Lesbian feminist: Trans women are offensive to real women

I don’t do this very often. I am about to admit that I agree with a lesbian.

And not just any old lesbian but one that is also a professor in feminist studies. Please don’t hold it against me – I’ve only found one point of common ground.

On Sunday night, Professor Sheila Jeffreys (what a name for a feminist lesbian!) spoke to John Safran on his weekly Triple J program. I’m not a regular listener, but was pointed to the podcast by a reader KC (thank you).

Professor Jeffreys spoke rather well about the insult that transgender men give to real women. And I couldn’t agree with her more.

There is nothing more sexist than a man who has the absolute arrogance to tell women that he understands what it is to be female. Of course, every transgender ‘woman’ does exactly this. Any person who truly respects women would refuse to accept that a man can be a woman.

Not many feminists actually have the courage of Professor Jeffreys. She briefly mentioned the hatred and insult flung her way simply for expressing her common-sense point of view. But while the majority of feminists are completely illogical, Sheila points out eloquently that ordinary women are very uncomfortable with the idea of sharing space, bathrooms and identities with troubled men who have a troubling fetish for cross-dressing.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks Bern:)) Hehe

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  2. I’ve mentioned in previous posts the opposition of well known feminists to the transsexual phenomenon.

    Professsor Janice Raymond’s book, The Transsexual Empire, is a good place to start.

    I listened to the start of the program you linked to but I didn’t get past the offensive comments of that idiot John Safran trying to equate the status of black people with transsexuals. He said words to the effect that black people were once not considered full human beings but now they are.

    By whom were black not considered to be full human beings? And who decided that they were? That kind of gross racist paternalism makes me truly sick. Safran gives us, white people, the right to consider black people fully human. I’m surprised Fr Bob Maguire didn’t pick him up on that one – years ago he would have.

    Such an attempt to equate recognition of black people as fully fledged human beings with the recognition of transsexuals as fully fledged members of their chosen sex is incredibly offensive.

    Black people of course have always been fully human despite the lies and theories of racist slavers and eugenicists. No other race has the right to determine the humanity of any other.

    One the other hand transsexuals have not always been members of their preferred sex and never can be even after the the cosmetic surgery and hormonal therapy that changes the appearance of their secondary sex characteristics.

    I’m amazed that I feel obliged to point this out. How stupid has this society become?

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    • You’ll have to excuse the obvious typos in the above post, written in haste. Bernard, when are you going to get an edit facility?

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      • Hi Phil. It’s coming along with a number of other updates.

  3. What! a modern Feminist actually make a logical comment? I think this Sheila needs a applause for actually defending real Feminism. True Feminists are those women who embrace their femininity, yes those women who men are likely to open a door for and get a “thank you” in response. And this does not include men parading about as “women” sporting a three o’clock shadow and red nail polish.

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