Harassment complaint – ADF involvement in the Mardi Gras

This week has seen the Australian Defence Force hit with yet another sex scandal.

While this is disappointing, there is no doubt that the Army will fail to address inappropriate sexual behaviour while it condones perverted sexual practices within ADF workplaces.

Therefore, in the public interest I am publishing a complaint I lodged earlier this year regarding inappropriate sexual behaviour in ADF workplaces. It was dismissed.

As a result, this document highlights exactly what kind of behaviour is considered acceptable by the Chief of Army and Defence leadership within ADF workplaces. You will be shocked.

Under the leadership of the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, certain ADF personnel are permitted to extend the ADF workplace into events that:

  • mock Christianity
  • support radical political activism
  • contain inappropriate and explicit sexual activity

As Lieutenant General Morrison said, the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

And he has walked right past this.

I say that the standard an army marches to reflects its professionalism, capability, integrity and moral cohesion.

Finally, as published in the Army Newspaper on 14 March, 2013, the ADF is preparing to archive its shameful orders to allow uniformed participation in the Mardi Gras within the Australian War Memorial. I have many relatives whose names are listed on the War Memorial’s Roll of Honour. I can think of nothing more insulting to their honour.

Click on the link below to view my complaint. Be aware that it does contain graphic imagery.

130415 – Mardi Gras harrassment complaint – DH

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Well said Bernard, I hope (as a serving RC member) that something is done to stop participation in the mardi gras. We are supposed to be non political but this is just a shameful and lazy way for the brass to get kudos for being inclusive to some vocal minority and ignore the rights of he ret

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  2. The answer is simple – ADF personnel should of course be allowed to attend the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, swingers’ clubs, churches, Rotary meetings, organic gardening workshops, Dungeons and Dragons conventions and Furry Meets on their own time, on their own dime, and dressed (or no, as the case may be…) in civvies. I’m not trying to equate all these activities, but they share the common denominator of not being ADF business. The problem here is caused by a misplaced desire to “affirm” one group of people; this means that other people are not affirmed, and the problems start to cascade.

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  3. Some homosexuals will claim that homosexuality is genetically based, whereas others will staunchly deny this. What genetics does clearly show is that heterosexual intercourse is inherently hygienic whereas homosexual intercourse is not. The former by default allows nipple to nipple, face to face relationship in intercourse, the latter does not. There has to be a deep-seated denial to overcome these realities and engage in homosexual activity. – For ‘denial’ read ‘state of emotional conflict’.

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  4. It is unfortunate that Bernard has such a narrow view on life and the human condition. His view of the world is perfectly suited for the late medieval period and the inquisition. The Catholic church has nothing to be proud of and one but hope that the new Pope sorts it out. How many people have been damaged, maimed and killed under orders of the Catholic church? The damage continues to this day. You state that the Army does not support catholics and that you can’t wear uniforms to religious events. Yet we see people getting married in uniform with armed salutes as they leave the church. We see mess dinners, ANZAC Dawn services which are a command performance (serving members must attend), Colour / Banner presentations, and the subsequent laying up of the colours, ramp services, funerals starting with a prayer from a man /woman of the cloth. This is a classic case of those who had a privileged position seeing their position eroded away and frankly they don’t like it. Australia is arguably one of the most secular countries /communities in the world. Like it or not the churches have slipped into irrelevance. The Christians in the ADF have ample support including the Fellowship and institutionalised religious support inserted into all units in the for of the Chaplains.

    You may well have your dislike and fear of something you do not understand. When did you CHOOSE to be straight. You did not CHOOSE it came naturally to you. Well for those in the GLBTI community it is not a CHOICE. Many struggle for years to fit into societies expectations. Many CHOOSE suicide and often we don’t know why they died. EXODUS INTERNATIONAL has after 37 years of assaulting Gay and Lesbian people. People trying to conform. The DSM removed Homosexuality as a disorder over 20 years ago.

    Again I would ask that you remove your derogatory posts.

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    • Well, keyboard, you do realise, don’t you, that if you’re correct about all homosexuals being born that way – then there must be some genetic cause for that predisposition. A cause that will eventually be discovered and understood. A cause that can actually then be tested for, in utero – much like Downs Syndrome or other conditions can be screened long before birth. And when that happens – well, unborn homosexuals will suffer the same fate of unborn Downs Syndrome – won’t they? That is, they shall be aborted left, right and centre. There is a certain irony in this, don’t you think? The “progressive” lefties who support the homosexual community will be responsible for the abortion-based attack on unborn homosexuals in the future. What a dilemma for the left! Continue to support homosexuals? Or continue to support abortion? Decisions, decisions! The further irony is that it will be we Catholics who will be leading the charge to stop unborn homosexuals being aborted. No, no – don’t thank us – that’s what Catholics always do.

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      • Well Jim, just because someone is GLBTI does not mean they are pro choice or pro life for that matter. The more telling test of your convictions would be would you love the child you “saved” from abortion despite them being GLBTI when they grow up.

    • No one chooses to be straight. It is the way human beings are. Gay is a disorder, a departure from the norm. There can be no rational argument against this. Sex exists for procreation. Sure it’s pleasurable but that is not why it exists. In addition the anal canal is not designed by God, nature or natural selection to be penetrated by a penis. There are serious health consequences for that kind of abuse as homosexuals have long been aware. You say that for those in the GLBTI homosexuality is not a choice. Well, it is a choice. Homosexuality is a behaviour and that everyone has the choice whether or not to participate in it. The GLBTI exists not to help people but to promote disordered behaviour. They do so by provoking outrage and feeding off the debate it generates. Gay marriage is just the latest example.

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      • Perhaps you should read the DSM-V. If the GLBT community are expressing a choice then you (I presume you are straight) made that choice too..

      • How can heterosexuality be anything but an innate trait that is genetically embedded in the DNA of all advanced lifeforms? What’s your explanation for mother nature dividing each species of advanced lifeforms into two sexes? The answer is obvious to anyone who hasn’t filled their brain with crazy pro-queer rhetoric. The purpose behind life is to reproduce so that the species survives. Male and female genitals evolved to compliment other for the purpose of sexual reproduction. If evolution wanted advanced lifeforms to be queer then it wouldn’t have made sexual reproduction an act that can only be carried out by fertile males and females who have intercourse. They didn’t evolve so that they could be inserted into rectums and shoved down throats. Why do you think HIV is so common among homosexual men? Homosexuality is most likely a mental illness. I will not believe that homosexuality is genetically embedded in the Human genome until scientists can identify a unique gene(s) that is only found in homosexuals and always causes that sort of behaviour in the people who have it.

  5. Excellent work, Bernard. As a former soldier it makes me angry to see the path the the ADF has taken since it decided to admit homosexuals. It hasn’t taken long for the rot to set in. If the defence force exists to defend the kind of behaviour seen in the pictures attached to your complaint then we may as well not have it. My RSL mates all feel the same way. We were wondering this week how long it will be before they try to set up a gay version of the RSL.

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  6. Bernard,
    as a retired Warrant Officer Intelligence Analyst, Australian Intelligence Corps, and a devout Catholic, I applaud your brave stand on this matter.

    Although I never experienced any ant-Catholic bias during my time in the army (apart from the odd snide remark about ‘Rock Crushers’) I only recently retired from the Department of Defence after 14 years and from reading the three service newspapers regularly, plus DIs, plus comments from friends in uniform (some homosexual, some not) I agree that there is a very pro-homosexual, very anti-Catholic/Christian in the forces’ hierarchy today.

    BTW, I never use the word ‘gay’ to describe so-called ‘LGBT persons’ as I I refuse to accept that I am the opposite of ‘gay’, that is ‘sad’, simply because I am heterosexual.

    I hope that you are not forced to retire.

    Dominus vobiscum.

    Graham Wilson

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