The gravity of murder

Consider, for a moment, gravity.

There is no escaping its clutches. Every material body, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy is subject to this force. There is no choice. There is no freedom. There is only submission to this law.

And that is exactly what it is: a law.

Even our bodies must obey this precept, no matter how much we might like to do otherwise.

Now we all know that laws don’t come into existence by themselves. They need to be decreed by an authority with the power to do so.

And laws don’t just enforce themselves. They need to be policed.

Nor do laws impose penalties when they are transgressed. Judges do this.

In the case of gravity, it’s pretty obvious that we are talking about some impressive authority and enforcement agency. Let’s call it the Ultimate Lawmaker.

This Ultimate Lawmaker has absolute authority over the entire material world –as if this power owns it all. And all objects recognise this Ultimate Lawmaker’s law of gravity and submit to it.

There is not one skerrick, not one ounce, not one sliver of an object that can deny this power. Nor can the largest material body muster enough force to go its own way. The universe itself runs according to the whims of gravity.

That’s why we can’t know what this Ultimate Lawmaker is like as a judge just by considering gravity alone. There has never been an occasion when an object has been allowed to transgress this law. So there have been no judgments cast or penalties delivered for breaking this law.

It’s out of this world, as you might say.

It can also be reasonably surmised that this Ultimate Lawmaker knows a thing or two. For a start, it knows where every bit of matter is. And unlike human lawmaking bodies that have so often proved fallible, this Ultimate Lawmaker has done something that can only be described as ‘good’ with gravity.

Life just wouldn’t be possible without it. That’s not a bad thing.

But while it might be possible to consider gravity as a perfect law by virtue of its absolute imposition over all material objects and their absolute obedience to it, we all know there are higher laws. Laws that are more important.

Like laws regarding morality and our own behaviour.

And at the extreme end of these laws is the inbuilt knowledge we all have that it is wrong to murder.

Yet, while this law is more important than gravity, there is also a curious thing about it. None of us have the power to disobey the law of gravity. But all of us have the power to murder. It happens all the time. Just watch the news.

When you consider these higher laws, it quickly becomes apparent that they are about love, or charity, and the pursuit of goodness. And if there is one thing about charity it is this: charity must be free. A blind slavery to laws regarding charity is just not possible, as in the case with gravity.

Now, the big question for gamblers out there is this: are you willing to bet that the Ultimate Lawmaker will not pay attention to your actions regarding these higher laws, when at every moment of your existence you are bound to obey the lesser law of gravity?

And do you really believe that you, who have been granted the freedom to pursue goodness, will not be held accountable for failing to take this responsibility seriously?

I’m not prepared to risk it.

And while I’m far from perfect and fail often, I recognise the greatness of this Ultimate Lawmaker and the great gift of the freedom to love that it has given to each person.

That’s why I call Him God.

And that’s why I fight against institutionalised evil in our society. For evil is nothing more than a failure to love. It’s a defect in something that is meant for goodness.

We must all accept responsibility for our governments and their actions. And just as we are subject to gravity and the laws of God, so are our parliaments.

In fact, it will only be the day our parliaments can float off of their own will that they can say they are not required to submit to the Ultimate Lawmaker. To God.

And we all know that day will never come.

PS – If you want an idea about what happens to those who don’t keep God’s laws and who fail to ask for forgiveness, click here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The universe, governments, morality, god, gravity…. Bernard covers all in a way that is threadbare with intelligibility.

    Seriously, mate, you’re not much of a philosopher. You can’t even write very well.

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    • Craig, perhaps you are a better philosopher and writer than me. In that case, maybe you could care to explain what force ensures all matter obeys the law of gravity?

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  2. “And that’s why I fight against institutionalised evil in our society” = the catholic church – which you’re a part of

    “For evil is nothing more than a failure to love. It’s a defect in something that is meant for goodness.” – yet you hate gay people – that’s evil.

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    • I have some reservations about the Catholic Church too but its wrong to box everyone together just because you have a certain view. Mixing the Catholic Churches failings and in some twisted way trying to tear down a good man makes you the lesser for that. Please try and see beyond your own bias and prejudice else you miss the point and his right in a democracy to speak his mind.

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    • I don’t hate gay people at all. In fact, it is only out of concern for their physical and spiritual health that I write about this issue at all, as well as from a desire to protect others from the mistaken belief that homosexual acts are perfectly fine and dandy. They are not.

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      • The meaning of bigotry is that one makes comments without researching the facts as to why a person or group holds particular Beliefs.The Catholic Church have researched the facts about homosexuality in detail, including the practices and stats involving suicide and shortened life expectancy as well as contributing factors as to why these people present with same sex attraction. The Catholic Church wants to help people with same sex attraction get out of their lifestyles because they are destructive,, mentally, physically and spiritually. If Catholics hate gays why is it that the Catholic Church is the one often to pick these people up and put them back on their feet? The term homophobia is a joke, Catholics do not fear gay people, if anything they fear Catholic people knowing too much about their lifestyles and pointing out that facts involved.
        Art like Morality consists of drawing the line somewhere-GK Chesterton

      • The statistics you’ve mentioned above are a total straw-man argument. Are homosexuals, on average, worse off compared to heterosexuals in terms of life expectancy and suicide rates? Yes, they are. Is this because the “homosexual lifestyle” (as opposed to the equally highly varied “heterosexual lifestyle”) is any more dangerous? Actually, no!

        Considering the incredible hardships that are inflicted on homosexuals in general, and homosexual youths in particular, it’s hardly surprising that suicide rates are as high as they are. This isn’t because gay people are magically more inclined to suicide, but because of the suffering and expectations that *people like you and the author* inflict upon them. Studies show that gay youths with a strong support network are far less likely to attempt suicide – – if this was a biological or physiological imperative as you seem to suggest, support networks would make no difference.

        On a broader note, I’m always curious when talking to homophobes about how many gay people they actually know – would you mind commenting on that?

      • Here you go Luke.
        So tell me, why do countries like Holland, who have legalised and become ” accepting” of gay lifestyles, I would like to add that Holland was the first county to do so, have increased suicide rates among homosexuals?
        And how come your anti Catholic Bigotry does not lead to increased suicide amoung Catholics?
        Calling me a homophobe does not make me feel suicidal? I have met homosexual people and know them, and have to say they are the most unhealthy people physically and mentally. I do not mean to say this with a tone of disrespect toward these peoples dignity as human beings, but rather as an obvious sign that they help and deserve better than the lies they are being told on a daily basis that their lifestyles are great, becase they are not. one thing these people have in common are deep rooted mental issues that have run deep into adulthood.

    • Doc, If I hate murderers or pedophiles am I an evil person? I suppose I am since “evil is nothing more than a failure to love”. Unless, of course, there is a distinction between loving a person and disapproving their choice. In fact, loving a person often means disapproving their choice. Parents do this every time they don’t allow their children to put themselves in danger.

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