Changing the soul of ADFA

There are rumours that the first transgender cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy is already taking advantage of taxpayer-funded hormones and medical treatment in preparation for a sex-change operation.

These rumours may or may not be true.

But they should come as no surprise.

Defence is the employer of choice for people who cannot accept the physical reality of their bodies. No other government body offers transgender people the ‘right’ to have taxpayers fund their own sexual make-overs. I’m not aware of any other employer that provides transgender men, who really believe that they are lesbians with dangly bits attached, access to female showers. It’s not a bad selling point for people who are that way inclined.

So it is only a matter of time before a gender-bending trail-blazer changes the soul of ADFA. Even if there are no transgender cadets at ADFA now, the countdown is on. Before we know it, a female Air Force officer cadet will be announcing that with the help of taxpayer funds she is now a man – and not just any man, but one that Australian military personnel should follow on operational deployments.

And shortly after the first transgender trainee is made into a public hero by a Defence Force leadership more focused on social change than warfighting, there will be a whole bevy of them.

ADFA is an organisation charged with producing leaders for the Australian military. However, it is going to become home to young Australians ready to feed off the taxpayer teat while exploring their weird gender and sexual preferences. It’s hardly the kind of thing that an organisation staggering from sexual scandal to sexual scandal needs.

Diversity, acceptance, protection of fringe minority rights and sexual licentiousness will wage war against the one type of person that should be primarily sought after by our nation’s military: a young, physically fit male who has the same Christian values and Western views as the majority of Australians.

I love the Australian Defence Force. That is why it pains me to point out the cancerous policies steadily eroding away at its ability to defend this nation.

I don’t deny that anyone who has trouble accepting their gender has a serious personal crisis. I would not wish it anyone. Transgender people need help and support to deal with a profound predicament resulting from a psychological inability to accept a physical reality. Suicide is a real and always present risk. These people need help, not for the rest of society to pretend that their delusions are meritorious.

And, more importantly than anything else, Australian soldiers deserve leaders that they can respect.

It is impossible to respect someone who has no respect for their own body.

It is impossible to have confidence that your commander will protect your life on the battlefield, when it is highly likely that they have, or have previously had, suicidal tendencies.

It is impossible for an organisation to deal with sexual scandal when it supports sexually-scandalous lives and fetishes.

There is simply no getting around these facts.

Furthermore, waging war is the most brutal and ultimate test of human nature. And it is a fact of human nature that men are stronger, fitter and more ready to engage in violence. Waging war will always be a masculine domain.

Transgender policies seek to feminise masculinity and therefore they should have no place in a military that is serious about winning the battlefield.

And certainly, a military that seeks to maintain the confidence of the Australian public should not waste its privileged taxes on sex-change operations.

ADFA might need a makeover. But it does not need one that comes with fake hormones and cross-dressing officer cadets.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. yes i agree but the fact they are wasting tax payer money on some of these transgender ones, I know of one who is getting the full treatment which includes breast enlargement, plastic surgery.
    How can defence do this when in the end no one whats them around ,this person i know thinks everone
    loves them

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  2. Considering most of the famous transgender people were military veterans from Christine Jorgenson, a US Marine to film director of notoriously bad movies Ed Wood, a US Marine who fought in WW2 including Battle of Tarawa wearing womens underwear under the uniform, to Calpernia Addams, US Navy, to the recent prominent British SAS paratrooper or the pilot who worked alongside the Prince William and attended his wedding it seems there has been Transsexuals in the military since at least WW2 and seems like it’s always been a common career for Transgender people. Actually i could go back further as there’s always soldier and spy Le Chevalier D’Eon de Beaumont so that’s Transgender people in the military going back 200 years.

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  3. The whole world is in the grip of the tyranny of homosexuals and we are being persecuted by these pelicans who want to force their agendas on the people as a Judeo Christian nation we should now expect the new prime minister to uphold the sanctity of marriage and as chief commander of the armed forces enforce that no weirdos are in our armed forces.Why on earth do we have to follow america’s obama in everything is beyond me.
    Unfortunately the enemy is also from within.. Even the Clergy has been desecrated at the highest realm, Vatican is no exception.
    We need a little revolution, christians are born for combat, lets fight the good fight and win a decisive victory against the demons of this world.

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  4. It will end up being a great old rort and we’ll have estrogen enhanced tranny officers in the front line showing us what men they are. War will be a real drag then.

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