Vince Chong’s bling and the glitter fairy

Meet Squadron Leader Vince Chong. He’s the smiley chap on the right.

Vince has just been awarded a Gold Commendation by the Vice Chief of the Defence Force. He’s the smiley chap on the left.

Vince wasn’t rewarded because he was good at his job. This commendation was pinned on his chest for his leadership of a gay activist political organisation.

It is called the Defence Force Gay & Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS).

This political organisation is supported by the hierarchy of the Australian Defence Force. So much so, that if a Defence member is bold enough to publicly utter a differing view to this organisation then they will find themselves kicked out of service.

Last year, Vince Chong wrote to the Australian Senate in his capacity as the DEFGLIS Chairman:

“We recommend all Government funded services are restricted from discriminating, including religious organisations.”

What DEFGLIS really means with this politically-correct statement is that Christian schools should no longer be able to refuse employment to gay teachers because they do not live by the values of that school.  It means DEFGLIS believes that homosexuals have more right to teach values to our children than we do. And it means that DEFGLIS believes Christians should pay taxes to fund schools that support homosexuality, but that there should be no assistance for schools that believe in morality.

And it also means that DEFGLIS is of the view that Christian hospitals should no longer be able to refuse abortion.

It shows DEFGLIS is not just about supporting homosexuals and whoever else wants to join their party, but that this organisation wants to remove rights from Christians.

DEFGLIS has also campaigned for gay marriage.

And under Vince Chong’s leadership, DEFGLIS was able to secure Defence support for the participation of uniformed personnel in the Mardi Gras.

You might remember that the Mardi Gras is an event where children are exposed to explicit homosexual activity and that gay political activism is a goal written into its constitution.  It’s an event where ADF personnel marched proudly along with sexual perverts.

By the way, ‘perverts’ is not my term. It was used by participants at the Mardi Gras to describe themselves.

Subsequently, the Mardi Gras decorated the Defence entry with a gold award for its ‘show stopping’ parade down Oxford Street.

It seems Defence personnel involved in the Mardi Gras have a lot in common with junior sports teams. Everyone gets a reward. It’s like the glitter fairy has arrived on a rainbow.

The only difference is that if you exposed a junior sports team to explicit homosexual activity you’d wind up in the jail.

Defence hierarchy are supporting homosexual political activism, the gay marriage agenda and sexual perversion by awarding Vince Chong for his leadership of DEFGLIS. And they are backing a political campaign to remove rights from Christian organisations.

Furthermore, this support doesn’t just extend to providing bling for Vince. It also means that Defence will punish any member that offers a different political view to Vince.

While this Squadron Leader was campaigning to have rights removed from Christian organisations, I was campaigning to defend those rights.

While he was pushing his agenda that would see gay teachers forced upon Christian schools, I was busy opposing it.

And when I said publicly that, as a parent, I would not allow my children to be taught by a homosexual, all hell broke loose. Inside the ADF. Even though my statement had nothing to do with Defence or Defence policy.

I was called into my Commanding Officer’s office for a little chat. I was told my view, about my children, offended the homosexual community. I was told that my comment was inappropriate. And I was told that I had to take down my comment and cease political activity if I wanted a military career.

In short, I was given an ultimatum. I must accept that I am required to be silent; that I cannot publicly state my political, religious and sexual beliefs. In contrast, I must also accept that Vince Chong and his buddies, as the new golden boys of the ADF, are not required to be silent on their political, religious and sexual beliefs. Instead, they can campaign politically and denigrate my religious beliefs in uniform. Furthermore, I must accept that Defence will support their agenda and award their leadership.

Suffice to say, I ignored this order. It is an illegal order. It is an immoral order.

However, I did point out the hypocrisy of an organisation that allowed homosexual officers to conduct political activity in uniform, while I was being punished for private political activity.

But because I did so, I am now being kicked out of the Australian Defence Force.

When it comes to the brave new world of diversity, it seems that not all views are accepted. Especially if you are Catholic.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. It is sad that we have so many ideological and other divides in our modern and educated world.

    There are tenents that were supposed to make life more harmonious:
    ‘Live and let Live’.
    ‘Do unto others etc.’

    Gay marriage activists will NOT go away.
    Commonly !
    Eventually the out-spoken minority wins their objectives of change.
    Eg. France.

    Old saying: ‘Viva la difference’!’

    Best to just get it over with, so we no longer have the great divide that splits the Nation and families,
    at time when we need as much unity as we can get
    to save our country, in general terms.

    Then politicians can get down to the many more important matters, in our nation’s best interest.

    What are the ripple effects?

    Can we list them down
    for ALL of us to understand
    what such major societal changes mean
    to everyday life.

    We need to re-educate the majorities that homosexuality / gay marriage is not an aberration of humanity
    but more so, another example of the diversity of humanity, in it’s complex ‘creation’.

    Anal sex is no longer to be considered a sexual deviation.

    Sodomy and Buggery are no longer to be considered ‘crimes’ against humanity and the Laws re-written.
    The vernacular for such activity will have to be PC’d.

    ‘Bi-sexual’s’ will now be able to ‘come out publicly about their own sex drive ‘needs’?!
    Then there will be some other variations to such interests!
    Where will it ‘end’?

    We will have to re-write all the relationship guidelines, rules, do’s and dont’s
    for all our younger generations.

    We will have to accept a wider experience and costs with illnesses
    that seem to be more prevalent with homosexual activities!?

    We also very must be very equitable and NOT malign Heterosexuality as being ‘a bad thing’!

    We will have to ‘register and define’ urban areas,
    where ‘homosexual people/ gay’s/ single or married’ had best not go;

    as they may encounter harassment and a form of ‘genocide’
    from sections of society that WILL NOT ACCEPT the legitimising of this form of relationship.
    Eg. Muslim suburbs.

    We , as a Nation, best prepare for a raft of real hard-hitting criminal acts of harassment, abuse, assault and even slaying of the hard core anti-gay sections of society.

    Eg. Muslims ! as Sharia Law becomes more of a reality of society dictates in Australia.

    Let us see what happens in France with such events?

    For the sake of PEACE we must stop this ‘Them vs Us’ mentality.

    thank you.

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  2. Phil..where did the tainted blood come from?

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    • Most of the tainted blood came from gay men. It’s a well documented fact that numerous gay men used to donate blood as a screen or test for STD’s. In contrast other high risk groups, i.e IV drug abusers were not found to be regular blood donors. It was despicable behaviour that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Statistics are available online. Try the Official Journal of The International AIDS Society.

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  3. @Tara. Have you ever spoken to the parents of a haemophiliac child who died of AIDS after a tainted blood transfusion? Have you ever shared in their grief? Have you ever seen the results of homosexual abuse on boys? I’m frequently surprised by how reluctant some people are afraid to embrace the truth, let alone to embrace the victims of homosexual promiscuity and depravity? Tell me, where is all this alleged persecution of homosexuals – all this rampant homophobia? Do show me because I don’t see any. What I see is that in this society gays are more equal than everyone else. That they can have their cake and it eat too, as well as everyone else’s cake. I have no sympathy for the GLBTI or any of its objectives. There are individuals who identify themselves as homosexual who are very decent people and present no threat to children or society – who in fact defend the same principles as Bernard Gaynor. Some of those people are truly heroic and I would be proud of them if they were among my friends and family. But Vincent Chong, Defglis, the GLBTI…..give me a break. Those people are power mongers. What is Defglis but an organisation to promote homosexual behaviour in the military and to advance the careers of those who indulge in it? A place for gay officers to fraternise with other ranks and promote gay nepotism. What a disaster for Australia. Bernard Gaynor is a victim of gay vengeance but he can hold his head up. He is no bigot – he would be the first to help a man in need – straight or gay. If he is run out of the ADF as a result of his belief and adherence to a decent moral code which has stood the test of time there will be a reckoning. Lt Gen Angus Morrison is telling Australia that Catholic morality is not welcome in the ADF and that is a message he may live to regret.

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    • “I’m frequently surprised by how reluctant some people are afraid to embrace the truth, let alone to embrace the victims of homosexual promiscuity and depravity? ”

      The above should have read: I’m frequently surprised by how reluctant some people are to embrace the truth, let alone to embrace the victims of homosexual promiscuity and depravity?

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  4. Your comments are disgusting and offensive, Glad your getting kicked out. Laters..

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  5. If ever anyone criticizes what you say by suggesting what you say is “inappropriate” or “unhelpful”, it just means they do not like it but do not want to engage in discussion as to why. It gives them away every time.

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    • Steve – the great mortal sin of today’s age is being “inappropriate”. Whenever I hear that word being used, I immediately assume it’s being used by a lefty who is making an attempt to seize the nearest moral high ground. Another couple of words that usually indicate political preference are “incredibly” and “amazing”. If you ever hear an adult describing something as “incredibly” this or “amazing” that – odds on it’s a lefty doing the talking. It’s as predictable as hearing a teenage girl saying “whatever” (complete with hand flounce and eye roll) when they want to end a conversation.

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  6. GO VINCE!

    As discrimination based on homosexuality (disclaimer – as much as a quick google search supported this, I’m many years past studying law these days) is currently illegal, Squadron Leader Vince Chong has done nothing wrong, and should be saluted for supporting his fellow-defence force colleagues through the DEFGLIS.

    Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean they can’t be an outstanding member of the ADF.

    Homosexuality is also not purely the realm of “disturbed” homo sapiens, it does occur elsewhere in the natural world, so the argument that it is unnatural seems a bit black and white. Uncommon, perhaps, but it’s not just the humans doing it!

    Bernard, I am well aware of your views on this, and your previous assertion that you would not permit your child to be taught by a gay person, but are you unwilling to have one die to defend this country? Surely the men and women who put their lives on the line in our defence should be celebrated and honoured, not hounded for their sexual orientation?

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    • Tara, this post did not make any judgments about SQNLDR Chong’s ability to serve in the ADF, nor about how good he is at his job. He might be brilliant – I don’t know. He’s not being awarded for his military skills but for his leadership of a political group. But I do know one thing. Vince Chong is not being kicked out of the ADF for his political, religious or sexual views. I am. Vince Chong is allowed to campaign for his political goals in uniform. I’m not. So there is no question about whether he is being discriminated against. He isn’t. And I would just like to point out that my views on religion, politics and sexual preferences are all about allowing me, and other Catholics, to live a life where we can freely practise our faith. I am not saying that everyone has to be like us, or conform to Catholic teaching or go to Mass on Sunday. That is a personal choice and I will not be judging people for it. Someone else will and He is going to do it with the perfect mercy and justice people deserve. I simply want to be able to send my kids to a school with Catholic teachers who live Catholic lives. And when I go to work I don’t want to have to hide my Catholic beliefs because organisations like DEFGLIS demand everyone accept the morality of homosexuality. And in politics, I am happy to stand by my political beliefs – I don’t care if no-one supports them. I wouldn’t do something I believed to be wrong to gain popularity.

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      • Thank you for your reply Bernard, I’ve actually raised the theological questions I had that arose out of this post in your other post, hope you see them. I really do want to understand. I do know that I disagree quite vehemently with you on pretty much everything I’ve read of yours, lol, but I’d honestly like to truly appreciate where you are coming from that leads you to these views.

  7. Let’s save the sermons for church. As far as homosexuality is concerned, it is correct that a homosexual act is biologically unnatural, but you know what? The human race is always going against nature. We’ve cleared forests to make room for houses, factories, farms, etc. We drill for oil so we can produce petrol to run cars. We mass produce food so all anyone needs to do is go to the shop with money in hand to get food. When the human race has done, and keeps doing, all of this, it is hypocritical to turn around and label homosexuality evil simply because it goes against nature. I might sound like part of the gay brigade, but I know how militant they can get, and I know their only concern is getting what they want with complete disregard for the feelings and beliefs of others. You only have to watch their response to someone like Bernard to see it. But, believe it or not, there are decent people in the gay community too who don’t care about gay marriage, who don’t care about gay adoption, and show more concern for the high suicide rate in homosexual young people, the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, and the spread of HIV. I’m telling you right now, they don’t like the militant gay brigade anymore than I do, anymore than Bernard does. It is these less militant parts of the gay community we should all tolerate, if not accept. I don’t give two hoots about the militant members of the gay community, and I’m frankly sick of their “give us what we want and screw everyone else” message.

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    • Farming and mining are all beneficial and productive pursuits for the human race. They can’t be compared to homosexual practice which has no benefit and only produces death, disease, and sterility. We shun smoking because of its deleterious health effects and yet we champion homosexual practice – it’s totally illogical.

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      • I have to question the “benefits” of mining and farming. In the former case it can have an impact on the environment and resources aren’t unlimited. Farming has helped to enable the modern lazy human. We don’t work for our food anymore, unless we happen to have a physically demanding job, and many would rather drive a car than walk. You only have to look at the traffic problems in some places around the country to see this. As far as the “negative effects” of homosexuality, the ones you listed, apart from the last, can’t be entirely blamed on homosexuality per se. Deaths (assuming you meant suicides since you listed disease separately) can’t necessarily be directly linked to homosexuality itself, but more likely results from the inability to deal with how they feel or the hatred directed at them by anti-homosexuals. Disease (assuming you’re referring to STD’s) are from not practicing safe sex and having indiscriminate sex, not homosexuality by itself. The very fact of being homosexual might give some the idea that safe sex doesn’t matter or monogamy is for heterosexuals, but not all homosexuals are that careless. As for sterility, which is really the only downside you mentioned that anyone would agree with, considering the population keeps growing, there is definitely no issue with population growth, at this time. If we lived in a world, even a country, with a declining population, the fact gay couples can’t conceive might actually matter, but since neither is true, last I heard, the point is irrelevant. I can’t give a clear benefit to homosexuality. Heck, if there was one you might not be so opposed to it. But, a population that keeps growing has no benefits. You might argue “continuation of the human race,” but for that you merely need to sustain the population, not grow it. Earth’s resources aren’t unlimited, and if we keep on with the “growth is good” mantra, future generations will have a much bigger problem than men taking it up the poop chute.

  8. “bigot”: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.
    Lets call Bernard and yourself for what you are because thats totally appropriate.

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    • Paul, I wonder if you will admit that I have an ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. And I wonder how you can reconcile applying your definition of bigotry against me, when I am the one being punished for my beliefs. Or do you simply believe that my beliefs are not worthy of protection or consideration?

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      • Bernard I take back calling you a bigot and apologise.
        But do you think its ok for people to think that homosexuals have a mental illness?
        Do you think its ok for parents to kick there children out of the house because they are gay? (or as Bruce said in a previous post “Perhaps queers are thrown out because their parents don’t want them to bring an STD into the household?”)
        I agree you and everyone has beliefs and rights.
        But are u being punished for your beliefs or for what you said because thats two different things.

      • Paul, you think a bigot is anyone who states the naked truth about homosexuality. A radical left-wing extremist. Homosexuality was removed from the APA’s DSM-II for political reasons. Radical homosexual activists bullied and threatened the APA until they got their way. ———————————

    • Thank you for your contribution, Paul. Interesting thing, “bigotry”. So, by your definition, a bigot is someone who treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on the basis of a person’s religion. I guess that means every Sydney Mardi Gras is filled with tens of thousands of bigots who treat Catholics with hatred, contempt and intolerance. Congratulations, Paul – you bigot.

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    • That is a self-serving and politically-correct definition of “bigot”. Notice you have included a mixture of innate and non-innate qualities. Ethnicity and gender are innate qualities, but sexual ‘orientation’ and religion are non-innate qualities. By your definition you are bigoted against Christians because you are intolerant of Christianity.

      In reality, a bigot is someone guilty of prejudice, in other words, someone who prejudges someone or something without having informed and considered reasons. Clearly neither Bernard nor I fall into that category since we are well informed regarding why homosexuality is immoral, unnatural, and unhealthy.

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  9. The dictionary definition of “perversion” includes, “The alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.” This clearly applies to homosexual practice which is a perversion of sexuality as originally designed by our Creator. Even atheists should be able to recognise the complimentary nature of male and female and conclude that homosexual practice is abnormal and goes against nature and biology. Therefore it is entirely appropriate and reasonable to label those who practice or promote homosexuality as “perverts”.

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  10. Hi Bernie,

    Well said again! The ‘all are equal but some are more equal than others’ discriminators strike another blow for goodness, justice, truth and freedom. How long will they continue to pursue their ungodliness? ‘Till he comes! And how long shall we continue to oppose and expose their evil? ‘Till He comes! May God forgive them for their evil, and may we continue – by His grace – to love our enemies, but hate the evil they commit.

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  11. Good on you, Bern. O behalf of your many friends who have supported you 100% all the way as you fought this fight single-handed against the brass and braid of the once-mighty ADF – congratulations on your principled stance and thank you for your unflinching efforts to speak and act where all of your superiors have been too gutless to say a word. Your discharge is a Badge of Honour – as great as any Honour or Award that was bestowed on any of your many relatives who served in WW1, WW2, Vietnam and Afghanistan. You can very rightly hold your high – the CDF, GEN Hurley, should hang his head in shame.

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    • I take my hat off to you Bernie . What s our army coming to !!! God help us if we ever have to defend our own country with an army half full of fairies . Bet my uncles who died in WW1 and 2 would say the same thing.

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