Kent Bayley tears strips off Army’s homosexual agenda

I recommend all readers listen to this podcast from Kent Bayley, host of the We The People segment on the radio station 4CRB 89.3 FM.

He’s right – the Army has lost the plot with its decision to promote homosexuality. And he pulls no punches further on either.

“It appears the prime purpose of the armed forces is not to protect and defend but to promote sexual oddities and vilify those who dare to disagree and to utterly ignore the normal rational men and women at the front line.

The Army has been internally invaded by the gender-challenged mob who seem to have an unbridled say in what goes on. The Army now pays for gender change operations, allows its service men and women to march in uniform in the erotic and shameful Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and gives rights to that genre to do and say things which the enlisted straight contingent can’t.

It’s unfair, nasty stuff.”

Kent has ticker. He’s prepared to take on the hard issues and confront them. Unlike the ABC, who have not presented the facts or the news, but have only acted as a cheer squad for homosexuality within our nation’s military.

But considering the ABC has been leading the charge to destroy our nation’s reputation, capability and border security, this is hardly surprising.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Gaynor, you do not want homosexual teachers – even if non practicing, celibate, chaste,whatever. But you don’t explain how this will be known – will you demand a teacher declare their avowed heterosexuality? What happens to the long serving but closeted lesbian maths teacher? Is this also applicable in government schools?

    Let’s not forget you also believe “homosexuals are in the same category as pedophiles” and regarding us as “freaks” is acceptable. Which makes you, Gaynor, a person who’s unreasonableness and offensiveness actually benefits gay and lesbian rights – you make us look more mainstream and less threatening! When even the fringes walk away (Katter, the DLP) it should tell you something about just how extreme your views have become. (The appalling Reverend Fred Phelps has a similar effect in the USA)

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    • Bob appears to be either a bit slow on the uptake as to what Bernard is saying, or determined to deliberately misinterpret Bernard in order to twist and misrepresent what Bernard has said. Bob, Bernard has made one simple point that I fully agree with: he has the right to determine who teaches his kids. Your view appears to be that he does not have that right. And Bernard is of the view that, if he becomes aware that a homosexual is teaching his kids because of views that the teacher expresses or lifestyle he leads, then Bernard has the right to insist that his kids not be taught by that person. Bob, you do know this right is guaranteed to Bernard by UN convention, don’t you?

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      • Jim, Gaynor has not said how he would determine a teacher’s sexuality, nor how far it would apply (public schools?) Would he “alert” other parents?

      • Neither would Bernard allow the disgusting social experiments performed by the homosexual lobby to proceed without a fight.

  2. For almost forty years there has been great pressure to promote homosexuality and all that follows it. No, I’m not homophobe. On the contrary. I know several good and kind homosexuals who would be embarrassed by all the hullabaloo made about their “gender promotion”. No, this is more sinister. It is about dis empowering the Australian Army as well as other institutions of importance. Then when everything has been totally ruined by Political Correctness the Enemy moves in – if WE allow it in-. It’s really up to us conscientious,un afraid upholders of human values to act. It’s already too late in some aspects,but all is not lost. That’s why meni like Bernard Gaynor and Kent Bayley are ideal leaders in a darkening human landscape. We owe to them and to future generations to help fight the battle for human decency. I bet Bernard Gaynor has a substantial number of supporters. I’m proud to be one of them.

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    • Diane, do you realise your “good and kind” homosexual friends would be fired by Gaynor under his “heterosexual teachers only” policy?

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      • Bob you are making things up again. If you keep this up I will ban you from the page – although you are useful as cannon-fodder for most of the other people who do actually wish to add something useful to the debate. I have never said homosexuals should be fired. I have said that I will not let them teach my children. That is something very different. Do you think that you or any other homosexual has more right to determine who teaches my children than I?

  3. Jocelyn how is the Australian Army promoting homosexual marriage?
    Have they ever came out and said they support homosexual Marriage?

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    • Did you not read the article Paul?

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  4. Great stuff to see you, Major Gaynor, speaking up against the Defence Department issuing cufflinks and badges on a gay pride flag (The West Australian, 4 Dec 2013). They should keep out of politics. We need many people to be more outspoken against homosexuality and stand up for what is morally right & not let the minority trample over the good morals that were set up in Australia long ago. There’s only one thing to say about homosexuality, it’s absolutely wrong and it is not up to the politicians to debate the issue & bring down the morals of a country.
    I’m extremely saddened to hear that the Australian Army is promoting homosexual marriage. The homosexuals should be respected as people, but not their unnatural acts. If Australia embraces gay marriage, our beloved country that has been protected by our Army, will come to ruin.

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    • Thank you for your kind words Jocelyn.

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  5. Well said, Kent. Let’s get an an army of blokes saying the same thing and we’ll see how many of us they can sue. It’s time the army was forced to deal with all kinds of interest groups in the same way they deal with DEFGLIS, the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service. I’d like to see a Defence Force Catholic Information Service, a Defence Force Christian Information Service, a Defence Force Straight Information Service and various others all of them demanding the right to march in uniform at various non military events and all of them being given permission to combine the rising sun badge with their own symbols.

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