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The last few months have been eventful to say the least. And while I am still facing an impending decision to terminate my commission, the good news is that I am still in the Army Reserve for at least one more day.

While it can sometimes feel a little lonely sticking the head above the parapet, I would like to say thank you to all those who have written in support. It is greatly appreciated.

In particular, I would like to thank the many soldiers who have written to me.

Some of those responses are listed below.

But before that, I have a confession to make.

Some people have suggested that I am brave. And while I appreciate the compliment, it must be known that I am not that at all.

If I was still serving as a full-time officer in the Army, I probably would have kept my mouth shut about the radical changes that have occurred this year. I would have put my career first and foremost and remained silent while these changes which affect soldiers more than anyone were implemented.

And it is only now that I see this problem exists in the officer corps. Yes, obviously it needs to work together to see the Army’s mission fulfilled. But officers are not sheep. They are paid to think. And they should not be frightened to speak their mind.

Unfortunately, I fear if I was still chasing a career in uniform, I would not have spoken mine.

These are some of the words that soldiers and junior officers have passed to me this year. Names are withheld for fairly obvious reasons.

A RAEME officer wrote:

Sorry to hear of the NTSC action. Such a crock with its presumption of guilt!

A RAAC officer wrote:

Yes the Army is becoming weak.

A RAAC SGT wrote:

I wish you all the best with your current battle against the DI (A), DI (G) and whatever other document ADF can use to push you out.

A soldier wrote:

I recently heard about those bad ass charges against your name. Anyway to the point, you’re out there saying what everyone is thinking. I’m also in the ADF and in all honesty our military may be capable but is constantly impeded and left powerless by our politically correct government.

A WO1 (corps withheld at request) wrote:

I’m heartbroken to see what is happening to the Army.

A RAInf soldier wrote:

Hi Bernard, I hope you know that there is a great many of us in the Royal Australian Regiment that support you. I can’t speak for the rest of the Defence Force, but you definitely have a friend in myself and my brothers in the infantry. Keep fighting the good fight.

A soldier wrote:

I hope (as a serving Roman Catholic member) that something is done to stop participation in the Mardi Gras. We are supposed to be non-political but this is just a shameful and lazy way for the brass to get kudos for being inclusive to some vocal minority and ignore the rights of the rest.

A soldier wrote:

I am also a serving GRES member and a practising Catholic. I felt scandalised and saddened when the Army Newspaper was published in March 2013 headlined by ‘Proud Day’. I have been sincerely discerning whether I should continue to serve a government and military who not only now promote behaviour that I believe is intrinsically disordered but bullies and actively persecutes members who express a contrary view. I am in no way advocating unjust vilification or acts of denigration of people who are same-sex attracted. Army and the CDF need to understand that their position on this matter places them at odds with many of their members.’

A recently retired AUSTINT WO2 wrote:

As a retired Warrant Officer Intelligence Analyst, Australian Intelligence Corps, and a devout Catholic, I applaud your brave stand on this matter.

Although I never experienced any anti-Catholic bias during my time in the Army (apart from the odd snide remark about ‘Rock Crushers’) I only recently retired from the Department of Defence after 14 years and from reading the three service newspapers regularly, plus DIs, plus comments from friends in uniform (some homosexual, some not) I agree that there is a very pro-homosexual, very anti-Catholic/Christian in the forces’ hierarchy today.

A soldier wrote:

Sir, you have much more support than you can imagine!

A RAInf CPL wrote:

Keep up the good work, Sir. If you feel isolated, don’t. Please know that you have at least one Corporal behind you.

An Army Reserve MAJ wrote

I was saddened by the news that Defence personnel were authorised to march in the gay Mardi Gras. I support your stand.

 I wish them and all members of the Australian Army happy soldiering!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Major,

    Welcome to the “Church Militant”!

    I do wish you had not publicly admitted that you would have probably obeyed had you been on active duty. Some of our great Martyr Saints were on active duty in the Roman Army and refused to denounce Christ and were often brutally martyred!

    I have relatives who are Officers in the U.S. Air Force, and I fear they will soon be tested as well. THEY are going to be setting up Christian Officers in Most Armies except maybe Russia and other former Communist Nations.

    May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
    Viva Cristo Rey!
    Yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc

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  2. We need to constantly reinforce the truth that same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD) is a preventable, treatable and CURABLE disorder. Please read the Catholic Medical Association’s statement “Homosexuality and Hope” for more on this topic.

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  3. I think CDF’S decision to allow a gay contingent to march was a serious error of judgement. I dont actually think he personally believed his decision was correct either. I suspect he was ” coerced”. The pertinent issue is that a serving member’s sexual persuasion is immaterial, a ” non issue”. So why did the CDF make it an issue by allowing the contingent to march. By endorsing this PC idiocy, he made their participation a ” duty activity”, drew attention to it and held the ADF up for ridicule, here and internationally.
    What’s next ? Perhaps an ADF contingent can participate in a tranvestite cross dressing pageant or a S&M expo.
    Flippant perhaps but the issue here is that no member or group within the ADF should ever put himself in a position where his or her ( or their) life style choices, sexual persuasion or personal beliefs denigrates the honour and traditions of the ADF. I think in this case that the CDF did just that.
    ( name and address withheld – ex serving member)

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  4. G’day Bernard & others,
    I just stumbled onto this refreshing blog. There’s a lot of talk about homosexuality here & in particular, the “soft approach” being pushed upon the ADF, NOT by the ADF. You really need to get to the root of the problem. Who really pushes gay marriage? Who has the power to influence the government to continually make poor decisions in every aspect of Australian life? Australia needs a Nationalist government that supports the national interest.
    Look at your primary school photo & compare it with your children’s school photo, unless you’re from Cookamidgera, the difference will be obvious.
    The government constantly rams Gallipoli, Kokoda & other actions down our throats as if they were there, to promote their political agendas. Our grand fathers & great grand fathers would turn in their graves in the manner that their hardship & sacrifices have been p!$$ed away by grand-standing politicians. This Australia is not what they fought for.
    What politician today would dare speak as openly as Billy Hughes? None.

    I urge you all to watch Brovids.com (Brother Nathaneal) it provides a looking glass into Australia’s road to ruin.

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  5. I wonder how the gay lobby would react when confronted by Islamic aggression. After all, Islam advocates sentencing homosexuals to death.

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    • @brian Lesbians and gay Moslems face often face violence if they come out. But it should not be a source of pride to be anywhere on the spectrum of bigotry and hate.

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    • Brian, gay lobby activists like to pick on Russia for banning gay indoctrination directed toward children and the general public, but very little is said by them about countries that execute homosexuals. The reason being is that Russia has foiled their plan to target the next generation of children into accepting gay behaviour as the norm. The amount of Chirstians who are persecuted and killed in muslim countries far exceeds the number of homosexuals excecuted or beaten. Here is a good report that outlines the stats involved in the persecution of Christians worldwide, http://www.acnuk.org/data/files/resources/987/ACN_Persecuted_and_Forgotten_2013.pdf
      The difference between Christians and Muslims in approach to homosexuality is Christians turn the other cheek and use Charity to benifit the health and well being of the person.

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      • Thanks, Kat.

  6. History is a repetitive process and human beings are prone to making the same mistakes time and again. We’ve been down the homosexual road many times before, each time in each place with the same result – serious problems. That is why homosexual behaviour inevitably ends up on the wrong side of the law and it will be no different this time round. Jimbo had better enjoy himself while he can. Meanwhile, how great it is to read that there are still officers and OR’s in the ADF like those quoted in this post. All is not lost after all. The rank and file will make their opinions known sooner or later and it will be incumbent upon the Minister for Defence to take the appropriate action.

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    • Yup, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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    • I agree. We must halt and reverse the destructive effects of the homosexual lobby before it’s too late.

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  7. It is heartening not just for you, Bernard, but also for the rest of us to read the comments of these decent and concerned servicemen. It proves that you are not alone and it should prove to the Chief of the Army that sacking you won’t solve his problem. It would be better for him to retire and take his lady boy with him than to try and take on every Catholic in the armed forces. A wiser man than David Morrison would be inclined to let this one go through to the keeper. The attempt to hit you for six may well result in him being caught on the boundary.

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    • Bernard may not be alone, but his opinions belong to a tiny minority that will never achieve its intended aims. They lost the battle the moment they started all this nonsense.

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      • if recent events over the last 100 years are anything to go by, the tiny minority always gets what it wants in the end, we just don’t give up , and continue to defy what others are doing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Gott Mit Uns

  8. No doubt some of that same fear and loneliness would be felt by the Lesbian teacher you don’t want in your child’s classroom.

    To be pro-Catholic need not be anti-homosexual, just as to be pro-homosexual need not be anti-Catholic. It’s fine for you to say Grace before a meal in the mess hall, and it should be fine for me to wear rainbow army cuff links.

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    • We could do better than than rainbow coloured cuff links. Catholics could combine the Papal flag and the keys of St Peter with the rising sun badge to identify themselves as Catholic soldiers. And perhaps they will. There would be a far greater demand for those than for the gay pride rainbow variety.

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      • Too right Ant!
        Who’s Bob again?

      • I have no problems with people wearing crucifixes, public celebrations of Christmas etc. If you come along to the Metropolitan Community Church in your city, you will see lesbians and gays doing exactly that.

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