Media Release: Government and Defence blinded on Islam

Below is a press release I issued today following the murderous atrocity carried out in the name of Islam just metres from a British Army barracks overnight.


Three-time Iraq veteran, Bernard Gaynor, says that the Australian Government and Defence Force urgently need to open their eyes to the dangers of Islam.

His comments come after a British soldier was hacked to death just metres from his barracks by two machete wielding men. During the attack they continually referenced their Islamic beliefs.

“This is not the first time soldiers have been targeted or murdered by home-grown Islamists,” Mr Gaynor said.

“Three men were arrested in August 2009 for plotting a terrorist attack on Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney. Their aim was to kill as many Australian soldiers as they could and Islamic beliefs provided their motivation.”

“In November 2009, 13 American soldiers were killed and another 32 wounded at Fort Hood, Texas, by US Army Major Hassan who yelled Allah Akbar throughout the attack.”

“It is clear that Aussie Diggers – just like their counterparts in the USA and Great Britain – are a target at home. The threat is home grown and its core motivation stems from Islamic beliefs.”

“The motivation for these attacks is perfectly logical under Islamic law. Mohammad had his enemies murdered, so it is no surprise that his followers believe that attacking non-Muslim soldiers is also perfectly legitimate.

“Yet Western governments remain blind to this danger. In fact, Major Hassan is still on the payroll of the US military and the US government has refused to identify his murderous actions as terrorism because they do not want to offend American Muslims.”

“In Australia, it is no different.”

“The Australian Defence Force is protecting Islam, rather than examining what it stands for. If an Australian soldier makes a statement linking Islam with violence then they will be charged.”

“I know this because I am currently facing disciplinary action for that reason.”

“It is time for the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force to take the blinkers off to Islam.”

“This is urgently required as ASIO continues to warn that hundreds of Australian Muslims are fighting with Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria. When they come home they will bring their training, military experience and hatred with them.”

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Racism and Bigotry is for small minded idiots. Islamophobia is common sense.
    Islam is a political ideology protected and enforced by religion. Our laws in the UK protecting an individual’s faith should not apply to Islam (as they do not extend the same courtesy to others). Muslims are using UK laws against us for a political agenda that will make them a majority within a calculable time frame. “The womb of the Arab women is my strongest weapon” Yasser Arafat
    I am one of the old school polite mustn’t grumble working class Brits. I am beginning to realize that I, like so many are guilty of complacency. How have we been so stupid as to let the Muslim invasion creep up on us like this, it’s embarrassing. It is time more people wake up to this imminent threat to our way of life. I’m not sure it is even possible to stop now, as it is not really being addressed by most of the population. The majority of the population see the EDL as sequestered football hooligans. It would take a complete change in public attitude and the way the UK government is structured. Even then, it will take years to stop the progression and generations to repair the damage.

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  2. Sir,

    You have much more support than you can imagine! We are being deceived by treacherous governments and we need to turn the tide on Islamisation.

    You are a brave man who needs to be commended.

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  3. Those Australin muslims who are fighting in Syria with the Al Qaeda rebel forces should be refused entry back into Australia..let them stay where their heart is! we should not be obligated to take them back as they are a danger to Australians and will likely use their terrorism tactics they are using in Syria to terrorize US !!

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  4. Thank you for your courage and conviction! How outrageous that you speak the truth and face this kind of response. Who do you recommend we write to? What kind of action can we take?

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  5. What will it take for the Western Governments to realise the Great Muslim Infiltration is fast gaining momentum ? Radical Islamists have, and continue, to flood into Western Countries at an alarming rate, bringing with them an intention to force Sharia Law, first amongst the many Muslim communities within Western borders, and ultimately from within Governments, who will find more and more elected representatives and ministers among their ranks.

    Political correctness and bleeding heart politicians are slowly assisting these radicals in destroying our way of life and eroding the values of our societies. These are the things that our Veterans fought and died for, we cannot allow this vile and violent religion to take hold within our communities, lest we forget those brave souls that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted. These freedoms WILL disappear if we fail to stem the flow of radicals into Western Society.

    It beggars belief that any rational thinking person could pander to a religion that openly rationalises brutality towards women, that condones murder of innocents on a massive scale, and believes that all those opposed to Allah must die.


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  6. Thank you Bernard for standing up to the Islamic crazies. Islam is a paedophilic, misogynistic, barbaric religion. If Gillard had any guts then she would throw the Muslim extremists out of the country.

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    • Gillard will not do ANYTHING to stop Muslim boat people or the Islamic invasion…. Labor want them in the country because they are all future Labor voters and have 4.5 children each who will ALSO vote Labor.

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  7. What is our Government going to do about keeping us safe..I’m sick of the sympathy and favor shown to these devil s..where have our rights gone..who cares if I’m offended? This will come to our streets now, you watch..the cat’s out of the bag..there will be no stopping it unless the governments take a brave stand, but we know it’s not in their nature to do so..God help us..

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