Islamic solution to violence: build more mosques in Australia

Build more mosques.

That is the solution proposed by the Head Honcho of Australia’s Islamic community to the problem of regular atrocities conducted in the name of Allah against non-Muslims across the world.

The latest incident happened to be the hatchet job done on a poor British soldier just metres from his military base. It was carried out by two converts to the ‘Religion of Peace’, as Islam is known in politically correct circles.

And judging by the ever increasing number of arrests associated with this attack and the Intelligence community’s knowledge of these people, it seems that these murderers were not alone or unnoticed.

The ‘lone wolf’ scenario favoured by the media and Islamic apologists is more likely to be a ‘wolf pack’ scenario, in which the wolves behind the pointy end of the blade were aided and abetted by hapless government authorities, desperately clinging to the belief that Islam is a legitimate and worthwhile religious ideology.

But this ‘incident’ could have been any number of other things. Bombs at a marathon in Boston; tear gas in gay Parisian night clubs; youthful mobs vigorously defending the honour of Mohammad by rampaging through the streets of Sydney and engaging in a little public destruction.

Forgive me for being blunt, but if Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed’s solution to the violent problems associated with Islam is more Islam, then he is a big part of the problem.

The machete-waving, murderous Michaels who hacked apart an Afghan veteran on the supposedly civilised streets of London weren’t lacking in Islam. They had too much of it.

Both converted from Christianity and followed in the footsteps of the Big Murderous Mo’.

And considering this ‘prophet’ pronounced on fairly regular occasions that it was Allah’s will for the enemies of Islam to be murdered – usually by beheading – it is perfectly logical that this fate should befall a modern enemy of Islam.

But Australia’s Grand Mufti believes if we had more mosques there would be less violence. He tells us not to be worried. They are not a source of threat, he says.

Then comes his threat. If more mosques aren’t approved, then we can expect the Islamic community to become even more isolated from Australian society. The Islamic crazies might go crazy and bust a jihad on us. And his implication is that it would all be our fault for rejecting them.

So, instead, he wants us to cave in and peacefully give the Islamic community more control, more influence and more say over how Australians live.

Well, I say no.

Australia is not an Islamic country and it the last thing it needs is more mosques.

The last thing it needs is more Islamic immigration.

The last thing it needs is more Islam on its shores.

And spare me the politically-correct baloney that this community is an integral part of Australian society.

It’s not. By the Grand Mufti’s own admission it is isolated and unless it takes first place in our country, it will deliberately remain isolated.

We are not their friends – we are seen as the enemy.

If the bomb attacks, riots, and speeches over bloodied corpses describing us as hated enemies to be conquered haven’t registered yet, then you will never recognise this fact. Not even after you have been conquered.

And it will make little difference whether that defeat is imposed by the sword or by other, less-bloody means.

At the end of the day, Australia’s Grand Mufti, the machete-wielding men in London and anyone who takes his Islamic faith seriously all have the same goal: a global caliphate in which all people are Muslim or subservient to the Religion of Peace.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. People need to understand a mosque is not a source of threat,” he said. “A mosque is not a radicalising factor. A mosque is a source of security. A person who has a connection to a mosque is also a person who is law-abiding, who is respectful to others.

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  2. Not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorists are Muslims!

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  3. Yes
    We must keep educating our communities about the reality of islam; its murderous psychopathic peadophile originator, its horrendous history of oppression and its continuing goal of turning us all into slaves under its dogma. I say No to Islam!!!
    Im encouraged by the people who are standing up against it. We must not stop standing against it until it is fully revealed to everyone what the islamic agenda is and that muslims know for certainty that we will not bow down to their pitiful ideology… EVER.
    If our politicians are too weak to tell the truth and make a stand, we the people of modernity, peace and a decent future for humanity WILL stand up. And we will do what ever is necessary to defeat islam, at least on our shores.

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  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. There’s no place for Islam in Australia.

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  5. As long as the politician’s are looking for votes, they will get what they want..
    As long as the people sit back and let the government deal with this, Islam will be in Australia..
    This subject should be apart of the next election, too vote them out!!
    most Muslim people may be fine, but the leaders have 1 agenda.. to remove Catholicism / Christianity /Buddhism ect, and the law of our land..
    with Catholic/Christian Priests being executed in the worst ways in other parts of the world, why are we not acting .. even the Buddhist have said no way, and removed them from Burma..
    I agree and say to hell with the lot of them!!

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  6. Agree totally with everything Bernard has said. When are Muslims in Australia or anywhere else going to realize that they have responsibilities not rights. A responsibility to accept and abide by the laws and culture of the country they are living in. Which is exactly what they push in their own countries of origin.

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  7. Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed you can shove that idea up your backside. We, Aussies, don’t want your Islamic crap here in Australia. In fact we don’t want you piggy muslims here either. This is AUSTRALIA NEVER AUSTRALLAH!!!!!

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    • We don’t want you here in the first place….Why have mosques here in Australia..We don’t belive in Allah

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      • Currently the Muslim population is 2.5%, already up from 2.25% in 2011, so they are growing fast with each boat arrival. Have you look at the passengers lately, fit able bodied single men.
        The Muslims are a smaller minority than either the Hindus or the Buddhist yet they already have more mosques than either group and Christians together have temples and churches. So why the need for more except that they are in fact command and indoctrination centres. Our food supply is already 80% halal certified even though much of the food is halal without the certificate but it is a fund raiser for building more mosques and schools. So we the stupid Australian citizens are paying a religious tax to a religion that is already destroying our freedom of choice.

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