Questions raised about LTCOL McGregor’s interference in my career


As readers of this site are well aware, Lieutenant Colonel McGregor is the most senior transgender officer in the Army. That’s a dubious achievement at the best of times. And, as you will see below, there are serious questions about the level of influence, all of it illegal, that McGregor has over future decisions about my career.

These questions should be immediately answered by the Chief of Army and McGregor’s conduct should be investigated properly. So far, Defence has done nothing but protect him.

It’s obvious that McGregor doesn’t like me very much because I am not afraid to defend Catholic teaching. So he’s taken turns at sooking, pouting and, quite frequently, hurling abuse because I, and others, dared comment on his public statements in the media. And throughout his abuse, he’s claimed access to the Chief of Army and ‘data a mile deep’ on me. He’s used his position to pressure me to resign.

I say that if McGregor can’t handle my criticism, then he should stop airing the most private details of his genitalia and love of wearing lipstick and Army stockings with his wide-eyed and gushing mates at the ABC. It might also help if he eases up with the anti-Catholic diatribe he is so keen on.

But I doubt that’ll happen, so I guess he’ll just have to be content with continued scrutiny.

He should also stop interfering in my career.

And lest anyone doubt that this cross-dressing Lieutenant Colonel with direct access to the Chief of Army is not deliberately undermining my reputation for no other reason than that I am Catholic and disapprove of his dress sense, I will highlight exactly what McGregor has publically said about me, my family, other Catholics, and Catholicism in general. I will also point out his unsavoury and most unladylike behaviour.

If he is allowed to do this publically and with the sanction of the Army (and I have been told by the Army that his actions are perfectly acceptable), one can only imagine what he is advising the Chief of Army about me behind closed doors.

It reeks of bullying, undue influence, obsession and the simple execution of a personal vendetta against me.

For a start, Lieutenant Colonel McGregor has personally written to me, harassing me to resign and to skite about his media support within the biased circles of the ABC. And, as you will also see below, he also boasts of having data on me a mile deep. I’d like to see it for a start, but it does raise questions about how much access McGregor has been given to my service records. For the record, I’d be perfectly happy for those documents to be exposed. I have nothing to fear.

On 10 July 2013, I received this email from McGregor, written while he was on the other side of the world commentating on the recent Ashes series:

Enjoy this. Try the Swiss Guard Bernice. The uniforms compensate for men with irresolute chins. And secular law may not apply. Show real moral courage and resign if you cannot accept orders from legitimate authority. And hand in your legal practicing certificate if you think only canon law applies to all of us. 

Without a doubt, it is harassment for a prominent officer working directly for the Chief of Army to write this email pressuring me to resign. It is also false of McGregor to claim I do not accept and follow orders. I have never disobeyed a legitimate order and the Army itself has made that finding.

It is also hypocritical. The link he sent was for an interview regarding the Chief of Army’s recent and well-publicised speech regarding standards in the Army. McGregor claims he wrote that speech and I’m prepared to take him on his word.

And in that speech, the Chief of Army said, clearly, concisely and bluntly that he would be ruthless in removing those who exploited or degraded others. He also urged soldiers to show moral courage:

 “If you become aware of any individual degrading another, then show moral courage and take a stand against it.”

Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, Chief of Army, 13 June 2013

I didn’t need the Chief of Army to tell me that soldiers should show moral courage, but I thank him for his support.

And that is why I have taken my stand. Because McGregor’s activities degrade not just me, but my family, all Catholics in particular and Christians in general.

These are his other public statements.



Bundarrah Days Website (grammar & spelling unchanged)

16 May 13:

Call yourself a Christian? You make me puke.

16 May 13:

Thanks champ. Is cattleman your occupation or your sexual preference? I work directly for the Chief of the Army and have the respect of men who who have done more than rattle rosary beads and slander other people. You are a dingo. Keep screaming in the cupboard to you six followers. Sad little man.

16 May 13:

By the way. I was awarded the Order of Australia for Exceptional Service to the Australian Army. I asked you a question about your own service. None is that the answer? So if we need to get into the playground stuff about girly men fine. Where’s that leave you and the boys in frocks who run your church. I assume you twaddle about Madigan implies Catholicism?

Maybe pop into the local parish and ask what paraphilia means.

Hang in their sweetie. Its’s a slice hearing from you. BTW Love the cattleman gear. Very macho. If you ever had the ‘knackers’ to be soldier I have no doubt you’d have been terrific.

16 May 13:

Oh-I do have one regret. I shouldn’t have let a washed out Herald Sun failure and right wing kook like you provoke me into slurring the Catholic Church. I still attend the sacraments and am reconciled through my confessor. I have great regard for the Church even though scribes and pharisees like you try to pervert its decent message of forgiveness. Remember sweetie-when you point a finger at someone-there three pointing back at you. Please feel free to publish this. I am sending your stuff on to all my friends.

16 May 13:

Know Bernie well. And the last time we spoke we were both on our way to military operations.

16 May 13:

We’re done here you pathetic little whited sepulchre. Sorry -wrong Bernie Gaynor. Knew his dad who was a good bloke and a mate of mine. Still is. LOL : )

I’ll get on with my life. I am deeply happy and have the respect of a lot people who matter to me. You are an embittered failure. You are to be pitied.

I’ll live on a s woman and feel good about it. You are the one is delusional. The fact that my choice so offended says something about you -as does your consistent belligerence.

Have a cracking time up there with the herd sweetie. This correspondence is terminated. I’ll delete any further replies without reading them so save your ranting for your Kool Aid drinking mates. I wonder when you’ll come out? That’s my theory on you-and I have more qualifications in psych than you.

Big Hug pretty boy.


18 Jun 13:

And here’s a tip. I’ll leave the Army on my terms long after Bernie has gone dishonourably. You both are hopeless jokes. And I do remember his old man. His nick name was Mother. And he washed out of Duntroon as a failure the year I topped my class. The apple didn’t fall from the tree. Your hero Bernie was a marginal pass after being back squadded. reviled by his peer group.

19 Jun 13:

We’ll see about defamation loser. You asserted that I joined the Army for the purposes of receiving free surgery. As I made clear it was not on offer when I joined. Nor have I ever received it. Nice try. What is your evidence for that publication? The policy changed in 2010. I joined first in 1974 and re-enlisted in 199. Facts??? Where are they? You are filth. And as for christianity. You are a fraud and white sepulchre.
Now I have work to do you piece of detritus. And if knackers are not genitals what were are they you degenerate?

19 Jun 13:

As I noted earleir. I will serve on long after Bernard Gaynor is working at Maccas.

 Cate McGregor

19 Jun 13:

“OK little boy. This is now over. I have a real job. I also have a life. Get used to it. I am living as a woman and am recognised as such by law. Every day I wear the uniform I will particular pride at how much it offends you. I have the overwhelming support of the Army. I will serve on.

You are deranged and miserable hate ridden piece of filth. I hate to imagine the climate in your household with your pent up rage and insecurity.

As they say in the film Argo…

But then you probably haven’t bee to the movies since Deliverance have you. Stay away from me.

Catherine McGregor AM -suck on that fuckwit!”

Cate McGregor

19 Jun 13:

I’m a woman. MY name is Cate-recognised by the law of the land, the Army and the ATO and on my passport. I am also an Army officer and will be long after your creepy little pal is not.

SUck it up. You have no power -why you’re rage is so impotent. The world is changing and you are marooned in your ghetto mumbling in Latin. Good luck.

19 Jun 13:

Keep mumbling in Latin to your God while ranting in English at real people. You are credit to Catholicism. And keep huffing and puffing. I’ll be serving on with an AM when Bernie is a in Maccas uniform.

 10 Jul 13:

Listen in I’ll be commenting with my many mates from Australian cricket-real men secure in their identity and not obsessed with mine. I’ll show them your ramblings you are an endless source of laughs. And I meant-Bernie looks irresolute without a chin-lend him one of your four fat boy.Big Kiss sweetie

10 Jul 13:

And as for my accurate description of the Gaynor boys’ brilliant careers at Duntroon being defamatory-dream on. See them in court any time they like. Truth is a defence. And I have data a mile deep on both of them.


Two Million You Tube hits for Morrison’s speech written by me- to your one idiot mate agreeing that Morrison be sacked.

ABC One plus One

During this interview, as I have already pointed out in an earlier post, McGregor referred to me, labelling me cowardly and this website scatological. On national television.


This officer has launched clear attacks on Christianity and Catholicism. Despite confusing claims about friendship, he has engaged in direct attacks on my father who has served this nation in uniform for almost 40 years. It is only with great hesitation that I even mention this out of fear that he will be next in line for the ‘new-age’ chopping block. McGregor has engaged in personal and direct attacks on another Catholic writer. And he has abused me.

I don’t really care about the nature of his comments. McGregor just joins the conga-line of abusers who have lined up against me this year. He’s nothing special in that regard. I do care about the fact that he has done so with the protection of his boss – the Chief of Army – at the same time as the Chief of Army is trying to terminate my commission.

It is an abuse of power and process. It reeks if hypocrisy and bias.

It is very concerning that the Army has found his conduct acceptable. This includes the statements he has made in uniform. This is despite the fact that McGregor claims to have written a speech in which the Chief of Army stated that every member was responsible for the culture and reputation of the Army.

That’s some reputation the Army is trying to build with officers like McGregor free to spout vitriol and abuse against Christians.

But, despite all this, in finishing it is important to make some other points about this officer. Because I like to be truthful and his own attacks on me in no way diminish my ability to recognise his qualities. McGregor does have good qualities. He is undoubtedly intelligent, well-educated and read, has a great understanding of history, speaks articulately and, apparently, he has found a brilliant editor. He also, as I have written before, has courage. It might be perverse, but it is still courage: walking around publically in women’s clothing when you are a man cannot be an easy thing to do.

These are qualities that can make a man. But in McGregor’s case they are stunted and abused. I take no pleasure in saying that because I take no pleasure McGregor’s plight. For some reason he, not I, is afflicted with a terrible, neurotic condition: an insecurity in his being and masculinity that he has allowed to take control, twisting him into a grotesque caricature.

McGregor has failed to accept his masculinity. So he has styled himself on an adolescent boy’s debased fantasy: a lesbian. Unfortunately, like so many fantasies, they are more a nightmare than anything else.

McGregor needs help to become the man he should be. I pray that God will not abandon this man to his self-made delusion and especially that His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, watch over and protect him. She is the perfect woman. McGregor could do a lot worse than follow her example

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. reading his bitter rants gives one a hint about why HIV is 49× as common amongst trannies like ‘Catherine’ as amongst the general population.

    that the current overt leader of the Roman state religion is really coming off the official rails does not automatically make each of his followers into an evil person, despite the implications of “the charism of infallibility” and “hermeneutic of continuity” when he makes a statement which crosses the written Word (such as stating that it and Qur’an carry the same message).

    a naïve aggressor will of course read such events as destructively as they can, which action tells any observers all that they need to know about the aggressor.

    ‘Catherine’ can choose to ignore (or spite) Real Life as much as he pleases, yet it is under no obligation at all to change at his will.

    one thing along these lines which we can both agree on is that “marriage equality” is very simple: one woman plus one man can make one marriage.

    we can bicker endlessly over differences of authority, or differences in how various forms of authority are manifested, or we can walk on common ground and do productive things which sit within the boundaries drawn by the integrity of each of us, and I strongly prefer the latter approach.

    in the case of ‘Catherine,’ he is evidently so strongly bound by the adversary that even identifying common ground (if there is any) would be a long and arduous chore, at which point I conclude that there are more useful things for me to do.

    one of those useful things is waking people up to the huge threat posed by the world’s most destructive political ideology (which wears a ‘religious’ cloak) and the harsh reality that our choices are to remove it, or watch as it destroys us.

    its primary goal is to conquer everything else: what you cannot force to submit, you must destroy. having muddy-minded people like ‘Catherine’ constantly sticking his oar in over his areas of personal conceit seriously gets in the way of people who are actually trying to achieve something.

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  2. You guys really need to chill out. Come back when you’ve finished reading your bible. ALL OF IT. Biggest pile of rubbish I’ve ever read.

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  3. I cannot believe that our security lies in the hands of mutations that are halfway between he, she and it. So much for the ANZAC spirit; so much for ANZAC pride. Our soldiers fallen must be rolling in their graves to see what these mutants have done to the proud Australian uniform. Sacred blood has fallen. The question begs – Why – for this?
    No matter how they try and cut it, a mutation is a mutation is a mutation.

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  4. “Cate’ is obviously a very unhappy person. We need to pray for her/him. But because Bernard Gaynor is speaking the truth and standing up against unrighteousness, he is getting persecuted. Jesus Christ himself said “If the World hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.” John 15:18

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  5. “Catherine McGregor AM -suck on that fuckwit!” This from a senior Army officer? I’ve long thought that the ADF’s system of nominations for Australia Day awards is hopelessly flawed, and this is an excellent example. What a pathetic individual “Cate” is, not a man, not a woman, just a psychotic, mutilated creature hiding behind political correctness, and protected by those who inwardly despise “it”.

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  6. When I first read this blog and the supportive comments that followed, I was disturbed at what I read… but then I saw it for what it was – a sad and fearful cry from the dying fossils that pine for the ‘old times’… the good old misogynistic, racist, intolerant times… people living in fear of political correctness and equality, falsely masking their hatred behind religious beliefs.

    It’s sad… and pathetic… but thankfully, it’s also not worth a damn – you are a dying breed; you lost the war – you just don’t realise it yet… your bitter hatred is nothing but the death throes of a time now passed. Sas, sad little people…

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  7. Incessant ranting, raving, bitching, whining, bullying and rudeness that is lower than the bases of all creatures. Even snakes will treat you better! I must question how an AO was awarded to this nut McGregor. Don’t tell me my tax has gone to pay for his trans-gender operation…. who is the nut case that allowed this policy to creep into the defense force? This is total misuse of our money!! And here I am struggling to pay for my mother’s cancer operation. Amazing that the chief of army is such a wimp as well! Sounds like McGregor has the chief of army on a leash lapping at his heels.. putting on a skirt and batting your eyelids on the boss must be a fast way to the top in the defense force.

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  8. Malcolm McGregor should be discharged from the Australian Army and his membership of the Order of Australia should be revoked.

    He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to both.

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  9. Looking at Cate/Malcolm’s tweets these words from scripture come to mind:

    “But the wicked are like the raging sea, which cannot rest, and the waves thereof cast up dirt and mire.
    There is no peace to the wicked, saith the Lord God.”

    Book of Isaiah 57: 20-21

    If Malcolm was looking for happiness, it seems that the sex change operation has not brought it to him. These silly people thinking that the things of this world will bring them happiness, but time and time again, they find that the world fails to meet its promises. The sad thing is that rather than, admitting their failings, reconciling with God and finding peace with Him, they persist in their obstinacy, become bitter and twisted and bury themselves deeper and deeper in sin.

    I will keep him in my prayers.

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  10. I am horrified that the Politically Correct Agenda has now infected our Defence Force and it is being used to silence critics such as Bernard. It is designed to ensure Defence becomes ineffective through adherence to the Socialist ideology where this infection stems from..
    @ Beth, maybe you should get an education.
    I agree with Kat, no amount of surgery can change a man into a woman, because the DNA doesn’t alter and no matter how you cut it, homosexuality is against Christian teaching. The LGBT activists, who are generally middle class university left inculcated graduates despite their small numbers have managed to get into positions of power to further their agenda. They are Socialisms “useful idiots”.

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  11. well i will say this so bloody what if Lieutenant Colonel McGregor is the most senior transgender officer in the Army. let her live her life those personal attacks on her , just goes to show that mr gaynor needs to grow up and needs to have some psychology cancelling your self . to single her out just because of who she works for and because she is transgender and you don’t like her and judge on who she is as a person is not very Christian of you , i am shore that jesus would put his hand out to her in love and not hate . now back to your question well you made your bed so lay in it

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    • Ever heard of the ‘Shift’ button on your keyboard? Use it when identifying yourself by the first person singular pronoun “I” and at the start of every sentence.

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    • Malcolm is not a she, Beth, and it’s quite possible you’re not either.

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      • well Philip at lest my comments don’t get personal just because you don’t like Lieutenant Colonel McGregor
        and some one speaks in support of her and i’m a Christian and i do not judge and you should not as well

      • @ “Beth” maybe you should take your own advice , saying Bernard needs to grow up and see a shrink is a personal attack upon him, when actually Bernard makes logical sense, and I see no reason for him to see a Psychologist. And I do not know what Bible you read, but it seems to skip the part where Jesus said “go and sin no more”. And Jesus certainly would never support or want anyone to destroy or mutilate themselves as every human being is His creation, and those who do have themselves mutilated under the name of reasignment surgery, and do not repent, will be Judged in the end by Him. Jesus does reach out to those with love and mercy, however He often gets rejected from those who fail to follow Him.

      • Beth, Malcolm McGregor is not a she. He is a he. As for not getting personal I suggest you read again what you actually wrote to Bernard. What was that about making a bed and lying in it? All Bernard has done is express an opinion as a private citizen based on his Christian beliefs. Because the Chief of the Army disagrees with that opinion he wants to revoke Bernard’s commission. I remind you Beth that this is Australia and that Bernard is entitled to express his opinions irrespective of whether he a serving member of the Army, a reservist or a private citizen. Perhaps it’s time you took on board your own advice.

  12. My conclusion in reading these comments from Malcolm Mcgregor, a bitter man who regrets what he has done, and trying to justify his lifestyle choice. He is not a women and no amount of surgery will ever make him a woman. The comment he made stating that he is trigger happy, should be enough for the alarm bells to start tolling, he is mentally unstable and should not be able to have access or use a firearm. I am glad you posted these comments Bernard, it sums up what the Shrinks have missed and that he needs help.

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  13. McGregor is a whining bitch of a man and a disgrace to the uniform. How can it be that Defence claims to be stamping out the bullying culture, yet lets this moron run free on Twitter?

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    • McGreggor is some piece of work. My guess is, the nomination for Australian of the year will go to his head and he will shoot his mouth off again only this time there will be a lot of public condemnation when Australia’s romance with all that is PC wears off.

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