Homosexual marriage is just the beginning…

If I said that it was wrong to re-marry (which it is), I wouldn’t be charged with any PC offences. I could serve in the military. I could run for government office. No one would really take any notice.

I would just be another guy who thinks that committing until ‘death do us part’ actually means something. And those who disagree would just disagree and get on with their lives.

No one would ever consider that such a statement should wind up before some anti-discrimination tribunal for examination.

But if I comment on another aspect of marriage all hell breaks loose. Because while it is not so controversial to say that marriage should be for life, it is really controversial to say that marriage is between a man and a woman.

I wonder why? Why is it so easy to comment about the length of marriage, but so difficult to comment about who can be married?

That is a difficult question with a simple answer.

It’s a difficult question because it identifies a serious problem with public debate and homosexual activism. It’s a simple answer, well, because it is simple and it’s pretty easy to find.

Those people who support divorce don’t really care about enforcing their views on others. They probably don’t even support the notion that ‘divorce’ is wonderful in itself. They, like most people, would be of the view that every marriage failure is sad and that more should be done to support them before they go bust. And when they get divorced, they don’t expect the rest of society to come running to celebrate it or accept it. Furthermore, they would not be of the view that political parties should not be able campaign against divorce, or that religious institutions cannot teach that it is wrong.

That is why, when it comes to divorce, churches aren’t required to give permission or recognition. Schools aren’t required to teach about how wonderful it is. Political parties aren’t required to support the idea, and political candidates are certainly not punished for expressing their views about it.

But those activists who support homosexual marriage are different. They are not just content to have the right to ‘marry’. They want more. So much more.

That’s because they also want to force everyone and everything in society to celebrate homosexuality. For them, homosexual marriage is not the goal, or the end. It is just the beginning.

For them, homosexual marriage is a not a loving thing. It is a weapon to be wielded viciously in the pursuit of one thing: social acceptance that homosexuality is not just moral and acceptable to them, but to everyone else as well.

That is why it is rubbish to say that homosexual marriage does not affect anyone else. Homosexual marriage does, not only because it warps the state’s moral code by legalising perversion, but also because it is used as a springboard to force acceptance of that perversion on every business, on every church, on every government body, on every school and on every family.

Linked below are two videos that anyone who believes the lie that homosexual marriage is a benign influence on society should watch. And those who wish to fight against the idea should also view them because they give a sneak-peek into the future of Australian society if the ACT legislation legalising homosexual marriage is not overturned in the High Court.

The first is by Bill Muehlenberg, who runs the fantastic website CultureWatch. He provides a wide range of examples from across the world, highlighting exactly how homosexual activists have used legal recognition of homosexual marriage to destroy the rights of others.

The second is a video from the group MassResistance. It goes into great detail about how the simple recognition of homosexual marriage in the US state of Massachusetts in 2004 has led to disturbing changes in the health, legal and education systems. It describes how politicians have become cowardly and how families have been targeted. It exposes, especially, the focus on youth indoctrination as well as the removal of rights and even the peace of religious organisations to operate freely and without interference.

Whatever you might think, homosexual marriage does affect you. In the words of homosexual groups, it is just the beginning…


UPDATE: The US group, National Organisation for Marriage, has produced a short and fantastic video that clearly explains how natural marriage benefits society, while homosexual marriage harms it.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Amazing how I read today about first cousins who have married and
    that’s not illegal and but allowing gay marriage? As if gay marriage
    will ruin marriage any more than cousins getting married would.
    But of course getting married is about creating life and two cousins
    creating life is a fantastic idea.

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    • Paul, in reference to your comment to me above, I can understand why you would say that and keep in mind, I am not catholic but I will explain to you some very important points. Now absolutely no church supports sexual abuse. There is no doubt there have been cover ups. I can imagine that it has been difficult for the catholic church with their confessional guidelines of privacy. In hindsight we would all do things differently. I agree that the Catholic church should have done more in that area but in that respect are they any worse than a non religious person who commits that same crime and tries to hide it. Yes, we expect better from a church but the church is admininistered by imperfect people who find themselves in difficult situations and struggle to know how to handle it. It is easy to criticise but in exactly the same position, none of us can say for sure that we would not have tried to hush it up, especially when we believe so strongly in something. We may like to think we would but unless you experience being in that position firsthand, you don’t know. I’m not defending sexual abuse but explaining the difficulties leaders would have faced, especially in a much more conservative period of time. Now things are different, they handle the situation differently.

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    • I don’t know the story you are talking about but maybe it is how distant the cousins are and the fact that they are assumedly man and woman. Gay marriage will affect marriage Paul and more importantly it will hurt the family. You obviously want a world where you can be gay,straight, lesbian, transvestite, transgender, whatever. But that type of world is not good for the family. You mention creating life, well 2 gays or 2 lesbians cannot create life. They will always need someone else to service that desire. And even then, only one of them can be the biological parent. In relation to your other comment to me, let me tell you about what the founding fathers of the United States had to say about it. They actually had what they called the American religion which they wanted taught in school which was made up of principles common in all religions. Of interest to you is these ones. 1. there is a God 2. how you live in this life will determine how you live in the next life when you are judged of God. The principle is, Paul, that devine justice awaits those in the catholic church that hurt those children so badly. It may be no comfort to those who have been abused but those who were the perpetrators will suffer severely for their sin and it will take a long time. They will not get off.

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      • Mick, Divine Justice also awaits those within the Anglican Church and other protestant denominations as well as anyone who commits such henious crimes against the innocence of Children and this also includes teachers, judges, sports coaches and scout and guide leaders etc. To put it simply those who commit these sort of crimes are responsible for their own actions no one else.

      • Absolutely Kat. God, our Father in Heaven knows all of the secret acts of His children. Justice will be satisfied, if not in this life, it will be in the next.

    • Would it be an offence against political correctness to point out that homosexual activity is not actually sex?

      It requires sexual organs to engage in sexual intercourse and for those who haven’t been satisfactorily educated in human anatomy I must point out that the anal canal is not a sex organ.

      Obviously that’s why in jurisdictions where “gay marriage” is allowed there is no definition of what consummates a marriage. Homosexual relationships cannot be consummated and gay sex is merely a form of mutual masturbation, albeit an extremely unhealthy form of it.

      That’s just another reason why the term marriage equality is so absurd. Gay marriage is not marriage at all just as sodomy is not sexual intercourse. Both mock the real thing.

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      • Hi Phil. Great comment. It would be an offence, but probably because political correctness targets the truth. It is a great irony that in the days of mandatory sex education at school, and with it being taught at the very earliest grades, there is apparently a great lack of awareness about what sex actually is.

  2. Bernard, you say you do “not support activities that lead to ill-health, mental anguish, depression, guilt, suicide, etc.” Yet I place at your feet, and at the feet of those who spout your similar beliefs, the ill-health, mental anguish, depression, guilt, and even suicide, of gay people – especially gay youth.

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    • Simply disagreeing with same sex marriage does not lead to suicide. There are times to let things go and time to draw a line in the sand. This is the time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. No one will commit suicide through not being able to have same sex marriage. If they do, they are disturbed and should seek help. The suicides of gay youth are tragic, no question there but it is how we as a society handle the situation. Simply condoning and saying do whatever you want is not the answer.

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      • But saying to GLBTI youth, it’s okay to be gay but you can never act upon it, is the answer?

        A lot people would say that’s the problem with people like Bernard’s stance.

      • It’s not that simplistic jimbo. I’ve come to realise that it also comes down to if you believe in God or not. If you don’t, what is stopping you from living that life. If you do believe in God, you trust in Him and His promises. If you trust him, you follow Him, whatever that entails and you will be blessed, however God sees fit to bless you. But even if that is for the rest of your life, which may be today or in 30 years time, the most important thing any of us can do, is to live our lives in a way that we are prepared to meet him. I could be dead tomorrow jimbo and if I go out tonight and cheat on my wife, I am stuffed. I will have no chance to repent and I will not be in good shape to meet my maker. One thing someone said to me once, live your life each day as if it was your last because one day, it will be. If today was my last, what would give me comfort is knowing I deserved to be with God and in His kingdom. That feeling is worth more than anything else that we could possible get in this world. There is a God jimbo, He loves us and wants us to be with Him. We all have trials and none of us are promised an easy ride through life. Some may seem to get it easy but we all have different weaknesses. Read Mathew 18:3-4. Little children trust their fathers and, on the most part, do what they are told. Jesus said we should be like that when we think of our Father in Heaven. God has said the homosexual lifestyle is wrong. As His children we submit to His will if we would follow Jesus and refrain from that lifestyle. For many, the weakness is homosexuality or lesbianism for example. If we humble ourselves before God (become like little children) and have faith in Him, then he will make our weaknesses become strengths (maybe not in 5 seconds though) and we will overcome. Some take a lot of time, some may take the rest of our lives but we are promised that although it may be hard , it will be worth it. For a non believer, sure that would be hard to accept, but for a believer who truly loves God, it will ultimately be worth it, whether in this life or the next. There is hope in that. Too often we live for the day, (eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die) but Gods way is different, He doesn’t expect perfection, but He does expect us to try to overcome our weaknesses and imperfections. The greatest achievement anyone can do in this life is to be worthy to meet Him. Perfect? No but trying to be, repenting along the way, changing your life to a Christlike one to take advantage of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and place all of your sins under it. That’s all he asks. Then Christ will be your advocate with the Father and plead for the Father to accept you and He will, He will.

    • Suicide is a tragedy Troy, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s a bit rich to blame people who are critical of homosexual behaviour for the suicide of those who are attracted to it. There is no such thing as gay youth and you would do well to realise that fact. I’ve already pointed out that homosexuality is not a sexual orientation nor a sexual preference, but is rather a behavioural problem. Suicide is one of the mental health issues associated with it but there are many others as well. “Gay” is a lifestyle choice not a state of being one is born into.

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      • Pffft… What makes you the arbiter of human sexuality? Certainty is the enemy of reason, and you’re a perfect example.

        Is it really a bit rich to blame those vociferously anti-homosexul for the suicide of gay youth? You believe homosexuals don’t exist, that they’re disordered, perverted, deviants and child molesters. Demonising homosexuality certainly isn’t going to help gay youth – for you absolve yourself of all responsibility is sinful. There’s blood on your hands.

        But you think there’s no such thing as being gay, so what’s the point of arguing? You can’t reason someone out of a position they haven’t used to reason come to. You’re clearly intellectually challenged.

      • Jimbo, now I dont agree with all Phil said he is entitled to his opinion without insult. Maybe some are born like that there is no doubt some are made that way. Think of young boys who have been repeatedly raped. Many become abusers themselves. The fact is, some (but obviously not all) homosexuals are child molesters, deviants and are perverted, they molest the boys. Some Heteros (but certainly not all) on the other hand molest the girls. Promiscuity, whether homosexual or hetero is wrong behaviour. It’s called fornication which Jesus spoke against. I agree that we can’t bash or be nasty to homosexuals and Christians who do, should repent. But at the same time as Christians we can’t condone that behaviour. You don’t agree with the Christian position, that’s fine, we can have our own opinions although if the gay agenda is in full swing here, a time will come that I can’t express this opinion. It already happens in the US. That is the hypocrisy of the gay agenda. You can have an opinion either way in our society but if we accept the gay agenda, the gay activists want to take away our right to our opinion away from us. Sounds too much like totalitarianism to me but whether you admit it or not, they want to take our rights away to make sure there is no opposition. It already happens in the courts in America, the so called land of the free.

      • “But at the same time as Christians we can’t condone that behaviour.”
        Seems like the church (but obviously not all) were when they were covering up the abuse.

  3. Thankyou for writing this article Bernard, I hope that this message gets out so when the issue of same sex marriage comes up, we are all properly informed of what is coming if this is allowed to happen. As Christians, we know that Jesus will come again and that these are the last days whether it is another 100 years or 20 or 30 years from now. In the last days men will call good evil and evil good. Isaiah 5:20 puts it well, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This is happening like no other time in the history of the world. Keep up the good work Bernard.

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  4. I need forgiveness for many things. But I do not hate homosexuals. I want them to find God and the perfection and happiness that He calls them too.

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  5. I am so sorry you feel such hatred and animosity towards homosexuals. I will pray to God daily and ask his forgiveness for you..

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  6. Hello Bernard,

    First of all I admire your desire to take a stand for true marriage. I notice that the homosexual lobby is always calling for love, tolerance and acceptance – until they hear another point of view that they do not agree with! Although I am not a Catholic (Actually, Protestant)I have prayed for you Bernard and will continue to do so as the churches need more men to take a stand against this assault on the institution of marriage.

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    • Hello Steve. Thanks for your comment and support. It is greatly appreciated. Please keep up the prayers – they are much needed.

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    • Steve this is one issue that unites us as Christians, whether protestant as you are, Catholic, muslim, mormon,jew and many others. We all agree on this issue. My church and Bernards already speak against same sex marriage but us religious people need to get together and speak out. We need to unite as one body to protest this issue. We may have different beliefs but we are one on this one. Let’s get our church leaders, even muslims, to speak to one another and our congregations and get the support from our memberships to let the politicians know we will not cop this. A Soviet leader called Stalin said, an organised minority will always beat a disorganised majority. We are part of the disorganised majority. The organised minority is winning. The question is, what are we going to do about it.

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  7. Homosexuals have declared war on heterosexuality and it’s time we recognised that fact. The push for “gay marriage” is nothing more than an attack on the institution that fosters and nurtures the growth of families in our society.

    Who has decided on our behalf that heterosexuals are no longer entitled to exclusivity in their relationships, how we define them and how we celebrate and live them?

    Oxymoronic gay marriage is the thin edge of the wedge. Homosexuals have been presented as this poor suppressed minority of dear men who would never seek to do anyone any harm, who are never violent and would never seek to impose themselves on anyone, let alone on society. What a lie!

    Almost 100 per cent of sexual offences against boys, that’s 33 per cent of all sexual offences, are carried by homosexuals with a tiny percentage carried out by women. When you consider that men who practice homosexual behaviour make up no more than two per cent of the male population that is a shocking statistic.

    It’s hard to see a more anti-social or damaging behaviour. In the UK legislators had to drop the requirement for a marriage to be consummated because they couldn’t decide what should constitute consummation of a marriage between two men. Obviously sodomy was a bit much to stomach even for those who passed the gay marriage laws.

    Our society has to stop looking at homosexuals as if they are pseudo women, exploited and suppressed by evil heterosexual males. They are no such thing. They are super-predatory males who most often prey on younger males.

    There was a time when most people were prepared to live and let live where homosexuals were concerned. That time has gone. They have made war on the majority, they are assaulting family life and they are attempting to get their hands on our most precious resource, our children.

    They must be stopped and it is up to you and I to stop them.

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    • “Our society has to stop looking at homosexuals as if they are pseudo women, exploited and suppressed by evil heterosexual males. They are no such thing. They are super-predatory males who most often prey on younger males.”

      That’s a big claim to make. Do you have any evidence to suggest that homosexuals “most often” prey on younger males? It would be very un-Christian of you to bear false witness.

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      • You don’t read well, do you? 33 per cent of all sexual assault is carried on males. The vast majority of that is homosexual assault.

        Given that men prone to homosexual behaviour make up about two per cent of the population that alone is enough to justify my comment.

    • Hi Phil, you said, “They have made war on the majority, they are assaulting family life and they are attempting to get their hands on our most precious resource, our children.” That is so true and where do they do that? In our schools. I may be extreme but I have been seriously considering home schooling. At least I will know what my kids are taught. One of the American founding fathers mentioned 2 areas where it is dangerous to have State involvement; religion of course) and the second, schools. Schools because that is where a corrupt government can corrupt young minds. That is where they begin to indoctrinate the next generation.

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      • Right on all counts, Mick. I think home schooling is the way to go and and if you can find a few other parents who think the same way you can get the kids studying together. It’s like running your own private school. There’s no doubt government’s are out to corrupt young minds.

  8. I think this kind of hate rhetoric is the real problem. When you oppose another individual’s pursuit of happiness, and it does not impinge on your freedom, you are acting against the spirit of freedom. Nothing good comes from restricting individual freedom.

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    • I do not oppose the pursuit of happiness. I support it. That is why I do not support activities that lead to ill-health, mental anguish, depression, guilt, suicide, sexual diseases and a perversion of the goodness of man. Homosexuality does all of those things. And, on top of that, homosexual activist want to impose their views on the rest of society. That is a restriction of freedom.

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    • The point is, Luke, that the freedom that is being demanded, does impinge on my freedom and pursuit of happiness. I don’t want gay and lesbian people going into schools and trying to persuade my children that it’s ok. That is happening in the US. I don’t want a guidance counsellor to tell any of my children or grandchildren where to find gay clubs. That is happening in the US. I don’t want gay pamphlets going into year 9 students telling them about homosexuality, how to do it, where to find it and that it is ok. That is happening in the US. I don’t want sex ed to cover homosexuality. If it does I want the right to not have my child in the class. In Massachusetts, parents don’t have that right, they cannot take the child home, they have to attend. ( a massachusetts court made that ruling). It is happening right now. I don’t want homosexuality mentioned to preschool kids. It is happening in the US now. Much of the gay movement is anti religion so they push that as well. This is reality in the US. So you see, it does affect others. In granting one freedom, they take away another persons freedom, attack religious freedom and make it illegal to complain. That is totalitarian. That is dictatorship. In the US it is becoming illegal to even protest against the gay agenda. It happens in the military Bernard spoke about that) It happened in the dept of justice ironically where people were told they had to affirm homosexuality even if they disagreed. Does that sound like freedom? Luke, that is what is coming here if gay marriage is passed federally and much more. It may take time but it will happen if that law is passed. There is a massive agenda. I

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      • Mick, you are absolutely right, except that it has already been permeating Australian education curricula along with a range of other subvesive subjects. But it is all part of a much bigger plan and the homosexual activists are just the shock troops for the assault.
        Economics.org.au “The lies they teach our children: Vipers in the nation’s classrooms” February 2-3, 1985
        “Take homosexuality, for example. The Royal Commission on Human Relationships (such a body defies satire) in 1977 recommended that “education should be given to children in schools, to parents, teachers and medical schools about homosexuals and that selected homosexuals should be involved in such programs”. Elsewhere, the royal commission recommended that “education courses should reflect a view of homosexuality as a variant of sexuality”.
        Who asked parents if that was the view of homosexuality they wanted given to their children?
        In other words, homosexuality was to be presented as a positive alternative lifestyle. Who asked parents if that was the view of homosexuality they wanted given to their children?
        The Victorian Education Department, for a time, allowed the use of the book, Young, Proud and Gay, which contained objectionable material. After protests from parents, the Victorian Government banned it from school libraries. Two Victorian teachers’ unions responded by distributing the book to schools themselves…..
        Other sex education textbooks are equally objectionable. Make It Happy has been used in some Victorian schools. It contains explicit photographs and diagrams and takes a breezy, easy-going attitude towards sex.
        On masturbation, it says:
        Masturbating is usually a very private thing, although some boys and girls get a kick out of doing it in a group. If that’s how you enjoy it there’s nothing wrong with sharing sex in that way …
        On bestiality:
        Some people feel sexually attracted to animals. It’s not against the law to kiss, masturbate or be masturbated by an animal. But it is illegal for a man or woman to have intercourse or buggery with an animal …”

        http://vimeo.com/63749370 “Agenda 21 = Grinding America Down” transcribed from video
        “The next group that have seriously impacted America’s culture is The Frankfurt School.
        An outpost in America of European Socialism.
        Willi Muenzenberg and a few Bolshevik founded it.-Herbert Marcuse and Franz Neumann- was in fact a Soviet agent.
        Their entire purpose was to stand the entire educational system of the west, the US in particular on its head.
        Bertrand Russell who worked with the Frankfurt School said:
        “By using psychological techniques to teach the children we will be able to produce quote “an unshakeable conviction that snow is black” ….to go after education and media
        Included in those goals were the teaching of homosexuality and sexuality to children the promotion of excessive drinking and the destruction of religion in US. Basically started the social rot
        Willi Muenzenberg said ”we’re going to make the West so corrupt, it stinks”
        There are certain lines and certain limits and the Left has always pushed this as hard as they can, as far as they can and it will protect any pornographer, any deviant, any cult, any negative cultural thing they can find basically to degrade the culture.
        In other words remove the father as the loving provider the discipliner, discipler, leader of his home, where we instill virtues of integrity and modesty. That’s been broken down on purpose They knew if they could destroy the family, they could destroy a nation
        . So instead of having a father who leads and provides for the family the govt steps in, the nanny state.
        The Frankfurt school developed concept of cultural Marxism. Penetrate the culture take it over and everything else will follow.
        These guys went after education and the media and been very successful changing the entire world view to what they call political correctness but is really cultural Marxism with the goal being to destroy Christianity thne create chaos the move to their ultimate goal which is traditional Marxism which is socialism.
        The most of the strategy to remake America from within started with Antonio Gramsci who wrote over 2000 pages back in the 1930s outlining how to take a Judeo-Christian culture down from the inside. The plan he suggested has been the main focus of the left ever since.
        Antonio Gramsci was a neo-Marxist philosopher
        He knew of the importance of undermining the moral and the character of this country.
        Because America had a strong Christian heritage you had to attack the culture, you had to change the culture.
        Even the pornography and the areas most people normally wouldn’t accept
        He said we are going to destroy the West by destroying its culture.
        We’re going to infiltrate and we’re going to turn their music, their art and their literature against them.
        That means you penetrate the universities, you write the books, the novels, the poetry, the music, the book reviews, and once you control the culture then you can shape the thought of larger generations.
        He differed with Marx, instead of for example destroying the church and other basic institutions, he said infiltrate them and use them to change the culture.
        Watching an old film from WW2, realized what the left has been doing on in America, poor against rich, black against white, young against old, is the same tactic Hitler used to disunify Germany.
        “You see they knew they were not strong enough to conquer a unified country, so they split Germany into small groups, they used prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation. Remember that when you hear this kind of talk. Somebody is going to get something out of it and it isn’t going to be you. And they used the conflict as justification for more government, so they create the chaos and then step in as a solution to the chaos.
        As I was reading through “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky to see where he was coming from I just happened to take a look at the dedication in the front of the book and this is what I saw
        “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical….the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom,

      • Thanks Spiny, I had no idea it had gone so far here and what is it with teachers unions getting involved. I have looked at the AEU’s intentions and they want to push the gay agenda and I think to myself, why are unions doing this? Aren’t the about workers rights? Why are they pushing sex ed. I have seen the movie grinding down America a few times and was shocked at what has happened. Be careful though, you will be accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. ((lol) The funny thing is that someone who does not believe conspiracies exist, does not know much about history. One more thing, believe it or not, this is also coming from the United Nations. In 2001, Law Professor Richard G Wilkins gave us an idea of what the UN is about. He was commenting on the UN decalration on HIV/AIDS. The Declaration included a statement to the effect that all nations would implement it’s guidelines.Prof Wilkins then said this,(quote)”Let me tell you what Mary Robinson, the former Irish President said these guidelines are based on. According to her, the norms enunciated in these guidelines are ‘consistent’ with fundamental huiman rights and fundamental freedoms….. What are the fundamental rights that Mary Robonson says that all nations must recognise? One, the include the repeal of all laws condemning homosexual sodomy. Two, the legalisation of same sex marriages. Three, mandatory and graphic sexual training for children. She has three paragraphs on the last of these. She says the training has to include instruction, beginning when a child’s at the age of 10, on how to engage in sexual intercourse with members of the same sex. Since this will of neccessity be graphic, she say, ‘such materials should be exempted from pornography and obscenity laws.’ Four, she says that all laws regulating prostitution must be eliminated. Prostitution, in short, must be legalised. Five, she says, that the age of consent for all sexual activities should be lowered to 14. Finally, and most troublingly, she says:’there must be creation of penalties for anyone who vilifies individuals engaged in same sex relationships.’ In short, it’s not enough to simply normalise in one fell swoop, all of international law related to homosexuality. We have to provide penalties….” (close quote) Look at the US now and see if these guidelines are not being pursued. This is what the United nations are pushing. What is the United Nations? An international body that countries surrender their sovereignty to, a body that is largely communist and socialist. It is an international body that was supposed to stop wars but which has given us more wars in one century than any other in history. The question is, why are we a part of this? Our leaders have signed up to that declaration on HIV/AIDS and many others. Why would they sign up to things that are against the common good of our society? Back to the communists for a second, a soviet communique was intercepted by the US in the 60’s. It was the soviet timetable for world domination believe it or not. The date was late 1970 when the Soviet Union planned on taking the world. Interesting how people deny conspiracy theories isn’t it? Another question on communism is why are the US government responsible for communism getting to power in China and Cuba, for example? Conspiracies?? They exist and we have the proof. The question is, how do we stop it? Anyone reading this and thinks I am a conspiracy nutjob, ask me and I tell you how these things happened.

    • “In the pursuit of happiness.”

      maybe it should read……..

      ” in the pursuit of happiness a being free from perversion or harm”

      the Declaration of Independence currently gives you the right to be perverted.

      No wonder Americana is devoid of any morality.

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  9. My problem with gay marriage is that Community Service bureaucrats will find any old excuse to take kids from straight couples to be brought up by gay couples. The next generation will be skewed towards homosexuality, as the “parents” are gay.The cycle will continue and within a few generations, homosexuals will be the only ones out there. Humanity will likely become extinct.

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    • I’m not sure that the human urge to raise children will ever be overthrown by the perversion that is homosexuality. However, you are right to be concerned about attacks made on parents who teach their children that homosexuality is wrong. It is only a matter of time before the family unit is attacked on this front.

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      • If you know what is happening in the United States right now, you may have a different opinion

    • Even if your first point ends up being proven true (highly unlikely speculation), your second is entirely unfounded and rather illogical. Parents have been teaching their kids homosexuality is wrong as long as Christianity has had it’s hold on Western culture, with harsh penalties from grievous bodily harm to death sentences being enforced by legal bodies existing up until early last century even in Australia. Yet still there has not been any notable lower or higher a number of homosexuals percentile wise, the only difference you and the world have been noticing lately is them becoming more obvious to society since they can attempt to emulate normal lives without fear of those same lives being threatened. Anyway ramble over, gay parents aren’t the ones making gay children since that would involve heterosexual intercourse, all the gay people you’re fearing where created by straight parents regardless of what they were taught.

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    • Thank you Dan. God bless you too.

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