Burkas on the beach

The Gold Coast is set to become an Islamic friendly destination, thanks to the rolled-gold goose running the joint, Mayor Tom Tate.

That means more mosques, more halal food, more prayer rooms and more burkas.

Great for Muslims.

Not so great for anyone else.

Because it means less of everything that is Australian.

Just in case you don’t get my drift, pretty much everything good about Australia is unIslamic. Like having a beer. Or giving women the same legal status as men. Or even just acknowledging that it is paedophilia for old men to have sex with nine year old girls. Like Mohammad, the example for all Muslims, did.

And those Islamic things that have crept in recently are a bit hard to put in the ‘good’ basket. Things like riots through the streets of Australia’s largest city, Australians detonating themselves at Syrian airports and Australian imams being the spiritual guide for blokes who like blowing up marathons.

We don’t need more of it, and we don’t want more of it.

Unfortunately, Mayor Tate has a plan that will see Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach ‘convert to Islam’.

That’s not really a plan. It’s a disaster.


UPDATE: A petition has been launched against this craziness. It can be found here.

Furthermore, if I ran a tourism business on the Gold Coast, I would be fairly miffed at Mayor Tate’s decision to strap a suicide vest onto the industry. There are many reasons people visit the Gold Coast. All of them have to do with the fact it is not an Islamic destination. If you want to experience Islamic culture, you head over to the Middle East. You don’t go to the Gold Coast.

In fact, the thought of an Islamic Gold Coast is pretty much a great reason why anyone who goes there will find a new holiday destination.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. TOM TATE is trying to bring Islam to currumbin TOM TATE we are awake up to you YOU got a fight on YOUR hands the people on the gold coast has had a gutful of you we hate the culture and everything it stand for what is YOUR RELIGION TATE need we ask ?

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  2. I guess the bikini and short shorts are out then, and the loss of our other tourists who like to swim and play ball on the beach, Ok and sun baking will be forbidden cause ladies like to lie on their backs/tummies with YES the bikini on. Late shopping for Arab visitors mean pubs and night clubs closing during their stay, and hotels won’t be allowed to take in other guests, because they will have their several wives, plus for security reasons. Well you wont see me on the Goldie when they are there.

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  3. Can someone please tell me what religion is Tom Tate. I’ve heard that he is actually a Muslim. I know he loves them and is trying to turn GC into a Muslim State but would like to know whether he really does follow Islam.

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  4. Why can’t our politicians realise that whilst multiculturalism is a good idea, some cultures don’t integrate like others. I’ve often walked down the Surfers Strip or enjoyed a bus ride where I constantly see sneering and objection taken to bikini clad girls, whilst they’re dehydrating in something that you Australians would only previously have worn to a bank robbery. We’re not allowed to wear a balaclava so why is it the burqa is excused? Is there a bomb under there? I’m so tired of seeing these attitudes being forcibly impressed upon Australians. They’re anti-semite, anti-christian, anti-buddhist, anti-women, anti-peace, and anything other then the Quran permits. Our politicians should read it for themselves before they make these decisions in haste or to push for multiculturalism. It is merely a theory that works but is not based on facts. Some cultures mix, others are Islam.

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    • Hi James. I’ve put the link up on the webpage. Thanks for your efforts.

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  5. Me and my family can no longer enjoy our regular visits to Southport Qld 4217 if we risk ugly confrontations like “I C U, but U R banned from seeing me” by women imprisoned in black-hot textile cages.
    It is human misery and should not be encouraged or promoted! How on earth can I explain that to a happy child enjoying sun sea and life? It is a horribly depressing site. Worse then seeing idiots torturing an insect!

    Have you seen close-up the preferred material they use? It is so incredibly black that no light futons can escape from it, like a BLACK HOLE. It is unbelievable and must be seen to be fully appreciated. Billions of Muslims are unable to bag a single real science NOBEL PRICE but they can manufacture unique BLACK HOLE MATERIAL for the women under their cruel thumbs..

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    • Are you serious? Seeing a woman in a burka would only be an ugly confrontation if you chose to make it an ugly confrontation. And you would find it harder to explain a woman in a burka to a child than to explain someone torturing and insect. How very odd.

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    • Hi Bruce. You are absolutely correct. There is common denominator in cruelty towards our live exports. They always seem to be mistreated in Islamic countries.

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  6. I would agree to a mosque on the GC when Afghanistan agrees to a Christian church anywhere in their country. Anyone who thinks There is no threat from Islam have a look at Europe.

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    • Hi Ray. It is against the law to build Christian churches in the home of Islam, Saudi Arabia. We should not allow mosques in Australia until this law changes.

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  7. Tom Tate should have a little holiday to KL Malaysia at peak Saudi visitor time or at least talk to the Malaya locals who manage the hotels and facilities around the city before jumping on what he thinks is a financial win for the GC. Absolutely no comparision with Moslem born in Aus to those from the middle east wealthy nations with their attitude to white skin foreigners also holidaying with family. Hotels can not be shared IMO.

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    • Egeo, unfortunately this seems to be changing. The Australian suicide bomber in Syria was from the Logan region and mosques in SE QLD have been funding pro-al Qaeda supporters on their visits to provide ‘humanitarian assistance’ to that country. This assistance includes filming bomb making factories and chanting Allah Akbar with armed men fighting for al Qaeda.

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  8. I dunno, our real enemy are leftists and other atheists playing social engineering. Most Muslims want to get on with Aussies and don’t mind Chrissie decorations at the mall or even a Christmas tree and nativity in the classroom (Islam itself might be a different story tho).

    Muslims are mostly pawns in their hands. We now know that (in England at least) it was the plan all along to bring lots of migrants (preferable non-Christian ones) not so that they could become British, but so that the British would stop being British. How long did it take after non-Christian migrants started arriving for those who hold the reins of power to start trying to pull down nativity sets? The answer is not long at all.

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    • Thanks for your comment Jeff. The problem is not Muslims. Most of them don’t practise their religion anyway. The problem is Islam. And enough people follow blindly the example of Mohammad to make this religion very dangerous. We don’t need more of that in Australia.

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      • Bernard et al, how can you so passionately claim the freedom to exercise (even impose) your own religion yet deny the freedom of others to exercise theirs?

      • While Bernard is indeed passionate about his Catholic faith, I see no evidence he is attempting to impose it upon anybody. Can you kindly provide evidence of the imposition to which you refer? On the other hand, muslims feature prominently in a consistent, world-wide campaign of eliminating (read “murder”) anyone who is not in absolute lock-step with them. Nairobi, Kenya, three or so weeks ago is a point at hand. I am happy for Buddhists and followers of Shinto to follow their faith in general terms – because none of them threaten me as a Christian. But there are about 15 or so muslims who are in High Security Australian jails for planning to kill as many Australians as possible – that does concern me greatly – and should concern you. People who threaten others in the name of their religion bankrupt their own right to freely profess their religion, as far as I’m concerned. When muslims stop threatening other people in the name of their religion – when muslims stop murdering other people in the name of their religion – that is the day I will affirm their right to practise their religion, the same as anybody else. Until then – the truth must be told: muslims kill tens of thousands of others in the name of their religion and must be stopped. REPETITION: “and must be stopped”.

      • Sure. Bernard is trying to substitute his religious view of marriage for the secular meaning of marriage.

      • Additionally, Bernard believes that gender is binary, male and female. I assume this is based on his religious views. He imposes this view on everyone, for example denying that a transgender girl *is* a girl (referring to the transgender student as “male” consistently). He is not only imposing his religion on the rest of us, he is imposing it on science, which recognises that gender isn’t binary at all, but exists along a continuum.

      • How many gay and lesbian youths have ended their lives because Christians, in the name of their religion, call them “unnatural”, “perverse”, and an “abomination”?

      • Because Troy, Islam is not a religion … it is a cult of death, misogyny and sexual degradation.

  9. Australia is fast loosing its identity, on one hand we have the GLBT groups pushing for the right to expose themselves infront of children and the general public with displays of vulgarity, and the on the other hand we have burkas on the beach covering up every inch of skin. What is is to be Australian? have we lost our identity? If one points this out you are either branded a bigot, homophobe or intolerant. Common sense and reality has been thrown out the window to make way for extremist groups who lack reason and respect for our way of life.

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    • Hi Kat. We need to debate – and fast – about what we stand for. And this debate should not be politically correct. In fact, that kind of discussion is not a debate at all.

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      • Agreed Bernard,

    • I have no issue with allowing people to state their opinions. They’re just words and don’t hurt anyone. On the other hand, if someone were to condone, or actually commit, murder against a group they don’t support, I would never agree with their actions, even if the group they were going against had committed murders. On the topic at hand, I don’t see why we need to go out of our way to make Australia more welcoming to foreigners, not just muslams. If they don’t like our country, they don’t have to come here or stay. The world’s a big place, and everyone can more than likely find a place they like in it.

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      • Upon reflection, Really what we are seeing today in Australia is the result of what happens when we stand for nothing and fall for everything, our identity as Australian is become somewhat lost. And as Bernard stated above we need to debate and fast as to what we stand for.

      • Your right Kat, it is called ‘multiculturalism’ and at its core it means all cultures are equal. Only a fool would agree with that. but we want to go even further and have multi-faithism too. Which presupposes that all religions are equal. That is even more crazy than the first and it should be obvious to everyone tat it is not true – but when you hate religion you are blind and can’t see it. So what we are really up against is anti god especially the one true God of Christianity.

      • Thanks Peter – great comment. It is offensive to people of all faiths to claim that all faiths are equal. Clearly, they are not. This is, at its core, a jingoistic, politically-correct atheistic line. And it means this: all faiths are worthless. That is also false.

      • So very true Peter, as Bernard said great comment!

      • If all religions are not equal, then you will need to change the Australian Constitution. By s116, I suggest the Constitution assumes that all religions in Australia are indeed equal. Or do you wish to subvert the law of the land?

      • Hi Paul. Those who wish to come to Australia because they love this place should not seek to change it, but to assimilate. Unfortunately, there is much evidence that many in the Islamic community do not come here because they love Australia, but because they hate our values and wish to change them to Islam. It is simply idiotic to pretend this is not happening and gag debate on the issue because it offends those who find Australian values offensive.


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