Now Margie Abbott comes out for gay marriage

If my post yesterday didn’t convince you that the Liberal Party is rapidly heading in the same direction as Labor on gay marriage, then there’s probably not much that will open your eyes.

But here is one last shot.

Tony Abbott’s wife, Margie, has today said that she is open to debate on gay marriage, stating that she believes love and commitment should be recognised.

While I dispute that there is much love in a relationship that hurts spiritually, physically, emotionally and eternally, it’s obvious that she disagrees. Even Tony’s family are pushing him to the brink on this issue and considering he’s abandoned Catholic teaching on abortion and a range of other issues, one can’t help but feel he’s on the way to doing the same with gay marriage.

And remember, for all those who might say that Tony Abbott can be against it while the Australian Parliament votes for it: Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister. He is responsible, more than anyone else, for what passes as law. If he is really against gay marriage, as Prime Minister he can take measures to ensure it does not become legalised. And if those measures fail, he has no choice but to resign, or accept responsibility for the law.

Just the same as while he was Health Minister, he was responsible for overseeing a system that provided funding for abortion. He will take responsibility for that, sooner or later, whether he likes it or not.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Good Evening Bernard.I hope you are well Sir. I just wanted to say Thank You for your valour and duty served.
    Respectful regard sent.Personally I think gender issues should be left out of Politics(after enduring an unsocial selfish , Socialist, insulting, infliction ) for at least 6 yrs.
    It seems like a very poorly timed*` distraction` tactic .. from high priorities and principles that need serious addressing first .
    Kind regard sent~

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  2. Real marriage is impossible between same sex couples because its designed for a man and a woman. It holds the promise of new life and is the basis for the family. The more we corrupt these long standing guiding principles the more society falls apart. Why is it that homosexuals crave marriage so much and the answer is not about equality or fairness rather its a vain attempt to embrace normality.

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  3. May I politely suggest, that you offer a manual bank acct and branch so as people that do not trust* on-line donations could manually deposit to help Liberties of communication that dependable way Please,
    Thank You for being You Mr Gaynor.

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    • Regarding my previous post, may I also suggest either that ,or a private P.o. box, so as we could send a Postal order or if you have children(?) a small thank you gift .It is a suggestion in`good-faith` and may be tax deductible depending on income etc. or you might go halves with a trusted friend , partner etc . in the cost for a PO box or small bank-acct. The nasty Socialists bought in a filthy deposit Tax so they could get their ill-intended thumbs in other peoples pies?? Charming for parasites.They disgust me so… Bernard.

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  4. What can one say ? Many bishops out there have become “comfortable”on so many issues that all that’s left is “the little flock ” fighting against a tsunami of contradictions and accusations.
    Lets not become discouraged though, our Shepherd is never far. Hear that, Tony?


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  5. QUOTE: “Even Tony’s family are pushing him to the brink on this issue and considering he’s abandoned Catholic teaching on abortion and a range of other issues, one can’t help but feel he’s on the way to doing the same with gay marriage.” ENDQUOTE ……. The reason why so many ‘catholics’ (sic) have abandoned Catholic teachings on these matters is that there are few catholic (sic) Bishops in existence that have a Catholic backbone, and speak out to what are the Catholic Truths. These Bishops are more interested in being popular and all inclusive, and are afraid of offending anyone especially politicians. It would take guts for a truly Catholic Bishop to ex-communicate a “cafeteria catholic” politician who calls themselves ‘catholic’, yet implicitly supports abortion and immorality. It’s no wonder that Catholics are confused about the Church’s teachings, because it appears that the Bishops are no longer in the instruction business. It can only mean they are in the de-struction business??? Thanks for having a Catholic backbone Bernard.

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