Propaganda for the next Islamic terror plot

Uthman Badar is the kind of man we don’t need in Australia.

He’s busy today laying the political groundwork to defend the next Islamic terror plot or attack in our country. And, according to Mr Badar, when it happens it will all be our fault.

Mr Badar brazenly claims that it will be the Australian government and, by extension, you and I who are responsible for Islamic violence. Not the machete-wielding or explosive-laden Muslim with a penchant for shouting Allah Akbar as innocents are slain around him.

It’s hard to take anyone with so little logic seriously. Unfortunately, we have to because a long line of weak governments have not acted when it was easiest to act.

Australia’s Muslim population has almost doubled in the last decade. And, as ASIO continually reports, this is keeping them pretty busy. This is despite the fact that forty Australian soldiers have given their lives fighting those who are motivated by the words and deeds of Islam’s founding father, Mohammad.

Our nation’s Defence policies and immigration settings operate in separate vacuums. They are not complementary. Nothing could be further from the truth. One is fighting an enemy inspired by Mohammad overseas, while the other is welcoming people who claim he was the world’s most perfect man through the nation’s front door.

Dealing with Islamic threats was a thorny issue when there were only 250,000 Muslims residing in Australia. It has not gotten any easier now that there are over half a million people who believe to a greater or lesser extent that the man who ordered an entire Jewish tribe to have its male population beheaded while the women and children were sold into slavery and sexual bondage was a good guy.

If Mohammad was alive today he’d be hauled in front of a war crimes tribunal. Whatever you might think about Christianity, you cannot say the same about its founder.

Now, I’m not suggesting that all Muslims are violent. But it’s not really the point, either. Because anyone who supports the teachings of Mohammad assists in the process of geeing up those who are prepared to bust out the jihad. The ethics of this religion make it perfectly clear that murder is perfectly acceptable.

It’s not hard to understand why. Mohammad founded the religion and, whenever he felt the need, he received divine inspiration allowing him to dabble in murder to sort his problems out.

Islam is most certainly not the religion of peace. Even if the whole world converted and there was no longer the ‘House of War’ – as the non-Islamic world is referred to by peace-loving Muslims everywhere who see it as a battleground waiting to be conquered – there would still be Islamic violence.

Just look at its history. Look at Mohammad’s son-in-law, Ali. He became the fourth Caliph after the first three were assassinated as a result of intra-Islamic power struggles and violence. Then he too was assassinated by a rival Muslim sect. And you know what? The war in Syria today has as much to do with settling that old score as anything else.

I kid you not. Just have a look at the Facebook pages run by some of the Australians who have travelled to Syria to provide ‘humanitarian relief’.

Australia doesn’t just need to watch out for potential Islamic jihadis living here. It needs to confront the apologists for them, and those who spur them on. And the absolute truth is that anyone who says Mohammad was a good guy whose example is worth following falls fairly and squarely into this category.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. word of warning from the uk. it is official. that baby males born in the uk last year the most popular first name for boys was mohammed beating james Edward peter ect
    the enemy within is the warning.

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