Malcom can’t be a Cate


I wrote the other day that a boy can’t be a girl.

It’s a pretty basic fact, like two plus two equals four.

But who really cares? Does it really matter?

Yes. It does.

Because our current government believes that a boy can be a girl and hence they are funding operations for military personnel to lop their appendages off. So that means you and I are paying for the nation’s war-fighting blokes to take a capability cut.

Furthermore, it means that while a bunch of troubled men are rummaging around in your wallet looking for loose change so they can botox their lips and sculpt their adams apples, they are also compromising the nation’s ability to defend itself.

The good news is that I’m not sure if they are entitled to Defence funded stockings post their appointment with the clacker. So maybe we can at least be thankful for this small grace.

I am, however, guessing that this will be offset by the fact that the Army is now the employer of choice for those who want to take their cross-dressing career a little further. The Army is so generous, it even offers men unfettered and free access to the ladies’ showers while they contemplate the best way to fulfil their sexual identity.

Unfortunately, if you think that once Labor is smashed out of office things will get better, then you are wrong.

This is because the likely next Prime Minister of Australia, the supposedly Catholic Tony Abbott, also believes that a boy can be a girl.

In fact, he has written a glowing endorsement of the Defence Force’s new version of emasculated masculinity and has puckered up with the Chief of Army’s PA, one Malcolm McGregor.

Malcolm is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army but also masquerades as Cate.

He thinks that because he has had a nip here, a tuck there and popped a bunch of pills that he is now a woman.

I don’t like to speak on behalf of women, so I’ll let them describe how they feel about his analysis that femininity consists of the sum result of a bunch of cosmetic surgery and hormones stuffed in a bottle.

While they consider their response, it might be worthwhile for them to remember that Malcolm has publicly stated that he is still attracted to the ladies. And when he puts on his Army skirt and lipstick, he is allowed to hang out with them in the bathroom.

As a man, I have to say that it seems to me that Malcolm has a rather low opinion about women to think like that.

The other thing I’ll say about Malcolm is that he may not be female, but he sure does act like the Queen Bee.

He left a comment on the Bundarrah Days blog today in which you can hear the hiss and feel the claw.

Malcolm had gotten his knickers in knot about a blog post that also pointed out Tony Abbott’s lips had crossed paths with him. So he screeched about a lack of journalistic skill, prejudice and his upset tummy.

Take a deep breath. It’s definitely not morning sickness.

He also opened up about his military prowess before signing off as Catherine. Somewhere in between he took a shot at Christianity as well.

This is where it gets kind of interesting for me. You see, like Malcolm, I have also served in the Army.

But unlike Malcolm, who has been given a military platform by the ADF to air his views publicly, I have not.

So while Malcolm is free to spruik about how good he feels in a skirt and how the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, has been so helpful, I have been subject to at least four investigations because I offered the helpful suggestion that the Army could do better things than fund cosmetic surgery for people like him.

I guess that just proves my point that sex-change operations and the bureaucracy surrounding them are a waste of time and money.

In fact, the Army is so supportive of Malcolm that it seems to have adopted his outlook on Christianity. I have even received a letter from the Deputy Chief of Army that states my views, which are based on my Catholic faith, are unacceptable.

Angus, as the Deputy Chief of Army is affectionately known around my parts now, also said I should resign from my position with the Army Reserve. I suppose that is a polite way of saying bugger off.

And I have politely ignored his request, although I did pen this piece in honour of Angus.

Now, I don’t want to jump to any false conclusions, like thinking that Malcolm is getting a better deal in terms of treatment from the military head honchos than I am. But I am starting to consider signing off my correspondence with the chain of command as Bernice.

Maybe then they will listen to the evidence I have put to them that the ADF is complicit in child abuse by marching with a bunch of men clad in leather G-strings and busloads of topless women while kids looked on at the Mardi Gras.

Maybe then they will listen to the truth that soldiers don’t want women in front line combat roles and that they would have more confidence in Malcolm if he didn’t pretend that he was Cate.

Maybe then they would drop the charges they have hit me with for having the proverbials to point out publicly that there is a link between Islam and violence.

Unfortunately, however, I don’t think so.

The hierarchy of the ADF don’t like moral courage anymore and they prefer those men who, well, are not really men at all.

And hardworking Aussie Diggers are the losers as a result.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. You make too much sense, great to see people calling out mental health issues for what they are and not falling for the myths people want to tell themselves.

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  2. Wow, you are a piece of work. You don’t agree with something so it can’t be real? You christian pretenders are parasites leeching off of humanity. You claim that transgender people offend some made up sensibility christians have and spew this vile filth out into the media where children can see it. whether you accept it or not, being transgender is an actual condition.
    It’s hard to believe someone who believes something as stupid as christianity can’t stretch to believe in a studied and verifiable medical condition but then you retarded christian types don’t go much on facts do you? Look at your ridiculous religion!
    So anyway, you spew this infantile garbage out onto right wing websites and hope that transgender children will see it and kill themselves, you are the scum of the earth and I hope you die before you can do any more harm you horrid excuse for a human being.

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    • A man cannot become a woman ,-that pure 100% biological fact. Just ask any Doctor if they can change a man into a Woman,- and you will be told “no it is not possible” . However ,- It is possible to delude your mind into false beliefs ie “I am Male,- and I believe I am a Female” That is gross Delusion . Bernard is correct .

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    • It’s not real, Kate, simply because it’s NOT REAL.

      FACTS don’t care about your FEELINGS.

      The words ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are interchangeable and inextricably linked. There are only two genders, male and female. The rest is a combination of mutation and mental illness. It is biologically impossible for a human being to change their sex, and therefore it is biologically impossible for a human being to change their gender.

      Contrary to desperate attempts by the left to bastardise the English language through repeating the same lies over and over again, in the hope that in a rainbow sparkly puff of ‘logic’ they will magically become the ‘truth’, what I have written above is 100% scientific FACT.

      If you view the scientific TRUTH as ‘hate’, you also need mental help.

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  3. I think the whole episode is quite revolting and this trend that appears to inform and then involve all of us and the taxpayer in someone’s particular preference to be accepted as a woman by all is not so something I am prepared to accept, at all. In previous years people were good enough to suffer in silence and take their own lives.I have no particular problem with that. Serving men and women must find it rather repulsive.

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  4. It truly is almost not possible to see well-advised men or women on this niche, even though you seem like you know the things you’re posting on! Gratitude

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  5. I saw the show on TV, as an ex Wo2 in the Australian Artillery, I was disgusted that the army would allow such a person to stay in the army, am I old fashioned , yes its about time real men spoke up in this country about what is acceptable and what is not, I am sick of the public, and now of course the army (Officers) saying that it is ok to be gay, it is not ok to be gay . it is a sickness not a natural thing. What a sad day for the army that it thinks it has to adjust for gay people .I am so glad I no longer serve,

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  6. I am a catholic and are 14 years old, but I believe that each to their own. I have watched reports and research on Lt. Col. Cate McGregor, and believe that everyone has a right to be happy and freedom to express themselves. I believe that even though that he was male and is still attracted to females, he is happier with himself and with life. Research has proven that confusion of gender is natural, and people can be transgender. As I said before let everyone be themselves – without people bad-mouthing their decision. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF PEOPLE SAID THIS ABOUT YOU IN A MAJOR PERSONAL DECISION? have empathy for others feelings. And I do understand this is your views however, they are paid their wage from the ADF which subsquently is tax payer funded – but every other for profit / non-volunteer business pays people with customer’s money – tax payers funds are just a way to say paying government for facilities (similar to the ideals everyday businesses provide e.g Supermarket).

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  7. Bernard, why are you so worked up about someone else’s life choice? What on earth does it have to do with you? You say you’re a conservative catholic, go and be one then, stop harassing people because your belief doesn’t match that of others. Stress less. The world is huge and not everyone on it is like you. Why so much focus on one woman?

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    • Again, however – I am catholic – Our Church accepts everyone in the bible – jew or gentile – to relay that in context can be – straight, bi-sexual, gay/lesbian or even transgender – gender-comfortable. You really should read into Jesus’ preachings a little more. But I am also allowing your views to be heard by me, not saying your wrong or right – even though I do not accept your views so let everyone be themselves.

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  8. Bernard Gaynor, If your happy to judge GLBTI people then its only fair that we GLBTI judge you. In fact Im now going to make wild judgements about you, even though I don’t personally know you. Fair is fair right?

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    • I was so appalled by the article I asked myself, “who is this Bernard”. I find he promotes himself as a conservative (fair enough – his choice) Catholic (fair enough – maybe he was born that way) who “writes what normal men dare not speak out loud”.

      Alas, his speaking out is not what “other men dare not” but a form of bigotry unbecoming of either conservative or Catholic.

      But then again if he choses to fill his life with fear and hatred and his heart with blackness, as the Pope asked, “who am I to judge?” It is just that hate-speech and bigotry do harm to others. Denying reality does not make a different reality, it just make it harder for the denier ever to see the world in its real light. “Malcolm can never be Cate” is indeed as silly a statement as I’ve ever read about trans-people and one that cries out for some psychiatric intervention to help the denier.

      I fervently hope he is no longer in military intelligence – our freedom deserves better than this.

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  9. I always thought Australia due to it’s background was a forward looking country I guess I was mistaken. As a transsexual individual I was just searching Google for Cate and happened on your scurrilous piece obviously trying to utilise her somewhat slim notoriety to bolster your campaigning. As tge first two sentences of your article are not as irrefutable as you first thought (I’m a mathematician and realise the 2+2 argument is wrong within any context) maybe you might choose a new topic for your electioneering in future… Sarah

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    • Great article!
      The need for focus on the mental state of those presenting with desired transgender issues should be adressed rather than encouraging genital mutilation that could be regretted later. Compassion toward the people with these issues is essential together with understanding the possible causes mentally and physically that often stem from childhood is proper mental health care. Experimentation on appeasing the urges to comply with the mental condition is bad Psychiatry, and to normalise the condition within society is not helping them either.

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  10. Do you know what I think is sad Bernard? I think it is sad that you and your commentators call yourselves Christians. What part of the bible gives you the right to judge other people? What part of the ‘golden rule’ teaches you that it is ok to mock and be cruel to people because you don’t agree with how they live their lives? If Jesus had not risen from the dead he would be turning over in his grave.

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  11. Hello everyone,
    Thank you to all whom have commented on this subject especially those in support of us transgender individuals.

    How dare anyone judge any of us and try to back it up with scientific mumbo jumbo or religious diatribe…

    We are a genetic variation and nothing less and as such should be treated with respect, we are glad to have support from the medical community in correcting what is within our variation for us but mainly for us to fit within your ridiculous binary concepts…

    Live and let live and please desist from picking sections of the bible or trying to back up your claims that we are simply “instruments of Hades or whatever”, we are human and very much so.

    Talk to us, learn about us you maybe pleasantly surprised…

    thank you

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  12. Hi all.

    I once worked with a man who hated all forms of religion so much that he went into a frenzy whenever it was mentioned. He felt religion was the root cause of so much hatred and suffering.

    After reading the comments here pertaining to God’s damnation of homosexuality and God’s damnation of anything different to your beliefs, feelings or sensibilities I am left wondering if perhaps my workmate was right after all.


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  13. Bernard and bigoted friends, first of all I wasn’t going to use the word ‘bigot’ because I thought it would just go straight over your heads, but hey what’s new right?
    What’s important though is that Australia’s attitude is changing and as a country we are becoming more emotionally and intellectually intelligent and are therefore more accepting of those who do not fit into the conventional mold.
    But unfortunately some people will never possess such traits and will rely on fear as their last tool in their fundamentalist toolbox. That’s okay because no matter how hard some attempt to sell fear I don’t think many people are buying into it anymore.
    Even Australian youth are demonstrating greater emotional intelligence and logical reasoning so although the bigots are worried that youth are being brainwashed youth are merely using logical reasoning and making up their own minds about gender, sexuality and life.
    I suppose the message I am attempting to convey is; society progresses and some are left behind. If you are being left behind by your bigoted fundamentalism you do not have to tell us about it, just keep it to yourselves.

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    • Young people don’t have the life experience that’s needed to filter the crap from the truth. Hippy beliefs are worshipped as if they’re ironclad facts while any criticism of them is brushed off as bigotry. Your post is a classic example.

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    • To be ‘bigoted’, Brett Ri, is to refuse to accept the TRUTH.

      The TRUTH is that the words ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are interchangeable and inextricably linked. The TRUTH is that the there are only two genders, male and female, and that the rest is a combination of mutation and mental illness. The TRUTH is that it is biologically impossible for a human being to change their sex, and therefore it is biologically impossible for a human being to change their gender.

      If you view the scientific TRUTH as ‘bigotry’, you need mental help.

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  14. Two thoughts that arose in my mind after reading this, and yes I came here after seeing the ABC interview, were as follows:
    Firstly, did the Good Lord not teach that we should love one another as He loved us? Surely this means we do what we can to help these people, all the while supporting them as they are our brothers and sisters. I have homosexual friends who are aware of my views and we often have discussions about these issues. We listen respectfully and part as friends on completion. I hope and pray that I had some effect upon them, but I do not control their minds and have a minor, probably inconsequential, influence on their decision making. Once I have exposed them to the words of our Lord and the teachings of the Church, I offer my shoulder if they need it and my support in the face of those who harm them, though I do not agree with their life choices I support their God-given free will.
    Secondly, what need is there to bring Islam into this. Again I draw upon my limited experiences with those I know. Islam is, on the whole, built on peace written in their Koran. Some sects or groups decide to use it to gain power and manipulate the believers and blind them with false authority. In this manner they are similar to the gun-toting, racially intolerant American South. Christianity does not have a clean slate when it comes to violence. From our side it would appear justified, but what of the people whose families and countrymen we killed? Their views may be similar to the ones we hold about so called ‘Islamic Terrorists’. These are the violent people we always hear about. When was the last time the media reported a good story about Islam? For that matter, when was the last news story about the goodness and grace of the Catholic Church? We are fed a set of views that seek only to sell papers and guarantee advertising dollars.
    I beg you, folk of the internet, abate your hatred and turn to the love of Christ. If God does not view certain life choices as desirable in His heaven, he will not include those people who make them. For our part, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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  15. I find this blog a combination of ignorance and contempt. Ignorance because it shows such limited understanding of the nature of gender identity and sex change. Contempt: well, let’s put it this way, Bernard. If I started caling you by a name other than the one you have chosen for yourself, I guess you would be insulted too: Bernadette? How does that suit you? If you were working in my organisation, I would seek disciplinay action against you for this type of behaviour. It’s bullying, pure and simple. As far as I am concerned, you might not think Cate is a real woman but I do not think you are much of a man.

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  16. Jen, despite your protestations that everyone deserves to be happy you don’t seem too worried about the people adversely affected by Malcolm McGregor’s decision. For that reason I expect Bernard to take your opinions with a grain of salt.

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  17. For someone that preaches God’s love, you sure as hell have a lot of hate in you. I’m sure God would be judging you more harshly for your hateful soul than someone that alters their gender. You only live once, Bernard, and everyone deserves to be happy. If happiness means having surgery so your outside matches the inside than so be it. If using a public forum to hate on people you know nothing about than good luck to you.

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    • You obviously know nothing of Christianity. God has standards and one of them is that homosexual behaviour is prohibited. There’s no point you ignoring this due to a faulty understanding of “God’s love”. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

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  18. Ewan, I shifted the blog because I couldn’t get the comments working. You can access it here.

    The forces of PC have made war on it a few times. 🙂 If you want access to the archives let me know and I’ll organize that. Cheers, Phil.

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  19. “I wrote the other day that a boy can’t be a girl. It’s a pretty basic fact, like two plus two equals four.” Er… wrong. More like “The Earth is Flat” or “The Earth is Stationary, the Sun goes around it”. //

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So let’s start with //

    Yes, some people do naturally change sex. While it’s 2% of people in some parts of the world, in Australia those genes are rather rare. Less than 200 people in the whole country. But it happens. Things aren’t as simple as you’ve been taught. //

    Then there are other Intersex syndromes, where those affected are born with bodies neither wholly male nor wholly female. *Technically* that’s 1 in 60, but if it takes a series of Lab tests to determine that, you can reasonably say they’re not “really” Intersex. 1 in 300 men don’t have XY chromosomes for example (you could be one of them) and some women do. Rarely, so do the daughters they give birth to.//

    Regarding Transsexuality – also a rare syndrome – there the brain anatomy is that of one sex, the genital anatomy of the other. That’s a simplification, there are degrees, different parts of the brain and genital anatomy can be more or less masculinised/feminised, but close enough. You really can have someone whose anatomy is partly of one sex, partly of the other, and appearances can be deceptive. //

    Maybe this will help explain the situation: //

    Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35 :
    — The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation. — //

    In summary – Cate was born a girl. Anatomically speaking, I mean. Female brain anatomy, something visible on MRI and PET scans. However, obviously she didn’t look like a girl. Neither do those women born with 3BHSD syndrome, they look male at birth, their appearance only changing later in life. That doesn’t change their sex – they were always female, with female brains. Only the genitalia changes.//

    I hope that’s helpful. This isn’t a moral or spiritual or theological issue, it’s a medical one. Just like the Galileo Affair wasn’t a moral or theological issue, but one of physical fact.

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    • Alan Zoe Brain, you are an out and out fraud. How many time have I spotted you on Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt or elsewhere claiming you have been diagnosed with a physically intersexed condition that doesn’t exist. People do not change sex as you claim you did. You really are a laugh a minute. You, like Malcolm McGregor are a man. You, like him, married a woman, wasted years of her life then hit her with your sex change. What a deceitful lying fraud! And what about your children?

      You were born with an X and a Y chromosome, and normal male genitalia that was obviously in good working order. You had the SRY gene attached to your Y chromosome like the vast majority of other men in the world. You keep lying and lying about the mysterious intersexed condition that make you change sex but you have never stated what it is. The reason you’ve failed to do that it because it doesn’t exist.

      What’s it called, Alan? Who is the doctor who diagnosed it? Where are the results of the diagnostic tests you underwent? None of these questions will be answered. They’ve been asked of you hundreds if not thousands of times and no one has ever had an answer. I’m not going to be the lucky one.

      If you actually changed sex, Alan, and naturally, too, where are your ovaries, your uterus, your Fallopian tubes, your genuine female genitalia?

      As I said, you are truly a laugh a minute.

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      • ” You were born with an X and a Y chromosome, and normal male genitalia that was obviously in good working order.”

        I find it fascinating that all sorts of people claim to know what my medical records say.
        They invariably get facts wrong of course. Because they’re making stuff up // The facts were, that like many children, our child was not conceived via intercourse. “normal male genitalia in good working order” is something I never had. But since you claim to know my medical data, obviously you’re aware of that finding at a fertility clinic in 1985. // As regards the late onset non-SW 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficient form of CAH (3BHSD for short) – there’s plenty of literature on the subject. However, it tends to be a bit technical – so I advise you to have a look at the Wikipedia article on this “non-existent” condition. CAH is described at and the rather atypical 3BHSD form, and its varied effects from masculinisation to feminisation at // This was diagnosed nearly two years ago now, as reported on my blog, and mirrored in the National Library of Australia’s record of it. It’s convenient that they consider my blog to be a “publication of national significance” and of “lasting cultural value. It enables me to refute malicious lies such as your own – such as the one that I’ve never revealed the diagnosis. Or perhaps you’ve just been misinformed by less scrupulous individuals, and have been gullible enough to swallow such misinformation without // If you are going to spread such stories, perhaps you should try some of the more entertaining ones. That I married at age 10, that I have 3 children who don’t speak to me, that I’m not a lecturer at the ANU but a balding man in a wheelchair on a disability benefit etc. All “facts” claimed by the same people who “know” what’s in my medical records, and whom you apparently find credible. Unless you made it all up on your own.

      • Please note in the comment you referred to when saying I’d never revealed this “mysterious diagnosis” : –> Neither do those women born with 3BHSD syndrome, they look male at birth, their appearance only changing later in life. That doesn’t change their sex – they were always female, with female brains. Only the genitalia changes. <– If you're going to say I'd never stated the diagnosis, it might be an idea next time *not* to do it in a reply to a post that, well, *states the diagnosis*. If you get my drift. No matter,. I've made, if not equally embarrassing gaffes, plenty of mistakes of my own. // Now in your defence, it took over 5 years for the diagnosis to be made. Before then, it was "idiopathic" – cause unknown. As are about 30% of such syndromes. // What I don't understand – and perhaps you can help me out here – I quote various scientific and medical papers, all available on the web, often giving titles and authors – and I get answered by people who are *intensely* interested in the shape, present and past, of my genitalia, and remarking on same. Now I find that at least odd, and really rather creepy. For what it's worth, I'm not at all interested in yours, so please don't write about it in your reply.

      • Alan, you are a pathologically ill. You have been caught out time and time again. Why don’t you sue me for defamation if I’ve told lies about you? You don’t dare. You have claimed you are biologically female but you have a male karyotype. And now you claim your child was not conceived via intercourse. How was your child conceived Alan? In vitro? You are the father, however. You provided the sperm. How did you do that if you are biologically female? Here’s the rub. Are we going to hear again that you changed sex almost spontaneously? ROFL you started out claiming your Karyotype was 47 XXY or Kiinfelters Syndrome. But that didn’t last long. Afterwards you claimed among other things that your diagnosis was “severe androgynisation in a non pregnant woman.” That is not a condition it is the reason women are prescribed the androgen blocker, Androcur. Now we’re at the point where you claim a condition that had your male bits retracting into your body. For goodness sake, you moron, give it away. Heaven knows how many people have been harmed by believing your online fantasies. If you reply again I’ll respond with a thorough review of your fantasies right from the start in 2005 until the present.

      • Philip – sue you for defamation? Because some nonentity on the Internet made rude remarks about me? I think you overestimate your own importance. What damage have you done to me that would be worth any court’s time to adjudicate? $1 worth? 10c? Less? // The events of 2005 were pretty spectacular. Having a colleague change sex rapidly isn’t the kind of thing that doesn’t get noticed by multiple witnesses. Moreover, it’s uncommon enough so that even medical specialists are unlikely to immediately diagnose it exactly, having to eliminate many different blind alleys first – as recorded in my blog. They may see one such event in their entire careers – or may not. If you’re truly interested – try contacting some objective witnesses. Trevor Mettam for example – he had a ringside seat, as we shared an office.

      • To give you an idea of the kinds of things that really-and-truly happen – a few URLs. Note that I have 3BHSD, not 5ARD or 17BHSD. I’ve never said I’ve had either, not even as a possibility, just that those syndromes exist, and have certain similarities. // – protogynous (ie male originally looking female) dichogamous pseudohermaphroditism due to 5ARD (5 alpha reductase deficiency) // – protogynous (ie male originally looking female) dichogamous pseudohermaphroditism due to 17BHSD syndrome (17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency). // – in this case of 5ARD, gender identity was female. Which leads to a conundrum – is this child wrong for opposing the natural change, or is it wrong for her to change sex like that? //
        Gender change in 46,XY persons with 5alpha-reductase-2 deficiency and 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-3 deficiency. Cohen-Kettenis PT. Arch Sex Behav. 2005 Aug;34(4):399-410. — a paper on these well-understood and uncontroversial (biologically speaking) syndromes. // I know this completely goes against pretty much everything you think you know, that such changes are theologically and biologically impossible, but Eppur si muove and all that.

      • Lol. I overestimate my importance you say. Alan, you’re the one who claims that the National Library considers his blog so important that they archive it. And that you’re a rocket scientist, meaning I suppose a very clever individual. I’d call you a retro-rocket scientist. I see you’ve now graduated from having Klinefelters Syndrome to 3BHSD. What happened to that extra chromosome you had? They don’t diagnose Klinefelters until they test your karyotype yet you claimed to have been diagnosed with it. As for your ridiculous comment about “having a colleague change sex rapidly isn’t the kind of thing that doesn’t get noticed by multiple witnesses….” what shall we say say about that. Only this. Of course colleagues would notice the changes brought about by the ingestion of female hormones and anti-androgens like cyproterone which you have taken. You don’t have 3BHSD. You didn’t have ambiguous genitalia. You claimed at the beginning to be a normal male who changed sex involuntarily. All lies. You’re a guilt ridden transsexual, which explains why your name pops up nearly everywhere transsexualism is debated. I know this from having googled you.

      • “you’re the one who claims that the National Library considers his blog so important that they archive it. ” // You’ll find it in the National Library at along with the words “A.E.Brain was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia.” // The entry stating clearly that I’m not XXY is at // Obviously like many people, you don’t bother reading something, you only listen to what others tell you it says – if that is in accordance with your pre-judged position. I think you’ve beclowned yourself enough by now, but feel free to make yourself a laughingstock again. // If you’re going to spread malicious lies – don’t make them so easy to refute. Still, I suppose that says something creditable about your character, that you’re not used to doing this, so aren’t very good at it. Meanwhile, I trust you don’t think me too awful for having a chuckle or two at you. You have to admit you look really silly now.

    • Interesting reading Zoe. Very impressive list of references. I appreciate the time you have taken to provide a well reason and evidence based response. It would be nice if Bernard provided some references to back up any of his claims about the negative effects of women and transgender people in the army.

      I feel sorry for you and Cate McGregor having to put up with attacks from the likes of Phil and Bernard. I’m sure that one day we will move on from such ignorance.

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    • Desperately delusional garbage, Mr Brain (how ironic).

      You refer to people born with counter-evolutionary, anomalous mutations, NOT separate, unique ‘genders’. Some people are born with six fingers, but that does NOT mean ‘humans beings have six fingers’ as a rule. The anomalous minority do NOT define the majority.

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  20. I have had continuing email rants from McGregor today, subsequent to him stating last night that he had sent his last one. This fellow is not simply transgendered, he appears obsessive/compulsive as well as paranoid. Obviously he has deep-seated problems and he should not be in the position he is. He may well be entitled to be annoyed or angry about criticism of his “transition” but if he doesn’t consider it controversial he must live in a different world to the rest of us.

    Should I choose to make his correspondence public I doubt he would survive long in his current position as his rants suggest he has mental health issues.

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    • Phil, I notice your blog about McGregor can’t be accessed anymore. Have you taken it down or have the forces of PC somehow blocked you?

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  21. A telling comment by Janet Albrechtsen, “Catholic teachings against transgender had no bearing on Abbott’s concern and support for McGregor.”

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  22. I would like to know if he/she/it has lost membership of The Lodge and if so is planning to take them to the Equal Opportunity Commission? Any information would be much appreciated.

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  23. I agree with the comments about McGregor but is it wise to take him on when he has the support of all his leftist media pals and the powerful GLBT. We have seen the left in this country has no second thoughts about destroying lives and reputations through slander and defamation. Better to work in the dark and be effective than to stand in the daylight and be shot down by snipers.

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  24. It looks as though all is not well in the ADF. The hierarchy under Hurley and Houston appears dysfunctional and as politically partisan as the ABC. Malcolm McGregor is another political animal who once worked for the ALP and as I remember left their employment under some kind of a cloud. I believe he was sacked, so I’m more than surprised to see him in his present role. Should we feel sympathy for him? Wouldn’t that be admitting that we believe him to be dysfunctional and an inappropriate person to hold the position he does? I believe that in any case. He must be removed.

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  25. Mr Gaynor, I am so sorry to hear about the way you’ve been treated by the ADF. A man who has put his life on the line to defend his country deserves better. Thank you for all that you’ve done, both in combat and on this site. You’re doing a really good job of exposing the bullies from the loony left. How come the feminist groups aren’t rallying against the ADF for allowing ‘transgender’ men into the ladies showers? Men like Malcom/Cate shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ladies shower or dressing room. The ADF must think that transgender men have the right to perv on women while they’re vulnerable. Why doesn’t the ADF care about a woman’s right to dress and shower in a safe, comfortable environment?

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  26. I concur with Louise’s opinion that McGregor should be asked to resign from active service. I also concur with Bernard’s comment that McGregor and his supporters are perpetuating a lie. While it is not hard to feel sympathy for a man in the grip of a gender identity crisis one must consider the mental effects of the condition. It must be very destructive of the ego. And that is where sympathy ends and pragmatism begins. Realistically, this man is not in the right state of mind to do the job he is engaged to do. But it is not only that – it is also the effect his presence has on the morale of Australian soldiers. As an ex Digger with a lot of mates still serving I know that there is a lot of anger and resentment over McGregor.

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  27. I think it is really tragic. The poor man must have suffered for years carrying his burden and tried to obliterate it with a manly career. Sadly all he has achieved now is to make the Australian Army a laughing stock. I wonder if he has had any support to help him deal with this condition. Gender Identity Disorder is classified as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association and from this month it is to be known as Gender Dysphoria.

    It is quite disturbing to me that men who suffer from this condition can make the claim that they are women, when it is certain that they are not. They do not know what is like to be female and they will never know. They claim they “feel like a woman.” How can that be when they can never experience the physical nature of being female? They will never know what it is like to menstruate or to give birth, to fulfil the role God ordained for woman from the moment of creation.

    The feminist Dr Janice Raymond has had some interesting things to say about men like Lt Col McGregor.

    “Transsexually constructed lesbian-feminists show yet another face of patriarchy. As the male-to-constructed-female transsexual exhibits the attempt to possess women in a bodily sense while acting out the images into which men have molded women, the male-to-constructed-female who claims to be a lesbian-feminist attempts to possess women at a deeper level, this time under the guise of challenging rather than conforming to the role and behavior of stereotyped femininity”

    I find that observation interesting in light of the comments of Major Gaynor above: “While they consider their response, it might be worthwhile for them to remember that Malcolm has publicly stated that he is still attracted to the ladies. And when he puts on his Army skirt and lipstick, he is allowed to hang out with them in the bathroom.”

    That is creepy to say the least. Lt Col McGregor should be asked to resign from active service.

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    • Hello Louise,

      Thank you for your comment. Some very interesting points and I agree that this situation is sad. But I also think that it is sadder that those who are looking at this situation from a supposedly ‘objective’ position (ie. from outside of the body) are actually involved in perpetuating a lie. It is disgraceful.

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    • Louise, I have to say, as an agnostic, this is one of the most well thought out comments on the matter I’ve ever read from a christian. Now, I consider myself open minded, but even I think Malcolm is an embarrassment, and he does himself no favors with his attitude toward people who disagree with what he’s done.

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    • I appreciate your response to Bernard’s post Louise. I have to address one of the points that you made however. Many women are either unable or not interested in reproducing. Are they any less female than their counterparts who have experienced childbirth? Do women who require C-sections also less female than others who deliver via the birth canal?

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      • Hi Samantha. Thank you for responding. My feeling is that women who are unable to reproduce or choose not to are no less women than women who can and do. It follows that men who have an operation to remove their genitals are no less men than those who do not.

      • Thanks for your clarification Louise, much appreciated. I don’t personally agree with your views,but I do appreciate your attempts to put across your stance in an intellectual fashion rather than the usual emotive nonsense that tends to get bandied around by those without your skills. Perhaps Bernard should hire you as his speech writer?

      • I really did enjoy this conversation and wanted to comment you both for your polite approach to this
        sensitive issue ….UNTIL I READ YOUR LAST SENTENCE. You just couldn’t help yourself could you?
        What a shame.

    • This “person” needs to gracefully disappear from all public duties. This gives McGregor the time to fight his cause without any connection to the Army. It’s a disgrace that McGregor is using the Army as his platform to further his cause!

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