Geese of the Week – 31 May 2013

It’s time for the weekly update on who has been a goose.

And there has been so much goosey behaviour this week. It’s almost too hard to choose. Eddie McGuire and Adam Goodes could both have taken top spot, but yes, they have even been displaced in the goosiness stakes.

Unfortunately, it seems like a flock of geese has descended upon Australia in recent days. So here goes…

Number 3 – Sam de Brito

Sam De Brito couldn’t help himself this week. He jumped right into the Adam Goodes fiasco, supporting a grown footballer who couldn’t hack the comments of a 13 year old school girl. So he had the police escort her out of the footy ground.

In a piece he penned, de Brito claimed that Australia would be better off if it became more like America because, apparently, Eddie McGuire would have lost his job and possibly his life for talking about a musical. He claimed Australia would be better off if it became more like Iraq because religious differences are solved with car bombs. He said he wasn’t suggesting that violence was the best way to deal with Eddie, but it sure sounded like he was advocating a damn good beating.

What a goose. Although we can say thanks to Sam for highlighting exactly why Australia is such a great place to live and why we don’t need politically correct soapboxes like his.


Number 2 – Most Federal MPs

These guys could probably take top spot each week, but in the interests of fairness I have to mostly ignore what they get up to.

Except this week. The temptation of the trough got too much for major party bosses and party leaders. They agreed to hand themselves at least $50 million in taxpayers funds over the next parliamentary term to administer their political parties (these are otherwise known as the organisations that hand out jobs-for-the-boys).

Predictably, it caused just a little bit of stink and the idea was canned. John Madigan, John Faulkner and Rob Oakeshott were part of a very small minority that can keep their heads high after this debacle.

Federal parliamentarians? What a bunch of geese.


Number 1 – Glen Elmes

It was predictable that Islamic crazies were behind the beheading of a British soldier in London. And it was just as predictable that politicians would jump on the “There’s no Islam to see here” bandwagon shortly thereafter.

Glen Elmes did it and that is why he is our goose of the week.

He is Queensland’s Multicultural Affairs Minister, so it’s his job to stump up and tell us all not to worry anytime an atrocity occurs in the name of Allah. I’m sure he’ll get another go at it before his time is out.

According to Glen, we should all “celebrate and promote the diversity” that Islam brings to our shores. Yeah, right.

Only a goose would say a thing like that.


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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Australia is a great place to live no thanks to the pinheads who are in charge now. A bang could go off under them planted by an Islamic Jihadist, or the money hungry politicians, and the soft feeling sports people and they would not know it. They are so far removed from real life and real life and death struggles. What does Glen Elems think why we are sending our troops into harms way. Once upon a time traitor had to face the full force of the law.

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  2. These multiculturalism apologists would be the first to crack up if an Islamic crazy were to butcher one of their family members.

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  3. Bernie, I think you missed a contender for Goose of the Week. Mark Hunter from the marketing agency Grown Up has started his campaign to get Australians to buy an Australian made and owned product by pissing off 30% of the Australian population with his sacrilegious advert. Nice one, champ!

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    • Thanks Invictus – I had not seen this so I appreciate the heads up.

      Imagine the outrage and violence if this company had deliberately attempted to insult the Islamic religion? What a bunch of wimps – thinking that it’s cool to attack Catholics because they will get a response that fits in with their politically correct marketing agenda.

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