Petition: Protect Christian Defence members

Sally Vincent from Family First has taken action to protect Christians who proudly serve this nation in uniform.

She has launched a petition to the Minister for Defence, Assistant Minister for Defence and Chief of the Defence Force, urging them to allow Christian members to continue to openly serve this country.

Now you can take action too – click here to support this petition.

This petition was launched after the Chief of Defence Force wrote to me, stating that the public expression of my Christian beliefs was not on.

Well, I’ve got a message back. Any attempt to prevent service personnel from practicing their Christian faith is not on.

This is what the Chief of Defence Force had to say to me:

“I respect your religious beliefs and your right to have, and express, opinions contrary to ADF and Government policy. However your public articulation of these matters whilst a member of the Army Reserve, whether or not you are on duty, or in uniform, undermine my confidence in your ability to uphold the values of the Australian Army and your effectiveness as a leader in today’s Army.”

It was news to me that the public expression of my Christian beliefs was contrary to Army values or could diminish confidence in them.

However, maybe they do. That is, if new Army values support sexually-explicit activity in front of kids, as I wrote about here and here.

If these are the new Army values, then I will do all I can to undermine confidence in them, because they are not fitting for any nation’s military.

It also makes me wonder about Defence policies that encourage service members to practice their religious beliefs. Have they now been rescinded?

Perhaps the Chief of the Defence Force could clear this up…

…and while he is at it, he might like to explain why our fallen are remembered under a Christian symbol – the cross.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Basically I Don’t have any faith in Religion ,jesus wont save me I will save me ,How can we trust the people who gave us communism usury and the bible knowing that it was them who started the wars like Judea Declares war on Germany have you seen that headline ,and then the lie of all lies the Holohoax all for is-ra-el it is a global disgrace and they gave us Christianity and the bible ,they have been kicked out of 109 cities for blood letting usury and corruption they can not be trusted , and to this day jewish media control everything we see and read ,miilions from all over the world are now saying the exact same thing ,and what has religion given us ? war terror and the death of millions of innocent people .

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    • The Israelites gave us the bible Bob not the Jews,and as far as Religion causing wars goes if you look a little deeper you will see it is actually sin that causes wars not religion.Sin in the form of desire and greed and sometimes that manifests in religion, especally false religion. Jesus is still with you Bob and yearns for you to recommit,its never too late until your last breath.

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  2. Just for the record , I was once a born again Christian baptized in the Holy spirit ,but my studies over the last 5 years has lead me to believe ,because of the holohoax lies ,that the Jews gave us Judea Christianity ,they told us to believe this country was founded on Christianity ,but then we find the jewish Talmud which says all goyim non jews are put here purely to serve the jew ,and have been allowed to serve in human form so we jews do not have to be served by beasts ,goyim are animals useless eaters and even the best og the goy should be killed ,or sex with a 3 yr old is ok nothing more than like a poke in the eye her virginity will come back ,that’s the jewish Talmud goyim quotes ,it also says that mary was a whore and jesus is in hell boiling in his own excrement chanrming from gods chose people ,but wait they are not gods chosen people they are like their father the devil liars from the beginning ,and im dam sure I am not going to sit around and watch the jew fest continue ,once you realise the holocaust was lies and hitler was good it all comes together from there ,freemasonry must be destroyed they are behind the gay push run the catholic church oh gee that explains the child rape ,and the jewsuits are not catholic but Jewish wake up Australia our anzacs didn’t die so we caould be controlled by the perverted subhuman lying rotten jews ,and I no longer believe in jesus he was a fraud by the jews , the bible is codified messages and stories and should not be taken literally ,stop the child rape stop the loss of rights and freedom ,stop the gay push marriage rubbish they deserve no right when it comes to marriage ,but they have rights ,stop the lies expose the jews ,jewsuits ,just look at the Jesuit oaths and you will see or the freemason oaths ,they are a disgrace to Australia and must be exposed ,true Christianity does not want child sacrifice ,but god loves the smell of burnt flesh ,it is a disgraceful book about murder ritual sacrifice and lies sounds like those rotten jews to me wake up people wake up Fluoride is poison if you cant work that out you are absolutely stupid !

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    • Why would the jews want to invent Jesus Bob?,Jesus is actually more factual than Ceasar, even Tactus mentions him. If you were a born again Christian Bob what is your faith now?.

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  3. The Jews are to blame for everything they have corrupted society through freemasonry and it is rife in the defence force with gays and paedophiles having a good run ,any dummy can work that out ,the ADF is full of traitors and scum with no allegiance to Australia ,or Humanity ,freemasonry is a criminal organisation run by jew liars the synagogue of Satan the holocaust lies are out there now and the whole world is waking up to the jews and their subhuman ways ,Hitler the greatest leader of the 20th century has been lied about by yes the subhuman jews ,we need freedom truth and justice ,and the jews in gaol where they belong . I support Bernard Gaynor 100 %

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  4. We seem to be going down the same track as the US. Before the election I was saying it was a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee and have been proved correct, truly two sides of the same coin to give the illusion of choice when there is none, the NWO progresses. For your info:

    “Multiple eyewitnesses and military documents have now confirmed Wednesday’s report that soldiers at a recent briefing on Fort Hood were told that Christians and Tea Partiers are dangerous extremists who are “tearing the nation apart,” and that donating to such groups now constitutes a military crime. Ft. Hood has denied the charges, but evidence continues to mount.

    According to documents produced by a recent FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request from Judicial Watch, the military is now using a hysterically left-wing group of partisan fanatics known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to train soldiers on “extremism.” The SPCL is on the record openly trashing and condemning mainstream Christian groups, Tea Parties and border security groups as “domestic hate groups.”

    Breitbart adds:
    A month earlier, a security presentation portrayed the Founding Fathers as extremists. Before that, Breitbart News reported on a Christian chaplain who was officially censored by military commanders for talking about the importance of religious faith. And several months before that, Lt. Col. Jack Rich at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, instructed soldiers that traditional Christian beliefs are incompatible with ‘Army “

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  5. Gee, and I thought it was Sally’s job to uphold the values of the Australian people, through the army, rather than uphold the bullying, misguided values of the Australian Army.

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  6. As a follower of the Divine Godly principles given to us by our heavenly creator and confirmed by Jesus Christ , I have, through out my Christian experience struggled with the concept of Christians being able to go to war and kill their fellow man , as it basically opposes the very commandments which God has given us as the expression of His wisdom and love for us so as to live a wholesome and happy life and not do harm to ourselves or others while on our journey through life , although I admire those who take a stand against sexual immorality in the armed forces ,it is still a puzzle to me how committed Christians could ignore the creators recommendations in support of man made warfare , it seems like an oxymoron to be challenging the military on the breaking of the commandments while supporting them in killing and destroying families and homes etc. which is in my mind the most serious offence .
    Should we as Christians be promoting peace on earth and the down scaling of war and all other insane perversions of truth , is it not what fighting the good fight is all about , Ephesians 6:12 we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers ,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Jesus said , John 15:8 herein is my Father glorified that ye bear much fruit ,so shall ye be my disciples,
    9 : As the father hath loved me , so have I loved you, continue ye in my love.
    10: If ye keep my commandments ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Fathers commandments and abide in His love.
    11: These things have i spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full.
    12 this is my commandment that ye love one another as I have loved you.
    With that said , I am compelled to share with you this simple wisdom , if Jesus did not teach it or live it in His life then we should we not as dedicated followers of Christ , avoid it and stray not from the path of righteousness.
    Jesus did not go to war with any one , His message and commandment was to love and be at peace with one another .’
    At the end of the day if war could ever bring about peace then there would have only needed to be one war .
    I pray that my comments do not offend any military Christian personnel as this is not my intention , I am merely asking questions with regard to the wisdom of God and my attempts to make sense of selective commandment keeping . ?

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  7. The separation of state and religion has been a gradual ongoing process for the Australian Government for many years. The process will continue as the christian faith looses momentum in this country.

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    • You may be right Cameron and haven’t the changes been great. Tens of thousands of abortions, suicide rates way up, divorce rates through the roof, children growing up with one parent, children spending more time in childcare than with their own parents, violent crime rates way up, property crime way up, more children than ever born outside marriage and many many to only 1 parent, I could go on Cameron there is so much more. From the 60’s, the church has had less to do with government than it had previously. And what a Utopia we have, don’t we? Just don’t ask the families of youth who don’t respect law and order or even their own parents, the families of youth who trawl the streets at all hours of the day and night from the age of 12, or those who have died from drugs which were not prevalent before the 60’s, seriously Cameron, the list is extensive. Religion may be not as strong as it once was, but my goodness, aren’t we paying the price?

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      • Brilliantly put Mick! Knowing there are people like yourself still within society that can see the very things you have listed is very comforting!

  8. Smells like religious discrimination to me. So in our armed forces It’s ok to be a Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon or fundamental Christian but, no, no no no, it is definitely not ok to be a practicing Catholic. Bernard, thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for Catholicism and Catholic values! You do us all proud.

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    • Hi Fiona,

      It may surprise you but Mormons are Christian. I know because I am one. I can also tell you that many of the leaders (and myself included) have a great deal of respect for the catholic church as it stands for Christian values and does not shy away from proclaiming the teachings of Jesus despite condemnation from many people, even those who profess to follow Christianity. As a Mormon, we have also copped a lot of criticism for taking stands in line with what Christ taught.

      If there are mormon members of the defence force, maybe they haven’t had the need to say something or maybe they have and it has not received attention. If I was a defence force member, Bernard would have my full support and I would stand with him.

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  9. I’m not a practicing Christian, but people shouldn’t be prevented from practicing their faith.

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