The age of rainbow tyranny

Once again, the internal workings of the Australian Defence Force have cleared my name.

I have been cleared of all allegations against me that I have engaged in unacceptable behaviour.

This comes after I was cleared of all allegations that I had breached Defence law.

Despite all the efforts, investigations, hours, research and countless pages written, there is not a single thing that anyone in my chain of command can point to and say ‘Gotcha!’.

Actually, I joke about the countless pages. There is a precise number of them. In May this year, I was informed under Freedom of Information provisions that there were about 2,500 pages of documentation relating to my comments this year. I hate to think how many there are now.

The problem for me, according to the guys at FOI, was that there was so many documents and so much written that it would ‘substantially and unreasonably’ divert Defence resources from its other operations if it was to wade through them all, clip off the phone numbers and post me a copy.

I’d certainly hate to be responsible for Defence taking its eyes off the ball in Afghanistan. There is a war on, you know.

So it’s better that all those Defence resources allocated to making the ‘Gaynor Files’ so large that it would break the system if they were ever to be released are allowed to plough on, logging every comment of mine and recording every whine from the guys at the Defence Gay & Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS) who think that diversity means ‘No Catholics Allowed’ and ‘Let’s all march with sexual perverts in front of kids at the Mardi Gras’.

Actually, who would’ve thought there was a war on when there are whole servers in darkened bunkers dedicated to storing the massive volume of documents related to my views about guys like Mohammad and Squadron Leader Vince Chong.

Speaking of Prophet of Peace and the good leader of Defence’s gay lobby, the latter was the cause of this most recent investigation because he took umbrage at my comments about the former.

I said something like Mohammad founded a violent religion. Then queue Chong, who jumped up and down about me being racist. It was as predictable as a moronic comment from a leader in diversity. Wait, he is a leader in diversity and that is why he was given a shiny badge earlier this year, rewarding his efforts campaigning against the rights of religious organisations in Australia. ‘Cos that is what leaders in diversity do – enforce their views on others.

Anyway, I don’t know what it feels like to be stupid, so I can’t tell you how the DEFGLIS Chair feels at the moment. But my suggestion to him is that he should give up trying to be an expert on Islam or human rights because he clearly does not have a clue.

And that brings me back to the future and ongoing action against me.

Despite all the victories, which are nice, defeat looms. That’s because justice is a buzzword that doesn’t mean anything anymore. I haven’t done anything wrong, but it seems I may well lose my commission on the grounds of the same allegations of which I have been cleared.

And those allegations are all nothing more than a big, whiny ol’ whinge by non-Catholics who do not like my Catholic beliefs or the political opinions I hold as a result. I can handle that they have different views – why can’t they handle mine?

And that is why I am fighting this fight. I will defend my beliefs before God and I will do all that I can to ensure that future serving members are not harassed, vilified, ridiculed or victimised because they follow Our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

But even if you are not Catholic, you should be interested in this fight. If a bunch of thugs with fluro wristbands and glitter can make sure Defence has absolutely no regard whatsoever for those who hold the beliefs of Australia’s largest religion, then they can come after you too.

We are living in the age of the rainbow tyranny. If you want to help fight back, send me an email.

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As you may be aware, I am facing termination of my Army commission after 16 years of service, three Iraq deployments and a career that has been recognised with the United States Meritorious Service Medal.

My commission is not being terminated for any failure of performance or failure to provide service:

  • the allegations against me do not make any mention of a supposed failure of performance or failure to provide service,
  • a Defence Force disciplinary investigation has cleared me of all allegations that I have breached military law or Defence policy, and
  • a detailed administrative inquiry has cleared me of all allegations that I have engaged in unacceptable behaviour.

Despite these findings clearing my name, the Chief of Defence Force recently wrote to me, indicating that he would terminate my commission anyway. I responded to that letter today.

Without doubt, my commission is being terminated because of my Catholic religious beliefs and personal political activity. Essentially, Defence hierarchy do not like my personal activity in which I have:

  • defended the of right of Christian schools to hire Christian teachers when these rights were threatened by proposed changes to anti-discrimination laws,
  • expressed concern about waste of Defence resources via Defence funding of sex-change operations,
  • expressed concern about the decision to place women in front-line combat roles,
  • expressed concern about a lack of understanding within Defence of the Islamic religion, and
  • highlighted that ADF participation in the Mardi Gras breaches Defence policy on unacceptable behaviour regarding religious harassment, political harassment and rules prohibiting support of sexually-explicit activity in the workplace.

It is important to note that Defence policy explicitly allows freedom of religious practice and belief. It also explicitly allows members to engage in personal political activity, provided they do not do so in uniform.

In contrast to my personal activity, this year Defence has allowed:

  • uniformed personnel to support political activity at the Mardi Gras, even though Defence policy explicitly prohibits Defence members from conducting political activity in uniform,
  • uniformed support for lewd, sexually-explicit behaviour at the Mardi Gras – conducted in front of children – even though Defence policy explicitly forbids sexually-explicit behaviour in the workplace and the Mardi Gras was a Defence workplace by virtue of the orders given to uniformed personnel who marched in support of its political goals and agenda,
  • public harassment of myself and denigration of the Catholic faith by a transsexual LTCOL protected by the Chief of Army,
  • a uniformed homosexual officer to criticise Defence policy and Defence hierarchy publically and on national television,
  • a commendation to be awarded to the Defence officer who led the political campaign by the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service supporting proposed changes to human rights laws in Dec 2012-Feb2013 that would have removed freedoms from religious organisations.

The significant difference between myself and other officers who have been allowed to conduct objectionable behaviour in breach of Defence policy is that they are homosexual and I am not.

Furthermore, the Chief of Defence Force has personally written to all but tell me I cannot practice my Catholic faith publicly while I am in the Army Reserve. This is a dangerous precedent and all Christians should be concerned.

He stated:

I respect your religious beliefs and your right to have, and express, opinions contrary to ADF and Government policy. However, your public articulation of these matters whilst a member of the Army Reserve, whether or not you are on duty, or in uniform, undermine my confidence in your ability to uphold the values of the Australian Army and your effectiveness as a leader in today’s Army.

It seems very clear that he is saying that I cannot express my opinions – based on my Catholic faith – and expect to keep serving. I need to keep my Catholic faith quiet – even when I don’t parade.

I will fight this.

Bernard Gaynor

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Stand firm Bernard and remain steadfast in the faith, Jesus said there will be more pity for sodom and Gommorah than this wicked, perverted generation.
    Love the sinner but hate the sin.

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  2. Sir,
    and I use that term loosely. Good riddance to you and your beliefs. I am catholic, heterosexual and a serving member of our great ADF. The ADF this year has had more ups than downs. I applaud the CDF for allowing the Gay men and women of our service to march. The spill the same colour blood as us, breath the same air. Why should they not march with pride. I for one will be happy not to have to salute you ever… Because you are not worth the effort.. Biggot

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    • The question is not why they should they not march with pride, but why they should march in a parade which blatantly celebrates perverse sexual activity and horribly denigrates what you claim in your post to be your faith? I say to you, Terry, that you are a hypocrite not a Catholic. Have fun saluting men in dresses and lipstick.

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    • Terry i highly doubt you are Catholic. you may have been Baptised however you are what Practicing Catholics refer to as a Cafeteria Catholic, those who pick and choose what they like regarding Church teaching and reject the rest. People who are practicing homosexuals should be discouraged to serve in the AFD because of health reasons, blood wounds or treatments of etc and yes the red cross still reject blood giving from practicing homosexuals for a reason, but also trust in a team environment can be interfered with if their is a sexual attraction between team members. Those who have tendencies but not practicing, by all means serve within the ADF but do not force it upon the majority hetrosexual people who do serve in the ADF. And members of the ADF should not be allowed to march in uniform in pride parades, The rule book has been thrown back at the top Brass and they are in hot water, because they have caved in to the political correctness of the GLBT agenda to which are a minority and have rejected the ADF rule book. Cheers for your service within the ADF but maybe you should do a little more homework as to what the soldiers in world war I and II actually fought for.

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  3. Bernard, RestoreAustralia is fighting to bring about the protections of our freedoms, including Freedom of Speech, through constitutional change. The problems you are facing, and those our nation face, are all rooted in the same problem.

    Our Constitution was written to unite 6 British Colonies into 1 British Colony. Since 1901 we have had 44 referendums presented to We the People. But ONLY EIGHT have been approved.


    Because only the politicians have the power to INITIATE referendums…and they are NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

    So RestoreAustralia is working to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to give all voters the right to INITIATE referendums. With that power in the hands of the people where it belongs we could all unite and start to amend our constitution to bring it into line with modern day realities. We need a constitution that specifically protects our rights and freedoms; that defines our laws clearly and provides us with a Justice System, not a Legal System; that makes our representatives directly responsible to We the People, not a political party.

    If you would like to know more please visit our website at

    If we can do anything to help and support you, we are here and ready.

    Mike Holt
    CEO RestoreAustralia

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  4. Keep up the good fight Bernard – we are with you and admire your courage. You are fighting for all of us who hold fast to the Teachings of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It seems it is the Bible on trial here, but we all know Who wins in the end, and we will be with Him in the ultimate Victory. Will continue to pray for you and your family, and also those sad people who have chosen to live a way not in conformity to the Teachings in the Bible and who feel so threatened by these beliefs that they must try to blot them from the face of the Earth. God loves them too and does not wish to see their condemnation, so I pray that you will continue to have the strength to keep putting forth the TRUTH, for the sake of all. God Bless you.

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  5. The Hon David Johnston, …
    Dear Minister,
    the dysfunctional leadership apparent in Army and the ADF must be addressed on basic principles.
    Imperative Defence priorities do not include attempted social reform. Every effort must be made to safeguard our personnel in danger, while pursuing necessary operations.
    The resources expended in the ADF/Army versus Gaynor affair, and those resources’ alternative non-deployment, can only weaken Australia’s protection of our personnel at most risk.
    The leadership confusion apparent in the Army/ADF versus Gaynor affair show either fundamentally flawed procedures, or highly irregular – albeit official – processes.
    If these issues are not corrected promptly, then external inquiries may be indicated.
    I respectfully request your reply re your intended action to re-order the offending arrangements.
    Ref: et al.

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