Make smacking illegal? Don’t be daft

Some bright spark wants to ban smacking. Make it illegal.

This do-gooder obviously thinks that parents should face jail time or heavy fines for disciplining their children in the way that has always worked.

Her name is Susan Moloney and she happens to be an associate professor and the head of the important sounding Royal Australasian College of Physicians Paediatrics & Child Health Division.

I guess that’s proof that going to university doesn’t make you smart.

It’s not readily apparent if Susan actually has any kids herself because she doesn’t mention them anywhere on her numerous profiles. But Susan wants that wonderful institution that does such a good job of regulating our lives to the nth degree, the government, to ensure that other people raise their kids the way she wants.

I’ve got a better idea for this professor. Why doesn’t she keep her nose out of a job that is not hers. And she should let the government know that raising children is a parent’s privilege and responsibility too, and that it should only get involved to help, not hinder.

It would also give Ms Moloney more time to think about the logical inconsistencies of her other pet projects: agitating for refugee rights (including “culturally respectful” medical care) and campaigning against female genital mutilation.

And although I’m not a professor, I respectfully submit to the good do-gooder that her campaigns are contradictory and working against themselves. But that is Susan’s problem, not mine.

My problem is that this person wants to turn me into a criminal for raising my children properly.

Because I smack my children.

I don’t do it frequently but I do it when required.

In my experience, smacking works wonderfully well – especially when it is done early in a child’s life.

That’s because a child quickly learns what the word “no” means and that there are consequences for ignoring it. And when they get older, very rarely do they ignore it. Furthermore, they are receptive to listening to the reasons why their parents say no.

There is simply no other way to effectively control young children. They are not logical because they can’t reason. So the naughty corner, or banning the Play Station, or grounding them, or confiscating the iPhone, or having a conversation, or doing anything else will not work.

I’ll give you an example.

My children have always shown a great interest in playing on the road. I’m sure my children are not alone in this regard either. From the moment they can crawl, they head to hang out with the traffic.

It’s simply irresponsible as a parent to hope that keeping the doors closed while explaining to them Newton’s laws of motions will keep them safe.

Instead, when they get to the edge of the road, they get a smack. After about three times, they get the message not to crawl or toddle out onto the road anymore. As an added bonus, they don’t die.

And Susan wants to ban this practice. Apparently, keeping children alive is less important to her than running new age agendas. That would explain why she, in her position of influence over children’s health, has not uttered a word against abortion, so far as I can tell.

Susan really should get her priorities right.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Ms Moloney may say smacking leads to violence, but why condone, even encourage infant Male circumcision. Especially the type we do here and in the USA where they cut right down to the glands rather than a snip off the end. Why can`t these children wait till they`re 18 and choose the procedure then ? Do doctors require the discarded skin for cosmetic surgery ? does it really stop masturbation ? No, and babies can`t say No to this mutilation. Smacking out of the question, but genital multilation is condoned ??

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