Defence to march down Oxford Street again in 2014

The Australian Defence Force has announced it will once again support the Mardi Gras and march with self-described sexual perverts down Oxford Street.

The official release is attached below:

Defence Mardi Gras_Page_1

Defence Mardi Gras_Page_2

Apparently, the ADF views the Mardi Gras as a cultural event worthy of its support, even though it includes:

  • blatant denigration of Christianity
  • attacks on the elected leaders of this country, who supposedly exercise lawful control over the military
  • lewd public displays of offensive sexual activity, including those in front of children
  • political activism for homosexual marriage

The ADF is so supportive of these things that it won’t even let the members of its ‘diverse’ workforce express their concern about how it is completely inappropriate for the ADF to participate in domestic political rallies. Remember, the Mardi Gras is the only political rally that the ADF has ever supported.

Nor do these documents let the reader know that the ‘diverse’ ADF workforce has no choice but to support the Mardi Gras, lest they lose their job. However, I’m not prepared to keep silent just so higher-ranking officers can feel good about themselves.

Instead, I demand an explanation as to why the ADF is giving DEFGLIS authority over military personnel. It is a homosexual political lobby group that has called for homosexual marriage and for the removal of rights and funding from religious organisations, including schools. It has no lawful place exercising command over Defence members.

Nor will I be silent while senior hierarchy permit my uniform to insult my Creator and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. It is nothing short of an utter disgrace. The image below, once again, shows who the homosexual members of the ADF will march with. They now control the agenda of our nation’s military.

Defence & Mardi Gras

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “The department’s visible presence at this important national cultural event provides an opportunity for serving members to show the deep pride and loyalty that they have for their service.”……………………………….Correction. That should read: “the department’s visible presence at this desipicable unrepresentative event provides an opportunity for some serving members to show the deep “gay pride” and misplaced loyalty they have for their own disordered sexuality.”

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  2. If you think I have any reason to feel proud of Australian Services uniformed members marching in mardi gras, get lost! I am disgusted. Shame on the authority who allows it.

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  3. Point #2: Quote: “Pathway to change emphasises that inclusivity and diversity are **crucial** (emphasis added) to Defence’s ability to operate at peak performance and demonstrate maximum capability. /endquote. This bozo has got to be kidding! Crucial!? I wonder what Bozo is referring to when he says “peak performance and demonstrate maximum capability”? He is certainly not referring to military ability! And then Point #3: Quote: “…provides an opportunity for serving members to show the deep pride and loyalty that they have for their Service.” /endquote. This guy is absolutely delusional! I thought that was what the ANZAC day marches were all about. The mardi gras is nothing more than a perverted display of sexuality, so point #3 (as is the rest of the “DEFGRAM”) is an insult to the majority in the Australian armed services!

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