Paid Parental Leave & Baby Bonus payments for abortion?

Abortion is an election issue, thanks to Julia Gillard.

And as reported in the The Age last week, abortion is only legal due to a ‘conspiracy of silence‘ on the part of pro-abortion politicians and abortion clinics.

Explosive information has come to light that definitively proves shocking details about the abortion industry in Australia.

  • The baby bonus and paid parental leave are being paid for abortions.
  • Abortion clinics are providing ‘cheat sheets’ to assist with these claims.
  • At least one medical practitioner has signed a Commonwealth Baby Bonus form that an aborted baby was ‘stillborn’, so a claim could be made for bereavement funding meant to assist families who have suffered an unintended death of a child.
  • Written abortion procedures confirm that babies are sometimes born alive.
  • These procedures dictate that no attempt is to be made to resuscitate these babies.
  • Abortion counsellors, in at least one circumstance, have discouraged a woman from seeking information about her baby.
  • This counsellor also discouraged a woman from speaking with pro-life groups because they have an ‘agenda’.
  • Abortion clinics admit that they are unable to determine if a baby has an abnormality.
  • At least one post-20 week baby has been aborted even though it was medically found to be without abnormality prior to abortion.
  • The notes from this clinic state that, despite this, the parents were told the baby had an abnormality.

Details confirming these points will be made public in the very near future.

Let’s hope both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott don’t try to sweep them under the carpet.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Most of you seem to miss the point. It’s paid after 20weeks. So only if you abort after 20weeks will you get the money and looking at some stats less then 8% of abortions are performed after this time and mostly for severe maternal medical issue, severe abnormalities in the baby and other reasons such as sexual assault. I’m sure these women who have come to this horrendous decision have not done it lightly and like previous posters they have probably spent money on all sorts of baby goodies. And at the end of the day we can’t even begin to understand how difficult a decision this would be unless we have had to go through this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I understand that but people also need options.

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    • Dear Helen Dev.
      Have you ever stoped to think about the deformed baby myth? The abortion providers say it to justify themselves and the women agree with it to make themselves feel ok about the abortion. After the abortion there is never a medical examanination by a 3rd party doctor to prove that the abortion was required in the first place is there? The babies body goes in the medi waste bin and thats the end of the evidence. The abortion industry has been telling lies for 40 years so this is not new for them.
      Yes there are some cases where the baby is deformed or very sick but the truth is most of the time its just a lie by the abortion providers and the evidence is destroyed.
      Regards ron mcmillan.

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    • @ Helen,
      do you honestly think that it is ok to kill a child because of abnormality or because the baby is the result of rape?
      Did you know that in Nazi Germany they killed thousands of disabled children because they deemed them not worthy of life and that they were a drain on society? The program was called action T4.
      Also, why is it ok to kill a child who is conceived becuse of rape?
      Do you sentence the child to death because of the crime of their father?
      it is actually better for the mothers mental health and healing to follow through with the pregnancy than put her through the trauma of killing her child. it is not advisable to add to the trauma of rape with another mental problem arising from abortion, it is known as post abortion syndrome.

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      • Thank you, Kat. To be honest I was a bit disappointed that the original post appears to accept an abortion if the baby did in fact have a ‘medical abnormality’.

  2. I’m a young woman and I don’t believe in abortion unless the woman’s life is at risk, in which case it is an unavoidable tragedy. I don’t agree with BG’s attitude to gay people, but I do agree with his stance on abortion.
    Because of these reasons – women often talk about what a painful and horrific choice it is for a woman to have an abortion. Exactly. Why should she go through that? Why should she put herself through that suffering?
    I’ve heard accounts of women who have used the abortion pill and been told there’d be no visible fetus when they aborted at home only to find a very tiny but visible human had been expelled from their body. These sorts of illusions cause long-term suffering and pain to women. That to me, is not kind to women. What society should work on, is giving pregnant women more support and ending the stigma directed at single mothers. Society should stop putting all the blame on single mums, and realise the men who got them pregnant are just as responsible and that single mums need support (same for single dads). That would help women feel less helpless.
    I also think it is incredibly wrong that a woman has the “right” to abort a baby, but a man has no right to save the life of his child. Except for cases of rape, the majority of pregnancies occur from consensual, adult or young adult sex – in other words, from people who take risks knowing abortion is a back-up.
    For people to be getting money from abortions is sickening.
    I’m spiritual but not particularly religious, but I’d never have an abortion unless my life was at risk. The choices I make and the risks I take, if any, I take full responsibility for because I’m an adult and I don’t need to make innocent life suffer for my decisions.

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  3. Abortion is one of the biggest lies sold to women! It is an abuse greater than any other. Legalising abortion has not made things better, rather it has allowed some men, parents, doctors to push their own agendas on to vulnerable women. Feminists should be standing up and decrying abortion rather than supporting it as some sort of ‘choice’. For many women it is not their choice at all, but rather the choice of those around who don’t want to stand up and make any sacrifices for the precious life of a child.

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    • Only a grub would tell his partner to get an abortion. Parents who are worried about the ‘shame’ are just as bad.

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  4. How insane to the zenith degree that any govt (in this case the Gillard Labor govt) can give out $$$$$$ to women aborting their babies. The baby bonus is obviously for people who have a child, not for people who kill their child. The abortion clinics would know this!

    And regarding abnormalities! My 22 year old married daughter had a series of ultra sounds and was told by the doctor that her child (at 21 weeks gestation) had cystic fibrosis. In fact this female doctor was quite adamant about this that she even wrote this in my duaghter’s pregnancy records. She further pressured my daughter (who is opposed to abortions) to have an abortion. My daughter quite distraught, not over the condition of her baby, but moreso over the doctor’s badgering, and refused. The comment of “declined termination” was also recorded in her notes.

    As the pregnancy progressed my daughter had another ultra sound (around 29 weeks). This showed there was nothing wrong with the child. Interesting, the ultra sound technician asked why my daughter was having so many ultra sounds. When told, he was rather alarmed and commented that he believed the doctors were far too quick to come to conclusions, as there are so many variables that he could testify to.

    Anyway, my daughter’s child was born 6 weeks ago and a further test has revealed the child has not got cystic fibrosis. So I wonder how many children are aborted in Australia every year because of a suspected “abnormality”?

    The bottom line is that no child — whether having an abnormality or not — is such a monster that they need to be destroyed. If a child has an abnormality he or she simply needs more love; and likewise the mother (and father) needs good support.

    Bernard keep up the great work in exposing what is happening — people need to know!!!

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    • Dear Trevor. Thank you for sharing that story with us.
      Your story got me to thinking about something a friend told me the other day about this abortion madness. The story is as follows. There is a major australian hospital that does abortions, it also has an ivf lab where they do all sorts of thing i think stem cell research is one of them. My friend put it to me that there are very tight restrictions on what can be done with human tissue in these places. But the bodies of aborted babies have no legal status as humans so is it possable that anything could be done with these babies bodies. It just so happens that the abortion clinic and the ivf lab are in the same area in the same hospital, all of which is behind closed and locked doors.
      I know it sounds far fetched but could the push by doctors like the one that you mentioned be for organ/tissue harvesting?

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      • LOL

  5. Fraud: (noun). Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
    Example: Deliberately destroying your car and then claiming insurance. Or any woman who deliberately destroys a life within her and then claims the baby bonus or paid parental leave.
    May these women enjoy living with their consciences for the rest of their lives. And may our government stop this atrocity.

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  6. The whole ghastly existence of abortion is simply horror piled upon horror. To discover that scumbag abortionists are falsifying the paperwork to record abortions as still births – so that the female who has just murdered her unborn child can receive some thousands of dollars from the “baby bonus” – is a staggering obscenity that demands a Royal Commission to determine how widespread this appalling fraud is. “Doctors” who perpetrate this scandalous misuse of public funds must be identified, stripped of their right to practice and made to face the full force of the law – women who have accepted this gross and sickening blood money must be held to account and made to repay what they should never have received in the first place. This scandal demands justice, which must be swift in coming and severe in application.

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  7. Hi Bernard, the majority of late term (post 20 week) terminations are undertaken for psychosocial reasons, not medical reasons. Government reports with these statistics are available on our website at In Victoria in 2009, of 410 post 20 week terminations, 214 were for psychosocial reasons. Hansard reports of the abortion debate in 2008 in Victoria show that politicians chose to ignore the wellbeing of babies born alive.

    You could check our website for lots of valuable information on the issue. We also have an Abortion Symposium on October 11 in Melbourne that will address issues of consent and adverse effects of abortion.

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    • I just love how sue tries justify the ” legal” murder of a child. pro-choice? Did these little people have a choice? nup, they were fobbed off as a blob of cells even if they have fingers and toes. Also women who find themselves in difficult situations are unaware of the other options available to them, they are told its better to ” get rid of it” as a quick fix and then develop mental problems because of it. you speak of men as trying to change the abortions laws with a bitter tone, then how come just recently in the US an abortion thanitos by the name of Kermit Gosnell, was tried and found guilty of three counts of murder for killing babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors? is he an accepted male of your choice rhetoric? oh I am a woman, who supports men who try to uphold the right to life. also men are effected by abortion more than you know, men are always inferior to wymen like yourself, unless they support you agenda.

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      • Kat and Debbie, you are wonderful women. The men and children in your lives are very lucky.

  8. Bernard, I respect your religion and your opinion on abortion, but cannot agree with it. Some of the practices outlined above aren’t right, i.e. claiming the baby bonus and late term abortions, and I condemn abortion being used as birth control. Nevertheless, abortion shouldn’t be a political football. There are many circumstances that women find themselves in where abortion is their choice, preferably before 16 weeks. No one has the right to judge these women. I am pro-choice. It angers me that many of the people in politics who try and change the abortion laws are male. Men will never be able to understand the circumstances women sometimes find themselves in, the agony they go through when making the choice of abortion, and how they have to live with this choice.

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    • If I recall correctly Sue, it was Julia Gillard, ie. a female, who has made abortion an election issue. She’s the one making abortion into a political football, not Tony Abbott.

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    • Men and women are equally guilty for abortion. If a couple aren’t in a position to rear a child then they should abstain from sexual intercourse. There’s other stuff they can do to get their rocks off.

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      • The only time I can see abortion being justifiable is if the mother’s life is in danger. I don’t have to be a woman to hold that view. I make no apology for believing that children’s rights should come before the rights of men and women.

    • Sue, the thing about your argument is this: it seeks to deny men the right to have any say in whether THEIR unborn child lives or dies. You are basically saying that men have no right at all in this respect. Their are plenty of men who have been devastated to find out that their partner has made an arrogant, unilateral decision to destroy the child within her, with the male given no say as to that fatal decision. May I remind you that the unborn human being that is dismembered and mutilated by the abortionist upon the woman’s decision is just as much HIS child as it is hers – you do understand that, don’t you? This, of course, all leads to a following, undeniable point of logic, which is this: if a man has no say in whether or not HIS unborn child lives or dies – how dare the woman subsequently demand that he be responsible for financially supporting the mother and child where the unborn child is allowed to live! Women CANNOT have it both ways – if you deny men the right to have a say in whether the child lives or dies, then you cannot demand that they also be financially responsible once the baby is born.

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      • Well put jim from boomba.
        We men are expected to pay for abortions via our taxes or pay to raise the child but get very little say in either case. Wheres the CHOICE in that?
        Regards ron mcmillan.

      • You’re so right about this Jim. Gillard is bonkers if she thinks that abortion into a feminist issue. The current laws give mothers-to-be the final say over what happens to their unborn children. The fathers-to-be have no option but to accept whatever the mothers-to-be decide. The only ‘fair’ solution is to make it so that neither men nor women can weasel their way out of parenthood. Children’s rights should always come first. There’s no greater right than the right to life. Not being ready to be a parent or not wanting to be one doesn’t justify killing an innocent baby. People who aren’t ready to be parents should abstain until they learn the meaning of responsibility.

    • Sue, I agree with you. NO woman should have to live with the choice she has made to kill her own baby, no matter how small. She simply should not be expected to live with this terrible sentence for the rest of her life. I have the utmost sympathy for these woman and many are my friends whom I counsel and with whom I pray. It is impossible for them to ever forget their babies and a part of these babies cells, it has been proven, remain in the mother’s brain all her life. It is NEVER the right answer to make the choice to commit murder. Couples in Australia who are crying out to raise a baby and cannot conceive themselves would love to adopt, but Australian adoption agencies, for Australian babies, are almost non-existent due to the widespread evil of abortion in our country. Although it may be heartbreaking for a mother to give up a baby she feels she cannot raise for adoption, surely this is less traumatic in the long run than killing this little human being, for all concerned. Think about it – with compassion for the little life who is not even given the most basic of human rights – the right to be born.

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    • Dear sue. If women find themselves in a bad position before and after an abortion that is because its wrong to kill another human being. We all know that. We have about 80.000 abortions per year in australia. We dont have that many birth defects and or rapes do we ? For the most part these are life style abortions. These abortions are taking place for the most part because people dont want to step up and be accountable for their actions.
      Regards ron mcmillan.

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  9. It just breaks my heart in two thinking of what our society condones, encourages and used the tax payers dime to pay for – the wholesale murder of innocent babies! When will this evil end?

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