Google Afghanistan (and find child marriage (in Australia))

Forty Australian soldiers have given their lives in Afghanistan. Their mission, as stated on the International Security Assistance Force webpage, was to support the Government of Afghanistan.

For those of an inquiring mind, let’s dive into some Google magic and see what we can dig up on this government. After all, it has been deemed worthy enough to justify the loss of Australian blood. Probably the best place to start is by searching for the Afghan constitution.

Just typing ‘Afghan constitution’ in the search bar throws up all sorts of delights. There is a Wikipedia page, probably an entry about weight loss and any number of assorted links that will quickly whisk you away from the task at hand to the darker nooks and crannies of the net. We don’t want that. Stay focused, team!

The Wiki page is useful. It has sourced a link from the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. Bingo. Let’s go there. On first sight, it is a page showing equal parts gobbledegook and men with beards. Not useful, but there is one bit that makes sense. The word ‘English’ is like a small crack in the enemy lines – the breakthrough point. As I was always taught in the military, reinforce success. That is exactly what we will do here.

Clicking on it immediately transforms the page into something intelligible. Great. Let’s see what we’ve got. Halfway down the menu bar is a link called ‘Laws’. Apparently they do have them in Afghanistan. When you hover the mouse over this magic button, up pops the words ‘Constitution of Afghanistan’. Mission accomplished!

Now we are able to look at exactly what kind of laws our soldiers have been dying to protect.

The first thing you’ll notice is the Afghan coat of arms. For those who can’t read Gobbledegook, the bit at the top says “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”. Directly underneath are the words “Allahu Akbar”. That means Allah is the greatest.

A bit further down, you’ll see the title: “The Constitution of Afghanistan”.

It’s really a bit misleading because the original Afghan texts make it known that Afghanistan is not just ‘Afghanistan’, but the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It’s not much of difference, but still worth noting.

Then we get to the text. It starts:

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds; and Praise and Peace be upon Mohammad, His last Messenger and his disciples and followers.

Are you starting to see the same pattern I am? If you haven’t yet, it should become blindingly obvious after the first three articles:

Article 1

Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state.

Article 2

The sacred religion of Islam is the religion of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Followers of other faiths shall be free within the bounds of the law in the exercise and performance of their religious rituals.

Article 3

No law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam in Afghanistan.

A little later, Article 149 states this:

The principles of adherence to the tenets of the Holy religion of Islam as well as Islamic Republicanism shall not be amended.

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that these guys are partial to raising their backsides skywards while bending towards Mecca on a regular basis. And the Afghan constitution makes it clear that this will forever be the central focus of life in that far off distant country. Adherence to Islam can never be amended in any way, shape or form.

So what? Well, this is the important bit. It’s the reason we went googling in the first place. We want to find out what kind of government Australian soldiers are fighting for over on the other side of the world. Their mission, as stated on the International Security Assistance Force webpage, is to support this government.

As should be clear by now, this government is based on one thing: Islam.

That means when Australian soldiers deploy to Afghanistan they are protecting and supporting this religion. They might not know it and this takes nothing away from their tremendous feats of bravery on the battlefield. But there is no escaping this fact. It’s not the sort of thing most Australians would want to die for.

So what is Islam?

Luckily for us, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has neatly summed up what Islam is. In its Guide to Religion and Belief in the Australian Defence Force, the ADF tells us that:

Muslims believe that Mohammad was as perfect as any human could be, and they live their lives in a way that follows his example…”

There’s a good chance that the Afghanis have more of an idea about how to live their lives according to Mohammad’s example than we do. So it’s instructive to look at how they run their country according to Islamic beliefs.

For a start, the Afghanis know that Mohammad wasn’t a fan of other religions. He went to war against them whenever those of differing view crossed his path. He had the entire male population of a Jewish tribe beheaded – over 700 of them in a single day. While this provides an instructive insight into why beheading is a bit more of a popular pastime in Afghanistan than it is in Australia, it’s also fair to say that the Afghan courts have taken a more lenient view of late (while Western militaries are in town). Beheading is officially out for the time being. Instead, the courts allow for Christian churches to be razed to the ground. Not some, but all. The last one was bulldozed away in 2010. Not even the Taliban could accomplish that little feat.

Australians might also be surprised to know that marriage is a serious political hot issue in Afghanistan as well. However, there is a difference. There’s not much talk about marriage equality. Instead, the debate is all about the legality of child marriage. One the pro side is the fact that Mohammad married a six year old, but tastefully refrained from consummating it until she was the ripe old age of nine. On the anti side is not much really. The constitution states that Islamic laws are the way to go and they are all based on Mohammad’s perfect example. So paedophilia is in and accepted, while the token laws passed to appease Western sensibilities are mere window-dressing. They are ignored in practise.

In fact, a US military manual states that soldiers should not talk negatively about paedophilia while in Afghanistan because it will cause offence. That’s how the War on Terror is going these days.

Here is a video of a Saudi cleric who is an expert on Islamic marriage. He explains why child marriage is lawful and good here:

And here are some videos showing how these happy marriages work.

If those stories don’t get you down, I’m sure this will. In Afghanistan you can be jailed for committing ‘adultery by force’. That’s usually known as being raped in our language. On the upside, you can be released, provided you marry your attacker.

Of course, no one in the Australian government or military would say that they support such marriages at all. But it cannot be denied that our military efforts have, in practise, done so. The Australian military built a mosque in Tarin Kot. Unless it’s one of the fabled progressive Islamic centres of worship, I’d bet that clerics don’t use it very often to explain that Mohammad did something truly evil when having sex with a girl who was the same age as Australian kids kicking around in Grade 3. Instead, Australian funds and efforts have built another place where Islamic preachers preachily preach that Mohammad’s example was sacred and to be followed. That includes his perfect example on engaging in frequent sex with children.

Unfortunately, as I have pointed out many times before, logic is not the Western world’s strongest card when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. It’s over there fighting one bunch of Islamic crazies while installing another mob who basically hold the same fanatical ideology. And it’s building mosques for them in the process.

It’s obscenely absurd that this is done with the blood of our nation’s brave young men.

About the only thing that is bizarrely logical in all of this are Australian immigration settings. If it’s good enough to send Australian soldiers to die in Afghanistan in order to establish a country based on Islamic law, it’s only logical that you would allow Islam into Australia too. And so Islam has exploded into our country. The Islamic population has almost doubled in the same time that the ADF has been deployed in Afghanistan.

And guess what? Some of these people think that Islam, as practised by Mohammad, is hunky-dory. It should be no surprise. A Muslim, by definition, is someone who thinks that Mohammad and his actions were perfectly hunky-dory.

That’s why we now have 12 year old Australian girls being married off by their fathers. And these fathers are not backward refugees who have drifted in on a boat from the uneducated nether-regions of a Pakistani refugee camp. These are fathers who were born in Australia and then converted to the ‘religion of peace’. One expert on this issue believes that the recent high-profile arrest in the Hunter Valley is just the tip of the iceberg. Matthew Keely, from the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre said that a recent study found there were 80 similar cases in just one Australian capital. He believes that across Australia there are probably at least 250 cases of Islamic child marriage.

That’s not isolated. That’s endemic. That’s an unhappy child bride for every 2000 Muslims. Marriages are not the sort of things that go unnoticed in ethnic communities. Everyone knows about them. Yet there has only been one arrest. It is blatant disregard of Australian law on a massive scale and a monumental cover-up by the entire Islamic population in Australia.

But why would they want to adhere to Australian law? Australia’s military is off overseas fighting for Islamic rule. It’s only logical that Australia’s Islamic community thinks that Islamic law will one day rule here too.

Mosque Afghanistan

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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