Equal opportunity harassment

Over the Christmas period came the news that a female submariner had been kicked off her boat for groping and sexually harassing another sailor. Another female sailor.

This is proof that Defence has finally made it into the new age world. Some might call it a wonderful achievement but I do not.

The radicals should be cheering. Defence is no longer a bastion of masculinity in which some Neanderthal-like men occasionally overstep the mark with the ladies. No, it has progressed and has now reached that enlightened point where sexual harassment is no longer sexist. It now affects everyone and can come from any direction.

It’s equal opportunity harassment!

Of course, the signs were already clear that Defence was well on the path to this glorious achievement. Other sailors had been found to have anally penetrated their mates with water bottles and pens while out and about on the Indian Ocean picking up asylum seekers three months earlier.

Defence should be proud. The reporting last year made it clear that male to male harassment and female to female harassment were on the rise. In fact, when the media did a recap of the Navy’s 2013 indiscretions after the lesbian sailor was booted off her submarine, it appeared that the old-fashioned form of harassment had gone, well, out of fashion altogether. Not one mention of a bloke taking advantage of a woman. I think that’s a good thing but maybe in an equal opportunity world it’s not. Who knows these days?

It’s obvious that there are enough homosexuals and lesbians in the Navy that they now feel safe and proud enough to start throwing their weight around in all sorts of ways.

And why shouldn’t they? Defence did dress up and march with self-described sexual perverts at the Mardi Gras last year and will do so again in 2014. That sends a pretty clear message that Defence thinks weird homosexual practices are fine and dandy.

Just as a reminder, these are just two of the groups Australia’s gay and lesbian sailors, soldiers and airmen marched along with last year:

Body Electric Inc.

Body Electric Inc. advertises courses for men to explore ‘erotic massage skills, self-pleasuring and other intimate body awareness’, ‘explore full-body orgasm without ejaculation’ and ‘spanking, bondage & flogging’.

Sydney Leather Pride Assoc. Inc

Sydney Leather Pride Assoc. Inc. promotes ‘fetish or esoteric sexual practices’ and runs courses and interactive workshops in sexual bondage with leather, chains and ropes. Its own Mardi Gras description helpfully informed the public that it was an organisation for ‘perverts’.

If Defence is going to promote weird homosexual practices, then it really should not be surprised when they happen sometimes.

Of course, promotion of weird homosexual activities is about the furthest thing possible from fighting a war, which used to be Defence’s core business. But then going off the results in Afghanistan and the latest news that al Qaeda militants are taking control of Iraqi cities, it seems that Defence leadership is not really concerned about its core business anymore. That would explain why the Army dedicated its latest journal – its philosophical thermometer – to promoting homosexuality within the ranks and to call for more Muslim soldiers. Not once has it devoted its journal to understanding the ideological beliefs of its enemies over the last en years.

Oh well.

I may just be a bit old-fashioned and needlessly worry. As some people keep saying, the 1950s are calling. I’d prefer it if it was the 1940s when it comes to Defence and national security. That was the last time Australia’s military actually won a war. To be fair, it wasn’t just because Defence’s recruitment and gender policies were different. The hierarchy and leadership back then weren’t so politically correct either. No one was afraid to identify the enemy’s belief systems. Not so today, which is the main reason why Islamic militants with cooking pots and fertiliser have been able to run rings around the collective military might of the Western World in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But an understanding that men are physically stronger than women also helped. The girls weren’t sent up to fight on the Kokoda Trail. And Defence had a clear and simple solution to problems of sexual harassment: eliminate it at the root cause. Why? Because Defence capability is based on cohesive small teams. Throw an affair, jealousy or homosexual tension into the mix and the team starts to break down.

Women weren’t allowed to serve in the Army. That pretty much ensured that blokes with Neanderthal-like instincts didn’t play up but could use their strength on the Japanese and Germans. And it also meant that lesbian sailors weren’t ejected from their boat, leaving a capability gap in their team. Homosexuals weren’t allowed to serve either. As a result weird sexual tensions didn’t get the morale of the other blokes down.

An all-straight, male Army might not have ticked the equal opportunity box. But it did win a pretty bloody big war.

Who’s going to complain about that? Answer: only people who are interested in pursuing weird sexual agendas at the expense of national security.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Homosexual problems within the armed forces aren’t nearly as serious as the sodomite infiltration of Catholic institutions – not only Catholic education and Catholic healthcare – but more importantly, the Priesthood, the College of Bishops and even the Sacred College of Cardinals (Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien being a recent example). When the Catholic Church becomes corrupt up to the very highest levels, the world is sure to follow!

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    • True Rory. And it’s going to get worse. Heard this week that activists are inviting individual AFL footballers to gay pride events and publicising their attendance. Obviously that is a strategy aimed at influencing the kids to whom AFL players are heroes. Don’t be surprised if any players who refuse are called out as anti-gay or homophobic. It appears that homosexuality is being used as a weapon of mass destruction on western society. The gay bomb is a bigger threat than nuclear weapons.

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  2. http://www.milism.net/hotbunk.htm

    You have obviously forgotten the 1995 “Sump up the rump” scandal and you have obviously chosen to ignore the hundreds of abuse allegations going back many decades that are currently being investigated by the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce.

    Your inability to face reality is astounding.

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    • The many other cases of sexual harassment in the past and present does not excuse the homosexual sexual harassment that have recently taken place in the military.

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  3. Yep before this there had never been any homosexual activity in the navy ( or other armed services )

    Words fail me Bernard your inability to face reality is apparently without bounds

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    • It’s no surprise that words fail you, Doug. That’s usually the case with morons who have nothing to add to a blog discussion except abuse of the blogger. The point here, among many others, is that homosexual behaviour has become so rampant in the Armed Forces that it way have an adverse effect on the recruiting of servicemen and women with a genuine desire to serve their country. Even worse is the fact that the homosexual agenda in the Defence Force appears to have a higher priority than than the reason it exists. And let’s not forget the shocking insults to our military heritage and traditions. Gay cufflinks and tiepins welded to the proud symbol of the rising sun, the CDF’s order allowing service men and women to march in uniform at the Gay Mardi gilt edged and framed in gold at the Australian War Memorial. How many more insults does normal Australia have to bear from your rude and weird collection of queers, pervs, queens and lesbians? You don’t think homosexual behaviour in the ADF has increased and become a severe problem since homosexuals were officially allowed to serve back in the 1990’s? It’s your inability to face reality, not Bernard’s, that is the issue here. He has rightly expressed a concern that this issue is seriously compromising the ADF’s ability to carry out its responsibilities. If he’s right, and there is really no doubt about that, then it’s an issue that needs to be confronted and dealt with right now. I’m not interested in queer history and myths about the fighting ability of 300 gay Spartans. I’m interested in the health and fighting ability of the ADF.

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