Press Release: Defence to terminate commission of Christian officer

The Chief of Defence Force has written to me that he intends to terminate my commission in the Army Reserve. I have been given until 5 February, 2014, to respond.

I issued the following press release a short time ago.


Defence: Christian officer to have commission terminated

 Defence & Mardi Gras

Bernard Gaynor faces termination of his Army Commission for objecting to Defence support of lewd, public displays of sexual behaviour and insults against Christianity. All images are taken from official 2013 Mardi Gras gallery, except the bottom image which can be found on the Flickr 2013 Mardi Gras feed.

The Australian Defence Force has moved a step closer to terminating the commission of Army Reserve Major, Bernard Gaynor, despite internal Defence investigations clearing him of allegations of unacceptable behaviour or that he failed to comply with military law.

The Chief of Defence Force, General David Hurley, has issued a Termination Notice to Mr Gaynor and gave him until 5 February, 2014 to respond.

Expressions of Christianity at odds with military service

Mr Gaynor says it is very clear that termination action is based on his strong Catholic beliefs and actions.

“The Chief of Defence Force has taken the Defence Force into uncharted waters over the last 12 months. There is conflict in Defence between Christians and the political lobby group called the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service. The Chief of Defence Force has shown that wherever that conflict exists, he will support the anti-Christian view, even to the point of removing officers,” Mr Gaynor said.

“General Hurley has already confirmed that the public expression of my Catholic beliefs as a normal Australian citizen is at odds with military service. In August last year he wrote that:

“I respect your religious beliefs and your right to have, and express, opinions contrary to ADF  and Government policy. However your public articulation of these matters whilst a member of the Army Reserve, whether or not you are on duty, or in uniform, undermine my confidence in your ability to uphold the values of the Australian Army and your effectiveness as a leader in today’s Army.”

“Furthermore, in his recent Termination Notice, General Hurley wrote:

“I accept your submission that your statements are informed by your personal beliefs and your faith.”

“Obviously, General Hurley does not respect my religious beliefs if he will not allow me to express them, or if he believes it is unacceptable to state them.”

“However, Australian law prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on religious beliefs. Defence is not above the law.”

“Additionally, Defence’s own policy on religious practices states that all members are encouraged to pursue their own religious beliefs.”

Double standards on political activity of homosexual officers

“We now have a situation where homosexual Defence members may march in uniform at political rallies with self-described sexual ‘perverts’ in support of homosexual marriage, while Christian members cannot voice their opposition to the concept, even in a civilian capacity,” Mr Gaynor said.

“This is despite Defence’s own policy on political expression, which confirms the right of all Defence members to provide political comment and participate in political events, provided they do not do so in uniform.”

“Defence now allows homosexual members to campaign, as Defence members, for homosexual marriage and against Christian organisations. Defence will commend them from doing so. However, Christian members cannot speak in defence of Christian freedoms.”

“It has even reached the absurd point where the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service will launch racism complaints because intelligence officers call for a greater understanding of the Islamic religion.”

“Defence also forces its members to accept that transgender officers are female, when they themselves acknowledge that they are not. It is the most sexist and offensive slight on all females to pretend that a male is a female.”

“These officers are also protected, even when they are, unlike me, found to have breached Defence standards on unacceptable behaviour.”

  • Interview with the highest ranking transgender officer in Defence in which he states that he is not a woman.
  • Report that Lieutenant Colonel McGregor has been counselled for unacceptable behaviour in relation to Mr Gaynor.
  • Full details of Lieutenant Colonel McGregor’s online abuse of Mr Gaynor and another Catholic writer.
  • Extract from January Australian Women’s Weekly displaying Lieutenant Colonel McGregor in full dress military uniform and providing details as to whether Lieutenant Colonel McGregor will ever sit down to pee, have a self-lubricating vaginal cavity and in which he confirms it his belief that he is not a woman and will not change his birth certificate because it would be unfair to his parents. He refers to Mr Gaynor as an online bully.

“Finally, the Chief of Defence Force has personally allowed full-time homosexual officers to criticise Defence policy and the hierarchy in uniform. However, he will not even allow me to express my concerns as a private citizen.”

Strong community support for Mr Gaynor – calls for legal action

Mr Gaynor says that he has received strong support from the community and that legal action against Defence and particular officers is a likely outcome if his commission is terminated.

“Last year I was given no workplace guidance, no workplace duties and no workplace performance report. Nor was I allowed to participate in Defence activities. The only time Defence spoke to me was to say that my religious and political beliefs were wrong,” Mr Gaynor said.

“Defence would not even allow me to receive my Long Service Medal at my unit. They posted it to my home address where I received it today. It is an insult to my family that after 15 years of service, including three operational tours of Iraq and time in Afghanistan, my family has been denied any opportunity to see that service recognised.”

“There are many, many people within the community, including soldiers, who strongly urge legal action. They rightly see this as an attack on the rights of all Christians to express their beliefs about issues like homosexual marriage and government participation in the Mardi Gras.”

“Considering that Defence’s own internal investigations have cleared me of breaching Defence law and its policy on unacceptable behaviour, there is a very strong case.”

“Furthermore, my actions have been based on upholding acceptable standards of behaviour. Those who oppose me are interested only in lowering the bar,” Mr Gaynor said.

Defence Chief links recruiting difficulties to Mr Gaynor

The Chief of Defence Force also wrote to Mr Gaynor in his Termination Notice that he was concerned his actions may impact Defence recruiting, stating:

“I do consider that your online behaviour while an ADF member has the capacity to affect recruitment and retention, and affect morale and discipline, because of the divisive and disrespectful nature of your comments regarding other serving members individually and as groups. I have given medium weight to this factor.”

Mr Gaynor says that it is absurd to claim that his statements may impact Defence recruiting, given Defence had publicly labelled his views offensive for the past 12 months.

“Defence stated 12 months ago that my views were ‘inappropriate’ and it has been widely reported that I faced disciplinary actions.”

  • Public statement issued by Defence on Mr Gaynor’s comments regarding education of his children.

“If the public supported Defence on these issues, its actions against me would have been seen as positive and would have assisted with recruitment. However, the fact that the Chief of Defence Force has raised recruitment and retention clearly suggests the opposite has occurred.”

“Defence Force recruitment and retention is hurt by Defence’s recent focus on providing free sex-change operations, promotion of homosexuality and social experimentation with front line combat roles for women. It should come as no surprise that morale is at its lowest level since it has been measured.”

“And when Defence allows homosexual officers to march in a rally which included participants holding signs stating that ‘Jesus is Gay’, no one should be surprised that the largest segment of Australia’s society – Christians – are insulted and offended. I am not the disrespectful soldier. Those who march in the Mardi Gras have no respect for our society, its institutions or common decency.”

“Participation in the Mardi Gras is in breach of Defence’s own policies on unacceptable behaviour. Clearly, granting one group additional political rights based on the fact that they are homosexual and allowing them to insult Christians affects morale and discipline. It is impossible to have a disciplined force when homosexuals are given dispensations from Defence policy regarding unacceptable behaviour and discipline.”

“Soldiers want to be able to do their job without being subjected to ever increasing numbers of briefs about transgender rights, women’s recruitment into front-line combat roles and Defence’s extra-curricular preoccupation with homosexuality. These factors are a large reason morale within the military is declining.”

“The biggest problem, however, is that soldiers face the sack if they express any concern about Islam. I face termination of my commission simply for writing that those who hold the same beliefs as the Taliban should not be allowed into Australia. It was the first piece of ‘evidence’ used against me by the Chief of Army.”

Chief of Defence Force praises Mr Gaynor’s military record

Mr Gaynor also said that it was ironic that the Chief of Defence Force was pursuing termination after finding that he was such a good officer in the Termination Notice.

“I do take some ironic joy in the Chief of Defence Force’s findings that I am a good officer. He wrote to me in the Termination Notice that:

“I accept that you have served in the Army since 1997 in both permanent and reserve capacities, have performed well on overseas deployments and at home and have been awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal. I have also considered additional factors that you have raised .In particular, I accept that:

– You are a competent officer in the Intelligence Corps and have particular skills in a language other than English (Arabic);

– You have been reported well as an Intelligence Officer and you are currently posted to the Defence Intelligence Training Centre as an Army Reserve Officer;

– You have interacted with male and female Defence members in a cordial and respectful manner in the workplace;

– You have not, previously to the matters disclosed in the Termination Notice, been subject to an ‘equity and diversity’ complaint in the ADF (comment: these complaints were found to be baseless);

-You have not disclosed ‘official information’ in contravention of extant Defence instructions;

– Disciplinary action against you on the basis of online material enclosed with the Termination Notice was discontinued by the Director of Military Prosecutions;

– An Inquiry Officer appointed under the Defence (Inquiry) Regulations 1985 did not find that your conduct was in breach of DI(G) PERS 35-3 Reporting and Management of Unacceptable Behaviour”.

Bernard Gaynor complained about Defence involvement in the Mardi Gras in April 2013. The detail of that complaint was not addressed and can be found here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Having just learned this thru’ Catholic Print on Vision Radio, I am disgusted. Why was this not on general TV & Wireless? I defend the right of Homosexuals to dwell as they choose, but I object to Armed Service & Police Personnal to be forced to march in uniform at their Parades and I object even more to dismissing an RC Christian for standing up for his beliefs or as I would say putting God before Human law – well what can, what may be done?
    I sometimes wonder whether the rise of Islam at thuis time is the LORD punishing us Christians for so much quarrelling amongst ourselves .?What be the present situation?

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  2. I congratulate your courage Bernard Gaynor. You have taken your faith in God and made it your strength and courage. I have observed that all men and women are eventually placed in a situation to show their worth. You have stood the test. All those who condemn you will one day answer to their own choices.

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  3. We need more people like you Bernard who defends the truth. The truth is God’s word and that never changes. What’s wrong is wrong & what’s right is right. Simple really. Remember the quote from the bible, ‘heaven and earth will pass away but my words will remain’. And another quote states we need to please god not man. God bless you Bernard

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    • Thank you Joe – your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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  4. Why aren’t our Australian Catholic bishops supporting Bernard Gaynor?
    Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Mark Coleridge never miss an opportunity to rush to the defence of Charles Darwin and the apes-to-man fraud (Coleridge went so far as to publicly thank God for Darwin’s lies), and yet not one whimper in support of a fellow Australian Catholic being besieged by the lavender mafia in the ADF!!!!

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  5. There is a far deeper issue here than the actions of the ADF in terminating Bernard’s commission. It seems that the worldwide homosexual agenda is supported by something far more powerful than the two per cent of same sex attracted individuals in the human population. Right now the British Government is threatening to withhold foreign aid from any third world nation that outlaws homosexual behaviour. The Americans aren’t far behind. There’s more to this activity than a civil rights campaign. Bernard’s dismissal should be confirmation to all of us that western morality is inverted. We’re no longer the good guys who have the moral superiority to sit in judgement of everyone else. But the frightening thing is that this inverted morality looks like being far more authoritarian than anything that preceded it. A sick perverted parade now defines a once great nation with a proud military history. I used to be a proud Australian but my pride has turned to shame. Like any true Catholic I’d die for my faith willingly if I had to. But I wouldn’t give my life for this country today, even though for most of my life I’d have been prepared to. Bernard Gaynor has served this country well as a soldier as has his father and brother. The ADF should be ashamed of itself. In particular it should be ashamed of its support for a cheap and nasty allegedly recovering alcoholic transsexual who’s cowardly enough to attack a teenager who had the temerity to laugh at what appeared to be nothing more than a drunken rant. But that’s what this country has come to. An ABC journo wins an award from the Human Rights Commission on on the basis of lies, for apparently protecting the innocent military tranny from a bullying Christian website. What a load! Gays rule the ADF it seems. May as well scrap the defence budget. I doubt Australia could afford the cost of the condoms.

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    • Phil,
      You raise a good point about whether Catholics should be risking their lives fighting in a thoroughly corrupt “defence force” for a God-hating Australian government regime. If Catholics aren’t fighting for the restoration and spread of Christendom, we shouldn’t be fighting at all!

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      • I second that opinion, Rory.

  6. Would love to contribute to legal costs of appeal. Can’t give bullies an inch.

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    • Thanks Martin – we’ll see how this progresses, but I’d love to legally defend Christian rights. I think it is a very strong case.

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    • Don’t worry, Bernard will surely be putting his hand out.

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  7. Hmmm the ADF drops charges against Bernard Gaynor and then terminate his commission. do I smell a rat? yup, its called a bloke wearing red nail polish and a certain man named Morrison who obviously feel embarrassed that the rule book was thrown at them and feel the need to defend their actions by hiding behind discrimination gay agenda.
    Bernard there are many who admire your bravery and courage in fighting this hypocrisy and unjust action, Well done and keep up the great work!

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    • Thanks Kat – appreciate the support.

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  8. If the gay pride marchers held up a sign that say ‘Muhammad is Gay’, the Muslims will storm the Gay Pride Parade responsible and violently pound them into submission.

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    • Brian

      If such a sign was raised and violence was used to remove it then our police would protect the innocent and the victims and apprehend the attackers.

      It is that simple

      Stop making up stories and fantasies

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      • I’d have to disagree with you Doug. The 2013 ‘March for Babies’, which was a pre booked, peaceful walk, was under attack by ferral, foul mouthed people with opposing views. They abused elderly people, screamed in random people’s faces, and set fire to banners, etc (the video is on YouTube). However, the police did absolutely nothing to defend/protect the victims, or apprehend the attackers… (so not actually ‘that simple’, like you say) The result was that the peaceful protesters had to turn back.

      • And Defence personnel were prohibited from participating in it in uniform. To be honest, I don’t have a problem with that rule either. Defence personnel, by virtue of the fact that they are in the nation’s service, should not join political rallies in uniform. They should be able to do so privately. However, under the current regime Defence members may parade in uniform at radical events, while being denied the ability to campaign at conservative events as ordinary citizens.

      • If such a sign was raised it would more than likely be confiscated by police and the people responsible charged with inciting a riot or attempting to incite a riot. Perhaps Christians should adopt a more radical approach to similar insults. That would soon put a stop to them.

      • Lou I have FOI material which shows the ADF is happy to insult Christians but very concerned that it should not offend Muslims. I will release in the next few days.

      • Bernard, that does not surprise me in the least. The leadership of the ADF are moral cowards and they have proven that. We will beat them, though. Rest assured that our family is prepared to contribute financially to the cost of any legal action concerning the injustice meted out to you.

      • I’d like to see what happens when that sign goes up…

  9. Something tells me that sooner or later they’ll find some way to terminate your commission, and if they do, I think it only fair that Kate McGregor join you. But, I think we both know the chance of that happening is slim to nil. Lt. Col. McGregor represents the perfect example of someone who uses the “transgenders/homosexuals can do no wrong” mindset shared by LGBT rights campaigners to its fullest effect.

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    • Hi webboy thanks for the comment. I know you often (rationally) disagree with my opinions and I appreciate your post. The chance of fair treatment occurring is slim to nil. CDF has written to me that each case is unique and that I have no right to be given the same dispensations that homosexual officers received.

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      • “No right to the same dispensations homosexual officers received?” Why not? I thought this country was all about equality. I thought the battle for same sex marriage was about “marriage equality.” I see now, and I hope everyone does, that “equality” is actually about making some people more equal than others. Equality is word that’s gone the same way as “gay” and “marriage.” Somewhere along the line unbeknown to most of us it has acquired a different meaning and it now means advancing one person or group at the expense of another. One doesn’t necessarily equal one anymore. No wonder nothing adds up.

  10. OUTSTANDING !! Best news I have heard all week

    Lets get the rest of the nutters and bigots out of our defence service as well

    If you cannot protect the rights of ALL Australians you have no place in the military

    Enjoy civy street

    I am sure the Murdoch media are dumb enough to offer you a job as a resident homophobe

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    • Oh Doug Doug Doug. Your comment is a stunning display of hypocrisy. What you speak of isn’t protecting the rights of all Australians, but protecting the rights of Australians who agree with your world view and to hell with everyone else. I’d be willing to bet you don’t think Kate McGregor should be terminated even though her royal highness is a royal prick. Lt. Col. McGregor is no perfect angel, nor is Bernard Gaynor, but only Bernard Gaynor is facing possible termination, again, while Kate McGregor only gets a pat on the wrist. “Stay quiet and we’ll get rid of big bad Berny for you, okay?”

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      • Bernard and Kate both signed an oath to protect and serve all Australians and to abide by the laws and regulations of the defence service.

        I know what that oath is and what it requires because I signed the same one when I joined the services.

        I was more than happy to defend the rights of those I disagreed with and I still am I will defend the rights for the most ignorant and simple bigots and homophobes to hold their opinions, what I will not defend is them using those opinions to insult, threaten, intimidate or to cause harm to others.

        If Bernard is incapable of abiding by that solemn oath and feels that his opinions are more important than his job and the responsibilities he has signed up for then that is fine by me.

        Just stop whinging suck it up like a big girl and leave.

        As with so many things the umpires decision is final, you may not agree with it but it belittles a person to be so vocal in complaining.

        After all Bernard has had many chances to change his behaviour and has refused to comply with orders, that is grounds for dismissal.

      • What Bernard has done is object to soldiers parading in uniform i n a parade accompanied by groups of self confessed perverts. What he did not do was make an oath to defend any supposed right of theirs to mock and insult his faith. That faith by the way has turned out far more heroic defenders of this country than the perverted mocking individuals you defend. There has been no umpires decision here you halfwit. Only an arbitrary judgement by a one man despite the fact that all charges brought against Major Bernard Gaynor were dismissed.w

      • So you say that the ADF is to protect and serve ALL Australians? Does that include murderers rapists and paedophiles? If you answer to any of the above is yes then you Sir are just as bad as the aforementioned.

    • I totally agree with you Doug. I don’t think the Defense Force has an issue with christianity, it has an issue with a bigotted, homophobic, intolerant person such as Bernard Gaynor. This is not a good image for the Defence Force. LGBT people deserve more respect that what he gives them, even more so when they join the defence forces and are willing to defend our country if need be. He can’t look past his own bigotry and fear to see that EVERYONE is a human being. Bernard Gaynor uses his “christianity” as an excuse to hurl abuse at other people and those that think that is okay, are just as bad as him. I am not a religious person myself, but I do know that God and Jesus loved all people. Bernard Gaynor needs to look in his own backyard and speak out about sexual and physical abuse of children in the churches before opening his mouth about anything else.

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      • Wake up to yourself Jan, the only bigotry here is from people such as yourself. Funny how you claim you know all about Christianity, but nevertheless reject it. As for abuse of children – apart from being irrelevant to the topic at hand, why do you ignore those relationships that treat children as commodities because they can’t have them naturally – isn’t that abuse?

      • Yes I do reject Bernard Gaynor’s christianity! His views are so hypocritical! It’s not christian to deny rights to other human beings. Child abuse is very relevant because he really should focus on something that is very damaging to other human beings rather than something that has no consequence to anyone else. As they say ‘People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. You obviously do not read current research on same sex partners with children. Current studies show that children of same sex partners have the same outcomes in their lives as those with a mother and a father. Stop using ‘oh what about the children’ argument. It is tired and dated and it’s just another excuse to be a bigot! Just so you know, I have no issue with people having faith in their lives, if that is what they want and need, it’s their life. However, I won’t sit by and watch someone like Bernard Gaynor abuse gay people and use the bible to defend his hate.

      • Hahaha just love how Jan says she rejects Christianity and then claims to be an expert on the subject, On the subject of Children, Jan obviously lacks experience, and yes, we should always think of the Children, they are often victims of selfish adult politics and problems. Children need a mother and father period. it is the way Children come into existence by male and female union, even through artificial means as much as I disagree with them you still need female eggs and male sperm. it is tragic when a child grows up in a singe parent family were either death of a parent or separation or divorce happens, but these children still came into existence by male female union, they still have a Mother and father. Children are little people Jan, not commodities to have and put in the corner on display. Children have rights too even if you think they dont.

      • @Jan. Spare us your lies. The studies you quote re same sex parenting are based on the responses of the “parents” themselves. Ridiculous. How about some objective observers? The information coming from adults raised by same sex “parents” is not encouraging. It is in fact overwhelmingly negative. The most comprehensive and independent study on this topic was by University of Texas sociologist Mark Regenerus and was all bad news for your side. So, don’t bother mouthing off at Bernard. He is not the only Austraiian who thinks perverts should not be allowed near children unsupervised. Let’s recall the words of Jesus concerning those who harm children or lead them astray.
        “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Think on that, Jan. you’ve had your warning.


    • Pffft “homophobe” what a fabricated word, Doug we do not fear people who struggle with homosexuality it is they who fear the truth that their lifestyles are far from wonderful. I agree with ridding the nutters from the ADF, especially men who wear red nail polish and parade in the Womens uniform. I do believe not so long ago we laughed at the character Klinger in the hit series M.A.S.H. for wearing womens atire, and trying to gain a free ticket home for presenting as being a nutter, now we are forced to see the senario as normal behavior, and get sacked if we dare question it.

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    • Why should he be removed for what he believes,when what spoke of where people showing they believed in.

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    • HAAAAAAA ….Doug What goes around comes around Any soldier knows that its not over until its over I have memories for people like you
      My children aren’t bigots neither is my Missus .Relax and enjoy it while its there.Haaaaaaaaaaa……,…

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  11. The Chief of Army has as his speechwriter a foul mouthed, aggressive transgender half colonel who is not averse to bad mouthing teenagers as well as adults. And when the army is informed of his behaviour and agree that he has crossed a line it offers him counselling. On the other hand when a Catholic officer objects to homosexual members of the ADF participatiing in uniform in a parade which demeans the Catholic faith his commission is terminated. Let’s challenge this one in court, Bernie.

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    • What grotty things they might be. I’m enjoying the way they a squealing after theTony Abbott treatment.

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    • What’s happening with the court case?

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