Tony supports legalised abortion and it’s time to take him on his word

Tony Abbott doesn’t think abortion is a political issue. He made this statement while out on the campaign trail with a pro-abortion Liberal candidate running in the most marginal seat in Australia.

Given the circumstances, one can’t help but feel that Mr Abbott is wrong in his assessment on what constitutes a political issue. It is clearly an election issue, otherwise the media wouldn’t have questioned him on it while he was out and about kissing babies.

And Tony’s Coalition colleagues clearly disagree with him as well. Someone, somewhere within the bowels of LNP HQ has taken the time to actually give a brief glimpse into what a new government will do after September 7.

Unfortunately, if you think that Tony Abbott’s non-response to questions about the murder of unborn children was disappointing, then you are not going to be happy with the Liberal Party’s actual policy.

Because, for the most part, it is to do nothing. Or, in other words, the Coalition supports whatever the Emily’s List feminazis do.

That’s right. The Coalition policy, by and large, is no different than Labor’s. And, if we’re going to get down to brass tacks, Labor’s policies are not all that much different than those that the Coalition administered when they were last in power.

When asked about whether it will scrap funding for abortions carried out because the parents are not partial to sex of their child, the Coalition said it will do nothing.

And when asked about whether it will scrap funding for abortions carried out on healthy, viable children simply because parents can’t fit them in their busy schedule, the Coalition said they will do nothing.

And when asked whether it will remove RU-486 (a drug that is designed to kill babies) from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (a program that is supposed to provide cheap, life-saving medication) the Coalition’s health spokesman made a commitment to make no changes to abortion funding.

And when asked whether it will do anything about the fact that somehow children manage to survive an abortion and then somehow die (noting that this is usually called murder), the Coalition again said they will do nothing. The budget’s bottom line might be on life-support, but that won’t stop payments from the treasury to those who turn off life altogether.

And when asked about whether the Coalition will scrap paid parental following late-term abortions, the Coalition said no. Or, to be more precise, it said that it didn’t believe this happened and that no change was required. More of the ol’ do nuttin’.

This last response really is quite bizarre. Because placed right above it is Labor’s statement and that clearly implies that paid parental leave is paid out for late-term abortions. However, at least Labor said that these payments were unintended and acknowledging a problem is better than pretending it doesn’t exist. That’s why Labor actually scored better than the Coalition on abortion.

And that is where we come to the Coalition’s ‘by and large’. By and large, it will not change anything about abortion funding in Australia. With one exception. Labor are happy to shell out $11,000 for paid parental leave even though a deliberate decision ensures that there is no actual baby to care for over the 18 week payment period. The Coalition, by contrast, want to increase this amount up to $75,000.

So, if we take it at its word, a ‘pro-life’ Coalition government, will allow more of your taxes to end up in the pockets of those who have had abortions, or those who make a living off them.

I know, you’re saying that I’ve got it wrong. That won’t actually happen. Tony and his colleagues just need to play it cool for a couple more days and then, presto, all will be made new again.

Well, actually, that’s just spin and it’s not true.

The fact is that whenever a Coalition government is elected there is a perceived sigh of relief and then nothing happens.

Just like in Victoria.

If I had a dollar every time I heard someone tell me the pro-life movement managed to get the Liberals over the line at the last Victorian state election I’d be rich. But even with this supposed power, the Liberals have paid no attention. They don’t care. The laws haven’t changed. And babies are still dying.

The reason nothing happens is not a surprise. Nothing happens because most people in positions of power within the Coalition can’t be bothered changing anything. And they tell us this is exactly what they are going to do.

They are just as bad as the Emily’s Listers we all love to see kicked out of parliament. Perhaps they are even worse. Pro-lifers don’t vote for Emily’s List candidates. But they do vote for Coalition candidates and those votes are abused.

It’s time to start taking the Coalition on its word. And that includes Tony Abbott. His word is that abortion is not an issue he wants to deal with and that it should be legal. Even his pro-abortion candidates say he is at one with them and Tony’s quite happy to leave this assertion uncorrected. This reality is far different than the perception.

Furthermore, if this perception is going to spring into reality, it can only mean Tony Abbott has been lying about abortion so that he can become Prime Minister. I find it hard to believe that someone who lies about their position on abortion simply to gain power is going to do much good at all.

The Coalition has tricked pro-life voters. It’s tricked them for two generations. It’s told them to hang in there, and one day something will be done. In the meantime, it just watches on while those with conviction make change. Like the Greens.

The unfortunate reality is that if we don’t change the way we fight politically, we are going to keep losing battles while handing out blue how-to-vote cards for gutless politicians.

If we want to win battles, we need to start putting people into parliament who won’t lie to gain power. People who aren’t afraid to say that abortion is wrong. People who aren’t in politics for a career.

There are some Coalition MPs who deserve a vote. They don’t hide. But there’s not many of them.

This election is the perfect opportunity to do something different. One thing is certain and that is this: Kevin Rudd won’t be PM next Sunday. This means you can afford to vote for a good candidate, rather than voting for a Coalition candidate. And there are good candidates out there. Every Family First candidate in Queensland is pro-life. The Coalition can’t say the same thing.

It all comes down to one simple question. This election, are you going to be part of the great party game, or are you going to actually start winning the real battle?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I stopped reading at “feminazis”. Because anyone who needs to equate the feminist movement with the genocide of millions of people is clearly struggling to put forward a coherent argument.

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    • You’ve got to be joking. Abortion has taken more lives than all of the genocides in history and the feminists tell us it is good for women.

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  2. What is the Family First Party’s stance on the NBN? We need FTTP.

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    • Exactly!!! We need the things that REALLY matter! We need to have the ability for each person in the household to simultaneously stream the movie of their choice to their own iPad! Come to think about it, we should have a party that gives a free weekly Circus….maybe we could call it “Circus Maximus”. There are no shortage of clowns that could be employed, especially those looking for work after Saturday…

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  3. I think people of good conscience need to be aware that if they have a pro life candidate in their electorate, their duty is to vote for them, be they Liberal National or ALP etc. If we have a more pro life parliment and help eliminate the emilys list stacking as well as the greens then we will see a change in Australia for the better. As for prefered PM I would say Tony is the lesser of the two evils, he still has a long way to go but i do believe if we had more pro life polititians he may have more courage amending laws placed by the emilys list and gay lobby groups AKA greens.

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  4. And who comes out on this,when Rudd has no idea what is in the bible and flip flops on the marriage issue and has so many Emily’s list women in his party?

    A vote for Rudd is a vote for abortion to give power to his Emily’s list woman who support abortion up to birth.

    32 pro- abortion women standing for the APL for the 2013 federal election. Note worthy Sen Penny Wong leader of the senate sits among them on to mention her push for same sex marriage.

    Just what do you want if you don’t put yourself up for election in a winnable seat to get into parliament and fight for lifeissues?

    As pro-life National Candidate former Senator Barnaby Joyce sayes “This a numbers game”.

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    • Hello Liz and thank you for your comment. I agree completely that the ALP are no good. My point is that the LNP want to keep the ALP’s policies, so they are no better. It is a numbers game and at the moment, the numbers are being sucked into the LNP because everyone says that someone else can’t get elected. That’s rubbish. Someone else can get elected, but only if people change the way they vote – this is especially the case in the Senate. We’ve seen two pro-life parties get candidates elected with around 2% of the vote in the last decade. It doesn’t happen more often because most pro-life people still vote Liberal. And the Liberal Party never does anything. Numbers are important, but not if they are wasted by backing the wrong horse. And as you mention Barnaby Joyce, I have to say that I am very disappointed a pro-life Senator would attack plans to cut paid parental leave off from abortion as he did in Parliament in 2010.

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  5. I would like to say that the DLP in NSw is preference pro-abortion Pauline Hanson at number 5 above pro-life, pro-marriage coalition candidates in the senate. Anthony Green of the ABC believes she has a real chance of winning.

    “And when asked about whether it will scrap funding for abortions carried out on healthy, viable children simply because parents can’t fit them in their busy schedule, the Coalition said they will do nothing.” Read between the lines of the PPL that Tony Abbott wants brought in, to help those career woman who find themselves pregnant and who often abort their babies…….the PPL gives them another option to keep the baby.

    Now working woman will they enjoy the scheme that Labor’s Emily’s List, Tanya Plibersek, Rudd’s health minister who has had 3 babies on the tax payer funded Commonwealth PPL. Oh she is the one who put the RU486 pill on the PBS and advocates abortion up to birth. A woman who has walked away from her Catholic roots.

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    • Unfortunately, paying people to keep children while also allowing them the option to abort them and keep the money is a flawed approach. It will not change the problem. If women are prepared to accept the $5000 Baby Bonus or $11,000 Paid Parental Leave after abortion, what makes you think less will accept up to $75,000 for an abortion. The answer is to amend the law. Abbott has said he will not do this. And by the way, this law was not brought in by Labor, it came in under the Howard government (with the Baby Bonus). I’m not saying they did it deliberately – it may have just been a poorly thought out loophole – but they are the facts nevertheless.

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  6. Disgusting. Abbott’s Catholicism has fallen in a heap as he’s compromised on one issue after another. This and also last year’s call for priests to reveal the details of the confessions of paedophile priests are the smoking guns. He is an ex-Catholic.

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  7. Hi Bernard,

    I would mention however that Family First has in many states, preferenced pro-choice and euthanasia affirming parties ahead of parties such as the DLP. For example, in WA, Family First has put the Stable Population Party third in preference flows after.

    The DLP (Democratic Labour Party) has not done this (although they have questionably put One Nation above FF and Australian Christians in some tickets). DLP Senator Madigan brought the first anti-abortion bill to parliament in years, and I commend the DLP, as I’m sure you do, to pro-life voters.



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    • Hi Joe – thanks for your comment. There are issues with the preferences and the confusion is not helped by a lack of understanding about how the senate count works and what the chances of each party actually is. I believe that in Queensland Family First has done a great job of ensuring it has the best possible chance of winning while ensuring that its preferences will go to the least worst options if it does not secure the final Senate spot. After the election there needs to be an objective look at how the minor parties have operated and whether there were better options. For instance, in Queensland the DLP have preferenced Katter’s pro-gay marriage candidate above Family First and this may have an impact on whether Family First gets over the line. I know the Queensland executive and I know they did not support this decision. I do have great regard for Senator Madigan – I hope he continues his fine work.

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