Just a coincidence…

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

At least, that is what it would have to be if we believe the homosexual community’s cry that there is no link between their sexual inclinations and paedophilia.

I’m referring to the name of South Australia’s gay news publication: Blaze.

It’s a funny title for a gay magazine. Especially considering that gay publications like to publish under lewd banners and names full of sexual innuendo.

That’s because the Woods Royal Commission found that the word ‘Blaze’ is closely associated with paedophilia. In fact, the Royal Commission records that it stands for Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters.

In 1997, the Woods Royal Commission published its report into paedophilia. It stated:

3.94 In the 1980s, the Paedophile Support Group in Victoria known as PSG was disbanded following action by the Victoria Police Delta Task Force. A former member of the PSG, Mr Emu Nugent, Commission witness D1, and several other paedophiles met in Sydney in the mid-1980s to form a similar group. In approximately 1987, this group adopted the title BLAZE.

3.95 It produced a publication called The BLAZE Bulletin which promoted man/boy sex and support for men who had sex with boys. It claimed:

BLAZE is committed to supporting all boy lovers wherever and whoever they are and our magazine may help you to bring a little help and strength to those friends of ours who are lonely or simply scared of being found out, even though they might be some of the most loving and least harmful people in the world.

3.96 The BLAZE Bulletin was used as a vehicle to report on, and involve others in, attempts to legalise paedophile activity, or sexual relationships between adults and children, most particularly men with boys.

3.97 Some members of BLAZE became particularly involved in writing to Government with research statistics in support of legislative change. Mr Nugent did not agree with this approach so he and D1 established a shop in Glebe, the Children’s Liberation Railway where pamphlets and posters were produced proclaiming:

We are a commune for children’s rights, activists, a place for young people escaping from homes, institutions, parents, schools. Stay with us. Join our struggle for children’s rights.

Two of the ‘rights’ promoted were:

Our rights to enjoy our own bodies and to choose who we love and have sex with;

No laws that punish voluntary relationships.

3.98  These views are views shared by paedophiles both within BLAZE and other organisations such as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in England, the North American Boy Lovers Association (NAMBLA), the Boy Lover Network, the Rene Guyon Society (with its infamous motto ‘Sex before eight, or it’s too late’) and the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild.

3.99 Some of these associations are quite brazen in their lobbying and promotion of paedophile activity and their potential influence has been enhanced by the Internet. They are potentially dangerous, if for no reason other than the group support and ‘legitimacy’ they encourage.

Those findings are concerning. And it’s also concerning that a gay news magazine brazenly publishes under a name so intimately associated with paedophilia.

But, like I said, it could just be a coincidence.

It could also just be a coincidence that the Gay News Network, the online publisher of Blaze, is currently advertising an event called “Boys Own Charity Bike Off”.

It features an image of a young male – he looks about 14 – wearing a bow tie and very tight underwear. With nothing else. And he’s holding a cake.

At the very least, assuming this is just a coincidence, the Gay News Network and Blaze should apologise to victims of paedophilia for publishing under a name that is associated with this form of sexual perversion. And the name should be changed.

But, considering the homosexual community so proudly and brazenly dragged children along to watch the filth on display at the Mardi Gras, I won’t be holding my breath.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Pedophilia “sexual feelings towards children”

    Homosexuality “Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.”

    Get the difference? Pedophilia is NOT the same as homosexuality. There are large reported cases of heterosexual pedophilia and incest compared to homosexual. Remember, pedophilia has no gender

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    • “Pedophilia “sexual feelings towards children” Homosexuality “Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.” Get the difference? Pedophilia is NOT the same as homosexuality.” ——————————- I’d agree with your definition if it wasn’t for the fact that a large segment of the homosexual community promotes paedophilia. Why would they do that if they’re only interested in fully grown men? —————————————– “There are large reported cases of heterosexual pedophilia and incest compared to homosexual.” ————————————— Homosexuals make up just 2% of the population, but account for almost 30% of all paedophies. That’s a generous estimate as it assumes the other 70% of victims (girls) are raped exclusively by men. There are women who rape girls. There have been cases of lesbians disguising themselves as boys so they could seduce and rape underage girls.

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  2. Why do you stay in the Army? Does it give you credibility?

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  3. Bruce of course there is paedophilia in the homosexual community as there is in the heterosexual community.
    And both forms need to be condemn as the abuse only causes a life time of hurt.
    But for Bernard to claim that the young man in the magazine looked 14 doesn’t help his real issue which was the magazine name Blaze and how it was inappropriate because of what the name use to stand for.

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    • Paul, the problem is once one form of unnatural practice is accepted then other unnatural practices of more extreme form will flourish and demand the same ” rights”. this is a fact.
      Children suffer because of selfish adult politics, those demanding their ” rights” and saying it does not effect society are so very wrong. Children are often the frst to suffer, their rights are often put on the back burner for the sake of selfish attitudes. the following laws effecting children are as follows: Abortion, no fault divorce, legalised drug use resulting in child neglect, homosexual acceptance to adopt children, followed by abuse physically and sexually as well as psycological and emotional confusion and loss of identity.

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      • We need more people like you, Kat.

      • Thankyou Bruce. 🙂

      • Can I ask Kat, what is your job? I seriously hope it has nothing to do with any form of giving advice or help in any form of emotional or moral level

      • Why, because she doesn’t bow down to the radical homosexual activists?

      • “Bow down to the radical homosexual activists” You do realise you actually sound like a crazy person right? Like a massive conspiracy theorist?
        And I was saying that because any LGBT youth to get counselled by her would be in serious danger.

      • You think there’s no such thing as a radical homosexual activist? What makes you think the homosexual liberation movement doesn’t have its own share of nutjobs? Every movement has extremists.

      • Haha, no, of course not, I’m not naive. Of course there are extremists in all movements. The reason I hope that Kat does not have a job in any form of counselling is because some of the things she spouts would be very harmful to LGBT teens, and if they were in counselling in the first place, they’re already most likely at a higher risk of depression and/or self harm, and I highly doubt Kat would be able to help that, unless she is able to put her personal views aside.

      • What’s better, letting a a confused child know that the things homosexuals do can lead to them acquiring HIV or committing suicide, becoming a victim of homicide or a perpetrator of it and other sorts of criminal behaivour, or, telling them that their confusion means they must be gay and should embrace it? When homosexuals embrace their homosexuality they often do it by having anal and oral sex with strangers in a public park or gay bar. That’s why HIV is so problematic in their community. Have you seen the stats on HIV? I don’t know about the stats for Australia, but in the US over 60% of persons who have HIV are gay men. What these men need is guidance so they can live a healthier lifestyle.

      • Oh wow… The things you come up with. As a gay teen myself, I have never had sex in a public place or a gay bar, in fact, I’m still a virgin, and I plan on staying one until I’m in a committed relationship.
        And also as a person who’s seen a psychologist before (nothing to do with being gay by the way), I can say that if she had of turned around and told me that being gay was wrong, or I was going to be sex offender, I would have been extremely offended and hurt, and would have just laid more problems on top of what I was already having. Which is why I hope Kat isn’t a psychologist.

  4. Thank you Bernard for speaking about this subject. People like Paul don’t want the world to know that not all homosexuals are innocent little angels. That’s sick and criminal. Paedophilia is supported by a sizeable sector of the homosexual community, including many of the leading advocates for “gay rights”. Mainstream homosexual publications in America promote paedophilia to their audience. You’ll find this crap in popular publications like Advocate, Edge, Metroline, The Guide, and The San Francisco Sentinel. Homosexual scentists used the the Journal of Homosexuality to promote paedophilia between men and boys as “loving relationships”. The JoH is the largest academic journal for the homosexual community. You know something’s pretty rotten in the ‘gay’ community when its premier academic journal more or less says it’s okay for men to abuse boys. This wouldn’t be able to occur if paedophilia was widely condemned by the homosexual community. The editors at Women’s Weekly and lad mags like Ralph and Zoo wouldn’t dare to promote paedophilia to their readership because it would land them in hot water and cause them to lose subscribers.
    Twenty years ago the United Nations made the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) the official Non-Govgernment Organisation representing homosexuals across the world, even though they were known to be supporting NAMBLA since the 1980s. The UN kept this perverted group as the official NGO for homosexuality until the US Government threatened to withdraw funding. Bernard, if you haven’t done so already, then take a look at an article that was written by Steve Baldwin called “Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement”. It’s where I got all of this information from. A quick search on Google about the allegations made by Mr Baldwin reveal they are all true. —————————— http://steve-baldwin.com/articles/43-articles/184-child-molestation

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    • Bruce, I know how much you enjoy promoting the link between homosexuality and pedophilia, but I ask you, is it at all possible that when the gay movement started that pedophiles saw an opportunity to legitimize themselves under the guise of being gay? You could argue rightly that if that was the case the gay movement would have thrown them out long ago, but if you consider that pedophiles are natural liars, it doesn’t seem so unlikely to me. Just maybe homosexual pedophiles outnumber adult only homosexuals, which is what you seem to be indicating. The more respectable members of the gay community aren’t the ones screaming out for so called rights. In fact, a gay man I know on Twitter likens the most vocal members of the gay community to villagers with torches and pitchforks chasing the big scary monster back into its tower, or babies banging their spoons on their highchairs.

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      • Webboy42, there are an alarming number of paedophiles among homosexual groups. Any practice that is unnatural leads to more extreme unnatural practices. Those for instance who have an addiction to pornography, may start out as viewing “harmless” soft heterosexual porn and then over time seek to view more and more extreme and risky viewing material, to which leads to unnatural viewing material such as homosexual erotica, child pornography, bestiality etc. to gain satisfaction.
        Those who engage in unnatural practices are very capable of becoming sex offenders with a victim to gain sexual gratification, and have no regard for the person they have hurt because sex becomes a selfish occupation. When Kinsey studied unnatural sexual practices, he could only find these sort within prisons, because they all have one thing in common. sexual immorality of unnatural practices and conviction of criminal activity.
        I will also add that not all people who have homosexual tendencies are paedophiles, however their behaviour must be discouraged before it possibly leads to this, as well as lower life expectancy of the person presenting with homosexual tendencies.

      • A study conducted on prisoners is inherently floored. Let’s just ignore the fact that they have no incentive to be truthful or even to lie for that matter, and remember that they are often the worst possible examples of human beings, and I use the term loosely. I should also point out that even if such a study wasn’t floored, it doesn’t establish causation as many would love to think, but only correlation. I believe going outside the boundaries of what many consider normal/natural does probably lead to more unacceptable behavior, but I don’t think homosexuality is as far out there as pedophilia and bestiality. You’re talking about the difference between 2 adults giving informed consent, and an adult taking advantage of a child or animal, neither of which can give informed consent. I know I know, you say homosexuals are seemingly oblivious to the risks they’re taking, but it is still informed consent. This is why I think pedophilia or bestiality is more likely to lead to homosexual activity than the other way round. Hey, I could be wrong, but the only people who usually try to say that homosexuality has the potential to lead to pedophilia or bestiality are against homosexuality from the outset and are trying to scare people into turning against them. There is no argument stronger than, “Won’t someone please think of the children?” Yes, the prevalence of pedophiles amongst homosexuals is disturbing, but I don’t think being a pedophile is the direct result from being homosexual.

      • what comes first? homosexuality or paedophilia, beastiality?
        Really this argument is irrelevant, they are as common as each other amoung these sort.
        Sexual immorality hurts those involved, even if both parties have consented, psychological health and physical health are at risk.
        Children are within direct risk if these behaviors are encouraged and accepted as normal.

      • Kat, the argument is relevant when the point is made that homosexuality leads to those other unacceptable behaviors. I don’t think that pedophilia, and definitely not bestiality, are as common as homosexuality. If bestiality was as common as you seem to imply, why aren’t there groups of the homosexual community arguing that they should be able to screw the pooch under the guise of gay rights?

      • Webboy42
        why is it that the homosexuals do not speak out against paedophilia and beastiality, when they use the gay rights argument to try lobby for their own legalsed “rights”?
        because they have no morals. They gave away their morals for unnatural practices, the do whatever you like and call it “love” concept.
        Acts of depraved and unnatural sort lead to practices even mre extreme. to ignre ths act would be foolish.

      • Kat Do you think all homosexuals are the same and will not speak against paedophilia and beastiality?
        I have morals I know whats wrong and whats right and I know my love for my partner of 15 years will never lead me to paedophilia and beastiality.
        The issue I had with Bernards blog was that Bernard thought the young male looked 14 either Bernard was lying or he was exaggerating the truth to get his point across why not just say young male?

      • Paul, engaging in homosexual practices goes against natural and moral law.
        Your concept of morality is twisted to justify your lifestyle.
        No not every honsexual is into beastiality and paedophilia, but it can and has lead to this, as well as a large number of them viewing pornography on a daily basis that leads to mre extreme viewing.

      • Homosexuality is found all across nature. Everything us humans do is moral and natural, it just depends whether it hurts someones life or not. We know pedophilia harms a child, we know bestiality just doesn’t work with our genetics nor does it work, plus animals have no consent or understanding ability or even children. Those who even think of comparing homosexuality to pedophilia or bestiality are obviously less moral than gay people and are twice as sick as anything and also have other desires to full fill and want.

      • “Those who even think of comparing homosexuality to pedophilia or bestiality are obviously less moral than gay people and are twice as sick as anything and also have other desires to full fill and want.” ———————————————– Then there’s a lot of sick people at the top end of the homosexual community, as they’re the ones who are most vocal in trying to get paedophilia legalised. Homosexuals who are active in science and psychiatry have stated on the record that they think boys will benefit from having sex with men. Read the post I left at the top of this page to see a list of high profile gay academic journals and mainstream gay publications that have said it’s okay for homosexual men to have sex with underage boys. There’s a lawyer in Australia who has written about 25 publications on the subject. He’s a convicted paedophile who raped two boys, a 12yo and a 16yo. One of his publications is on homosexuality. His name is Geoffrey Leonard. —————————- “Homosexuality is found all across nature.” —————————— In some species yes, but not all. What does it matter if it’s seen in the animal kingdom? Wild animals commit rape, incest, murder and theft on a daily basis. Doesn’t mean Humans should make all of those things legal. Humans have created a system that punishes that sort of behaviour because it’s uncivilised and socially destructive. Do you want Humans to be reduce themselves to wild animals? Our closest relative, genetically, is a sub-species of chimpanzee called the bonobo. It’s known for its widespread participation in lewd sexual activities like group sex, incest and bisexuality. Whole communities of bonobos engage in that filth every day, especially the the incest and homosexuality stuff. I’m glad that Humans have risen above that behaviour and made things like incest illegal.

      • Jess you contradicted yourself in your comment.
        if you think that everything humans do is natural and moral, what is the point of having laws?
        homosexuality does hurt people, physically and mentally.
        you say beastiality does not work, wel yes that is correct, and neither does homosexuality, and in very simple language, the bits dont fit.
        And I did not say paedophilia and homosexuality are the same, I said homosexuality can and has lead to paedophilia, and unnatural practices should be discouraged.

      • The same could be said that becoming a priest can and has lead to paedophilla.

      • Paul, this comment does not even warrent a reply.

      • webboy, I find it disturbing that so many mainstream homosexual publications and groups support paedophilia. Why would these people be allowed into the homosexual community and appointed as their leaders if the average homosexual detests them? Why isn’t the average homosexual protesting against them? All sorts of homosexuals go to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra and rally on the streets for gay marriage, but they say nothing about the extremists in their ranks who promote paedophilia. Why should I take them seriously when they obviously think that gay marriage is more important than protecting children from homosexual child abusers? Whenever I point all of this out to the homosexuals and bisexuals that I know they do their best to deny its existence and refuse to condemn the extremists. Why are they unwilling to distance themselves from these people out?

      • One gay man I know considers the drug/alcohol abuse, suicide, and HIV issues in the gay community more important than whether or not gay couples can marry. I have seen him state on occasion that the gay community should sort out their own issues before they demand the ability to marry. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything substantial from this man on the pedophilia issue. As for why they won’t distance themselves from pedophiles, it’s a mystery to me, but maybe they think denying the link is distancing themselves from the pedos. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

      • Health should be at the centre of the homosexual community’s agenda. Learning to value abstinence and cutting out the reckless party lifestyle will make them happier in the long run. If they cannot develop any sexual feelings for the opposite sex then they should learn to control the ones they have for members of their sex. They may never reach the point where they aren’t attracted to members of their sex, but through hard effort they can make it so that they don’t feel a compulsion to act on those urges. Hormonal therapy might be able to assist them. It seems to control rapists and paedophiles.

  5. Really Bernard you really think he looks 14?
    That would have to be one of the funnest comments your have made.
    I guess you are blinded by your judgmental beliefs and can’t see clearly.
    Are you also saying any business, sports team, etc using the name Blaze should quoting you “should apologise to victims of paedophilia for publishing under a name that is associated with this form of sexual perversion. And the name should be changed.”

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    • No Paul. I am not. Because none of those organisations promote a sexual agenda. But this magazine does and if it is just a coincidence that it happens to like advertising semi-naked pictures of young males under the name of an explicit paedophile term then it should have the decency to rebrand. But I don’t think that will ever happen. Instead, there will just be a lot of hot air about ‘rights’.

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  6. If we take into consideration that most publications are given names representing what they have to offer, I can’t think of any other meaning of Blaze other than that pointed out in the report. However, not all publications do pick names that easily identify the content, so one could argue that the name Blaze for a gay publication is a coincidence. But then, the report you referred to points out that a magazine was created by a group advocating to allow under-aged gay sex that happened to be called Blaze. I will point out though that these publications don’t represent all gay people. In fact, even though I follow a gay man on Twitter, 2 in fact, I have never heard of the publications that have routinely been pointed out by the anti gay commenters on this site. Some gay men are just content to have their gay relationships with other adults.

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    • webboy42, I am not suggesting for one second that all who engage in homosexual activity practise or support paedophilia. That is clearly not true. In fact, many would object strongly to it. But it is also strange that such a large proportion of children molested sexually are male. And it is also strange that ‘coincidences’ such as that I wrote about today occur. I would posit a theory that those who engage in homosexual activity ‘break barriers’, so to speak. They engage in activity that many consider perverted or unnatural. It does not seem unlikely to me that a segment take pleasure in breaking the barriers as far as they can.

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      • I think it’s entirely possible that homosexual pedophiles actually become pedophiles before they turn homosexual. When someone crosses out of the realm of “2 consenting adults”, gender preference isn’t as important to them anymore. “I’ve gone this far, so nothing else is out of the question.” The same thing happens with zoophiles. Many zoophiles are bisexual or homosexual because having crossed the species barrier, gender preference no longer matters to them. That is to say, I think it is more likely that pedos and zoos turn gay rather than homosexuals turning pedo or zoo.

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