More information regarding baby bonus payments for abortion

Baby bonus payments following abortion should be a big news story.

But it’s not. The media are desperately trying to keep it out of the papers and off the television screens.

That is because, collectively, the media are pro-abortion and don’t want anyone to know about this odious waste of taxpayer dollars.

In fact, I have been told by a number of journalists from several different outlets who would love to cover this issue that editorial staff are deliberately preventing the story from breaking.

It is an absolute disgrace.

However, there are some outlets with integrity that I am working with. I am confident that these efforts will be successful in the near future.

And they should. Because it is clear that abortion payments are much more common than you might realise.

The Australian Christians senate candidate for South Australia, Trevor Grace, has also raised these taxpayer funded handouts today.

In a press release issued this morning, he states that he has been approached by a number of people confirming that they have received the Bereavement Payment of the Baby Bonus following an abortion.

One woman sobbed after telling him that “The money was simply a reminder that I’d killed my baby. A little boy.”

I’ve attached the press release so you can read it yourself. Click here.

Both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party need to address this issue. Especially the Liberals.

That is because Paid Parental Leave is also payable after abortions and Tony Abbott’s proposed scheme will deliver up to $75,000.

Tony needs to make it very clear whether he will fix the problem, or whether his scheme will also deliver massive taxpayer sums to women who have had an abortion.

Australians deserve to know.

Please share this widely through Twitter and Facebook. The media might not want to cover this story, but you can get the word out yourself.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. This is pure evil and needs to be plugged real fast. Abortion is fatal for the child, and dangerous for the mum. A cash bonus incentive appeals to the greed factor, and the $5K bonus will possibly sway some to “sacrifice” their offspring via the child abattoir, rather than take the responsibility for their actions. Ironically and hypocritically, commercial surrogacy is a criminal offense in Australia. The difference being – the “criminal offense” means that a child isn’t exterminated. What a morally bankrupt society we have become!

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  2. I actually put this article on the timeline of the Federal member for Caboolture, Wyatt Roy, I have just gone in to find it has been removed…..Now I am not that IT savvy and may have made a mistake but I have search and search and cant find it on his timeline…he is practically idol worshiped here by some fools and yet is for sodomite marriage and as I suspect now abortion…

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  3. There should be no baby bonus… the amount of tax payer dollars that go to assist with people raising their babies/children is a burden on tax payers. You have ’em, you raise ’em!

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    • Mel, I am guessing you agree with abortion and Euthanasia as well?
      Babies and the elderly were also seen as a drain or burden on tax payer money in Nazi Germany, its called Eugenics.

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  4. Disgusted !!!! These people need to make up their mind. Either the fetus isnt a baby & its therefore not murder or it is a baby making it murder, to kill a human being at any age is murder according the the law…cant have it both ways.
    How can they declare a fetus is not human & then call these payments part of the BABY bonus or bereavement payment of the BABY bonus…Oh wait thats right, cause it is a baby & it is murder…
    Totally hypercritical !!!

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  5. In the press release it mentioned single parent. That is a small amount of money instead of paying child support,.so economically it is intelligent. There is no fear of a just God who indicates pay backs are Hell. HE is ignored.

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  6. And what sort of women politicians say nothing. Whether liberal, labor or independents.

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  7. How do we make these politicians accountable. When they turn a blind eye to this horrific situation what sort of men are they?

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  8. This is nothing short of state-sponsored murder. The reason politicians and the media won’t do anything about closing this loophole is that they are too scared to not support what is seen as a woman’s “right”. They know the majority of late-term abortions are done for social reasons, but they are willing to fund these abortions for the sake of euthanasia in utero. They do not have the guts or the integrity to say that, in the minority of cases where a woman’s child will probably die in infancy, she should be denied maternity benefits if she prematurely ends her child’s life for what are falsely viewed as “compassionate” reasons. It is a sorry state of affairs when women would rather kill their children and have them disposed of as medical waste than give them a fitting farewell, but it is even sorrier that our government insists on subsidising this. It seems the price of a child’s life is a mere few thousand dollars.

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  9. This is an absolute disgrace, not only is abortion wrong because it kills a child, the parents also suffer afterward from post a bortion syndrome. But to give money to a parent who agreed to have their child killed is like reimbursing the people who paid the hit man. Support for unexpected pregnancy is what is needed, the government should use the money instead to open pregnancy support centers, then maybe we will see less depression suicide and mental health issues in the wider community.

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