Enlisting the enemy

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”

Winston Churchill

I like generalisations. That’s because they point out a general truth.

Like the fact that, generally speaking, fair skinned people will sunburn more easily than those with darker skin. That statement neatly sums up a well known truth.

It is also true that a bunch of people – generally left-wing, gender-studies, academic types – will be inclined to write volumes on their belief that such a statement is inherently discriminatory.

And it is generally true that their work is absolute rubbish. Every bit of it.

Here’s another generalisation that should not be easily dismissed: the Islamic community supports the military efforts of Australia’s enemies. And, by doing so, it represents the first time in Australian history that a discrete and identifiable segment of society has provided recruits and aid to organisations that seek to overthrow our democratic government.

Despite this, our government is allowing large-scale Islamic immigration and now the Australian Defence Force is actively seeking Islamic recruits.

That’s right. Our military wants to enlist the enemy.

This situation is completely at odds with all reason. It is akin to opening the doors to Japanese migrants during World War Two, providing them with free health care, education and welfare benefits and turning a blind eye while funds and recruits are sent back to Japan for training, indoctrination and use in the Japanese war efforts against Australia. Oh yeah, and with all this going on, the government also deciding to actively recruit Japanese patriots into the Australian military.

The reason this did not happen in World War Two was because our nation had not lost its senses. It was not in the grip of PC BS. Unfortunately, this ideology defines Australia today.

If you think this is crazy, you are right. Pat yourself on the back.

If you think this is great for a multicultural society, then you have strayed far too past stupid to be of any use, on the wrong webpage and should probably not read further unless prepared for a shock.

These are the facts. The stone cold facts:

  • The 2011 census recorded that out of Australia’s population of 21.5 million, about 476,000 were Muslim.
  • Australia’s population now stands at just over 23 million. Based on even rates of population growth, there are now about 512,000 Muslims who call Australia home.
  • This population of 23 million supports a military of 58,000. So there is one person in the military for every 400 Australians.
  • But there are only 88 Muslims in the Australian Defence Force. It is a reality that the Islamic Community, on the whole, is much less patriotic than the rest of Australia. There is only one Muslim serving in uniform for every 5820 Muslims in this country. Muslims are 14 times less likely to enlist than other Australians.
  • Furthermore, there are 2530 Australians currently serving overseas on military operations. This means that our participation rate in conflict is rather low: one soldier is deployed for every 9,143 Australians.
  • However, the same cannot be said for the Islamic community. ASIO has repeatedly warned that hundreds of Australian Muslims are fighting in Syria, many with al Qaeda-linked groups. If we assume the best possible case that by ‘hundreds’ ASIO means the lowest possible multiple of hundred, then there are 200 Muslims involved in that conflict. This means that the Islamic community is sending its sons off to war at a much greater rate than the rest of Australia: Islamic militant groups are picking up an Australian recruit for every 2,561 Muslims living in this country.

Just in case maths is not your strong point, let me put it this way. Per capita, the Islamic community is sending three terrorists off to fight with Islamist groups for every soldier the rest of this country sends overseas to wage war against them.

On the whole, it all seems rather crazy that alarm bells aren’t ringing out across the countryside.

But they aren’t and, instead, the Australian Defence Force is now trying to actively recruit Muslims.

In fact, the Royal Australian Navy has just appointed a Strategic Advisor on Islamic Cultural Affairs. Part of her job will be to bridge the ‘misperceptions’ and ‘misunderstandings’ that are apparently limiting the number of Muslims in uniform.

I respectfully submit that the reason young Muslim men are not joining up like the rest of Australians is not because of misunderstandings about the Australian military. On the contrary, this target group understands it very well. It’s just that the flower of Australia’s Islamic youth are too busy fighting for the enemy to worry about bothering the Defence Force’s recruiting agencies.

They might have an Australian passport but their allegiance is not to our flag.

Yet the military is so intent on recruiting from this community that it now allows them to wear a different uniform. And these are not my words. They come straight from the Royal Australian Air Force’s webpage devoted to diversity, in the section about religious dress:

“No matter which uniform our Air Force members wear, they wear their uniform with pride, and inherit a proud tradition that was established by the generations before us.”

If the goal of Islamic recruitment is to integrate this community into Australian society, giving them a separate uniform hardly seems like a sensible idea. But hey, maybe integration is not what this is about after all.

Generally speaking, if a soldier in a Western nation has his head hacked off while strolling home from his barracks, there will be a Muslim at the scene of the crime.

And, generally speaking, if a soldier runs around a Western military barracks shouting Allah Akbar while gunning down his comrades, there will be a Muslim behind the trigger.

And, generally speaking, if a military installation in a Western nation is the target of a terrorist threat, a bunch of Muslims will be in on the planning.

With all that in mind, generally speaking, if you increase the number of Muslims in Western countries you will probably see more of these atrocities in the future. And if you are dumb enough to put these people into uniform, then there is also a fair chance the military will change as well. Not for the better, either.

Later this year, Australia will withdraw most of its troops from Afghanistan. You could say it’s a sign that the ‘War on Terror’, started when western aircraft hijacked by Islamic pilots smashed into the Twin Towers, is over.

I’d say it’s probably just begun. And that efforts to date have been a complete and utter strategic failure.

Because the Islamic population in Australia has doubled during this war. And when Australia’s soldiers return home, it is highly likely that this country’s largest armed commitment overseas will be comprised of Islamic Australians soldiering on with al Qaeda in Syria. That is a hardly a sign of victory.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Generalizations are not absolute truths. The problem with generalizing is that some people will read or hear a generalization and think it’s absolute truth, and when the wrong kinds of people come across a generalization, it has the potential to cause trouble. It seems to me that the biggest problem isn’t that muslams are coming to Australia, but that a lot seem to be using our country as a shelter. What sense does it make to come into a peaceful country to escape war in your own country only to decide later to go overseas to fight in a war? It makes no sense. I see muslams who leave Australia to fight for their religion as threats to our security because the fact we let them call Australia home then welcome them back after going overseas could put it into the minds of our enemies that we’re condoning their actions. How long until the muslam fighters cause trouble for Australia? If they want to fight overseas they should join our army and fight along side us, or else find themselves unable to re-enter Australia. I’m not in the least anti islam at all. I believe that some muslams are decent people, but I also don’t support muslams who want to fight for their religion while they’re living in a peaceful non-islamic country.

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    • I agree webboy 42 a lot was to do with revenge after all thousands of people died in the september 11 attacks, and it wasnt just americas it was people from all over the world that were killed, and in my eyes and many others at the time it was well justified going into afganistan and seeking out those responsible ,also it wasnt just australia that followed like lemmings as you put it ,,great britain send a large contingent also,after all america has allways been an ally of australia and lost a lot of men fighting in ww11 to possibillly stop the japanese invading this country,

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  2. What a stupid comparison… Muslim going to Syria to fight Asad murdering regime and Australians fighting in Afghanistan… no connection at all… Asad of Syria is also enemy of Australia and other similar nation… that is why Iran and Rusia are arming him… you use facts but for ilogical purpose… we are in Afghanistan and Irak also on a pack of lies… Iraq did not have links with alQaida and no single Taliban was involved in 9/11… they had no idea it was happening (remember US was responsible for AlQaida beeing in Afghanistan not taliban) – so taliban did not do it, they were not responsible for action (of 19 Saudis)… why exactly are we there – let me guess democracy and rights of women… dont bother answering…

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    • We are there because the taliban were harboring and hiding osama bin ladin you twit

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      • It would actually be more accurate to say that we were there because the US was there. I say that because the US was the country that decided to start the war against terror as they called it, so Australia’s government/army obviously felt obligated to help out, given that the US is one of our allies.

      • We were there because an western country was attacked by terrioists that were being trained in camps in afganistan and also harboring the well known leader osama bin laden who at the time swore to the absloute destruction of america the zionists and any ally, we were there because many people believed that they were defending democracy and the rights and freedoms of all free western christian societys

      • Since when does Australia take the lead in a conflict? I would be willing to bet if the world police (the US) didn’t decide to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Australia wouldn’t have been involved in the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts. Maybe defending democracy is how we justified getting involved, but I think the real reason is that the US decided to seek revenge and we followed them in like lemmings. If the real reason was to protect and spread democracy, they would have been doing something more before September 11, instead they decided to attack after September 11. The “war on terror” has little to do with defending democracy and a lot to do with revenge.

    • Almir the muslim is ignorant of Australian law – or holds Australian law in complete contempt, which is not uncommon amongst mahommedans. Time for a lesson in the law of this nation in which you now live, Almir. CRIMES (FOREIGN INCURSIONS AND RECRUITMENT) ACT 1978 (Commonwealth) – section 6: Incursions into foreign States with intention of engaging in hostile activities: A person shall not: (a) enter a foreign State with intent to engage in a hostile activity in that foreign State; or (b) engage in a hostile activity in a foreign State. Penalty: Imprisonment for 20 years. Any questions, mate? ANY muslim going to Syria to fight either for Assad or against Assad is breaking Australian law and commits a crime in so doing – with a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail. I think it’s time for Australian muslims to start obeying Australian law. If that is too difficult – they can always leave and move to an Islamic country more to their liking. Possibly even Syria itself.

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      • …. it’s time for Australian muslims to start obeying Australian law ….

        “It’s Time.”

        What a ghastly reminder that phrase provides of the Maoist traitor, Whitlam and his gang’s illegal, unlawful, criminal and unconstitutional grabbing and centralizing of power in the unelected, Socialist-International-subordinate and servile, ALP-activist, Canberra bureaucracy. Itself — in Truth — but an extension of the vast racketeering, organized-criminal enterprises that prefer we call them by their street name: the Labor potty — and that is the central-planner architect of Australia’s every current and coming disaster.

        Which bureaucracy has so removed itself from and — by its writing of regulation and corrupt misuse of “Treaty Powers,” placed itself above Australian Law as to have effected its becoming as if Australia’s colonial master, whose treasonously-incited, encouraged and facilitated, scores of thousands-strong, invading and hostily-colonizing criminal-alien-army’s main attraction lies in its ‘Whitlamesque’ ability to create the maximum dissent among us and to, thus,hasten the demise of the Australian nation.

  3. Again a terrific piece & rightly points the dangers faced in Australia if we don’t control our borders.

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  4. In case no one else noticed in this very biased one-sided article – the 200 Australian Muslims fighting overseas are fighting in Syria. Australia is not involved in the Syrian conflict. Most of the Muslims who’ve gone there to fight have done so to fight against the Assad regime. Is it not possible anymore in the increasingly black and white world the media portrays for people to have multiple allegiances that play out at different times? It is indeed legitimate for the ADF to be recruiting and involving more young Muslims into the defence forces and it is also unfortunate that many of them have chosen to or otherwise gotten themselves involved in an organisation that is linked with Al-Qaida (the Syrian conflict isn’t black and white and many groups are fighting there). My point is, don’t take things at face value and make generalisations about the tendency of Muslims to fight overseas against Australian interests when there is no direct link between the conflict they are fighting in and Australia. Meanwhile a number of them will do a lot of good for Australia in our own ADF. Not all Muslims are the same or think the same, just like not all Christians or all Australians think the same. Generalisations are helpful but only to a point, and only when in context – that’s why they are generalisations.

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    • Of course…”Allahu akbar!” is Arabic for nothing to see here. Colonel Neville.

      zombietime com, politicalislam com, jihadwatch org, memritv org, islammonitor org, stophonourkillings com, faithfreedom org, prophetofdoom net, atlasshrugs2000 typepad com, thepeoplescube com, steynonline com, michellemalkin com, therightscoop com, babalublog com, hfontova org, pjtv com, iowahawk typepad com.

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    • You sir are ignorant of the islamic ideology and religion ,all muslims may not be extremist but it only takes a few to turn many mainly through fear and intimidation. There is no doubt that the muslim religion itself is fanatical in its ideas and views on other religions . if we cant learn from history and previous mistakes from appeasment we will end up making the same mistakes of the past .

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      • Stuart, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, all muslims are bound by the Sharia laws and as such that creed is to annihalate all non believers, the Sharia is nothing more than a set of laws, it has nothing to do with Religion.
        Islam is not a Religion, and certainly not a Religion of Peace, it is nothing more than an ideology, a way of life and controlled by use of the Sharia law, as such, their Mosques are not places of Religion, but a university for preaching the sick inhumane tenets of a cult of global domination through death and destruction. Allowing Islam to be practiced in Australia as a Religion, is opening the door to the Satanic beliefs of Mohammed,a man who was nothing more than a Bedouin Arab, who pursued the tribal annihalation of those who opposed his way of life, hence he invented the Sharia law as a means of self control by all Muslims.

    • As a former member of the ADF i myself would certainly be extremly worried about the admission of muslims into service especially one with a loaded weopon in his hand i wouldnt have time to seek out and close with the enemy as he would be standing probably behind me

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    • Just in case you hadn’t noticed, mate – it is AGAINST AUSTRALIAN LAW for Australian muslims to go overseas and fight in Syria, either for or against Assad. See Commonwealth of Australia CRIMES (FOREIGN INCURSIONS AND RECRUITMENT) ACT 1978 – SECT 6, which states as follows: “Incursions into foreign States with intention of engaging in hostile activities: A person shall not: (a) enter a foreign State with intent to engage in a hostile activity in that foreign State; or (b) engage in a hostile activity in a foreign State. Penalty: Imprisonment for 20 years”. I think that is fairly easy to understand and self-explanatory – don’t you?

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  5. Ironic that you should quote Churchill, when your views are more in line with Hitler.

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    • Riiight. The Hitler Card.

      ironically, you present yourself as a perfect Brownshirt mob type mentality fraud, fluffy. Er, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a guest of Hitler where the Mufti helped raise two divisions of MUSLIM SS. The Mufti helped design the death camps and the Mufti joyously visited Auschwitz many times. 200,000 CHILDREN were murdered at Auschwitz. After the war, 3,000 top Nazi’s fled to Egypt where many converted and all helped to develop Muslim terror groups such as the early PLO and so on. The BDS attacks on Jewish shops, Israel and Jews was started by an Egyptian Muslim and is now a global Muslim run Jew hating crime and subversion network working hand in hand and with the eager support of the global Marxist left.

      So YOU and they are not like Hitler, but entirely simpatico and following a long tradition. In fact the idea for crashing planes into Manhattan came from the Naz’s. See ‘The Amerika Bomber’ in Geert Wilder’s empirical and massively footnoted book ‘Marked For Death’.

      Oh, you don’t read, do you, you phony creep. No, really. Colonel Neville.

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  6. he didn’t say one thing about a certain race he said it about a religion,being muslims arnt a race

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  7. Talking about the ideology of Islam are not racist, because the ideology is not a person, but the ideology is comes from an opinion of individualism that made up as become as ideology of believes, and this ideology is dangerous to others, and it is done in many countries, which the ideology of Islam influences are nightmare for their power and politic to domination to others, while this ideology is wrong and madness. Australia is Christian country, because the fact that you living according to the used of the Christ Calender, and no one could denied the truth itself.

    Awareness necessary for each nation and the world leaders of the political evil of Islamic government of Indonesia to frictions among nations of the world.

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    • Every time someone associates an activity with a particular race they are labelled as a racist. Many stereotypes exist for a reason and where there is factual evidence with some degree of truth, one should not remain silent solely because he or she is afraid of being labelled as a racist.

      To read what is clearing labelled as an opinion piece and respond with three words, ‘you racist idiot’, illustrates the point I make above.

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    • A debate about issues concerning race, dose not per force justify an accusation of racism. Facts aren’t racist. Debate, especially well considered and factually researched debate, is not racist, but rather a sign of a healthy democracy. To ban such debate, is to make one set of issues beyond debate, and subject to another’s demands not to debate it. Such action is suppression, not consideration. A false allegation of racism is simply made. Banning intelligent debate under a false claim of ‘racism’ is misplaced idealism and such actions fly in the face of freedom. Our duty to all, is to debate and allow freedom of speech no matter how we may disagree – because that is the central pillar of freedom, and critical to informed decision making. Bill.

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    • Hey, excellent logical fallacy cliche gibberish. Five stars. Er, which race? So au contraire, YOU are a racist as clearly for you everything is about race. You don’t read, do you. You are either an indoctrinated and trained leftist twit and a suicidal one, or are you a Sharia jihad rage boy. Which is it, you anonymous fluff ball? No, really. Colonel Neville.

      Lawrence Auster on facing the facts of Sharia/Islam and conserving Western Civilization or committing left liberal enforced cultural and security suicide..


      And me on Husic swearing on the Koran and Beslan, it’s always’ actually about Beslan and our children…


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    • And which particular race would that be? You idiot!

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    • Heres a question, did the world tolarate hitler and national socialism, or mussolini no we didnt why because they were dictatorships,the same as the islamic relgion is it dictates how many times a day they must pray what clothes mainly woman but men also must wear what food they must not eat, even how much body hair you must have or have not have, .thats is just a small part of how much is dictated to a person of islamic believes. a woman is second to man and has no say in most things.. what most people dont realize that even most moderate muslims still adhere to these most primitive and backwards way of living .We should not compromise our way of life by bowing down to islam in any way. if they want to come to a new country with all its benefits and freedoms then they should let go of there dictatorship of a religion

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    • Where was the “Racism” in that? There were facts – that can be, and Goggled and checked out, there were comments in general, and a brilliant quote from the Worlds greatest statesman Winston Churchill. If we had listened to him in early 1900, none of this mess, that we have to clean up now, would have happened !!!

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    • you’re stupid, idiot. people like you are why these problems exist, do the world a favor and deport yourself to a 3rd world country, since you love the idea of one so much.

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    • Your an Idiot Person with that response
      Ban the Burqua and Ban Islam,Islam is not a Religion, and certainly not a Religion of Peace, it is nothing more than an ideology, a way of life and controlled by use of the Sharia law, as such, their Mosques are not places of Religion, but a university for preaching the sick inhumane tenets of a cult of global domination through death and destruction. Allowing Islam to be practiced in Australia as a Religion, is opening the door to the Satanic beliefs of Mohammed,a man who was nothing more than a Bedouin Arab, who pursued the tribal annihalation of those who opposed his way of life, hence he invented the Sharia law as a means of self control by all Muslims.

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