been diagnosed with dwarfism. On delivery, a nurse remarked that she “was not that small”.
  • A viable 32 week baby was aborted after being mistaken for his twin. Its twin was later aborted, too.

And it is not just the babies who are butchered.

  • A Victorian woman died after attending a controversial abortion clinic in Croydon, Melbourne in 2011.
  • Only a few months earlier, another woman ended up in intensive care after a visit to the same clinic.
  • Again at the same clinic, a doctor was jailed after infecting more than 50 women with Hepatitis C.
  • A woman died as a result of an abortion procured through the drug RU-486. Many more have required blood transfusions and emergency medical treatment.

Even the pro-abortion crowd would have to admit the procedure has its risks. Yet now doctors in some states are not even allowed to object to the practice.

The truth is that no woman would choose abortion, except out of desperation.

Desperation due to overbearing pressures of work or educational commitments that are deemed a higher priority than life. Desperation due to financial burdens. And mostly, desperation resulting from the fact that their men refuse to take responsibility for their actions and to provide the love and support an expectant mother needs.

Whatever the circumstances that lead to abortion, it is always because there is a lack of hope. The desired circumstances for life do not seem to be present.

It is bizarre that in the feminist world, it has become so difficult to become a mother.

And the sad reality is this. Motherhood is held in such low regard that Australians are comfortable with allowing 100,000 abortions every year.

Abortion should be a criminal offence and those that ply this trade should face harsh consequences. But that doesn’t mean the 100,000 potential mothers who seek abortion each year are criminals, deserving of punishment. They needed help before their awful decision and they still need it now.

The effects of abortion are not just temporarily physical. They can lead to a lifetime of emotional guilt and psychological distress, as well as long-term physical ailments. There is also a strong link with breast cancer.

Unfortunately, however, the legality of abortion in Australia is unlikely to change anytime soon. Given this situation, Australia’s women deserve better from society to help them find hope. They also deserve to know all the details so that they can make a truly informed choice.

The pro-abortion crowd is afraid of giving all the facts. They are scared that women will make a choice based on love and hope, rather than desperation. Most of all, they are scared people will see abortion for what it really is.

That is why they refuse to disclose the emotional, medical, reproductive or psychological impacts of abortion.

That is why they refuse to accept the possibility of a link between breast cancer and abortion, much like tobacco company executives desperate to hide the truth.

That is why they refuse to support women having ultrasounds that would allow them to see their child.

That is why they don’t want independent counselling that may lead to a new life.

That is why they are happy that adoption has become such a dirty word.

That is why they don’t want women to know about the social services that are available to help new mothers.

That is why they don’t want private charities that offer hope and support from providing any information either.

This is something worth pondering as we celebrate all the good that mothers do this Sunday. Every mother is a woman who has given life, hope, opportunity and love.

Australia would be a better place if the 100,000 mothers-to-be who were lost over the last year had instead been given the opportunity and support required to join this celebration.

Abortion doesn’t just take the life of a baby. It is a sign of the terminal disregard our society holds for motherhood.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Dave, I don’t know if you have had any experiance in dealing with those unfortunate people who have been sexually abused, but I have and let me tell you something, regardless of whether there is a child involved or not, the poor girl doesn’t forget the experiance. Do you think that if the child isn’t born the girl will simply forget the experiance altogether? You will never take that memory away, there will always be a trauma there. What I don’t understand is how you think telling a young mother to be that it is ok to kill a helpless human to be will is going to make her feel better. Infact, medical study will show it doesn’t do anymore than compound the trauma she will experiance in her life. Secondly, does the mothers right to live a caree free life superpass the right of the child forming in her. The argument that it is not a human is so full of holes its like swiss cheese. It matters not how that child came into being, people get to caught up on the circumstances of how it happened, the endstate is this: That infant, like every other human, from the moment of conception has claim to every human right there is purely because it is human itself. It matters not how it came to being, as it exists, it has every reason to expect the same rights as you or I. Traumatic as its first moments may have been, they are not legitmate reasons, under any convention, for that human to be terminated before it even gets to see the world its now apart of.

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  2. Tony Abbott used to think 100,000 abortions annually was a “national tragedy”, now he’s fine with it.

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  3. And if the woman was raped? do you still think abortion is wrong?
    Should she have to be reminded every time she looks at the baby of the rape?
    When the child is older how does she explain who the father is?

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    • Dave, of the 100,000 babies aborted in the last year, what percentage of them were as the result of rape? 1%? 5%? Even if it is as high as an unbelievable 10%, there is 90,000 children being killed A YEAR for reasons other than rape. This is a continuing holocaust going on under our very noses.

      And even if a baby is conceived through rape, why must the innocent baby pay for his/her father’s guilt with a death sentence? When has anybody’s problems been solved by killing a baby?

      There are two victims in such a rape, but there are better solutions if you care to look for them. You may not have noticed, but there a many childless couples who would be grateful to adopt such a baby. The mother never has to look at the baby if she doesn’t want to, and the innocent baby gets a chance at life.

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    • So Dave, do you want to tell Rebecca Kiessling that her mother should have had the option to abort her? Why do you want to apply capital punishment to the baby whilst its rapist father only gets at most a few years in prison?

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