Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull & the Griffith by-election

Tony Abbott, more than any other person in this wide, bronzed land, will be hoping that the rather dull affair known as the Griffith by-election will follow the script of Australian political history this Saturday. The script is that governments never win by-elections, especially when the seat is held by the opposition.

Okay, it’s not exactly never. It’s happened once federally and that was way back in 1920. Tony Abbott will be praying that there will be no exception to the rule this time around. And that’s because the Prime Minister has the most to lose from a Liberal Party victory.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s the truth.

If the pro-homosexual marriage and left leaning Liberal candidate, Bill Glasson, is elected it won’t change anything on the surface about the way our nation is governed. But behind the scenes, it will change a lot. Bill Glasson’s biggest contribution as a Member of Parliament will be to boost the numbers held by Malcolm Turnbull inside the Liberal Party.

Of course, Malcolm is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Australian politics. I hold him in even higher contempt than the Greens. Considering that Sarah Hanson Young is in that bunch, that’s really saying something.

Malcolm Turnbull has shown that he will do what he believes to be wrong simply for political advantage. And he’s done it brazenly and publicly. It probably helps explain why he’s been so defensive of the ABC.

Despite this (or more probably because of this) he is the radical Left’s darling inside the ‘conservative’ side of politics. This really means that he’s just a fifth column mole slowly eroding and corroding the traditional values of what used to be a political party filled with good people.

On the issue of homosexual marriage, Malcolm Turnbull has been vocally supportive. I and most other Australians do not share his enthusiasm for the idea. But it is his opinion and he’s entitled to it, however flawed it may be. But what really makes his actions contemptible is that, despite all his moral pontificating about the inherent good of homosexual marriage, he voted against it.

Malcolm Turnbull voted against something that he believed to be right. If there is one thing that should forever rule him out of politics, it is that he did this so publicly and openly. And why? Well, the answer is obvious: he still believes he can be Prime Minister and just wanted to maintain his standing inside the Liberal Party.

The fact that the Left did not call him out on this also shows something instructive. The pro-homosexual marriage crowd do not actually believe in morals or values. They would rather immoral politicians because they are pushing an immoral barrow. There’s nothing righteous about that.

As a result, Turnbull has proven that he’s got no guts, no intestinal fortitude and that he is a moral coward. Australia needs fewer politicians like Mr Turnbull, not more. Even the whacked out Greens have more honour. If Malcolm ever does become Prime Minister, no one will be able to trust him. Will his actions be based on what he believes to be right, or what he believes to be politically expedient? Going on history, anyone who backs the former would be a fool.

Which brings us back to Griffith.

It has been a dull and boring affair because no one is paying much attention. That’s largely because Tony Abbott has kept as far away as possible from the contest. Yes, he did the obligatory campaign launch, but that’s about all he has done and it’s about all that he is required to do to keep up appearances. There may even be a bit of a tour this week, but Tony Abbott is certainly not making the by-election a big news story. Abbott doesn’t want or need Glasson, he just wants to keep control of the rumbling party room. And it is rumbling.

Cory Bernardi is a good thermometer of this seething behind the scenes. He is a good man and it’s a fair bet that he will do anything to see Turnbull warded off. The fact that he has been so openly critical of Turnbull since the election shows that there is movement in the Liberal Party leadership station. It has been propelled by a swing against Abbott since the election. And it is not stopped at all by the disastrous response to Labor’s leadership merry-go-round.

People like Turnbull don’t care if a leadership coup causes defeat later. They only care about one thing: getting their name engraved upon the cup. I’m no fan of Tony Abbott, but he is a better option than the man currently responsible for the ABC. Unfortunately, if Bill Glasson is elected the Turnbull faction will increase its power, sharpen its knives further and bide its time.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Did anyone consider whether fake-Catholic Tony Abbott (“abortions should be legal, safe, rare”) may actually deserve another pro-abortion fake-Catholic like Malcolm Turnbull in his camp? The real cowards are not the Abbotts and Turnbulls, but our Bishops (Cardinal Pell included) who should be disciplining these baby-butchering savages. Marcel White wrote a good article on this subject several years ago in AD2000…
    Since then the situation has become immeasurably worse!

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  2. Has any Australian Priest, Bishop or Cardinal ever moved to prevent “Catholic” Malcolm Turnbull from receiving sacrilegious Holy Communion? Betraying the Almighty into the hands of a pro-abortion idiot like Malcolm Turnbull is much more serious than mere petty party politics.

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  3. The sovereignty of this country is being pillaged by privatisation , the lack of representative Government, big brother is the European oligarchy ( Masonry ), has it’s claws into America as well through the Fed. reserve
    ( banking system) .Us peasants get to elect a representative , the oligarchy tells them what to do. The Antidote is never the Communists but the Roman Catholic Church the foundation of Western Culture. In its ignorance and arrogance , I am being nice here, this same , oligarchy believes any religion will do, It does not have to be the one Christ established on St. Peter. Catholics , over the past 50yrs will be only too well aware of a new Mass shoved down our throats by Masonic infiltrators of this Oligarchy

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  4. Not forgetting also, Malcolm was a former Labor aspirant. Looks like there may be an additional fox in the chicken coop if Glasson wins the by election, God forbid, another pro homosexual, seems to be the Liberal party has lost its ways and sided with the dark side, Abbott will have his work cut out, the knives will be sharpened and ready to strike a La Gillard, no doubt.

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