I’m not homophobic – you are

The Oxford Dictionary defines homophobia as an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.

And the people who exhibit homophobia are those who most often use the term.

These poor people have an extreme and irrational fear of homosexuals. They are so frightened of appearing to offend homosexuals that they will not even use the term to describe their sexual activity: sodomy.

Those who fling the term ‘homophobia’ are hiding a deep-seated fear. They are scared and frightened of doing anything that may upset the rainbow apple-cart and hence they abandon all logical thought and make themselves slaves of the LGBT movement.

And in doing so, they project their fear onto those who are not cowardly in a vicious and abusive manner.

Homophobic people will not accept that homosexuals can do any wrong. That’s irrational.

Homophobic people will not accept that sodomy is an inherently dangerous sexual practice. That’s irrational.

Homophobic people will pretend that homosexuals have more right to determine who teaches children and what they learn than their actual parents. That’s extremely irrational.

Homophobic people will pretend that homosexuality is so sacred that it cannot be discussed in anything but positive terms. They’ve actually deified a perverted sexual practice.

Homophobic people will roll over and defend the right of homosexuals to exhibit themselves in the most disgusting manner in front of children. That’s perversion personified.

Homophobic people will not have the courage to face down a militant homosexual lobby that demands the right to create children and deliberately remove them from their biological parents. They are torn asunder from their roots and family identity. That’s child abuse.

Homophobic people will not have the ticker to say a peep when homosexuals attack the very basis of democracy by attempting to silence political candidates who hold views that they disagree with. That’s rainbow totalitarianism.

Homophobic people are too frightened to even question why the LGBT movement should have a say on marriage, when its leading advocates have left a trail of deceitful and abandoned marriages behind them.

Homophobic people are scared. They are scared of the PC world and of being different. They have no backbone, so they go along with debased and disgusting behaviour. And the people who show them up are hunted down and hit with abuse.

The truth is that there is nothing good about sodomy.

And that is why the homosexual brigade have done all they can to remove the word from public use altogether.

Homophobic people are those cowards who are so afraid of losing the rainbow tick of approval that they allow themselves to be bullied into accepting a queer view of the world.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard, I think your take on “homophobia” is brilliant! Absolutely true – the politically correct brigade is terrified of offending the homonazis! Their constant whining about “persecution” is hilarious, given that homosexuality is not only accepted, praised, taught in schools, defended, protected, paraded and capitalised on – it’s almost compulsory!

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  2. Mick I have never pushed for this lifestyle read again what I said.
    ” Is it a agenda to think young homosexuals kids should be told its ok to be gay and your not a freak, perverted, disgusting etc? ” Where am I pushing a gay lifestyle what I am telling a young homosexual is that your not a freak, perverted, disgusting etc. But do you think telling a young homosexual that he isn’t freak, perverted, disgusting etc is pushing a lifestyle?

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    • fair point Paul. I agree it is not right to tell the person they are a freak, perverted or disgusting.Perhaps I misunderstood you. I hate seeing people advocate a lifestyle that is so devastating in not just moral terms but also healthwise. Many of these ‘kids’ that they want to indoctrinate will be dead before they are 25 or 30 through contracting HIV. Why would anyone encourage that? Why would these activists not tell these ‘kids’ of the huge risks of that behaviour? It is grossly immoral of the activists.

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      • Mick to claim many will be dead before they are 25 or 30 is going overboard where is your proof to back this up?

      • Paul the proof is in the stats. In Centers for disease control and prevention in America, it states clearly that In 2010, young MSM (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, Doesn’t that imply that many in that age group will die from HIV? How long is it until death from the time a HIV infected person dies? 10 years? 15? what is it. One government site says 12.5 years for the age group we are talking about. There are others that vary. But what that means a 13 year old hiv infected person may make it to 25. I am not making it up. It is also interesting that the older a person is when they contract HIV, the less time they survive. It is not a good outlook. If you want the sites I will tell you but they are available by searching. A young person who gets HIV will most likely not make it to 30. That is backed up by evidence.

      • @Mick you seem to think telling a 17 year old gay boy that he has a choice of either abstinence or death. Ridiculous. Most gay men do not have HIV, and the rates further reduce with less promiscuity/increased safer sex…the sort of things encouraged by support for stable relationships…as occurs when two people commit to marriage. And Mick, lesbians are homosexuals too, and while you appear agitated only by men, I’m sure you have a whole other series of shrill arguments to bully and frighten a 17 year old lesbian with.

      • The vast majority of HIV sufferers are homosexuals. Most homosexual relationships are promiscuous and are not stable. The fact that lesbians are homosexuals means that arguments used against gay men can also be used against lesbians. A child needs a mum and a dad.

      • Bob is truth important here or just saying go and live a gay life, everything will be fine? The fact is that the vast majority of those who get HIV are homosexual. That is backed up by statistics as I mentioned above. gay men should understand that HIV affects predominantly homosexual men. This means death. That is fact. You may not like it but it is the truth. As for lesbians, as Dr Fred Hollows said, it is a disease that affects homosexuals, it is a gay disease because it is transferred through the blood. That is why the vast majority of sufferers are homosexual via homosexual sex. lesbians don’t have sex that way. they do not transfer blood therefore the risk is extremely low and infection occurs sharing needles or when a lesbian may have sex with a bisexual or gay man that has contracted the disease. So in the case of lesbians Bob, you are wrong about what I would say. I do not condone lesbianism but HIV is not a lesbian problem, it is a homosexual problem..

      • Fyrther Bob, I knew a doctor in Pymble (Sydney) about 26 years ago. he told me of the homosexual men that came in for anal fissures. Do you what anal fissures are Bob? They are small tears or splits in the anus. Do you know what the results of these tears can be Bob? Bleeding. This blood can be transferred internall through small cuts, absorption into the skin or other ways to infect the homosexual partner. The means the passing of blood between 2 individual men who have engaged in homosexual sex. As Dr Fred Hollows said, it is a homosexual disease. Are you saying that the fact that the vast majority of HIV infections are from homosexual sex should be withheld from young gay or sexually confused people Bob? Should the fact that most HIV infections are from the 13 – 24 year old age group and that they will be lucky to last 15 years before death if they contract HIV, should these facts be withheld? I thought openness and transparency was important. Obviously not to the gay activists. In this regard they are criminal.

  3. Kat what is both Bobs and mine agenda? Is it a agenda to think young homosexuals kids should be told its ok to be gay and your not a freak, perverted, disgusting etc?
    And if you read my post i never said you called anyone freaks. I saying you don’t like kids being told by teachers thats its ok to be gay but would you rather them be told if your gay your a freak, perverted, disgusting etc. And I very much doubt anyone would find answers here Kat correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t Bernard called homosexuals freaks? Is that a answer people are looking for?

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    • You have to separate the person from the behaviour in your comments. It is better to be told that if a person has gay feelings, that that is not a sin. The sin is the behaviour. So often, gay activists accuse those who oppose the gay agenda, that they are judging. That is not correct in all cases. The person who suffers with same sex attraction has not committed sin if he or she has not acted on those feelings. What is being judged is not necessarily the person, what is being judged is the behaviour. To say the homosexual lifestyle is sinful, is quite correct. If a person indulges in that lifestyle, they are living a sinful lifestyle. They may be a nice person, but what they do is sinful. that is a fact based on Gods word. The behaviour, to use your words is “perverted and disgusting”. I would want a teacher to say that the gay lifestyle it is not the correct way for a person to live. As far as freaks, well that is a personal opinion. A man dressed up as a lady may be considered by some to be a freak. That is not the Christian view but a person one. In fact some people who go overboard with plastic surgery can also be considered freaks. Did you ever think Michael Jackson was a freak? Come on, be honest. Young people who think they are gay should be told, as I said, that it is not the correct way to live but also told they can overcome it. You don’t hear much about them because the gay activists hate them because it blows their argument out of the water. So as well as the severe health risks associated with the gay lifestyle (notoriously promiscuous) young people who may be gay should be told it is not right and they can overcome it. There are those who have done it and can help. Look at the health risk from 2010 in Victoria. “In 2011, there were approximately 280 new HIV diagnoses made in Victoria. 259 were men, 20 women and 1 transgender.
      223 of these infections occurred through homosexual contact and 42 through heterosexual contact.” Thats 223 out of 259 Paul. Should young confused gays be told about this? How about in the USA? from Centers for disease control and prevention, “Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)) represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young MSM (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all MSM.” Paul that is 72% of new infections in the 13-24 year old age group. That is 30% of the total infections for all age groups. That is shocking. Why on earth would you push for this lifestyle that claims so many lives of not only the young but middle aged and older? Are you happy with this information to be passed onto the 13 year olds in school that might be gay? Dr Fred Hollows said this was a gay disease and my word was he right. The vast amount of HIV infections ARE homosexuals. Yes heteros do get it too, no doubt but you can see from the stats, it is the gays that are hit hardest. there are bisexuals too, is this how the heteros recieved it? If you want the truth to be told, you may not like what you hear.

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      • @mick…you claim young gays and lesbians should be taught they can overcome homosexuality. Are you referring to Exodus International and their “outstanding” work. Ring ’em, Mick, they’ll be here once the lawsuits are settled. Oh and Mick, the rest of your claims about HIV is an argument against promiscuity, regardless of sexuality. And, of course, it entirely ignores lesbians…again.

      • Bob, I was referring to ex gays who have changed. You’ve never heard of them? Well maybe you should look, the gay activists do not want you to find it out because it blows their theories out of the water. Law suits Bob? For saying gays can change??? Is that the inner totalitarian coming out of you Bob? Actually, Bob, the experience of lesbians in regards to HIV validates what I said. I am sure you would be aware that lesbians have a very low incidence of HIV infection. The only ways that lesbians can get HIV is by sexual contact where blood has transferred from the man who has HIV or through sharing needles. They do not get it from eachother, it is a disease of the blood. Yes, promiscuity has a role but it is promiscuity of homosexuals. That is why there is a huge percentage of homosexuals contracting HIV each year in comparison to the total. That is fact, Bob. If a heterosexual catches HIV it is because a previous partner has had sexual contact with a homosexual. That is why the stats are so heavily skewed towards homosexuals Bob.

      • “it is because a previous partner has had sexual contact with a homosexual” I meant to say, it is because a partner may have had a sexual contact with a homosexual or a partner of the partner and so forth. Go through each set of partners and eventually you will find a bisexual or curious male who has had sex with a HIV infected homosexual. Magic Johnson has aids but his wife and baby don’t. Why doesn’t his wife have it? Who was his partner who had aids, what about that persons partner. If you trace the web you will find where aids entered the picture. It will come from a homosexual or from sharing needles.

      • @Mick, Exodus International, leaders in the discredited “ex-gay” program, closed with a formal apology to the gay and lesbian community and a statement that sexuality cannot be changed. The thing that needs changing is the attitude and practices of people who make the lifestyle choice to be a bigot hiding behind The Bible.

      • Bob, if gays cannot change, why are there people who have been gay and they have ‘come out’ to use a gay phrase and say that they have changed?

  4. paul please show me where I said that teens with homosexual tendency should be called freaks? If I used the word perverse it would be to describe homosexual acts. And like Bob Paul, you are a gay activist whom I have little time.You are not here for answers but to push your agenda.

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    • Kat, I don’t think Paul deserves a response. The guy is only interested in setting us up with loaded questions. Whatever we say will be taken out of context and used against us. See Bob’s response to me to see what I’m talking about.

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      • Totally agree Bruce, as I said I have very little time for gay activists.

      • I don’t see many of them trying to help gays make healthier choices. The gay marriage thing is the closest they’ve come, but even that is flawed as they still want to have numerous sex partners. I don’t know what to think about gay marriage. On the one hand I think it should be trialled to see if it leads to more gays being monogamous, but even if was and they did prove to be less promiscuous it doesn’t seem right for people of the same sex to be involved with one another in that way. It’s not healthy for a man to stick his penis up another bloke’s anus.

      • @Bruce…how about all those monogamous Lesbians? Do they offend you less? No details provided on their unhealthy practices?

      • We do not support any form of lesbian relationships either.

      • So Kat you can’t answer a simple question what is my Agenda?
        You made the statement that “You are not here for answers but to push your agenda.”

      • @Kat -Without activists, homosexuals in Australia could still be put in gaol. And When those cruel laws were being debated in parliament, how did you pray – to abolish the laws or keep imprisoning homosexuals?

      • At least we do not execute homosexuals like they did in Saudi Arabia.

      • Bruce, Kat is calling me a gay activist and I am trying to push my agenda.
        I would like to know what she thinks my agenda is. All I said is the young homosexuals shouldn’t feel that they are a freak, perverted, disgusting etc? Because some people like to push that agenda around. Now I am not saying either Kat or yourself have said that but others have and that is wrong.

      • The people who makes homosexuals feel hopeless are the ones who claimed that homosexuality is genetic and cannot be changed.

      • @Brian – is your sexuality flexible? How have you resisted changing over?

      • Human sexuality are flexible with choice and can be changed with strong willpower. Homosexuals only believed they are ‘born that way’ because they think they cannot change their sexuality.

      • Human sexuality are flexible with choice and can be changed with strong willpower. Homosexuals only believed they are ‘born this way’ because they though they cannot change their sexuality.

    • Gaynor has used terms like “freaks” and “homosexuality is in the same category as pedophiles” – how does that dialogue sit with you? More to the point, what is the impact on a 15 year old scared lesbian or gay? Repent of this man’s bigotry, hiding his wickedness behind the bible!

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  5. Bruce and Kat, So you don’t like kids being told its ok to be gay and you rather them be told that if your gay you are a freak, perverted, disgusting etc?.

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  6. Bob, it’s gotten to the stage where it’s socially unacceptable to point out the lies that are propagated by gay activists. I saw a youth worker on the ABC’s Q&A have a go at Peter Jensen and pretend that the HIV transmission rate among heterosexuals is rising faster than the rate among homosexuals. Catherine Deveny and the audience took her word for it and applauded her. ————————– http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s3581623.htm @ 45min ————————- I cannot find any data to support her claim. The Kirby Institute’s most recent report shows that gay men are most at risk. They released this in one of their reports. “Sexual transmission between men accounted for a higher proportion of diagnoses of newly acquired HIV infection (88%) than total HIV diagnoses (67%) among men”. ——————————— http://www.kirby.unsw.edu.au/sites/default/files/hiv/resources/2013AnnualSurvReport.pdf ——————————- The biggest rise in newly acquired infections was among men under 25 who had sex with other men. Their rate jumped from 0.6% in 2011 to 1.6% in 2012. The lady on Q&A isn’t helping these men by lying to them. How many of them will go out and have unprotected anal sex because they think HIV is no longer a matter of concern for them? Don’t you think that gay activists telling kids it’s okay to be gay could be responsible for the sudden increase in newly acquired HIV infections among men who have homosexual sex?

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    • Bruce, you are confusing “it’s okay to be gay” with sexual behaviour…like saying a Christian youth group leads to teen pregnancy. Of course, much better documented is the connection between your message to lesbian and gay teens (“sick, perverted, disgusting”) and suicide…one less lesbian makes your world a better place, right Bruce?

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      • I’m doing no such thing Bob. Don’t twist my words around. Gay activists glitz and glamourise all things related to homosexuality, march down the streets of Sydney half naked every March and shove their promiscuity down everyone’s throat. Hormonal teens who are confused about their sexuality look at that and think being gay means partying all the time and having anal sex with strangers in gay bars, the back of dark alleys and in parklands.

      • @Bruce…so let’s be clear, you think the once a year Mardi Gras seduces sexually confused teenagers? What about the other 364 days of the year? Is the heterosexual remedy a drive through Kings Cross? And, once again, you leave women out…does the roar of the dykes on bikes resonate a buried unnatural desire within teenage girls? As for Mardi Gras “shoving promiscuity down everyone’s throat” (snicker)…it does that no more than Carols by Candlelight shoves Christianity down everyone’s throat.

    • Every child should know that it is okay to be gay – to say otherwise is to continue a long history of bullying, ostracism and violence. Oh, and Kat, some of your mob in Uganda have introduced capital punishment for homosexuality behaviour or promotion. Is this the Lord’s work?!

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      • Children should not even be taught about homosexuality, they are children Bob, but I dont think you have much experience with children, your understanding of children is quite wrong.

      • Bob in response to your accusation regarding the Uganda bill that was passed, it was not passed by me or had anything to do with me. It was passed by the Ugandan government. and if you read a little further it was opposed by the Roman Catholic Church. Uganda’s Catholic Archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Lwanga stated in December 2009 that the bill was unnecessary and “at odds with the core values” of Christianity, expressing particular concerns at the death penalty provisions. Lwanga argued that instead homosexuals should be encouraged to seek rehabilitation.[79] For its part, the Holy See has maintained excellent relations with Uganda, with Pope Benedict XVI receiving the Ugandan ambassador in December 2009 and commending the climate of freedom and respect in the country towards the Catholic Church. During this meeting, there was no mention of the anti-homosexuality bill.[80] However, three days earlier the Vatican legal attaché to the United Nations stated that “Pope Benedict is opposed to ‘unjust discrimination’ against gay men and lesbians”.

      • The Archbishop’s opposition was to the 2009 bill. Once the death penalty was dropped in favour of life imprisonment, religious protest became support or acquiescence.

      • Bob, I am opposed to the death penalty of homosexuals. I am Catholic and agree with the Catholic Church position on the matter. You however are still defending homosexual agenda being taught to children rejecting parental input, But that is what gay activists do dont they Bob, and you are one of them

    • I’m sick of the lies and bullying tactics that gay activists use against anyone who questions their propaganda. David Villarreal has my respect for being honest about his intentions.

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      • I’m sick of Holy Bullies, the ones who tell a 13 year old lesbian that she is not okay, that she is an abomination, sick or evil – shame and damnation will follow her oppressors in the afterlife.

      • I’m sick of the politically correct bullies. The people who imposed their perverted homosexual agenda on the unwilling majority.

      • Brian, if you don’t like homosexual sex, don’t have sex with men. No one is asking heterosexuals to become homosexual…

      • And no one was asking for their children to be indoctrinated into homosexuality.

  7. Politifact must not have done research very well because I have discovered other instances like Franklin elementary school where a 3rd grade girl was upset when a social worker spoke to her class about men having operations to become women, or Summit Elementary School where a first grade school was shocked when a transgender child used the same restroom. That is just from a quick 1 minute search Bob. I seriously doubt politifact now as a credible authority. I am also sure you must be aware of the 2007 decision of Judge Wolf. “U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf yesterday dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by David Parker, ordering that it is reasonable, indeed there is an obligation, for public schools to teach young children to accept and endorse homosexuality.” “In addition, Wolf makes the odious statement that the Parkers’ only options are (1) send their kids to a private school, (2) home-school their kids, or (3) elect a majority of people to the School Committee who agree with them.” So in essence, Judge wolf said that if the school decides to teach the gay agenda (indeed he says it is an obligation to do so) the parents cannot object other than to change schools or to try to get the School Committee onside with them. That is not an easy task. So that is why schools have done it in the past and will do it in the future. One teacher taught students What about “GLSEN-Boston’s “TeachOut” Conference on March 25, 2000 held at Tufts University”? Students as young as 12 were taught things such as “homosexual oral sex techniques, inserting one’s entire hand in someone else’s rectum, sado-masochism techniques, girls using “dildos” and rubbing their sex organs together”. GLSEN (and Kevin Jennings) did not dispute that the recordings of the conference were genuine or that the events did not take place as they were described. But they tried get the tape of the even banned and sue those who brought it to light. How would you like this taught to your 12 year old child, “”Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap….[It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with…[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.” Are you comfortable with that taught to 12 year olds? Well, welcome to the world of the LBGTI community unrestricted and free to teach whatever they want to any child.

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    • “Summit Elementary School where a first grade school was shocked when a transgender child used the same restroom.” Should read “Summit Elementary School where a first grade schoolgirl was shocked when a transgender child used the same restroom.”

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    • @Mick. If you check Politifacts, you will see their investigation of Massachusetts was very thorough. On Judge Wolf’s finding, Wolf was referring to public schools, explcitily recognising religious schools right to teach homosexuality is wrong/abomination/satanic. He spoke in the US context when saying “Diversity is a hallmark of our nation [and] it is increasingly evident that our diversity includes differences in sexual orientation.” Mick, any teaching on sex has to be age appropriate, regardless of sexuality. And certainly gay and lesbian children should have better than my Year 7 teacher, Mr “Burgess” who said if a homosexual approaches you, punch them and run. For a 13 year old gay boy, those words were chilling. That was decades ago, but today the gay or lesbian student faces a daily diet of playground torment.

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      • “Mick, any teaching on sex has to be age appropriate” Is that why a social worker was brought into one school to teach 1st graders about sex changes???? On the subject of public schools, that is where most kids go to but the point is that the parents have no right to object. So if I am a Christian and do not want my children taught about homosexuality, under Judge Wolfs ruling, I am not allowed to object, I am n ot allowed to not have my children in the class that teaches about homosexuality, in other words, the ‘state’ is dictating to me what my childrfen can be taught and I just have to wear it. Does that seem fair?

      • @Mick – here in Australia you have a large choice of religious schools to send your children, reflecting your belief system, its commitment to exclude/condemn people born with different sexuality. You are also free to teach your children which skin colour you hate, which races are not welcome and the subservient role of women. However, the public school must reflect the law that states there shall not be discrimination on the basis of race, religion and sexuality. That means a teacher cannot challenge or comment on your child’s religious practices, and similarly treats a lesbian teenager. It also means both children accept the lesbian teenager attends the school formal with her girlfriend while the Christian child chooses to attend an evangelical camp.

      • Soooooo gays are a race of people now are they? You know many a black person hates that the gay brigade use their past history of slavery and discrimination as an example to their cause. And Bob, what if one lives in a rural area where religious schools are not always readily available? do the Parents still have to concede to the state and not have a say as to what their children are being taught?

      • The persecution of for African gays and lesbians is wicked! And to your point on teaching in school, our public schools similarly teach evolution, not creationism, regardless of parental wishes. Discrimination against gay and lesbians is illegal, unless perpetrated by a Church.

      • Persecution of anybody is wicked Bob, and persecution of Christians far exceeds that of homosexuals around the world. Teaching anything to Children regarding sexuality is always the parents business, it is an emotionally delicate subject that requires knowledge of the individual child and what stage they are ready learn, one cannot lump a bunch of kids in together and expect them to be on the same level of maturity as one another, children learn about the facts of life at their own pace, and the facts of life do not include homosexual acts, which you have no objection to children being taught because I assume you engage in those particular acts that Mick pointed out earlier in this thread. but is that not your aim Bob? To indoctrinate Children against their parents?

      • At its most basic, the lesson is “most people are attracted to someone of the opposite sex…but some are attracted to a person if the same-sex.” Different, but equally deserving.

      • Bob, there are often many underlying reasons why a person may be attracted to the same sex, but that never gets a mention, And to teach children homosexual practices that can be harmful to their physical and mental health is just plain wrong. We teach kids smoking is wrong because it harms your health, but oh no do not mention Homosexual activity harms your health you may offend the gay activists.

  8. Bob already tried that, could not find it.
    Merry CHRISTmas, Jesus came for you and your sort as well, but will you follow him and reject your lifestyle? your choice not mine, however keep your homosexual agenda to yourself if you choose to continue your lifestyle.

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    • How about the movie “It’s elementary, Bob? On it’s website, it claims “It’s Elementary has won numerous awards, has been acquired by nearly 3,000 educational institutions”. Does that sound like the gay agenda is not being taught to kids. It shows gays coming into the schools to talk to young children, children being read stories like “King and King”. the website also says, “Since its release, the producers have run a remarkably successful grassroots distribution campaign, intended to make It’s Elementary accessible to every conceivable type of institution working with children today.” Can you see? they want to make it accessible to children, they are targetting children. The video is proof they have taught the gay agenda to very young children and even in 1990, I saw that they had taught about gays to kindergartners in New York. It was telecast on TV. The website further says, “The accompanying 136-page It’s Elementary guide to community organizing, professional development, and K-8 curriculum is designed to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas and resources for using It’s Elementary to make change on many levels in the classroom, in schools of education, with school boards and within communities.” So they are targeting children Bob. They are currently targeting them and will continue to do so. Maybe Politifact did not consult the makers of the movie to find where it is being shown. What I have written isd not false and considering teachers unions are for the gay agenda, I would not expect them to be forthcoming with the truth. Our own Australian education union even has a gay agenda. Forget being there for workers, the AEU wants to get to our kids.

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  9. Still waiting for Gaynor to make clear if his “no homosexual in the classroom” campaign requires teachers to declare their sexuality. Most bloggers here think – but Gaynor has never said – that the issue only arises if a teacher said something in the classroom, or was seen in the Mardi Gras parade.

    So Gaynor, is it ” don’t ask, don’t tell” or is “search and destroy”?

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    • Maybe Bob, the way to put it would be no openly gay teachers flaunting their homosexuality or pearls of homosexual wisdom to influence our kids. A teacher can be gay but they should not shove it in the face of innocent children. In Massachusetts, teachers teach about homosexuality to innocent kids because they feel it is their responsibility to do so to set the kids straight on the homosexual version of morality, even if the parents disagree and the courts force kids to be taught the gay agenda. This is wrong and should never be allowed. Maybe the don’t ask don’t tell policy would be good. I don’t see teachers yelling from the rooftops about being heterosexual, why do gays feel the need to? We don’t want to know but if they give gay morality to our kids, at least currently, we can oppose it. In Massachusetts, the gay activists have the Supreme court behind them and parents cannot oppose it. Why does the LBGTI activists always bring dictatorship with them, forcing everyone to accept it? Isn’t the USA supposed to be the land of the free?

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      • @Mick. You are less fervent than Gaynor. A good thing. Now in relation to Massachusetts, you make the claim “teachers teach about homosexuality to innocent kids because they feel it is their responsibility to do so to set the kids straight on the homosexual version of morality, even if the parents disagree and the courts force kids to be taught the gay agenda”.

        It’s often repeated, but it’s false. There were two examples in 2006 (seven years ago), but a full investigation by the eminent investigative body, Poitifact, provides a very well researched article that should set you straight:

      • Sorry Bob your wrong, I personally know of parents who children where being taught about homosexuality against the parents wishes in the school system as part of the so called ” sex education” program. I will be teaching my kids about homosexuality when they are ready to understand, but I will be teaching them how wrong it is and how disordered and unatural it is, just as I will also teach them how wrong Abortion is as well as Euthanasia, prostitution, infidelity in marriage, Pornorgraphy, drug and alcohol abuse, stealing, lying, murder, selfishness, laziness etc. it my right as a parent and you
        and your queer communist mates can cry me a river. We do not live in a communist country, indoctrination of children against their parents wishes is something us parents will get shirty at.

      • @Kat, Mick made reference to alleged occurrences in Massachusetts, USA. to which I cited the Pulitzer prize winning Politifacts and their research on what had actually occurred there. It’s worth reading. (and while I am not sure what you are responding to, your high-camp reference to “you and your queer communist mates” made me laugh, so thanks for the post)

      • Bob, seriously, your push to see homosexuals teach school children your homosexual ways as the norm without parental imput is quite obvious. It actually has communist tones of rejecting the parents as the primary teachers of their children, you know exactly what I am refering, since you quite frequently hit out at Bernards comments about not wanting homosexuals to teach his children. i tried your link by the way, does not work, but thanks anyway it made me laugh.

      • Kat, because I am such a good bloke, google “politifact massachusetts gay teaching” and you will find it there.

      • You are wrong Bob. I saw it myself on a video put out by Gay groups. The teachers were having a discussion about homosexuality in the schools and a teacher said that she felt it was their role to set the kids straight even if it was against the parents beliefs. I saw it, I heard it, that is what the teachers said. By the way, the page you link ed to does not exist.

      • @Mick You made statements about Massachusetts that were independently researched and found to be false. Have a look at http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/ and search for
        “massachusetts NOM”.

        I have not seen Elementary, but look forward to viewing it during Christmas, while I reflect on the diversity of His creations.

  10. It’s an interesting point. A politician for example who is afraid to upset a homosexual is in fact a homophobe. A person in a workplace afraid to say something that would have him brought before an anti discrimination hearing is a homophobe. I thought all you had to do to have hompohobia was to disagree with homosexuality…lol. This is a great article Bernard. You have shown that politicians are homophobes, workers, business owners, police even, the list would be quite extensive. Now I know that all I need to do to show I am not homophobic is to not worry if I say an off colour remark around homosexuals that might offend them. That would show I not afraid, therefore not a homophobe. Yes, no fear, I like it. Now I can disagree with homosexuality with confidence that I am not a homophobe and anyone who calls me one is a liar. This article should be in the newspapers. Well done bernard.

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  11. I don’t know who’s worse: the homosexuals who attack decent people like Bernard or the straight nutters who tag along with them for brownie points.

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    • Another bigot, Reverend Ian Paisley, attacked the Pope as the Anti-Christ – he too proclaimed “religious belief” as his defence. So too does odious Reverend Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church – his rantings would sit well with much of what Gaynor says.

      If Gaynor – and his followers – had the guts, they would be honest enough to say they want homosexuality recriminalised. Mealy-mouthed cowards, the lot of ’em.

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      • Do you have anything useful to add?

      • lol….Bob, maybe not recriminalised but it should not be encouraged. Are you saying Gaynor has not got guts???? I don’t see you with a blog up anywhere stating your opinion. I don’t see you going against the Army and risking your career. Guts? Are you sure gaynor is the coward lacking guts or is a bit closer to home?

      • Risking career?! Gaynor campaigns to SACK all homosexual teachers! And Mick, have you forgotten all those soldiers kicked out of the army prior to 1992? Ask any lesbian or gay person if they have a photo of their partner visible at work. Many don’t, fearful it will deny them promotion.

      • Bob most people who post on this page are rather intelligent. But not all are – especially you. Can you please show me anywhere that I have said or written that all homosexual teachers should be sacked? Because here is a link where I specifically encourage the LGBT community to get involved in education and build its own schools. I wish it would and leave Catholic schools alone. Maybe you can explain better than I can why the LGBT community does not do this and instead prefers to interfere in Catholic schools…

      • You must not be aware of the trouble Bernard has had in recent times as he has stood up to the army. He has taken career destroying choices in standing up for his beliefs. As for gays in the army, many believed then pre 1992 and believe now that it is no place for gay people. You are right that being openly gay may stop a gay person being promoted but we have freedom to choose. The government does not have the right to tell business owners, for example who they can or can’t hire. If I am in a customer service industry and a person who sounds like a gay person in the way they speak wants a job from me, I would not hire them because I don’t want a gay sounding person working for me as, believe it or not Bob, some people do not want to deal with a male person who sounds effeminate. It is not homophobic because I am not afraid of the homosexual, I just want a certain image in my business and it is not a gay image I want. Having said that, some gays do not sound effeminate and if they do not advertise the fact that they are gay or harass other members of the staff by gay behaviour, then that is fine. The army should not be encouraging gays. They should not be paying for sex changes or paying for anything aimed at giving benefits to people because they are gay. You also raise the point of bernard allegedly saying that homosexual teachers should be sacked. He didn’t say that and neither do I, however, I have a right to decide who teaches my children. If my child goes through problems, I do not want the gay point of view taught to my child from a ‘sympathetic gay person’ who is just trying to help. Some teachers in Massachusetts schools believe it is their responsibility to set kids straight on sexual issues even if it is against the parents beliefs. Teachers will do it. Our own Australian education union is ready to teach our kids all about gays. (aren’t they supposed to be about workers rights and not what is taught to our kids?) . The crap taught to kids in public schools on abortion for example is wicked, there is no other word for it. The bottom line is that if a person chooses to be gay, that is up to them but they should not demand acceptance or expect all people to condone their behaviour, whether that is at work, socially or otherwise. Christians, if they follow Jesus will never accept or condone the behaviour. The sin is not that a person is gay but the sin is in the act. A gay person can be a Christian if they forget themselves, take upon them the name of Christ and be a doer of the word, not just a hearer. Being a doer of the word and taking upon you the name of Christ means, for one thing, refraining from homosexual behaviour. But I leave one word of hope for you but it is bittersweet for you in it’s implications. In Mathew, it says “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”. Noe is Noah from the great flood. Mathew gives us a little on what happened before the flood but the jewish text the Mishnah gives us more information. It includes same sex marriage and also men marrying animals. So you may get same sex marriage, but it is one step closer to the time Jesus comes. Before he comes, read the book of revelations and much of Isaiah, Zechariah, Joel and many of the other prophets who told us what will happen in the last days. This is what we are heading to. It is not a picture of a wonderful future. So same sex marriage may give you happiness, but one day, that happiness will turn to misery as the prophesies are fulfilled. You probably won’t believe that but one day you will know. You may wonder why Christians are against same sex marriage and the encouragement of the LBGTI lifestyles aside from just the scriptures that speak against it. One reason is found in the story of Jonah. Have a read of it and see if you can see the principle involved, particularly as it applies to modern times.

  12. Bigot hiding behind a bible.

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    • Sodomite hiding behind equality.

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      • What Brian said.

      • lol…I love it lol

    • bigot hiding behind a rainbow

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