Online Opinion: The rainbow, the cross & the crescent clash in the ADF

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has tackled determined opponents over the past 15 years in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. While weary, it is now battle-hardened and enjoys strong public support. However, these achievements are at risk from a more insidious threat: political correctness. If defeated, the ADF will be weakened morally and mentally and lose the support of ordinary Australians.

Australia cannot afford this. Global security is uncertain while ASIO continues to report a high internal security threat. Yet under the former Labor Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, the ADF turned its focus from protecting Australia’s national interests to radical social change.

In the process, it was politicised.

I can provide informed comment on these matters. As an Intelligence Officer, I served in a full-time capacity from 1999 until 2011, deploying to Iraq on three occasions. From mid-2011 I have continued serving in the Army Reserve, but now face the loss of my commission.

My crime was to express personal opinions, based on my Catholic beliefs, regarding homosexuality and the Islamic religion.

In doing so, I did not breach any Defence laws or policies. In fact, Defence hierarchy tried charging me, but all 12 counts were discontinued when they reached the Director of Military Prosecution’s desk. He found that there was no prospect of conviction. Prior to this, the ADF Investigative Service reported that I had not breached any military laws. A second high-level administrative investigation with extensive powers examined whether I was anti-homosexual, anti-woman, anti-transgender and racist. It also concluded that allegations against me were unsubstantiated. However, despite being cleared in every investigation, the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF), General David Hurley, has proceeded with administrative action to terminate my commission.

This sets a dangerous precedent that is detrimental to ADF capability, internal discipline and retention of public support. This can be seen with the ADF’s approach to the controversial subject of Islam.

I believe that the Islamic religion is inherently violent and a predominantly political ideology with a well-developed legal rationale justifying armed conflict. This fits the actions of those who battle the ADF or seek to impose terror within Australia. As such, my view is that it is not in Australia’s interests to have a rapidly increasing Islamic population. This contrasts with the politically-correct belief that Islam is a peaceful religion and that a growing Islamic minority benefits all Australians. It is not illegal to hold either view but it is illegal for any Australian employer to discriminate on the basis of religious belief. Furthermore, just as it is not illegal to campaign to change laws regarding marriage, it is also not illegal to support changes to laws regarding immigration.

It is undeniable that Islam plays some kind of role in recent military conflict, hence it is in the ADF’s and the nation’s interest to understand it. Unfortunately, I was investigated for racism at the behest of the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS) simply for expressing this view on my blog. Even though I was cleared, the continued pursuit of termination based on ‘evidence’ of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ because I blogged that those with the same belief as the Taliban should not be allowed in the country sends a very clear message: ADF members cannot express opinions about Islam or critically examine its ideology, even as private citizens.

This is absurd. The ADF is placing the religious beliefs of its enemies above scrutiny, ignoring the principles of war. Successful commanders understand every aspect of the threat.

Even if one assumes that Islam is peaceful, this politically-correct approach prevents the ADF from developing any coherent plan to use those teachings on the battlefield. If Islam is peaceful, its teachings would provide the most powerful weapon against misguided but violent Islamic groups, undermining their confidence and ideological beliefs. Even if this did not destroy the will to fight, it would provide a potent means of separating threats from local Islamic populations and starving them of support.

It is impossible for the ADF to understand Islam if soldiers must believe it is beyond reproach. Furthermore, as a practising Catholic, I know what it means to be religious. I understand why religious people will do things that are not rational in a secular sense. It is a useful insight for any Intelligence Officer. Defence loses this understanding when it pursues policies that force devout Christians from service.

Unfortunately, in the clash between Christian values and homosexual political activism, the ADF hierarchy have made it clear that Christians are going to lose their voice or be sacked.

Full article at Online Opinion.

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I am disgusted to see the heads of the Army take this approach to this officer.
    The homosexuals are getting in our face ..kissing on TV and crying equality.I may be a bit old fashioned but I see it like this……..God did not create men to have sex with men!!!
    I know that homosexuals have been around forever….the only difference in the military before was that they left you alone if not that way….thats the way it should be in the military….
    The higher echelon came this way to please the good old labor party…..because they all get the top jobs after the Military.
    If military can march in mardi gras and flaunt the uniform in disgrace…….surely Gaynor who has done the hard yards as a soldier can state his opinion as well.

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  2. It’s our good fortune that you are now out of the Army and free to state your opinions as you have here, Mark. Articulate, no nonsense individuals are at a premium in Australia. Everything you’ve said is true, unpalatable as it may be. Bernard Gaynor is a good officer who is being screwed over for various reasons, not least because the Army leadership is mortally afraid that his courage in speaking out will infect other ADF members and isolate them and their homosexual sycophants and bring about their downfall. The homosexual juggernaut is going full steam ahead but they fear it could still be derailed. The low population percentage of homosexuals dictate that their power base is supported and maintained by ordinary normal people who have been deceived into believing that “gays” are victims of unjust persecution. When that lie is exposed along with the filthy and dangerous nature of their sexual practices we can hope that that things may start to change. Meanwhile, our children are in danger. The present generation is a perfect example of brainwashing through education. Whether it will last a lifetime remains to be seen. Maybe life and experience will prove a more effective teacher but we can’t afford to wait. Our problem is in the here and now and the coming generation is next in line for the indoctrination process. I want to know who is behind the worldwide queer agenda. Just this morning I heard on TV that sanctions are planned against African nations that outlaw homosexuality. I never knew that homosexuality was a fundamental human right. But we are about to make Africans suffer with the sanctions on perhaps food and medicines because they don’t allow people to sexually misuse and abuse each other’s bodies. I’m sure that Islam, which is engaged in a war for souls with Christianity in those countries, will make hay and turn those sanctions to its own advantage. Meanwhile, I can’t stand the hypocrisy on display in western society. While homosexuals can do no wrong, Catholic priests can do no right. I constantly hear the term, “Catholic kiddie fiddlers.” But what are those priestly offenders if not gay? They’re certainly not paedophile because the vast majority of their victims are post pubertal boys. They are gay, of course, and were so before they became priests. Nevertheless gays escape any condemnation for such assaults. We live in a blind society populated by a majority who have lost the ability think for themselves. You mentioned drawing up the wagons. Not so long ago it was an inconceivable notion but today I know of many folk who yearn to live in a community that holds their traditional values of family and decency. One day we might see the creation of such communities populated by people unbowed by political and social pressure and determined to defend their rights. While politicians preach unity they continue to sow division. We’re seeing the result of that right now.

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  3. Thanks Phil and Kat, but i also want to say to Bernard: that i also thank him for having the moral courage and integrity of what an Australian Officer in any service should espouse to project and demonstrate. He is a good officer being screwed over because our hierarchy are lame, lilly livered, ticket punching, careerists who dont want to offend the incumbent minister and the blindingly obvious homosexual lobbyist’s that are somehow propping him up – on all sides of the spectrum, (these are the people we should zero in on and they should be vetted accordingly) The “Head shed” dont have the guts to call a spade a spade and throw themselves on their swords to oppose these insidiously divisive and morally bankrupt mentally and physically flawed individuals. These ‘gay’ individuals ( i hate them using the word Gay in this way, another example of highjacking something that was used to describe “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy” – but the Queer lobby highjacked its meaning and now “NORMAL” people are afraid to use it in its real context being afraid to be tarred with the same queer brush). Im not naive about there being homosexuals in the military, there always has been, but the difference is they are a very small group, and most of the homosexuals in my time kept their behavior hidden, sometimes they were caught out, and in the case of a couple of individuals they publicly “outed” themselves to the obvious disdain and common held attitude of most soldiers that ‘we didnt want to know anyway. So the question begs to be asked where in the short period of time in our recent history did it go from being a legitimate taboo to being so called acceptable. All right thinking people can see this hideous drop in standards as abhorrent to normal human behavior. Regardless of what any academic, politician or queer says, homosexuality is anathema to human society. The crux of all this is that when an individual makes it known and flaunts their homosexuality at “NORMAL” people they have broken an age old taboo and trust, and the ability to never be able to look at that flawed individual again in the same light – so they “HAVE” disrupted and broken cohesion and all the things necessary to make a military unit work well. And our Generals have allowed it to happen.

    As for muslims (non muslims- so called christians (South Sudanese types) and islam and those that practice it, particularly those that come from North Africa, the Mid East and surrounds, the evidence is irrefutably thrust in our faces daily and with ever increasing volume. And to allow a small minority to influence the ADF like it so obviously does shows that the rot is already there, its time to round up the wagons, choose your side carefully because the enemy is within. This whole selection of ethnic and religious groups is not compatible with our culture and our way of life, the symptoms are displayed everyday on the public trains to shoot outs in suburban Sydney.
    If you want evidence spare some thought about these points: Corrupt NSW Labor Party and Unions run by lebanese and still do = its fact – Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG) most are all nearly run and manned by Lebanese and they dont even ride motor bikes = its fact. Daily shootings in every capital city and the Gold Coast.= its fact. So called human rights activists like that plonker Julian Burnside that brazenly promote and fight to get these people here= its fact. Western suburbs of Sydney and the “burb’s of the other capitols being converted into ethnic ghettos and hidden fortresses that even our police forces are afraid to go into because they are out gunned = its fact.

    Unfortunately Australians have been taken for a ride, the carpet is being pulled from beneath us and the dumb hedonistic majorities of Australians out there have their heads stuck firmly in the sand and are too used to trying to ignore the problems. Well time is fast approaching when they will be bitten on the arse, all because they just wanted to ignore it all and think that life will go on as normal, thinking that this is what a good ‘ol’ complacent Australian does . It was coined by someone , but the term ‘The Great Unwashed” aptly relates to our country, it really needs a kick in the backside.

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    • This is all very intersting Mark, but Kim Kardashian has just launched a new hand-bag and get this- Miranda Kerr just bumped into her X Orlando Bloom at the Oscars. OMFG amazeballs awkwaaaaard right? LOL!!!

      While the masses are bombarded with this dumbed down, brain addling garbage we’re in strife. It must make you sick to see the Army that you devoted your working life to tear itself apart ( no pun intended). Unfortunately Australia hasn’t had any real, nation-wide recent hardship. As a nation we are fat, lazy and complacent. I’m not an exceptional crusader, but I have seen my local member, written to the PM and Defence Minister. Whinging is not action, we’ve got to get off our arses more.I agree whole heartedly with your succinct assessment of the situation.

      I challenged the PM and Defence minister to mention the wonderful cultural changes under taken by the ADF in it’s embrace of, and promotion of,the homosexualisation of the ADF in their speeches this comming ANZAC day. Mention them in the same breath as The Somme, Tobruk and Long Tan. I asked them if they don’t or won’t ,”why not”. I said to Senator Johnston, politicians all too often USE ANZAC day to deliver rousing patriotic speeches and by the 26th of April they piss on the sacrifices of this countries true heroes.
      Keep battling,

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  4. The normalisation of sodomy is a sure sign of a badly degenerate society – similar to the situation in Sodom and Gomorrah before their complete destruction. Many Australians are too blind, stupid or apathetic to see the parallels.

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    • I retired after 30 years in Infantry in 2008, i was in the 1st Bn RAR with General Hurley in Somalia. Im not a practicing catholic, i am what would be called agnostic. I am taken aback that he is obviously allowing, and maybe being politically hamstrung, by the “Gay” lobby and the political left to influence the Army in this manner. Even though its not spoken of loudly within the ADF most officers and soldiers are aware of and know of the homosexual lobby and its great influence that has been allowed to flourish with in it by ex Min Defence Smith and the previous Labor government. If what Bernard says is true them i believe all Australians should be concerned and should deal with this issue as it very much so undermines the “Normal thinking” and ” healthy army life “. What i am totally disgusted at is that these un-natural poor excuses for humans – despicable individuals that exist in all the services are allowed to flourish, eg sex changes, flaunting homosexual life styles, and some are senior officers !! – I couldn’t give a damn what anyone says but this is just not on, it might be alright in Kings Cross or inner city Melbourne, but i am tired of listening to the minority urgers pushing their unwanted vulgarity and their disgusting un natural behavior. THIS IS NOT NORMAL – I don’t care what any of the trendy’s and lefttards out there think. Its time to rein in this twisted and despicable crap.

      As for the islamic disease we have in Australia anyone who has dealt with these incompatible peasants knows that they are not suited to the Australian psychy or way of life, they do not mix with us, do not bring anything to the cultural table except division, suspicion and lawlessness and play the victim card all to often.. Anyone who argues differently is naive and pays to much lip service to the trendy PC indoctrination that the last labor government was fond of spewing out of its bent and twisted administration. I am a average Australian that has had enough, i am writing to every politician i can and will help to stop this rot. This is NOT NORMAL THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.

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      • Well said Mark. Now we need every other Australian who feels the same way to make their feelings known. But the revolution has be be worldwide to engage these perverts in every place they infest.

      • Bravo Mark! Well said! It is a breath of fresh air to hear the common sense of someone who thinks for himself and does not give in to the main stream trendys and yuppies. And cheers for your past service in the ADF, much appreciated!

  5. In my estimation homosexuality poses a greater threat to our society than Islam. Which is not to say I don’t think Islam is a threat but to emphasise how great a threat homosexual activism is. When a group that makes up only two per cent of the human population wields as much power as the GLBT does in western nations it is a real cause for alarm. They are seeking to change humanity forever and every new breakthrough in reproductive technology works in their favour. Indeed much of the research is for their benefit. I find the GLBT far more alarming than Islam.

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