Rugby League, Logan and the Suicide Bomber

It’s only a matter of time. There will be an Islamic All Stars Rugby League round. For those, like me, who have a sense of humour, it will probably be squashed in between the Gay Appreciation week and Sorry For Anything That Christianity Has Ever Done decade.

It’s the NRL’s new direction. Give up the alcohol-fuelled binges (not such a bad thing) and bend over to Mecca (not such a good thing).

Anthony Mundine started it. Sonny Bill Williams joined in. Then followed Blake Ferguson and before we knew it, the entire Sydney Roosters were raising funds for new mosques in Logan.

Logan, by the way, has the dubious distinction of being home to Australia’s first suicide bomber.

You can watch his fiery demise to chants of “Allahu Akbar!” here. For those who struggle with Arabic, that means “God is the Greatest”. Hence the reason Abu Asmar left his family behind in Australia to drive an explosive-laden truck to his death in Syria. And just before it all ended, he urged others to do the same.

It’s seems like a bit of a hard sell, but for some strange reason, Muslims heed the call.

You can hear it praying, you can hear it slaying
You hear it whisper in your ear
Infidels need the Islamic spear
And the best cold spear is quick

Quick and bitter.

As a matter of fact, you’d better say ciao
Because I’ve got one now.

It’s quick and bitter.

With guys like Abu doing the marketing and the NRL boys providing the financial support, before you know it suicide bombing will be as dinky-di Aussie as throwing down a VB at a backyard barbeque.

Oops. I better take that last part out. There’s no such thing as halal beer, as Mr Ferguson is about to find out. Because Islam is a religion of extremes. No beer and way over the top punishment for those who partake.

And that’s without even delving into the suicide bombing or call for global jihad.

Considering that Logan is home to Australia’s first suicide bomber and that an imam has admitted on 4BC radio that South East Queensland mosques are raising funds to send Aussie Muslims to Syria, I’d suggest that the last thing the area needs is a new jihad ops centre.

And that’s exactly what mosques are. You didn’t really think it was all tambourines and hand-clapping did you?

Mosques preach violence. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the size of the audience and the violence being preached. More violent preaching equals more peaceful worshippers on a Friday afternoon. At least it seems so in America anyway. Given that Australia has by far the largest per capita western involvement in the war in Syria, it would appear likely that peace is not that high on the agenda here either.

Mosques are the command and control centres for the spread of Islam. The late King of Saudi Arabia even stated that their purpose was to prevent Muslims from assimilating into the Western world. From there, they could become a fifth column to bring total victory against the infidels.

And he probably believed what he said because since 1970, Saudi officials have spent somewhere between $70 billion and $90 billion exporting their strict Wahabbi view of Islam. That’s a lot of mosques and religious advertising – including about $120 million worth in Australia.

And all of this from a country that bans the construction of churches. That’s pretty intolerant. But it is smart.

Unlike us, who are complacent and stupid.

Islam is not compatible with traditional Christian Western traditions. And it has even more contempt for the atheistic sludge that’s replaced it. But when the championship Rugby League team is working to build a new mosque in Logan, a month after this city gave Australia its first Islamic suicide ‘martyr’, you know that Australia is asleep in the face of this virulent and violent threat.

I’ve said it before. No doubt I’ll say it again. We’re sleepwalking to destruction.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. They should never be called suicide bombers. Suicide is a personal act that ends your own life. In light of that, they should be called suicide-murder bombers. Although coward would suffice. Whitehawk.

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  2. Keysar Trad is a slimy eel like character. He’s trying to keep the peace between his nutbag followers and contemporary Australia. I think in his mind, he hopes to keep that peace(or pieces) until he dies. That way he can convince himself he is so righteous.

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  3. Islams hate gays don’t they? Surely the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

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  4. there are many decent moderate Muslim people that migrated from their countries because of the stifling control of their religious fanatics in control and who want to integrate into our community – but these fanatics have followed them into every country and intimidate them under penalty if they strayed – and because they themselves do not make a stand or make a statement against the actions of these fanatics here – then these moderate decent muslims become irevelant to us and are tagged with the same brush

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  5. Despite my intense dislike for Islam, which has a history of violence going back hundreds of years, the only workable solution to this curse religion is NOT to oppose everything Islam, but make every effort to drag this religion out from the dark ages into the twenty first century. Christianity managed this and I can see no reason why Islam can not do the same. Jump up and down as much as you like, ISLAM IS HERE TO STAY, regardless how unfortunate this fact is. There are many millions of Muslims which have absolute no interest on the jihad crap and all the violence connected to Islam. This are the people we have to encourage to cut the cancer of violence from there religion. Sadly, there is no other solution to this major problem.

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    • The Problem is, is that despite many Muslims having no interest in the jihad, etc, they are all (moderates and jihadis) still on the same team, pushing for the same goal, some more strongly than others. But that goal is clear in their holy book, the Koran… domination!

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      • I beg to disagree James, As Kevin stated, many Muslim fled there home country to escape the religious fanatics and if this Muslims really try to establish world domination, there would be no place for them to escape anymore. Did you ever think about that?
        Besides that, many moderate Mullahs stated at various occassions that Islam can exist peacefully with other religions. There is no point to pick phrases from the Koran to demonstrate how evil Islam is. You may as well do this with the bible, but few Christians would dare today to quote the old testament, simply because Christianity has evolved. And the very same thin MUST happen to Islam.
        Face up to it James, Islam still will be around when your bones have rotten away, 6 feet under. And there is absolute nothing you can do about it.
        And don’t get me wrong, I much prefer if I never heard about Islam, what an evil religion it is at THIS POINT OF TIME. But as an pragmatic I have no alternative to accept that Islam is here to stay, sadly may I say. Conclusive we have to concentrate our effort to drag Islam into todays world and this is done by exposing the radical and promoting the moderates and encourage them to fight there own battle with the idiots in there own community.
        Simply opposing everything Islam stands for work right into the corner of the radicals, and will be a fertile ground to grow more of them.

    • Well may individual Muslims have no interest in violence and Jihad and respect their wives daughters and the law of the land clearly Islam does not, the last thing we need is a Islam Reformation , or a greater return to Islam fundamentals. Christianity reformed because Christ was a pacifist and taught love and peace, not Jihad and violence. Do be a useful idiot, if you took all the violent passages out of the Koran there’d be nothing left to read.

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      • Tomas,
        If you know a WORKABLE solution to the Muslim problem, I would appreciate if you can share it with me.
        After very long consideration I have come to the conclusion that the only solution to this vex issue is the reformation of Islam, as Christianity has done. I also recommend for you to read the old testament, to be more specific: ” an eye for an eye”
        Your comment that the Koran has only violent passages has nothing to do with facts, and only discredit you.

  6. its incredible that people still say we need to calm down and its a religion of peace.

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