AFA: Homosexual marriage cost LNP Griffith

The Australian Family Association has issued a press release stating that the LNP’s Dr Bill Glasson lost the Griffith by-election due to his support for homosexual marriage. It certainly has merit and I have republished it in full below.

There can be no doubt that Dr Glasson’s decision to adopt the same radical social policies as his Labor competitors reduced his appeal among conservative voters. Even in an urban seat like Griffith this would have cost Glasson votes – potentially enough to cost him victory. He might feel a little miffed, but I and many others disagree. It’s great news whenever pro-homosexual marriage Liberal candidates are given the flick by the electorate. Wyatt Roy and Teresa Gambaro should take note.

The LNP should remember that conservative candidates who adopt pro-homosexual marriage positions in inner seats rarely win, but their radical shift on traditional conservative values endangers support in the LNP’s heartland and reduces confidence in the party. Polling shows that the majority of LNP voters do not support changing the definition of marriage. As can be seen from the ABC’s Vote Compass data, the vast majority of LNP voters do not support homosexual marriage.

Coalition marriage support

The Liberal/National coalition is playing with fire by moving towards a policy cherished by the far left.

The Australian Family Association’s press release is attached below.



Glasson’s ill-advised support for gay marriage cost him Griffith win

The Coalition lost its chance to claim Griffith on Saturday because LNP’s Bill Glasson maintained his ill-advised support for ‘gay marriage’, according to the Australian Family Association.

Michael Ord, AFA national vice-president, said, “Glasson’s pledge just before the election last year to impose a re-definition of marriage on Australians aligned him with the government’s rainbow rights MPs such as Malcolm Turnbull, Teresa Gambaro and Warren Entsch.

“If Glasson had been a moderate candidate who strongly supported Commonwealth marriage law, Labor would have lost the seat,” Mr Ord said.

“Traditional LNP voters who support the family felt disenfranchised and many directed their vote to Labor instead, while traditional Labor voters who support the family had no incentive to change, as there was no difference between the candidates of the two major parties on this crucial issue.

“Last September, I personally had to dump 45,000 letterbox leaflets that were designed to attack Rudd’s radical federal election plan to introduce homosexual marriage laws, after Glasson announced in August he was just as radical as Rudd on the issue,” said Mr Ord.

“The notion put forward by the gay lobby, that parents don’t object to homosexuality being taught to their children in PE classes at school, is ridiculous,” said Mr Ord.

“Homosexuality is rare and if the Coalition thinks this is a vote winner then they will learn the hard way.  Just look to the UK where the two key policies of UKIP (leaving the European Union and keeping traditional marriage) have boosted their polling to equal the polling of the other major parties.

The AFA believes that a leaflet like the one below could have secured a victory for a pro-marriage LNP candidate in Griffith as it did in the seats of Petrie and Capricornia last September.


The 45,000 leaflets that were binned (pictured below) after Bill Glasson broke strict party rules before the last general election and announced he opposed party policy.

AFA Leaflet

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard is very respectful to the gays and lefties who come here to mock him. It’s the gays and lefties who are trying to censor anyone who doesn’t go along with everything they say.

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  2. It’s nice that you’ve decided to use ABC’s Votecompass to justify your argument. This would be the same ABC that you think should be de-funded.
    Anyways, why don’t you just change the menu option there a little… and have a look at gay marriage statistics based on religion. Not interested? Never mind, I have, and here are the numbers… amongst Catholics, 51.5% do NOT think that marriage should solely be between a man and a woman, while only 33.15% think that it should.
    You’re a minority within your own religion.

    I’m sure this will never be posted… just as I’m sure your ‘I don’t ban people for holding dissenting views’ policy on your Facebook page really only applies to dissenting views that you can easily debunk. Posting sound evidence-based arguments is a guaranteed way to get banned.

    Though I consider it a win. The fact that you need to silence such views says oh-so-much about you and your views.

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    • Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come and visit my site. Thank you also for highlighting one of my main points: Catholic bishops are not teaching the Faith. Anyone who claims to support homosexuality is by definition opposed to Catholic teaching and therefore not Catholic. That certainly does not make me a minority in my Faith. It makes me one of many who uphold the Church’s teachings. By the way, I don’t ban dissenting views. But I do ban those who are rude, abusive or use foul language. Those that support sexually-explicit behaviour in front of children are also not worthy of a say on my pages. You have been warned.

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      • How hypocritical are the homosexual movement? They are complaining of us suppressing their views. Yet at the same time, they are lobbying to ban our views as ‘hate speech’.

    • Sapper Bloggs – your views may reflect those held by current, trendy, ideologically correct young soldiers, but they are a mile away from the values of the old, once-proud RAE I used to admire. A couple of points for you, me old cock: Firstly – your reference to what Catholics think is irrelevant. Catholicism is not, and never has been, a democracy. “Shock! Horror!” I hear you gasp as you try to shove ten white knuckles into your quivering gob. 99.99% of Catholics can think that same-sex marriage is fine and dandy – so what? They are wrong – it is not – and the unchanging, timeless teaching of the Church will remain serenely unaffected. The Catholic Church has never responded to the mood of the mob and is impervious to current, transient fashion. I say again: the Catholic Church is a “democracy-free” zone. If you want to mix religion and democracy – pick the Anglicans or the Uniting Church etc, and watch from the inside as a “Christian religion” noisily and messily self destructs. Secondly – if you reckon same-sex marriage is a good thing – mate, you go for it! Just remember that, as you embrace your same-sex partner (Trooper Snerdbergler? Gunner Snerdbergler?), so you embrace your very own, personal extinction – because both of you effectively remove yourselves from the gene pool. But who am I to protest when lefty, pro-same-sex, trendoid fashionistas do the world a huge, thumping favour like that?

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    • No Catholic believes that marriage should be anything other than between a man and a woman. As Bernard has pointed out a person can’t be Catholic and dissent from Catholic teaching. The fact that a great number of apostates and liars pose as Catholics does not make Bernard a minority within his own religion. As for your sound evidence based arguments…..give it a rest. You don’t have any.

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