Geese of the Week – 17 May

It’s time for the weekly update of goosey behaviour.


Number 3 – Graham Richardson

It’s strange but I kind of like Graham Richardson. I think it’s because he is always attacking Julia Gillard, so it glosses over the stuff that would normally make me consider him to be a top class goose.

But he has let himself down this week. He’s written in The Oz that he was dumbfounded by the public response to Julia Gillard’s tears in Parliament this week. Apparently, he is shocked that the public considered the waterworks to be a bit of an act. Well Graham, that’s because it was.

We all know there is more than one Julia Gillard and that they all acts, ready for a different show.

There’s one that is tough, ready to call misogyny for what it is. Then there’s another that is actively drumming up support in the Islamic community, even though under Islamic law women are only half the value of men. There’s the Julia Gillard from EMILY’s List that is stoney faced and ready to champion the death of babies. And now we have the teary Julia, who cries because finally, under her leadership, the Parliament is going to act to protect the helpless.

Richardson is a goose because he fell for the act, unlike the Australian public.


Number 2 – Anyone who thinks Gonski will be successful

Anyone who has seen the writing ability of the average Year 10 student, or the average high school graduate, or the average degree recipient will know that there is a major problem with basic English in our country.

And anyone who can do long division is already much more capable at basic mathematics than anyone in our schooling system.

That is because English and simple things like long division are not taught anymore. That’s right. Long division is no longer in the curriculum.

Yet somehow, the 2013 Federal Budget budget has been hailed because it begins the roll out of a new magic wand called Gonski and a fistful of dollars that will supposedly solve the slide of educational standards.

But more money won’t fix our nation’s educational problems. Gillard’s wasteful Education Revolution proved that. Gonski will do so again and anyone who thinks otherwise is a goose. But fixing up standards will and that won’t cost much at all.


Number 1 – Wayne Swan

Not much needs to be said here. Six budgets, six deficits.

What a goose.


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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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