Aborting baby girls in Victoria

It used to be occasional. Now it happens all too often.

I’m talking about government sanctioned barbarity: the legislation of pure evil. And no, I’m not referring to laws passed in some far off land. Unfortunately, this is all about Victoria.

Apparently, Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia. It’s also home to a parliament that legalised abortion up until the day of birth. I guess it is no surprise that a society that idolises the inane will sanction the malicious.

And these laws are incredibly malicious. For instance, did you know that in Victoria any child aborted after 20 weeks gestation must have its birth registered? It is to be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate certifying the cause of death. That means the Victorian government legally recognises that the day a child is aborted is also its birthday, and that its deliberate death was lawful.

In other mind-numbing news, it’s also the day that an application can be made to claim the Bereavement Payment for Paid Parental Leave. For those interested, that’s a taxpayer-funded payment worth over $11,000.

That’s right. Your taxes are spent on providing large grants for late-term abortions.

And in Victoria, there is no reason why an abortion can be refused, at any stage. They are legal for any old reason at any old time. Even if it is only because the child about to receive a birth certificate is a girl.

Yes, it is legal to abort baby girls in Victoria because they are not baby boys. That is the fruit of rabid feminism for you.

Perhaps you are thinking that this is surely not true. Perhaps you are hoping that there are some legislative requirements that make some things illegal. Perhaps you desperately want confirmation that there are rules; that there are lines in the sand that cannot be crossed.

Well, yes, there are. But not the ones you would be looking for. In Victoria, the only line in the sand that has been drawn is the line that says doctors can’t object. They must refer all abortion requests. They can’t try and protect life.

The only law that regulates abortion in Victoria forces doctors who don’t want to actually assist in the abortion to refer the patient to another ‘medical practitioner’ not so squeamish about bringing forward a birthday. In other words, under Victorian legislation doctors get to not assist in abortion by assisting in it. If they don’t, they break the law.

So there you have it. It’s legal to abort healthy baby girls in Victoria. No questions there. But it is also illegal if doctors don’t play their part in the process. No questions there either. We know this is true because a doctor is in trouble precisely for this reason.

Dr Mark Hobart faces the loss of his medical license because he refused to refer one of his patients for an abortion. Her complaint was that she was carrying a baby girl and wanted to have a boy instead. The Medical Board of Victoria took a dim view of his ethics and launched an investigation. Now Dr Hobart sits under a cloud of suspicion and his livelihood is on the line – all because he didn’t want to take part in the murder of a little girl.

Remember, this is not Communist China. This is Victoria where women are supposed to be protected – especially the most vulnerable.

If you want to look for the culprits in this barbarous attack on women, then look no further than the allegedly ‘pro-choice’ feminist movement. They’ve been rather silent on the rights of their little sister. Instead, they have been more vocal attacking the rights of others to make their own choices when it comes to conscience. For rabid feminists, choice is a meaningless buzzword and women’s rights don’t extend to protecting the lives of little girls. They’d rather see them die and pave the road of brutal self-interest.

Of course, the feminist movement has been ably assisted by the weak-kneed political class on both sides of politics. The laws were brought in by Labor. But the Liberal government has done nothing about them since coming to power in 2010. Furthermore, Premier Napthine has ruled out making any changes. And that includes fixing the law to allow doctors to practise ethically and exercise their right to conscientious objection.

That means both the Liberal and Labor sides of politics must share equal responsibility for laws that criminalise good doctors while legalising gender-selection abortion. The women of Victoria deserve better from their leaders – especially the youngest ones.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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