Don’t panic: Bikie gangs are not interested in Islamic war veterans

Did you hear the joke about the Syrian, the bikie and the local kebab shop owner?

It’s actually not very funny and the punch-line is a literal hit on Australia.

But a joke it is – a massive gag that owes its existence to the monumental stupidity of the ‘tolerant elite’. And while some jokes have butts, this one has collateral damage – the ordinary Australian family hoping for a better future for their children.

It goes like this:

A peaceful conflict breaks out in a peaceful country between two peaceful armies comprised of peaceful followers of the Prophet of Peace (peace be upon him and all that jazz).

In case you don’t understand, I’m referring to the brutal civil war between Muslim fanatics in Syria. It’s the same civil war that broke out shortly after Mohammad died when his followers began killing themselves in a frenzied battle for control of his wealth and power. Then, just like today, the only antidote to intra-Islamic conflict was to unite the ummah by finding some external threat and doing everything possible to destroy it. Like the rest of the world. But I digress.

Just in case you haven’t been following the Syrian adventure closely, there has been a recent twist that not even a doped-up Hollywood scriptwriter would have considered possible. The US government is now supplying arms to the rebels. The rebels are linked to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda regularly commit violent but peaceful atrocities against the Iraqis. The Iraqis were the hapless people liberated from the tyrannical clutches of Saddam Hussein by American soldiers. Supposedly, the invasion had something to do with sorting out problems associated with a brazen violation of US airspace in 2001 by a guy called Osama bin Laden. Or was that Afghanistan? I forget, but in the last decade nearly 7,000 American soldiers have given their lives fighting against al Qaeda and its hydra-headed offshoots.

Or, to cut a long and confusing story short, America is at war with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and buddied up with them in Syria. I guess that means American soldiers in between have been killed by the goody-baddies. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make much sense to you – it doesn’t make much sense to me either.

But again I digress. Back to our peaceful war and the joke on Australia.

As Syria bathes itself in a peaceful bloodbath, peaceful Islamic immigrants who have assimilated peacefully into Australia have shown their peaceful assimilation by engaging in their own mini-civil war on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney. I’m referring to the extortions, attempted murders and no-go zones established in the various Islamic enclaves of Australia’s two largest cities. That, and the public boycotts and increasingly violent intimidation of the owner of the local kebab joint. Don’t be too surprised when the sequel to He Died with a Felafel in His Hand hits the big screen as an action blockbuster.

These communities might be Australian in name, but it is sectarian Islamic law that rules the neighbourhood. Shia can’t go here. Sunni can’t go there. And it’s takfir this and haram that on the friendly Facebook pages that obligingly inform the reader about the latest sacrilege conducted by the filthy dogs down the road. And they’re not even talking about me and you – just the non-kosher Muslim in the next neighborhood who was born into a family that happened to get on the wrong side of 2nd caliph way back in 634 – that’s almost 1,400 years ago.

Notice how I said Islamic and not Syrian immigrants? That’s because many of those engaged in the mini-war have never been to Syria and it is not really about Syria at all. It is all about Islam and how the religion of peace has mostly used violence to solve its theological debates.

But some of those peaceful immigrants (and their children) have been to Syria recently. Six have even died there, including one who blew himself up at a local airport. Not all of them are so obliging. Most return ‘home’ to an invariable interview with ASIO and armed with knowledge, experience and a story that they have been providing humanitarian relief. See, it is a religion of peace!

And after the little chat they can go on and join their local Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Club. At least, that is what is being reported in The Courier Mail today. Or maybe it will be a rival gang. I guess it will all depend on which sectarian brand of Islam the law-abiding motorcyclist adheres to.

I suppose the intellectual elites who see no problem with continued Islamic immigration will jump up and down and point out that The Courier Mail story has a whole bit about how Islamic leaders are trying to keep their youth on the straight and narrow. Nowhere does this story mention any desire by outlaw motorcycle gangs to recruit combat-experienced veterans who have a history of disregard for Australian law. They are just targeting your normal, average peaceful Muslim.

And I suppose the intellectual elite might be right. Why would any organisation that is engaged in its own battle with police and rival gangs for control of the drug trade have any reason to show any interest in a bunch of battle-hardened young men who have links to an organisation that is funded by the export of narcotics from Afghanistan? Such a thought would be simply ludicrous. Not even a doped-up Hollywood scriptwriter would think it feasible…


By the way, did you hear the one about the plan to allow 500 Syrian refugees into Australia? Not the joke, but this week’s decision by the new Abbott government.

If this is a response to the ongoing extermination of Christians in the Middle East, then it is to be welcomed. As a majority Christian country, Australia is well-placed to assist Christian minorities who are being systematically massacred. This is a real-life humanitarian crisis that Australia has a responsibility to shoulder.

But it might not be. Australia’s involvement in the Middle East over the past decade has not proved particularly fruitful for local Christians. That is why I would not associate this plan with the word ‘Christian’ in any way, shape or form.

More likely, it is just another dollop of muddle-headed, ‘tolerant’ thinking that allowed Australia’s Islamic population to almost double in the same decade that Australian soldiers spent fighting Islamic terrorists across the world.

We just don’t know because the new ‘non-politically correct’ government has not provided much detail about which type of Syrians it will allow into our borders. And considering that Tony Abbott’s first election campaign event was to have dinner with the local Islamic community in Sydney, one is not exactly filled with confidence that things are about to get any less stupid in Australia.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Just because it’s hard to comment on an old topic with a slightly different spin, I’ll take this time to point out that my local kebab shop owner sounds more christian than muslam. Either that or he’s one of the “mythical” peaceful muslams.

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