The Australian Defence Force protects Islam

You simply cannot be surprised at what a government body, so rotten at the top that it supports public displays of sexual indecency in front of children, will get up to.

In the case of the Australian Defence Force, its leadership are now protecting Islam. The organisation charged with defending this country is assisting in the spread of the enemy’s doctrine and ideology. It reeks of treachery and treason.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not having a go at the Diggers. They are fine soldiers who have done brave things on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

But their efforts have been in vain. The war is a massive failure. Soldiers have shed their blood trying to defeat an enemy that is being welcomed into our very borders.

Everyone knows that Australia and the rest of the Western World are hightailing it out of Afghanistan as fast as they can. And just like Iraq, which is sliding back into civil war, Afghanistan will be left in a worse situation than when we arrived. Its future is as a breeding ground for more murderous Islamic brutality, strengthened by the knowledge that the might of Western civilisation is defeated.

Now soldiers are not even allowed to speak the truth about the enemy’s belief system. While they are muzzled, the hierarchy sprouts off that there is nothing wrong with Islam; that a growing Islamic community is a good thing for this country. Indeed, it must be respected.

Islam, as the saying goes, is the religion of peace.

Official Defence documents even state that Muslims believe Mohammad lived as perfect a life as any human and that all ADF members are to respect that assessment. Soldiers can’t challenge its truthfulness.

So if a soldier points out that in the utopian wonderland of this ‘prophet’, entire tribes were beheaded while the women were marched off into sexual bondage, he will be charged with bringing the ADF into disrepute.

Ditto if he cites the numerous Islamic texts that confirm Mohammad had sex with a nine year old girl. Or that show this girl’s job was to clean his semen from his clothes before he went off to thank Allah for all his wives.

And if a soldier, fresh from battle in Afghanistan, expresses unhappiness when Muslim hordes go on a rampage through the largest city in this nation, he will be disciplined.

Intelligence officers are not even allowed to make assessments that there is a link between Islamic beliefs and violence.

Obviously, the message hasn’t got through to everyone yet. So last week some bright spark at the Defence Security Agency issued a warning to soldiers that they refrain from wearing their uniform in public, lest some Jihadi hack their head off with a machete and parade around Australian streets with it.

But the warning was soon rescinded.

However, regardless of whether the warning was sent or rescinded, there is one reality. Soldiers have been and continue to be targeted by Muslims, driven by their Islamic ideology. And their families are not off limits either. And when one is brutally murdered, no one will be surprised. Except to comment that they don’t know why it didn’t happen earlier.

Despite this, the message from Defence is loud and clear. Islam is to be protected and respected. No member is allowed to hold a view critical of this aggressive religion.

The military brass will even afford Islam more honour and respect than Christianity. So Australian soldiers are encouraged to join in parades that mock Jesus Christ, while prohibited from questioning the murderous and perverted life of Mohammad.

In fact, I am being discharged from service for talking about Islam. For pointing out the links between it and violence.

I have served this country and this Army proudly for 15 years. The current situation is an absolute insult to my family and I, as well as the 39 Australians who have died in Afghanistan. It is a betrayal of the many hundreds of thousands of men who have fought, died or been wounded for Australia.

So I don’t need to explain myself and my actions to Lieutenant General David Morrison.

He is the one that has the explaining to do.

Why won’t he address the issue of Islamic violence?

Why is he prepared to see Aussie soldiers die in Afghanistan while Muslims migrate in ever larger numbers to Australia?

Why is he allowing Australian soldiers to build mosques?

Why won’t he ‘fess up and tell us all why he is so brave when it comes to offending Christianity but so timid in the face of Islamic ideology?

Unfortunately, I suspect this general will not answer these questions because he is a coward. He has already submitted himself as a slave of Islam.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some images that depict the true state of religious tolerance in the Australian Defence Force.

Australian soldiers have been ordered to construct mosques in Afghanistan.

ADF mosque

And they have been encouraged to march with those who blaspheme Jesus Christ in Australia.

Mardi Gras


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. liberal/labor/greens politicians are going to hell for their treachery and treason against Australian patriots, and our soldiers past and present.

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  2. islam muslim the boys club the cult that stamped at the shout of a bomb the one with the holy book that says its ok to lie to the kaffir . to gain there trust in invading our countrys the one who will tell you that all are born muslim
    the one who will marry your daughter but you can not marry his. for you will spread your none muslim seed the one who says he will take over the world and make every one muslim. islam is no friend it is a virus we do not want
    hate is in them not us. political correctness is killing us. they can speak and say anything back in there own tongue and get away with it. for we do not understand it they have the upper hand with that.

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  3. I would have deleted and started again lol but can’t I see I made another typo, but I’m sure you all get the drift 🙂

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  4. I think some are getting off track here. Why can’t any person no matter who they ask question things about islam?

    Sick of the PC in this country.

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    • Sorry a typo, here is what I meant to say:

      I think some are getting off track here on what the real issue is about . Why can’t any person no matter who they are, ask question things about islam? Sick of the PC in this country.

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      • I think Muslims are a wonder with a master idea. We should take a leaf out of their book Just look at what they have achieved in Australia. Firstly they have cruised in via a boat, been given protection and a home to live in that is far away from the horrors they were facing back home. They are helped by Centrelink to pay for the rents, the medical expenses, they get schooling for the immediate and extended family, and helped from every direction so that then they are able to have many many more children than the aussie family and at everyone elses expense. They then get with the other buddies who have done the same thing and then decide they don’t like what this democratic government is doing so tells them they want certain more rights etc etc and guess what They get it. They then charge a halal tax on our food and we pay it . This means that anything else they want and cant buy like mosques, schools, army expenses in Syria are all paid for US. Don’t you think they are clever. We are so trusting and generous that we have become foolish rather than wise. They are taking advantage of that. Now I think they are the wise ones. They would not get all that in Cambodia so guess what They don’t want to go there If they think we are taking too long to find out if they are legit while they laze away the hours in Nauru. then Guess what .they get sympathy from us all by burning down the dongas we have paid for so that they have cover. Then we all scream Poor things Let them come to our country and put them in Motels. Yes this is our sense compared to theirs. They are using theirs. But wait there is more. They know that soon they will have more voters than we have and so ..well they will get the law of Sharia for us all. BUT IS NOT THIS LAW WHAT THEY WERE FLEEING FROM ??? I guess I don’t get it.

  5. Islam is a cancer and the Koran is a cancerous fairytale.I am an atheist so i don,t particularly care what brand of fairytale God you follow but i will tell you this,i will not have my life controlled by any religeon,i do not need a god to give me a moral or ethical compass.The same problems you have in Australia are also occurring in Britain and the US,the muslim radicals who profess to hate my country and it,s people are quite happy to receive our benefits and free housing and sit on their backsides all day plotting our downfall.Our political leaders do all this bending over backwards to appease the muslims are only interested in how they look in the history books,when ultimately they will appear as they usually do,complete and utter FOOL,S.

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  6. Islam is proven NOT to be a religion of peace. Leaders in most nations are being weak and insipid in dealing with them problem of Islamic violence.
    Appeasement will NOT work on Islamic terrorism. It didn’t work on Hitler and it won’t work on radical Islam.

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  7. Ex warrior, but current bogan.

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  8. This blog post lacks any form of credibility whatsoever. Where is the evidence for your allegations?? Any piece of evidence to support anything you have said?

    You were charged as an Officer because you did the wrong thing and now you clearly are venting your spleen at the “hierarchy” because you hold a grudge. If this isn’t the case, write something worth reading, that is substantiated by fact.

    You’re a disgrace! No wonder you were charged.

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    • This comment lacks any form of credibility whatsoever. Where is the evidence for your allegations? You are clearly are venting your spleen. If this isn’t the case, write something worth reading, that is substantiated by fact. You’re a disgrace!

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  9. Thge only reason we as a Western nation went into Iraq was because of oil, not weapons of mass destruction, but oil. Bush is a war criminla and if he steps foot in some countries he will be arrested. The western world does not want to rock the boat with a country like Saudi Arabia (because of oil once again), and they are the ones that fund poor people in places like Pakistan to train and learn hate in Islamic schools. Christians, Bhuddists and Muslims have been fighting for years. Christians also inflicted a wars around the world. It is a given that people with religious beliefs just can’t, won’t and never will be able to agree to disagree. You can chump on about Iraq as much as you want, But Suddam never supported Osama. This was an unjust war.

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    • Rubbish Nancy. If it was about “oil” as the left constantly asserts, then it was some of the most expensive oil in history! Most expensive in terms of dollars, lives lost, and political capital spent. And your swipe at religion is misguided. More murders have been committed in the name of godless atheistic communism than by any ‘religious’ war.

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  10. We have to look at who is giving the instructions to those giving the instructions. Methinks these TRAITORS be our political overlords, who themselves are beholden to the UN, an essentially foreign power. But hang on, under Section 44 of the Australian Constitution, allegiance to a foreign power discludes someone from sitting in the Australian Parliament. ALL MPs who have signed UN resolutions(about 7,000 of them) especially the ones that compromise Australian sovereignty and right to self determination have been acting illegally for decades. To do so is treason. We supposedly live in a democracy, rule by the majority. Pressing the line from a minority(around 3%) group is the exact opposite of Democracy and total BS to boot. As it does not represent the properly informed wishes of the electorate, this is technically treason as well. The real travesty is that anyone buys the BS and any ADF personnel follow the unconstitutional orders. The excuse “just following orders” is officially no longer an excuse for unconscionable actions. It is time the ADF realise this and tell the political overlords, who are not actually entitled to give orders to get nicked.

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  11. God Bless you Bernard! Keep speaking the truth and fighting the good fight.

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  12. Derogatory statements doesn’t help Bernard or our diggers, but what would, is to encourage Bernard to run for office albeit Local, State, or better still Federal, and for the first time in history let OUR DIGGERS have a voice.
    Bernard I admire your courage and the service you and your comrades in arms have given and would support YOUR candidacy should you wish to take up the fight in anyway I can and I’am sure all Australia will back you, please also highlight those diggers that have come back and in need of proper recognition of service and care.

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  13. Whaaaaaaaat !! there is no way I would be confronting any of these Moslum loonatics either !!!! they are loonies who put no value on human life !!

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  14. You discredit yourself and your message when you try and slip in a justification for your hatred of gay people.
    Most gay guys I know despise islam seeing it as a much bigger threat than the church that trod them down for centuries.
    Soldiers were not forced to march in the mardi gras, they chose to as they are gay servicemen and women. Your swipe at gay people makes you look like a stupid right wing uneducated bogan and totally undermines our war against islam and taints us all with the same brush. Fool

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    • Hey Stewie, just 1 question… Are you a confessing Christian practicing homosexual?

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    • What rubbish. Homosexual activism is just as big a threat to our freedom of religion and freedom of speech as is Islam. The only difference being that in Australia at least, homosexual activism is an even more immediate threat to our freedoms than is Islam. And your presumed atheism provides no bulwark against Islam. In fact it is the doctrine of multiculturalism as promoted by secular humanism (atheism) that has opened the door to Islam.

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      • Explain how homosexual activism is just as big threat to your freedom of religion and freedom of speech?

      • Mark, please be aware that Ewan is an “out and proud” creationist. It’s probably not even possible for you to dumb down your question to a level that he could understand.

      • Spiro, as an “out and proud” evolutionist, I wonder if you even understand science? Surely you don’t really believe that everything just made itself do you? Evolution has rightly been described as a fairytale for adults.

      • Easy, the homosexual activists and their straight dupes are busy trying to outlaw discrimination against “sexual preference”. If this happens it will become illegal for anyone to speak against homosexuality – hence our freedom of speech would be diminished; and it would also be illegal for churches to promote orthodox Christian teaching that homosexual practice is sinful – hence a loss of religious freedom. This threat to our freedoms is more immanent than Islamic threats to our freedoms.

      • Well put Ewan

  15. We need to be like Japan. Japan is a country keeping Islam at
    bay. Japan has put strict restrictions on Islam and ALL Muslims.The reasons are :
    1) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.
    2) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims.
    3) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan.
    4) In the University of Japan , Arabic or any Islamic language is not
    5) One cannot import a ‘Koran’ published in the Arabic language.
    6) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given
    temporary residency to only 2 lakhs, Muslims, who must follow the Japanese
    Law of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry out their
    religious rituals in their homes.
    7) Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of
    embassies in Islamic countries.
    8) Japanese people are not attracted to Islam at all.
    9) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of foreign companies.
    10) Even today, visas are not granted to Muslim doctors, engineers or
    managers sent by foreign companies.
    11) In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no
    Muslims should apply for a job.
    12) The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are
    fundamentalist and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to
    change their Muslim laws.
    13) Muslims cannot even think about renting a house in Japan .
    14) If anyone comes to know that his neighbour is a Muslim, then the whole
    neighbourhood stays alert.
    15) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic ‘Madrasa’ in Japan.
    There is no Sharia law in Japan .
    16) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim then she is considered an outcast
    17) According to Mr. Kumiko Yagi, Professor of Arab/Islamic Studies at
    Tokyo University of Foreign Studies , “There is a mind frame in Japan that
    Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it.”

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      Wikipedia is not the best source of information, however it only took a few seconds to find sources that suggest otherwise.

      “Furthermore in 2000 Keiko Sakurai had estimated the number of ethnic Japanese Muslims in Japan at 63,552, and around 70,000 – 100,000 foreign Muslims residing in the country.[7] However according to essayist Michael Penn states that 90% of Muslims are foreign and about 10% are ethnic, but the true figure is unknown and this is just another speculative estimate.[11] In Japan the government does not take religion into account as part of the demographic concern under religious freedom. As Penn states, “The Japanese government does not keep any statistics on the number of Muslims in Japan. Neither foreign residents nor ethnic Japanese are ever asked about their religion by official government agencies”

      – Penn, Michael. “Islami in Japan”. Harvard Asia Quarterly. Retrieved 2008-12-28.

      >63,552, and around 70,000 – 100,000 foreign Muslims
      >63,552, and around 70,000 – 100,000

      If only you were correct. This is affecting the entire world.

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  16. Lt Gen Angus Morrison is a horrible caricature. He should be made to explain his professional relationship with his drag queen secretary and state whether it had anything to do with his decision to allow gay ADF members to march at the Gay Mardi Gras in uniform. He looks to be far more interested in the sexual proclivities of his personnel than with their preparedness and suitability to fight a war. This is a very disturbing time to be an Australian. My son wanted to join the Army and attend the Defence Force Academy but if Major Gaynor’s experience is any indication of how the Army respects the Catholic Faith it will be the Army’s loss. It should be made known right throughout the Catholic community.

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  17. I ‘d like to see those two queers in the above photo, carry signs next year proclaiming “Mohammod is Gay”..let’s see how far they would get…….

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    • Indeed. The fact that they won’t just demonstrates what cowards they are.

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    • So, Bruce and Ewan… do you tough guys ever post comments like this on websites that are visited by Muslims? Or do you prefer the safety of Bernard’s audience (i.e. comedy fans and a handful of religious nutters)?

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      • Well at least your comment concedes the fact that Islam is a violent religion and those who oppose it can become targets. Some of us have families so are not going to freely give out our address and challenge the Islamists to come and get us in the way that brave (and single) Ann Barnhardt has. But in any case, this is a public blog and the comments are public so what’s your beef? Are nutters like you too cowardly to oppose Islam yourself or too stupid to recognise the threat?

      • Not all of Bernard’s supporters are religious. I’m agnostic. I support Bernard Gaynor because what he stands for is right and just.

  18. The Chinese and Russians have probably killed more people. Muslim civilisations killed plenty of people during the middle ages. Didn’t the Mongolians kill heaps of people?

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  19. Your an enemy to yourself mate… The western world have brutally killed more people then any civilization in history…

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    • You are not thinking or you are mentally deficient.Islam is a current dire threat to our freedoms so look evaluate and think before you write.

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    • Now Peter that is where you are wrong, as a History buff I was always intrigued by a lot of anomolies that we are given in our western views of the past. and I stumbled upon the following, which I implore you to watch, and it made a lot of what I had known previously make a hell of a lot of sense. Forget Islam and Christianity for one second and just look at a few general changes in countries prior to the advancement of islam. Then factor in the differences of faith and this lecture, unfortunately 45 minutes (but worth the watch), all of a sudden makes sense. You will see that there is approximate 270,000,000 deaths, yes that is 270 Million, of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Tamils, Non-muslims, Agnostics and Atheists. So make sure all the facts are at hand first.

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    • At this present moment in time in the history of the world , Islam has proved time & time again that it is no religion of peace. Even back in 1975 when I was serving in Malaysia with the RAAF, Malaysian state controlled police were persecuting other religions in the name of Islam. Example: , they would follow christian carol singers around at Christmas to make sure they were not trying to convert Islamic people by singing outside their houses.
      I personally don’t believe there is a higher power or entity so henceforth I am an atheist. Anyone who follows Islam or the Jehovah Witness people has a screw loose because they are two of the most repressive religions around in this day and age.

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